Any Reported Side Effects In Partners Of Prostate

Ramblin Rose Says:

my husband underwent brachytherapy iodine 125 about five weeks ago.He was made fully aware of the likely side effects of the treatment for himself. However since returning home from hospital we resumed sleeping in the same bed after the first few days home. I began to experience loose bowel motions which have continued until this time.I also suffer waves of nausea and a loss of appetite. In addition to these symptoms I have had a skin rash which began in the crotch area and over the successive weeks has spread upwards across my stomach.It is very red hot and flaring.I have seen two GP and attended Walk in Clinics at my local hospital.The treatment I received was for allergic skin reactions.I have used Dermocort and FucinH to no effect.The rash became worse ,redder and hotter and passed from irritation to pain.I have now been prescribed Prednisolone 5mg, 6 daily which I have been on for a week.The rash is still in the skin.I itch all over now and it has reached my hair. Am I experiencing a reaction to my husbands treatment. Please advise.I am now sleeping alone

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Peter Says:

Dear ... please could you write me how did you solve your problems ? I have the same experience, my husband went to BT 9 months ago and I started to have skin problems 5 moths ago and still continuing. Please, help me.

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Lidka Says:

Hello, can you PLEASE contact me, I am having the same problem right now!!! Thank you very much. {post was edited for privacy}

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Peter Petra Says:

Please tell me how did you solve the problem?
I have the same experience, doctors have no solutions for my skin problems It has been lasting fo 2 years.
Thank you very much

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Verwon Says:

No, your husband's treatment should not cause you such issues, because you would not be exposed to enough of it to cause any issues.

The typical side effects for those undergoing the therapy may include nausea, dizziness, headache, vomiting, appetite changes, and weight changes.

Were any topical substances used, when they underwent their therapy? It is possible that you all might be having a reaction to something used to cleanse the skin, or treat the administration site, afterwards.

Do any of you have any known allergies?

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