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arthi Says:

my mom is having period's problem . she is 41 years old.she got periods on 20th april it lasted till 13th may. doctor suggested regesterone tab.again she got periods on 20th may.now doctor suggested kerutin c. is it a useful?otherwise whether it will harm or give side effects to her?

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Anand Says:

My wife is having problem of blooming lightly after removing copper T docter suggest Kerutin c it for what purpose and suggest 3 times a day for two days having any side effect

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RAJU Says:

my brother aged 37 yrs, mentally retarded boy, taking tablet for retardation also suffering from piles is being prescribed Kerutin c. If takes tablet two times daily for five days, he is not having bleeding. but once stopped taking tablet next two days starts bleeding. Is it advisable to take tablet continuously and if so how long. If not what are the solution to stop bleeding.

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varsha Says:

I m 21yrs old N having my periods since 28may continuous should I prefer Kerutin c to stop it

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varsha Says:

I m 21yrs old N m having my periods continuously frm 28august what should I do stop it.should I take Kerutin c to stop it

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