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What is Betametasona Clotrimazol Gentamicina cream used for?

I live in San Antonio, Texas. Is this cream available in the States? Is it SAFE? ## @ERQ, The combination of Betametasona + Clotrimazol + Gentamicina is marketed towards treating various skin conditions such as pain, inflammation, itching, bacterial/fungal infections, etc. From what I've seen mentioned in another thread here, this cream is allegedly available with your doctor's prescription here in the US. However further reports suggest that it costs only a fraction of the price down in Mexico for the same ointment (i.e. $30 in the US and less than $2 in Mexico). Given this information, my suggestion would be to just get it prescribed in the US since the cost of driving to Mexico and back from Texas is probably a lot more than the difference you'd end up saving in the price...

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vaginal yeast infection. and is gelmicin betametasona cream

is gelmicin brtametasona clotrimazol used for any vaginal iritation or swollen in that area ## Hello, Nancy! How are you? It would be best not to use anything for vaginal use that hasn't been specifically formulated for such use. Doing so could cause more issues, according to the FDA, such as infections, skin redness, irritation, spotting, and allergic reactions. Did your doctor tell you to take this? ## I used Gelmicin for my vaginal itching.. I had no odor or yeast or discharge just itching. and it has helped a 100 %, A friend of mine who is a Dr. in Mexico told me it was good to use it as vaginal cream.. I totally recommend it.. ## Marcy... Iv used it for 15 yrs and it really works.... Im a dietberic n it helps my yeast infections, and on cuts burns ulsers bug bites ext... Iv use...

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bactoban 2% ointment

topical antibacterial ointment ## what are the uses for this ointment? especially after a hip surgery. ## Bactroban (Generic: Mupirocin) is used as a topical treatment for bacterial skin infections, for example, furuncle, impetigo, open wounds etc. More details about this medication are available at: Do you have any other quesitons or information to add? Please post back if you do...

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