Anyone Out Der Give Me The Answerked Question Of Is Methadone Sugarfree Im On Last 8yrs And Since Being It Iv Had
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Rebecca Says:

Can anyone help me wit the question of is methadone sugarfree. Im on methadone (45mls pinadone) now obviously yo-yoed r the years but the one problem iv found is my teeth are wrecked since being on it. My doctor in the clinic says its sugarfree that's why they use pinadone solution but any dentist iv been to hav said it wrecks teeth. So what is the answer because i think as methadone patients/clients we have the right to know the truth to that long asked question.

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shannah Says:

Hey guys, it really is sugar free. The reason it causes tooth loss is dry mouth! I've lost 5 teeth at the gumline and would really like to get dental implants and snap in dentures!

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emily Says:

I completely agree with you my Dennis just said the same thing to me I've been on methadone for a year this time and have had three teeth pulled in eight cavities filled just from one year so they're lying just like they say the you can't be in withdrawal after 12 hours that's BS too

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