Astepro Side Effects

ladyP Says:

Interested in hearing about side effects. I have had hip and leg pain after 3 days of taking Astepro. When I stopped the Astepro, the pain disappeared in 2 days.

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Albert Says:

it would be a good idea, wouldnt it? to stop taking that crap.

find a doctor who prescribes narcotics for someone who gives you crap just so that you don't 'potentially become a drug addict'. Just my advice.

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Nancy Says:

I took Astepro just one time. My nose was all stuffed up, around my eyes felt swelled up. I had really bad lines forming in my laugh lines. My nose remained stuffed up for about 5 more days after using one spray in each nostril. I could still breath thru my nose though. Most of my taste was gone. Now one corner of my mouth has something wrong with it. It feels like a split but there's no split and it feels really tight and dry, no matter what I put on it. The color of my lips has extended out. ? It looks like someone knocked me while I applied lipstick. I have a tiny boil on my top lip and a tiny sore on the inside of my bottom lip. Coincidence???

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