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Amoxicillin Clavulanate 875 mg for mercer (MRSA) bacteria

I have an infection on my arm near the elbow. What medication is used to treat the infection called mercer? Will Amoxicillin Clavulanate 875 mg suffice? ## Has your doctor prescribed it for you to treat MRSA? It is sometimes used to eradicate it. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash, and diarrhea. Are you on any other medications? Are you sure it is MRSA?

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AMOX TR-K CVL 875-125 mg

Hi, I had Titus about six months ago and they gave me a Z pack so it didn't work in my lungs. I have been messed up for a while now. And I just stopped smoking. I was wondering if I could use my old bottle as it still has the 20 in it and has been opened but there is a little thing in there to make them last longer and stay fresh. It's says discard after 9/4/2016. I was really hoping to use these due to financial reasons. I read they will lose potency after 18 months. Am I ok? Thank you very much. I appreciate the answer. ## What are you trying to treat? I am sorry, but you really haven't provided a lot of details. Do you currently have some type of infection that requires an antibiotic? You mentioned what it was prescribed for 6 months ago, but not why you feel the need to ...

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amox k clav and stomach pain

Okay I just started this today at 3:30pm 06-06-2014. The first dose gave me really bad stomach pains that went away after awhile. Then 8 hours later I take it again as instructed at 11:30pm. It went down fine, no stomach pains, so I drank a glass of water after I laid down and fell asleep then I found myself wide awake at 12:50 throwing up. I know this is a side effect but could it be this early in taking it? It's my very first time taking this medicine and I'm taking it for a sore throat or in other words tonsilitis. Should I take the 3rd dose at 7:30a.m? I don't want to put my body through that again if it's not going to work... ## Hello, Alexandra! How are you? I'm sorry about the problems you've been having. Yes, that can be a normal side effect of this antib...

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Amox tr k clv 875/125 mg for colds

Can you use this drug for a cold? I have congestion, stuffy nose, stuff in throat, tired and achy? ## Can this drug be used for a sinus infection? ## I took one of these and put one aside for morning. When I came back to kitchen, without thinking I took the other. Should I be concerned? ## Sinuis ## How many hours apart should i take AMOX TR-K CLV 875-125 MG TAB ## The first thing I would like to say, which I can't stress enough is if you are worried about your safety, after accidentally taking more than one dose of something, taking the wrong medication or etc. then please contact your nearest poison control center or emergency medical treatment facility. While there are people on here who are always glad to help, if we can, if your life would be in danger, there is nothing we can ...

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Amox K Clav 500 Mg Fever

Can Using Amox K Clav 500 Mg 2 tablets 2 x a day for 5 days all of a sudden give you a fever of 101 on the 5th day of using it? ## A fever can be a side effect of this antibiotic in some people that take it, or it could also be from the infection you're being treated for, with the medication. It generally does take several days for side effects to show up, as the medication accumulates in your body. Has it improved any? If not, please contact your doctor, as it may not be working and the infection may be worsening.

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