Blue Circle Pill W/bonin Imprint Only??

Shane Says:

Blue. Circle. One side has a line to designate two halves, on the other side there is an imprint that says "BONIN". Nothing else. Please help!

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J mg Says:

I would also like to know what this pill is?

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David Says:

Hi Shane,

I recently responded to an older post on this site asking about the same pill. Not sure if they found an answer yet, but the closest match here on my end was a 25mg Bonine (meclizine) tablet, used for treating vertigo or motion sickness (nausea, vomiting, etc). This particular pill however, is round and pink, marked with BON | INE (scored down the center) on one side with 201 on the back. Since the description is similar, I thought they might be made by the same manufacturer (Insight Pharmaceuticals/Prestige Brands)... It's hard to know for sure unless you wanted to contact them directly... I think it might be worth checking though, if anything, to at least rule it out of further search efforts. The manufacturer can be reached at:

I hope this helps!

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Bob Says:

I bought some of these while on a cruise. Bought from a pharmacy in Belize city in port. They told me they were valium 10 mg tabs. But sad to say I did not ask to look at a bottle or anything. Lol, could be poison for all I know. They do help me relax. I did purchase valium on a previous cruise from the same pharmacy. I was able to look those up and confirm they were valium. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for these. I have not been able to find any info on the web. Almost bought a drug panel from a pharmacy just to confirm it's even a Benzodiazepine but I don't feel like spending 50 bucks to find out. Sorry, all this and still no answer for you.

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Just trying to help Says:

I bought the same pills in belize. I ordered a tester that checks only for benzodiazepines (valium, xanax, klonopin, lorazepam). The results came out positive, so this pill is one of those types of drugs.

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Mr Mike Says:

Small, blue, bonin printed on one side, a line on the other. These are 10mg diazepam. AKA Valium.

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Lauren Says:

Same here, bought on a cruise in Belize and was told that they were valium, I have yet to take any..however, I bought some xanex to.o from the same pharmacy (got the valium for double back up from my meds here lol) and they were def xanex, no doubt in my mind. I hope that helps you decide!!

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