Can Surgery For Prolapsed Hemorrhoids Cause Prolapsed Rectum

AaronDH Says:

I'm trying to help a friend in a third world country who has limited access to medical facilities. He is a 30 year old male with history of internal prolapsed hemorrhoids that he has had to put up with for years because he couldn't afford to pay for treatment. Recently he accessed a temporarily available visiting surgical service and had one large prolapsed hemorrhoid removed by ligation and a few weeks later several smaller ones removed by "scraping out" the rectum (as the surgeon put it). The patient now has prolapsed rectal lining (bright red membrane) that protrudes after every bowel movement which requires a trip to the clinic to have a nurse push it back in again. The visiting surgeon has now left town. It appears the hemorrhoid procedures (the second one of which required cutting the anal sphincter) may have left his rectum area weakened and the history of large hemorrhoids constantly pulling on the rectal lining as they are extruded may have both contributed to this new condition of prolapsed rectum.

I'd like to help my friend in some way by possibly sponsoring him to have further treatment at a private hospital in his country but first I'd like to inform myself of possible intervention options, if any contributor on this forum has knowledge in this area. I have a photograph of the patient's prolapse that I can share.