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Blondie Says:

Duane Reade filled ambien and xanax with my insuranse then called two days later to tell me to pick up my ambien script. They filled same rx# twice and went through insurance. How could this happen? I picked it up since why not? Will they discover and could it be a problem?

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David Says:

Dear Blondie,

Sorry to hear about your situation. All pharmacies should maintain a record of the prescriptions they fill, so if you only received twice the amount of 1 Rx and not the other, I would encourage you to go back and inform them of the mistake they made. Also have them contact the insurance company to make sure they're on the same page with what happened.

And please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that things like this could potentially catch up to you in the form of withdrawals if you're missing the xanax that your body is used to taking (for whatever length of time you've been on it) and only have double the amount of ambien to compensate for it? From my perspective that sounds like it could be a problem, but if you're not troubled in any way by their mistake then I suppose you could just carry on like nothing happened.

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Blondie Says:

Thanks for responding. I did get my xanax and ambien. Then they called me to pick up my ambien again. Since it went through insurance the second time, maybe they forgot to put it through the first time and just gave it to me. Very cheap with my insurance, but seemed even less expensive than usual when I picked up both the first time I went. I see my doctor about every 2-3 weeks for new scripts for both. He doesn't seem to have a problem with this and I alternatly fill at a small pharmacy without insurance. Never a problem. Do you think this is ok to do?

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Blondie Says:

Sorry spelling error of alternately. I, unfortunately, know about withdrawals. Feel immobilized when I run out of xanax. Independent pharmacist told me I could go to any other drug store when he could not fill it there because I was too early. Apparently he is not in a database and I never gave him my insurance information. Since pharmacist suggested doing this and I am not abusing insurance is it ok? I am a responsible person with a good job and very health conscious. I give a good appearance as I am pretty and well dressed, so nobody would think of me as addicted. However, I have been taking xanax for years and sometimes more than prescribed.

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David Says:

Given the circumstances, I can only speak for myself as an overly honest person, in saying that I would probably still be upfront about telling them how they made a mistake (similar to a cashier accidentally giving you too much cash back when they break a larger bill). That's just me though.

However, if you weren't going to say anything, I think it would be wise to just hold onto that extra script of ambient until the next refill date and see what happens at that time. This way you'd already be prepared if they did happen to catch on. People make mistakes all the time, including Dr's and Pharmacists alike, so in my opinion the next best thing you can do is to be prepared come time for a refill, and if they don't own up to it then all the more power to you. Having reserves is never a bad thing; especially when you have to rely on reluctant Dr's. to give you what you need for avoiding withdrawals.

And regarding what the pharmacist suggested about filling your script at any other drug store "if he can't fill it himself", it doesn't seem to me like that would create any problems since you're not using insurance. All insurance companies come across as having different policies pertaining to refills, but if you're not always needing to use them, then I wouldn't worry.

Does anyone else have thoughts on this from personal experience?

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Blondie Says:


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Margie Says:

I am in Australia and you need a script here for Stilnox (Ambien). Does anyone know which pharmacies carry it?

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