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Will ESB Bufferin ever come back on the market? Bayer does not work as well. ## Extra Strength Bufferin (ESB) contains 500mgs of buffered aspirin. Have you ever tried taking 2 regular strength buffered aspirin. I think its effects would be similar to taking an extra strength one? CVS still sells it's version of "Buffered Regular Strength Aspirin Coated Tablets" OTC, containing aspirin (325mg) + calcium (35 mg) + magnesium (40 mg); which appear to be the same ingredients found in the extra strength version (just at different dosages). If you run a google search for "buffered aspirin cvs", it should come up on CVS's webpage for more details. I hope this helps in any way! ## Thanks, but I've been buying Bayer Buffered extra strength during the hiatus. It's o...

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Why can't I find Bufferin PM in stores? ## Hi Mary, From what I could gather, Bufferin should be back on the shelves sometime later this year. The article linked below seems to explain the details on why it was off the shelves to begin with: wtoc.com/story/18792136/novartis-company-has-not-resumed-production-in-lincoln-ne I hope this info helps!

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I bought a 130 ct bottle of low dosage Bufferin for heart reasons. (I recently had a tripple bypass) I noticed that several pills we only half sized while others were concave on one side thereby reducing the dosage. I have switched to Bayer. ## If they were purchased in the U.S. you can report these anomalies to the FDA at 800-332-1088, but they will probably need the information from the packaging, such as the lot number and expiration date. You can also contact the manufacturer and the information to do that should also be on the packaging. Are there any other questions or comments? ## I have the same problem. Half sized pills with some concave pills. They are from a 130 ct also. I need to know how to get in touch the the maker. No info on the bottle, and the paper insert has been thr...

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Please inform if there is any caffeine at all in the asprin prodict called 'Bufferin'. Thank you, Lana J. ## The active ingredients in Bufferin are: Aspirin + Calcium Carbonate + Magnesium Oxide + Magnesium Carbonate. (It doesn't contain any caffeine). You can view a detailed description of the drug by clicking on the link below... Please post back if you have any other general questions or concerns about this drug. ## does bufferin help with osteoarthritis back pain & are there ingredients that would effect the kidneys thank you

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Can you help me figure out this pill. Its white oblong shape, and the letters ESB on one side of the pill, it looks like a prescription medicine. I found it on a clients floor with my cats and I need to know what it is, asap. thanks ## Extra Strength Bufferin ## That is correct, it contains 500mgs of Aspirin, which is used to relieve pain, fever and swelling. Side effects may include nausea, headache, dizziness and stomach irritation.

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