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Bronkaid v Broncholate

Is this a possible substitute for Bronkaid which has been taken off the market? ## Bronkaid caplets contain the following active ingredients per caplet: - 25 mg ephedrine sulfate - 400 mg guaifenesin Broncholate also contains the same two active ingredients of Ephedrine + Guaifenesin. Listed below are the available forms and dosages (which you can compare to Bronkaid): Syrup: 6.25mg/5ml + 100mg/5ml Tablet: 12.5mg + 200mg, 25mg + 200mg, 25mg + 400mg Based on the above info, this is considered to be a possible substitute for Bronkaid. Keep in mind though that since they have the same active ingredients, it may only be a matter of time before Broncholate becomes banned as well. I'd just make sure that you are getting yours from a legitimate source. I hope this helps! ## I spoke with Ba...

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