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AdVair use past expiration date?

I have an inhaler of AdVair unopened with an expiration date of 4/2013 Can I still use it? ## Hello, Helene! How are you? Thats a year past the expiration date, so it is most likely no longer effective. It would be best to just dispose of it and pick up a new prescription. Since this just uses a powdered medication that you inhale, it's going to degrade much faster than most other forms would. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Thanks ! ## Its july 2016 nbutut my advair expred 01/16 can i still use it ## I accidentally throw away my new advair and have being using my 5 year expired medicine. Should I be concern about it ## Advair disc still in foil expire 9/15 still good? ## Understanding 1 year post-expiration isn't good, what about 3-6 months?

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I Take Advair, Benztropine, Levothyroxine ,Atorvastatin ,Traxodone, Fluoexetine, Campral, and tested positive for amphetemines.

My last UA tested false positive for amphetemines. I use nothing that contains amphetemines. I take the following: Advair (250), Benztropine, Levothyroxin, Atorvastatin ,Traxodone, Fluoexetine, Campral. Itested, I tested . I tested "presumed" Positive For Amphetimines. Would any of them cause "presumed positive" on a UA? ## Actually, the Benztropine has been known to cause false positives for Amphetamines, on the less expensive, non-certified tests, this can occur anywhere from 4 to 50% of the time. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I had a prescription bottle that contained my thyroid medicine levothyroxin and was pulled over by a cop who perfomed what I assumed to be a litmus test, and said the swab turned blue and that meant it tested positive for amphetamine...

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Exorbitant prices of Advair

I am a mother of 2 boys ages 6 and 8 who were diagnosed last year with asthma. Their allergist prescribed Advair for both. My husband and I have been shocked and appalled by the outrageous price of this medication! The inhalers cost us $600 a month. The doctor's office is kind enough to provide samples on occasion, but even with the occasional sample at this price we might as well be paying 2 mortgages. The bottom line is that there is no generic of this medication and so GSK can charge whatever they want for it. Meanwhile, hard-working people all over the country who have insurance and pay ridiculously high monthly premiums, are suffering the consequences. It is what I would call shameful. ## Hello, Cynthia! How are you children doing? Have you discussed the price problem with thei...

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False Positives On Drug Tests

I was told I failed a drug screen and must take all medications in to check them. I take advair, ipratropium, and albuterol inhaler for asthma. I also take allegra D and benadryl for allergies. I sometimes take an over the counter diet pill called phentramin D. Would any of these cause false positives on a standard UA? ## What did you fail for? Was it opiates, amphetamines, or something else? The Diphenhydramine in Benadryl can cause false positives for Benzodiazepines, PCP and tricyclic antidepressants. It could also be something in the Phentramin_D, but I can't find a listing that includes the exact ingredients. Do you happen to know what's in it? ## My son 37yrs old was given 7.5mg loratabs for dental pain on feb 24 he took more than he was suppose to because he was in so muc...

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Inhaler advair false positive for methamphetamine

I am on felony probation. I have COPD and I am prescribed Advair. I tested postive for methamphetamine. Can advair make you test positive for methamphetamine? ## I just got results on a UA could Advair come up as methamphamine because my test came back as positive and I don't do meth.

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Advair cost/usage

I am supposed to use twice a day (250/50 for COPD), but the cost, along with my other meds will put me in the Medicare "doughnut hole" within 3 short months. I am thinking of only using it once a day in spite of my doctor's recommendation. How will this reduced usage likely affect me ? ## Have you informed your doctor of the price issue? There may be an alternative that they can prescribe for you, or put your Advair as once a day and then a different medication for the other dosing. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache and dry mouth.

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insomnia...from advair

I usually sleep great due to lexapro, but after being on advair 250/50 for just a few days, I can hardly sleep ! I am exhausted but it is so hard to fall asleep. This is getting rediculous, but the advair is helping my asthma a lot and I hate to quit it. Any suggestions? ## Hello, Adelyn! How are you? One of the active ingredients in it is a steroid, so it can cause insomnia, but it should wear off in a few weeks, once your body adjusts to the medication. If it doesn't, you'll need to consult the prescribing physician. You may also experience an oral yeast infection as a side effect. Is there anything else I can help with?

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2 year old on Advair and now has insomnia!

Our 2 yr old has been taking Advair for about a month and wow, things have changed with his sleep! He only sleeps about 6-7 hrs in a 24 hr span and that's only if he's being held and not in his crib! When he wakes up it seems he's having night terrors. Has anyone else had this experience! If you have then advise, please! ## Hello, Patty! How is he doing? These oral steroids can cause insomnia and excitability, which could explain the problems he's having. Have you talked to his doctor? You may need to adjust the dosage or try him on a different medication. ## Verwon, he goes to the asthma dr tomorrow! I just hope the dr doesn't try to talk us into keeping him on the Advair! We will refuse it! Thanks for your input!

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Taking Advair

HAVE A HARD TIME GETTING A DEEP BREATH TO INHALE IT IN. ANY SUGGESTIONS? ## Try this: Get the advair inhaler ready ....then blow out as much as you can, then put the inhaler to your lips and suck in. Hold it for 10 seconds. This works for me.

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I have asthma and take a lot of medicine . I take advair, cingulair, albuterial inhaler, zopnex, spriva, a sleeping pill and an anxiety pill. With insurance I spend 250.00 a month. I also work two jobs . One is just to pay for medicine and doctor bills. Can any drug company help me with my medicine. I am too young to retire and can't get disablity because I have a job. Whom would pay for my medicine if I did not work. Help ## Medicaid. ## For anyone else seeking such information, it really depends on whether or not you have insurance. If you do, then unless you are disabled and receiving Medicare, you likely won't qualify for assistance, even those on Medicare only qualify during their coverage gap period. As to anyone else, yes there are programs for most name brand medications...

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Side Effects of Advair

Has anyone noticed weight gain or stained teeth due to Advair usage? ## I was just logging on to find out if weight gain is a side effect of advair diskus. I started on advair a little over 2 years ago and since that time I have gained 30 lbs. My asthma doc says that inhaled meds do not cause weight gain. She says that my post-menapauasal status, combined with a less physically active job, are the cause of weight gain. I don't think I can take any more weght gain - please let me know about other people on advair whom are having this experience. If so, is there anything else I can do - are there any alternatives to the disc. The doc tells me if I do not use the disc I have a risk of develping firosis .So here are the choices - fat or breath, breath or fat - At this rate of weight gai...

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stained teeth from use of advair

stained teeth from advair use ## My 10 year old son takes advair and gets stained teeth as his doseage increases. Does anyone else see this side effect? Anyone know how to fix it? ## My 6 yr old is getting stained teeth too from advair. I had to take him to the dentist to have them scraped. I'm debating not using advair anymore as the staining is a dark yellow. ## Stained teeth and dental problems are an unfortunate side effect of many medications and other than not using them, there aren't many other options, There is really no way to prevent it. Just make sure that your dentist knows your child is using it and keep regular appointments, You should be aware though, that sometimes, while you or your child is actively taking a medication that can cause dental issues, some dentist...

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stopping advair

have been on Advair for 6 months, but can't stop because of bronchial spasms. Any suggestioins ## Please speak to your doctor. Many people do use it for a lot longer than 6 months, but if your doctor wants you to stop using it, or you feel a need to do so, then ask them what your options are to solve this issue. ## I have been using advair for many years under a drs supervision. It has made a big difference in my breathing. It is not a quick acting inhaler but seems to help lungs long term.

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