Bleeding After Jadelle Removed

aims Says:

How long will it take my body to go back to normal after jadelle removal?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Aims! How are you doing?

According to the information provided by the FDA, it may take about 3 months for your body to balance things back out on its own and for things to return to normal.

How heavy is the bleeding?

You may also experience dizziness, irregular periods, headaches and irritability.

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Shorty Says:

Hi. I had jadelle removed three days ago but i have been bleeding for more than 15 days. How long will it take for the bleeding to stop and for my cycle to be normal? I'm feeling worried about this.

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Talent Says:

I remove jadelle a week back but am still having light bleeding. How long will it take?

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etta Says:

I removed my jadella in September but until now I can't fall pregnant, help me what should I do to be pregnant

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