Are Oxycontin Oc Still Made

DrBowski69 Says:

Yes having the same problem. I have four herniated discs and the original OC 80 would do the job but OP's to come close to doing the same job your talking twice the dose easily. Any info would be awesome

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Jenna Says:


Unfortunately I'm having trouble finding the answer to your question on the web, I even checked the FDA site and wasn't able to find any information on the topic. I read a report from 2011 that Purdue pharma stopped making Oxycontin..but that I'm to sure if anything has changed since then. Have you checked with any local pharmacies? Since they are the ones who provide medication, they would very likely know what is/isn't in stock at this time... You may even try contacting Purdue Pharma, it never hurts to go straight to the source!

If you have any more questions, I will do my best to help!

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Scotoxy Says:

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Yes I'm in Scotland the original formula is still here 5mg up to 120mg I get 4 oc 40mg a day n 4 20mg oxynorm capsules instant release the chemicals in new op are classed as carcinogenic here so still get these no problem ??

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