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belviq--need a doctor in Orlando, Florida area

My PCP "doesn't believe" in weight loss drugs. I'd like to see a doctor to see if BELVIQ is right for me. Does anyone know of a doctor in or near Orlando that would prescribe it if they feel I'm a candidate? ## I am also looking for a doc in Orlando that will prescribe this med. Please post back here if you find one and I will do the same ## You should thank your Doctor every day for not believing, neither does the FDA. It can cause cancer and has been pulled from the market:

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Withdrawal Symptoms Belviq

I've taken belviq twice a day for 3 months (i think- one bottle worth). I didn't refill the RX and now, 4 days later I'm very dizzy and heart is racing. Is this withdrawal from Belviq? I can't find anything online about it. ## I have headaches and exhausted after 4 days without belviq. I too have been taking for 3 months 2 x a day. ## Sorry to hear about what you both are having to go through as a result of taking Belviq. I truly hope things are getting better day by day as the medication continues to leave your body... While I don't know if Belviq has been known to cause withdrawals or not, does list the following symptoms as side effects of Belviq (Lorcaserin): dizziness headaches excessive tiredness anxiety (which in my experience, can cause the heart to r...

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I am exhausted and dizzy

Today marks one week of being on Belviq. Let me first say I have hypothyroidism which makes me lathargic already. Now I have added Belviq to the mix and functioning normally is a chore. I have also started having nightmares that keep me up throughout the night. I am dizzy and lightheaded all the time. I need to loose weight but if I cannot function I'm not sure how that will happen. I am on the fence about if I should stop taking this medicine. ## It is normal to experience side effects for the first 4 to 6 weeks of taking a new medication, but around 3 to 4 weeks in, they should start to taper off in severity, and eventually go away entirely, once your body is used to the medication. Other side effects of Belviq may include nausea, anxiety, hypertension, insomnia, and chills. Are y...

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Online Doctor For Belviq

I'm searching for an online weight loss dr for a prescription for belviq. Are there any online doctors that help you with weight loss? ## Hello Kitten, While I can't say it's impossible it is extremely unlikely that you are going to find a doctor online who is willing to prescribe you a controlled medication, belviq is a controlled substance, without doing the proper physical and exam. Any doctor who would be willing to do so would not only be putting their career on the line but also putting your health at risk. Now that I've addressed that is there a particular reason that you would like to get this medication online and you don't want to go into a physical location to get the prescription? Perhaps if I knew the reasoning behind your logic I could assist you in a d...

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Belviq with Methadone???

ive been working to reduce my daily methadone dosage for a year now, as I've been on maintenance. I'm down from 55 mg daily to only 15mg at this point and soon enough will be free of its clutches. I've been maintaining a clean lifestyle and I don't need a lecture on addiction. My question is--can Belviq be taken with Methadone? My doctor says it completely negates any opiate based or nRcotic pain medications in the brain. Last thing I need is to be thrown into sudden horrible withdrawals. For those of you unfamiliar with the methadone maintenance treatment, you must taper from it verrrrry slowly because it has a half life in the brain of up to three days. So does anyone have advice on HOW this medication works with opiate type pain medications like Vicodin, Norco, Oxycod...

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Stopping Belviq

I stopped taking Belviq about 5 days ago. I have had a headache since. Before I stopped taking Belviq, I was feeling worse with feeling dizzy or aura like a migraine. I think I passed out because I fell and don't know what happened. I had also been feeling really sluggish. Low blood pressure. I called the doc. She said stop taking Belviq & HCTZ. Blood work normal. Still have a headache. Some dizziness still. What will make this headache go away? ## I also stopped taking Belviq on Sunday and since have had headaches, anxiety, racing heart, shaky and irritability. Are you feeling better yet? ## Finally feeling somewhat better. Headache is better and last couple days have had sporadic times of lightheadedness. I've also had some strange dreams too. ## Sorry to hear about both y...

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Belviq side effects

Just began taking Belviq and have quickly developed a nasty sore throat and sinusitis. Has anyone else had this side effect? If so how long does it last? ## Hello, Shoogy! How are you? Yes, those can be side effects of Belviq, they've been reported by others. They may last 4 weeks, or so, while your body is getting used to the medication, but then should taper off in severity. If not, then it may not be the right medication for you to take and you may need to switch to something else. You may also experience blurred vision, fatigue and muscle spasms. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I started Belviq 4 days ago. How long will the tiredness and muscle stiffness last? It's a chore to go up and down stairs. I started taking B12 yesterday hoping it will help. Thanks. ## I h...

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Alcohol and Belviq

Hello, I have been on Belviq for a little more than a week. It works great! I lightened my food portions and I still feel full before I finish it. I am still craving sweets but it is not as strong. I keep a bowl of red seedless grapes handy. It really helps. My question is this...on the weekend, it is nice to have a beer or a drink or two. Is this OK while I am taking Belviq? I can not find that information anywhere. Thank you. ## Hello, Harriet! How are you? Belviq can cause side effects, such as trouble concentrating, drowsiness and dizziness, so combining it with alcohol could worsen those effects, basically making one drink affect you as if you'd had 2 and so on. It is really best to avoid alcohol, while taking a prescription medication. However, if your doctor okays it, then yo...

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Belviq plateau

I was on Belviq for 2 weeks and there was a mix up with my prescription. I didn't have any to take for another two weeks. Now that I've gotten my prescription again, it doesn't seem to be working. I have cravings and get hungry unlike before. It seems I have come upon a plateau and I've only lost 5 lbs. do I continue taking it or wait a while and start back? ## I would stop taking it for a while, if you are starting to have cravings. I lost 25 pounds while taking Belviq, but then it quit working after about five months. The cravings started to come back. This was last year. I have just recently gotten back on, and it is working again. Side note: My sister is also taking Belviq and she has lost around 40 pounds! :-) ## @Gorunrungo, Is it possible that you could've sim...

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find doctor to prescribe belviq

I live in a small town but am close to wilmington and Lumberton n. c. I need to find a doctor that will prescribe belviq. I am 5 y'all and my weight has gotten up to 185. Can you help me find a doctor in these areas. Thank you Regina hovaldt ## I have gotten prescriptions from Coastal Internal and NHRMC Dr's group. You have to be at least 30% bodyfat ## Hello, I do not have a primary care physician but I do have Oxford Health Insurance. I am very interested in starting Belviq but I do not know where I can find a doctor to get a script. I live in NYC, 10016. Every place I have found has been in Brooklyn, NY and that is very far away from me. I need someone in NYC,NY (Manhattan). Or, of I can speak with a doctor on line and get the medication through them I would be thrilled, I kn...

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how to taper off belviq

I was on phentermine in mornings and belvique in the evenings! With exercise and low carb earing,I have lost 45 pounds which makes me happy! I still want to lose 15 more but I stopped taking phentermine 3 days ago because my heart was palpitating and I had to go see a cardiologist! So now I am only on belvique but I wake up with a headache every night, my blood pressure is extremely low like 80/60 when I wake up, I have blurry vision and feel dizzy in the mornings! If I stop will I gain my weight back? ## There is no way to give you a definitive answer, but yes, it is possible that you will gain it back. Many medications only treat an issue, but don't provide a permanent solution. What information did the cardiologist provide? Did they give you any diagnosis? Are you on any other me...

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Stop taking Belviq 2 weeks ago

I stopped taking Belviq 2 weeks ago after being on it 6 months. I have been sick (scary sick) since coming off of it. Nausea, not being able to eat, diarrhea, muscle pain, and headaches. How long before the drug is out of my system and is this normal? ## It may take a month, or more for things to settle down so you start feeling better, once your body adjusts to no longer having the medication added. Those can be normal withdrawal effects, according to the NIH. If they don't improve, of they worsen, you should consult your medical provider. Are you on any other medications? Has there been any change, yet? Why did you stop taking it? ## Stopped taking Belviq after taking for over two years. How long will withdrawal symptoms last?

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Belviq and other drug interactions

Hey there! I received my pills yesterday but after reading up on the medicine I am really scared to start taking it. I see that there are some very dangerous drug interactions while taking Belviq. I do not normally take any kind of over the counter medicine other than Tylenol or IB Pro. Are those two safe to take with Belviq? Also, I am a committed Le-Vel Thrive participant. I take one Woman's Capsule a day and drink one Shake a day. Its mainly vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics and prebiotics but I wanted to make sure that there wouldn't be any kind of DEADLY interactions LBVS!!!!! ## I want to know if I can take Nyquil with Belviq? Would it interact? I'm feeling I'm coming down with something and have a big headache. ## According to the University of Maryland...

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Belviq take every 12 hours

This is my fourth day on Belviq and omg I thought that it wasn't working yet but boy was I wronged .it really kicks in on the forth day ,you can actually say no to seconds and snacks but you have to have a goal and vision for yourself because as much as it helps you will to eat healthy or bad is still there ,you have to make the right choices .im excited now and am envisioning myself a year from now feeling and looking like a normal human being. please don't give up it work you just have to listen to the signals and make an effort to get to your goal, Belviq is a good tool to help achieve better health !!! :) ## I'm so very glad that you've found something that's working so well for you! That's fantastic and I hope you continue to have success with it. Have you e...

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Normal side effects belviq xr 20 mg

My doc prescribed this 2 me and i loved the no appetite and I was losing weight but after 5 days i still had a cough and felt demotivated. Is this normal? Will this go away? Anyone else had this and continued on successfully? If so when will they go away. Ive had the idea of taking it every other day to see if this would help being they cost me 350$. ## The FDA does list cough and depression as being possible side effects of this medication, along with nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, and anorexia. How long have you been taking it, now? It usually takes about 4 to 5 weeks for your body to get used to a medication, and for the side effects to go away. However, if you find yourself becoming seriously depressed, or suicidal, you should seek immediate medical attention, and you may need to try...

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Today I will stop taking Belviq

I have been on Belviq for about six weeks. I have experienced horrible mood swings, diarrhea (HORRIBLE and NON STOP), actual weight gain, my bones and body aches constantly, I can barely keep my eyes open and lastly, which is the most feels like I can't breath some times. I have been really working to eat very healthy, exercise when I can due to my body hurting so bad, and drink a lot of water. After six weeks, I have gained 4 pounds!!! I have been struggling with my weight for years, so I thought I would give this a go. I do have a hypo thyroid, but it is controlled with medication. I would defiantly warn people about the side effects. I'm hoping it gets out of my system FAST!! Has anyone else dealt with this before? ## I can't believe that you kept taking ...

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First Day on Belviq and No Change

Today is my first day on Belviq. I took my 2nd pill about an hour ago, and I have felt no difference in my appetite, energy level, and no side effects thus far. I know it's only my first day, but I was thinking I would notice something right away. What have been your experiences? Did it take a few days to start working? I don't want to get discouraged, but I also don't want to get my hopes up if this isn't going to work for me. ## This medication does take awhile to reach its full level of efficacy in your body, so it normal to not feel an effect immediately. How are you doing now? Has there been any change? The FDA warns it may cause side effects, such as nausea, anorexia, mood changes, dizziness, and headache. Are you on any other medications? ## I have actually now lo...

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Belviq is a headache

I took one pill of bel iq and A few hours later I had a massive migraine, nausea, and vomiting. I slept and still , two days later, I have a headache, a milder headache, but still a headache. I have read all the side effects, so I know what Belviq does to some, but I haven't heard mine happening to anyone else. I haven't taken another pill and was wondering if I should or not. ## I have never heard of Belviq and don't know what it's taken for. I just want to reply to this post because it worries me. Massive headache, and vomiting? That can be a sign of a brain aneurism. Perhaps rare, but can be deadly. I would get that checked out. ## Hi Lou - that's a bummer, sorry to hear about your experience. It definitely sounds like you are among those adversely affected by thi...

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Belviq and Lisinopril

Hello, I was prescribed Belviq by my PCP. I am excited and scared to take this medication all in one. I am about to take my first pill here shortly. I ate a little breakfast to make sure I won't get nauseated. But again, I am looking forward and hoping that I don't have any of those nasty side effects. ## Hello, Tony! How are you? Did you experience any issues, or problems? The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including anxiety, headache, chest pain, increased hunger, and back pain. Are these the only medications you are currently taking?

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Belviq Availability

Can't find a local doctor to prescribe this new weight loss drug Belviq where I live in Central MN. ## I'm sorry, but there is no directory of doctors that will or will not prescribe any given medication. And if you're calling around to various doctors and asking if they'll prescribe any particular medication, they will tell you no, because that's considered drug seeking behavior and it doesn't matter what type of medication you're asking about. Learn more Belviq details here. Any doctor can prescribe it. Do you currently have a PCP that you see regularly? If so, you can ask them about it, or have them refer you to someone. ## Hi, I'm having the same issue. I met with my doctor and provided her all the information I could print on it. She informed me that...

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