Botox For Eye Twitching

Cathy Says:

Has anyone had Botox injections for eye twiching? I have and they did not use numbing while injecting into my eye lids and surrounding eyes. I was wondering why they can not numb the area?

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Cgray Says:

I have. I don't know why they can use anything to numb it. But the pain is worth making the eye twitch stop. I'd tried everything: calcium, magnesium, potassium, saw a neurologist. Only the shots worked.

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Cgray Says:

The doctor told me that numbing would hurt worse than the shot. So I just pinch myself and don't look. I've had to get the shots every 5. -6 months for a year and a half because the eye twitch comes back. We are hoping eventually the muscle will stop on it's own. I took topirimate for a few months at a low dose a couple years ago. Then I stopped

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Savannah Says:

I don't know if my insurance will cover it or not, but I did have pretty bad twitching under my left eye for about a went away..but I notice when I first wake up underneath my lips twitch and inside my cheeks. Since it does not happen during day, I doubt they will give me botox injections, does a Neurologist do this? Now, I am having severe constant muscle non-stop muscle spasms by my left knee cap all the time. I don't know if they would even do botox injections for that. My electrolyte levels per my blood tests 4 months ago were deficiency. I try to talk to Doctors only to get dismissed, they say I am getting myself "all worked up"..yet they are not the ones who have this..

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Verwon Says:

Basically, this would entail an injection to numb for another injection, one would hurt just as much as another. Additionally, there can be complications associated with any type of anesthetic. They could possibly use something topical, such as Lidocaine, that may help a little, but that will not usually help, once a needle is pushed all the way in. Have you ever had an injection to try to numb a tooth for a dental procedure?

There are reasons we are usually heavily sedated, or knocked out for more in-depth procedures. I understand it may still hurt, but in some cases, a few seconds of pain are less risky than the possible complications.

Savannah, are you on any medications? Do you drink any alcoholic beverages regularly? Anything caffeinated? I am not intending to accuse, just trying to discover what might be cause your issues. For example, my heart and blood pressure medications can sometimes cause tremors and twitching, so while these symptoms are annoying, they aren't really anything to worry about.

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Savannah Says:

Re: Verwon (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

My eye twitching has stopped. Thanks. No, I don't drink Alcohol, soda, but I do occassionally drink coffee, but the twitching is gone now.

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