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flu like symptoms with Aggrenox

I'm just not sure what is going on...I've been on Aggrenox for several weeks, at first I just had a mild headache for a few days and that's about it...and then I came down with a cold & running nose with body's about 5 days later and I'm still having a sick-like flu feeling...I'm trying to figure out whether it's the Aggrenox or if I'm still infected with the flu virus...all my family at present has the flu...

Aggrenox reviews

I have been on aggrenox for about eight months. I have a lot of muscle and joint pain and suffer from chronic fatigue. (thigh/ hip/ pelvic) I am wondering if anyone else has experienced these symtoms? ## I have severe neck and back/sholder pain with the 50 mg pill and the dr.s act like i am stupid as if they have never heard of this. I do have fibromyalgia and thought that might have some to do with it. Can you get anyone to listen? ## I was put on aggrenox following a TIA and shortly afterward suffered a severe headache that radiated down my neck and across my shoulders. I stopped taking it and am now on plavix which is much better. However, even 2 days after last taking aggrenox, I still suffer from neck and shoulder pain, particularly when under even minor stress. ## My Dad starting ...

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Can Aggrenox cause Anemia?

I've been on Aggrenox for 10 months and I'm severely anemic and getting iron infusions! I believe the aspirin in it causes bleeding. I cant take Plavix, so I don't know what they're going to put me on. I have muscle and joint problems too. ## What do you take it for? Specifically to prevent stroke, or just as a blood thinner? If it is just as a blood thinner, there may be other options, such as Warfarin. ## I take it to prevent a stroke, had one in Jan 2010, and while on plavix had a tia in July 2011, then Dec 2011 had a stroke to my optic nerve in my right eye! I do not want to be on a blood thinner, had my 4th infusion yesterday and got 5 more to go! Aggrenox makes my muscles weak, there has to be something else that doesn't make you anemic? scared to go off of cau...

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IS IT SAFE TO GO OFF THIS MEDICATION FOR 4 DAYS PRIOR TO AN OUTPATIENT SURGICAL PROCEDURE AS REQUESTED BY MY SURGEON ? (REMOVAL OF A SMALL FACIAL SKIN CANCER ). ## Have you also discussed it with your regular doctor? Since Aggrenox contains the active ingredients Aspirin and Dipyridamole, it can increase the risk of bleeding and surgical complications, so it is very common for surgeon to want someone to stop taking such medications, for a few days, before surgery.

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Aggrenox Side Effects

Does anyone who takes this medication have a tightening of muscles and painful feelings in the upper leg? ## My mom has been taking aggrenox and complaining of pain in the upper leg. Is there something to do to help offset this pain? Are you still taking Aggrenox? ## my left arm been swollen ever since taking aggrenox , in 2 months ive been taking it ,and i feel i have arthritis on my shoulder and rest , ## I just had a TIA 4 days ago. I have had muscle ache in my lower leg and in my upper arms. It feels like I'm having muscle spasms. Is that how you feel? Did your pain begin early? ## Aggrenox contains the active ingredient Aspiring/Dipyridamole and is used as a blood thinner and to help lower blood pressure. Some of the most common side effects include: headache, nausea, abdominal...

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