400 Mcg Of Folic Acid Is Equal To How Many Iu Of Folic Acid
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d casey Says:

is 400 iu of folic acid equal to 400 mcgs of folic acid?Thanks

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Mylyn Says:

Re: David (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

If you stated 1000mcg = 1mg so wouldn't 400mcg = 0.4mg not 4mg?

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okinawa lewis Says:

I have prescription for 1mg, but I have 400 Mcg at home how many of the 490mcg should I take

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mooudist Says:

Math error! It's .4mg, less than half a milligram. You left off the decimal point. Important difference, 4mg vs. 1/2mg.

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mooudist Says:

You made a mistake in your math. Since 1000mcg equals 1mg (milligrams) then 400mcg which is less than half of 1000mcgs would equal .4mg, not 4mg. So 400mcg is a bit under 1/2mg.

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Linda Says:

I take folic acid 1mg daily. =1pill. If I brought 400 mcg how many would I take?

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mahamed Says:

My sister is 12 years old and her doctor was prescribing folic acid 400mcg. Now she finished and still she is sick, so i went to buy another one but all the pharmacies only carry 5mg. Can i give her that 5mg of folic acid?

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Dee Says:

You need a calculator pal to get this right! Giving wrong info to preggies isn't a cool thing.
1 mg= 1000 mcg and 0.4 mg= 400 mcg

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Catie Flowers Says:

I have a question as well what is the percentage of folic acid a woman needs a day while pregnant? Any one know.

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Friend Says:

Thanks, that is the conversion I was looking for!

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David Says:

Generally speaking, you can't convert between IU and MCG. IU's measure the potency of a drug, not its mass or weight. You can only measure between MG and MCG. 1000 micrograms (mcg) = 1 milligram (mg); so 400 mcg will be equal to just 4 mg

Folic acid 400 mcg does equal 100 percent daily value for this nutrient.

NOTE: If you can determine what percent daily value 400 iu of folic acid is, then you can essentially compare mcg vs iu.

Hope this helps!

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d casey Says:

Years ago a dr told me to start taking 400 ui of folic acid.
Now i find folic acid is labeled as 400 msg not 400 ui.Is 400 msg equal to 400 ui?ThanksF

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