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tooth ache

I have a tooth ache and when I went to the clinic, they said they can't remove because there is an infection...they gave me some such Amoxil and Anaerobyl 400 and some pain killers and they told me to come back after 7 days... How long will the pain last coz it is so unbearable ## Hi.I had a to oth ache Nd went to the doctor,got it Removed n they then gave me anaerobyl 400.and now my urine is bloody and brownish.should I be worried. ## Ayanda, it may take 2, or 3 days for the antibiotics to start working, and when they do, your pain should lessen. Once you finish your course of treatment, then you should return to the dentist for the extraction. The FDA lists the typical antibiotic side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, diarrhea, and non-allergic skin rash. ...

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long term antiphilaxis reaction to Amoxicillin?

Does anybody have any information on a possible long term skin rash reaction to a severe case of antiphylaxis reaction to Amoxicillin? ## DURING LENGHTY DENTAL TREATMENT AND DUE A MVP THE AMOXICILLIN I DELOPMENT A RASH (VEINY) LIVEDO RETICULARIS I WENT TO 5 MDS AND ONLY 1 AT VANDERBILT KNEW WHAT THIS IS. THERE IS NOT CURE AND DOES GO AWAY I HOPE THIS HELPS ## Hello, Charles! How are you? How long has the rash lasted? A non-allergic skin rash can be a possible side effect of Amoxicillin, according to FDA reports, you may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, and diarrhea. Ref: Amoxicillin Information I developed a rash due to an allergic reaction to a different antibiotic, and it took over a month for it to completely clear up, once I stopped taking it. Have you consulted your doc...

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Is Amoxil Solmux Advisable To Drink At The Same Time

is amoxil and solmux advisable to take at the same time of the day with the same grams.? ## Is it alright to take a sinecod and bioflu at the same time for physician that has a fever and cough?? ## Maribeth uy Iscit possible to take bioflue and sinicod at the same time ## Is it possible to take sinicod and bioflu at the same time ## Can we drink amoxicillin and sulmux at the same time?

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Please help - IBILEX 500

Hi. I have a huge open infected sebaceous cyst on my neck for which I was just given five days of Staphylex (4 a day). It’s still very big red and infected, so dr gave me IBILEX 500. The Staphylex made me nauseous and weak; do you think this one will do the same? I was hoping for Amoxil as it doesn’t give me bad reactions. To lessen my nausea symptoms, should I take IBILEX 500 with or without food, or before or after food?

expired amoxicillin - is it still safe to take?

Recently ive been sick for 4 days with tonsilitis...i cant go to my family dr as i dont have an appt so i have no choice but to take amoxicillin from phil., which expired last sept of this year. I feel ok now but my stomach pains bothering me former dr prescribed me of tecta. i took one tablet just worried for my liver or any organs after taking an expired antibiotics. i took it 4 days every 8 hours.. ## Expired antibiotics can get you a dose of toxicology. It depends on how long and which kinds go bad. ## Hello, Jojie! How are you? Expired Amoxicillin isn't one that gets dangerous, once expired, but it does start to lose effectiveness, so it may not work as well as it did, when it was new and this could create the risk of your developing antibiotic resistant bacteria. ...

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Amoxilcillin 500 mg veterinary usage and dosage for staph

My 80lb dog has a staph infection and i can't afford his med for another treatment. Can i give him my Amoxil and how much? ## Hello Jc! How are you? I would suggest asking his veterinarian, since they are familiar with the use of such medications in animals. There shouldn't be a problem with him taking it, since it is the same as what's used for animals, but the dosing can vary depending on the severity of the infection and his body weight. Is there anything else I can help with? ## My 50+ lb dog has an infection between her toes, she had it about a month, it may be a prickly pear stuck in there. Can i give her 1/2 875 amox-clav-pot? Appreciate any help. PS - I just found this site and seems great !!!! ## Ali, if a prickly pear is still in there, an antibiotic is not likely ...

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interactions with theraflu

I would like to know if I can use theraflu with amoxicillin 500 mg? ## Hi Kara, According to the University of Maryland Medical Center ( / drug interaction tool), there are no interactions listed between Amoxicillin and the ingredients found in Theraflu (Acetaminophen + Diphenhydramine + Phenylephrine). While this does not necessarily mean that no interactions exist, it is my understanding that this combination is generally regarded as safe. I, myself have also taken this combination in the past without any notable side effects that I can recall. Nevertheless, if you have any doubts it's probably best to contact your doctor just to be sure. I hope this helps!

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amoxil 3g dose

I have been prescribed Amoxil 3g twice a day for a sinus infection. Is this a safe and common dosage for an adult? ## Yes, this is an antibiotic that is used to treat, or prevent various types of bacterial infections. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, non-allergic skin rash, and diarrhea. The dosage can depend on the severity of the infection being treated, in case such as yours. Are you on any other medications?

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does amoxicillin go bad with age?

I bought 100 amoxicillin caps about 3 years ago and stored them in a dark place and I was curious if they would still be good to take. ## does amoxicillin expire ## don't use it. amoxicillin goes bad a year from when you bought it. ## Actually, no, it does not go bad, it just loses efficacy, so it is not as strong or as potent as when you first bought, starting from about 18 months past the manufacture date. You should never self-diagnose or self-treat with antibiotics anyway, there are so many other conditions that will not respond to them, so they have no effect, and you of course run the risk of developing an antibiotic resistant strain of something with overuse, so please see your doctor. ## First of all, why do you just have the drug sitting around? Did you take it and not fini...

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capsul 3 quarters in lenth half of it is brown with #RX655 and the other half is yellow w/RX655 not to sure what it is. Thank-You ## i have some and want to know what they are? ## I WAS LOOKING FOR THIS SAME DRUG (AMOXIL) AND FOUND THE WEBSITE LISTED ABOVE WITH DESCRIPTION AND DOSAGE INFORMATION. HOPE THIS IS HELPFUL THOUGH IT HAS BEEN A FEW MONTHS SINCE YOU POSTED. ## This capsule is manufactured by Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals and they list it as containing 500mgs of Amoxicillin, which is an antibiotic that is used to treat various types of bacterial infections. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, diarrhea, and non-allergic skin rash. Amoxicillin click here. Is there anything I can help with?

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Amoxicillin taken with liquids other than water

I would appreciate any information about taking amoxicillin capsules with liquids such as fruit juices (especially citric), carbonated beverages, and other liquids like Gatorade. I was told that such liquids, which contain acids, can actually destroy the drug. This is an important question for me. Thanks. ## Best to take with full glass of water there is delayed absorption if taken with food. ## Can Amoxicillin be taken with milk? ## You can take it with pretty much whatever you want, they just suggest water because that provides the fasted and easiest method of absorption. Other beverages, such as Milk, Juice and etc. may delay the absorption. ## can i have some drink with alcool during taking amoxicillin cps? ## No. You CANNOT take amoxicillin with alcohol AT ALL. I repeat DO NOT ## C...

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Amoxil dosages

My son is 11 and weighs 37.8 kilos. 6 days ago he had 39.8 temps and was diagnosed with tonsillitis. The doctor prescribed amoxil 250mg / 5ml @ 10ml / 3 times a day with a repeat.... This would see him on the antibiotic for roughly 6 to 7 days... I've since been to my regular doctor and she said 'amoxil' would not have been her 1st choice for this condition but that there was no point changing it now as he'd already been on them for a couple of days. She also said I could stop them after 5 days as this would be a sufficient dose. However we are always told to finish the full course of antibiotics generally, standard procedure when taking antibiotics. Is this really ok to stop them after 5 days (before all the contents in the bottle are finished)? I only ask because in th...

antibiotics for infection

Having surgery in 10 days on my shoulder , i am on amoxil but will be finished course in 4 days time will my surgery still go ahead ## Hello, Nikki! How are you? Only your surgeon can answer that for sure, but most likely, as long as the infection has cleared up. The typical side effects of this antibiotic, as listed by the FDA, may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. Is there anything else I can help with? ## hi after removing teeth than how much day we need to take antibiotic ordent ? please suggest

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Peeing Blood. What does this mean?

Hi, I have had a bladder infection and taken only 4 amoxils cause i only had 4, it went away, but this morning it came back and with blood. I get the urge to pee, its very painful and my pee is blood red. Help? What does this mean? ## Hello, Nani! How are you? It sounds like you didn't have enough antibiotic to fully eradicate the infection. You need to see your doctor for a new prescription of antibiotics to try and clear this up. Blood in your urine can happen, with a severe infection. There's also a slight risk you may have something more serious going on, such as kidney stones, so you need to have this checked out. The FDA lists the typical side effects of antibiotics as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. Is there anything el...

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Will Amoxicillin have an effect on my HepC? ## It should be okay, as long as your doctor approves and has prescribed it, while knowing you have Hep C. The FDA lists the typical side effects of antibiotics as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Found a white oblong pill w/x on 1 side nothing on other

Trying to find out what this pill is. It is white, and has an x on one side and nothing remotely legible on the other. Ideas of what this could be? ## Husband said it looked like it was placed in wrong bottle and matches my amoxil...x on one side and a 3|2 or something on other side. Thank you!

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poison ivy

I just got poison ivy on my ankle. Will amoxicilin help that? ## No, amoxicillin is an antiboitic and is used for infections. You need something like benadryl or calamine lotion. Something to help with the itch and allergic reaction. ## Your best bet, if this is the first time you have caught it, is to see your doctor for an evaluation. The medication you can use for it, will be based on the severity or your reaction to it. You should never try to self treat or self diagnose. ## I once had a reaction to a mosqito bite and the doctor prescribed benadryl to me so I think that would be your best bet. but I'm not sure. you should talk to your doctor ## Please give me right poison name i can understand to right poison name

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will amoxillian give a false positive drug screen

I have been sick and was taking Amoxicillian. I took a drug screen and tested positive for cocaine. I do not use cocaine and would like to know if amoxicillian would give a false positive result. I tried to speak with the toxicology department, but they could not give me any information. If you have any information on this matter I would appreciate it. ## Yes, Amoxicillin will give a false positive for cocaine. Other things which can do this include: Kidney infection (kidney disease) Liver infection (liver disease) Diabetes Tonic Water and of course Amoxicillin I really hope everything worked out for you! ## i have never done cocaine in my life,,honestly i swear, but i am on many meds,,for neuropathic pain which r not opiates,, and i also get marcaine injections in my back,,the only new...

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amoxil dose

what is the maximum mg/kg dose for a 5 year old with ear infection? ## That would be a matter you would need to dicuss with your doctor or pharmacist, the maximum dose will depend on the severity of the infection plus the child and their tolerance to the drug, if they have used it before, if other antibiotics haven't worked and etc. ## Child under 10 - 125 up to 250mg TDS. However if your kid had a prob with Amoxil the fricking MD sholddnt have Rxd it in the first place!

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medicine and prescription for clyamadia

Prescription for STD called clymadia ## Amoxil, Trimox, Zithromax, Doryx, Vibramycin, Vibra-Tabs, Levaquin, Floxin, etc... are all kinds of antibiotics that treat chlamydia. Before going out and purchasing anything, I would speak with you doctor. Only your doctor can tell you which ones would work for you. Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## What drug that is best for Hepatitis B ## Be aware that one of the classes of drugs used to treat STD's like chlamydia are known as the Quinolone Antibiotics. These very dangerous antibiotics are often prescribed for simple infections where there are other effective antibiotics that should be used first. However, many doctors are not aware of the disabling side effects that can occur from these dr...

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