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I'm 20 weeks pregnant now and my doctor gave me aspilets 80mg to prevent from being pre-eclamsia because I had a severe pre-eclamsia when I was having my 1st child. Was it safe to take this kind of medicine??

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Hi. I'm asking for help as my doctor gave my son (who's 10 years old) aspilets 80mg... He had antistreptolysin otiter and she also prescribed sumapen that ok for him? I'm worried because the dose is so high. Thank you.

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Aspilet contains the active ingredient Aspirin and in such cases, it is usually used for its blood thinning properties.

Learn more Aspirin details here.

As to its being safe, there are risks, but they are far greater if you would suffer pre-eclampsia again. Just make sure that all medical personnel that you deal with, such as those involved when you go into labor, know that you've been taking it.

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I am 27 yrs old, 3rd time pregnant (1 & 2 miscarriage), with poor ob history. My doctor gave me 80mg aspilet. Is it safe for me since I have experienced bleeding last week?

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