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Hydromorph Contin
## From what I understand this is a brand of Hydromorphone, which is essentially a strong narcotic pain reliever derived from Morphine. Do you have any other questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. HTH ## I have a friend that was addicted to Hydromorphine Contin. He is off it now with some withdrawl still remains. A Doctor suggested he go on Methadone, but he is very leary to do so. Looking for opinions on what to do to make the right decision ## Hydromorphone is an effective pain med, stronger than morphine, but realize the word "morphine" creates an image in most people's minds of a malevolent illegal drug, like heroin. You won't have trouble getting off this med., if you make a sincere effort to modulate down the amount taken slowly. Virtually eve... ...
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Ancept Medication
Does the company who makes Ancept for memory loss offer any funding help? My doctor gave me a prescription for it and when I went to purchase it at the pharmacy, I was told it cost $260 or close to it. I cannot afford to take it and don't know what to do. Thanks for any advice. ## Did you mean Aricept? If so, it is manufactured by Pfizer and yes, they do have a program for those without prescription insurance. To find out if you qualify, you can call them at 800-226-2072 ...
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Cocaine Mouthwash
Can somebody please tell me what side effects if any result from swallowing medically prescribed liquid cocaine mouthwash. ## I have been prescribed this mouthwash to be used as needed to relieve the intense soreness I am feeling at the back of my throat (almost like razor blades) after undergoing 33 sessions of radiotherapy to halt a cancer in mu mouth. Fortunately, surgeons and plastic surgeons were able to remove all the cancer (they think) and reconstruct my jaw and lower gum. The cocaine mouthwash (10mls) gargled is to relieve some of the pain in my mouth and way way down the back of my throat. No matter how hard I try, some of the mouthwash does get swallowed (although the label on the bottle says 'Not To Be Swallowed'. Will this produce any side effects of any kind? Pleas... ...
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My wife has changed
A while a ago my daughter was being bullied at school, which drove her to take an overdose, thank fully she was ok and is doing fine now But my wife took it really hard and started to suffer with anxiety so the doctor gave her citalopram. Instantly I noticed a change in her attitude, she turned hard faced and cold toward me and treated me as if I was not there, then what was a healthy sexual relationship turned to a relationship with no sex at all, I've tryed to tell her that this drug has changed her but she is not interested, this drug had changed her from being a normal loving mother/wife to a woman who needs no love or affection. And now after 15yrs of being together she wants a divorce, to sell the house and go our separate ways, I am absolutely devastated I can't imagine m... ...
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will chemicals is synthetic marijuana show up on lab test when you habe a baby?
I'm about to have a baby and tried synthetic marijuana. Now I know they probably won't test me for that but will the chemicals in it throw up red flags when they run test on the baby? ...
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Thu, Dec 20 '12, 10:50 AM   0 
increse sex timing
I'm 26 and want to increase my increase my sex time up to 15 to 20 min without any side effect. Please advise. ...
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Fri, Jun 06 '14, 5:29 AM   0 
Levofloxacin & MDMA
So i want to do MDMA for the weekened. My doctor has prescribed me Levofloxacin for 10 days for chronic prostatitis, which i intend to use 3-5 days after MDMA use. Dose of mdma will be about 0,7 grams over the course of 3 days. I'm not a regural user, last time i used was 1 year ago. I would like to know if i shouldnt use MDMA at all, due to interactions with the drug, or because my immune system will be weakened. Generally i am in good health except from my prostatitis. Thanks ...
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Fri, Feb 28 '14, 8:41 AM   0 
smoking oxycodone
My baby sister is addicted to oxycodone. She started using oxycontin when she was 15, she is now 25 and has moved on to smoking oxycodone, morphine, and even the jelly off of phentanyl patches. She has been (as she puts it) a "slave" to this stuff for 10 yrs now. She assures me that overdose is impossible when you smoke it, is this true? Most importantly, how do I save her? ## I'm very sorry about your situation. First question I have is, does your sister actually want to quit? Because if she doesn't want to it is impossible to make her stop. I am currently going through the same. Except I am the addict. I smoke or snort them. I have been going to a methadone clinic for a year now. But, I still continue to fall off the wagon. Finally I decided to stop wasting my time and... ...
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Caverject problem
Following radical prostatectomy prescribed caverject works but wife not impressed by hardness, previously on Viagra before op. Have tried 15mg no better but painful and erection lasted over 3 hours gone back to 10mg! Thinking of taking half a Viagra along with injection anyone else tried? I know leaflet with caverject says not to. (Since nerves went with op Viagra has no effect at all other than a red face) ## I've used both of them and my wife prefers the viagra. She says the caverject is too effective and my erection lasts too long-4-5 hours. ...
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orgasm medication
are there any known drugs to help a woman have an orgasm? ## Don't really know of anything that can compare to a Viagra for men. Some clinical testing going on in Asia awhile back. Interesting article at: ...
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A P a white tablet pill with west ward 473 on one side and a slash on the other side
a white tablet pill with west ward 473 on one side and a slash on the other side can any one tell me what it is ## Located a match it's Prednisone 10 mg, which is used to treat certain inflammatory diseases and (at higher doses) cancers, but has significant adverse effects. It is usually taken orally but can be delivered by intramuscular injection or intravenous injection. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ...
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norco 10/325 wattson yellow oval or norco 539
I've been taking norco for several years for a pinched nerve in my neck which causes numbness and burning in my left arm and hand and some times swelling , mostly in hand and fingers. Norco has provided the relief I need to live a normal life . The insurance I am with has discontinued the option to pay for norco, the replacement drug is not working for me.The pharmacy wants 2.50 a pill for norco, I was hoping to find on line for less, with out prescription on line ## There is no way to legally obtain it, without a prescription. Have you talked to your doctor about the problem? If they prescribe as brand medically necessary, your insurance may cover it. Additionally, there are several generics available, so if the current on you have isn't working for you, you may be able to ask ... ...
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Searching For Generic Oxycontin By Actavis
I read that Actavis is makeing a generis OxyContin, I am prescribed 80mg. OxyContin, and because all the idiots that abused the original. Purdue had no choice but to make it to where u could no longer snort it, shoot it, plus I was told it was smoked as well. I am not looking for a generic that is made like the original, I am looking for a generic made like the namebrand is made now, I am just looking for a generic to save money. I am spending $15 a pill, and that is rediculas. OxyContin is the only time release medication that works for me, and I have been takeing it since 1997. Some Company needs to step in and help those who are in C.P. and no ins. I use to get the generics for a RX of 180 pills, in one month went up from $395.00 to next month $900.00. The next month $1575, and the P... ...
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Mon, Jul 16 '12, 7:43 PM   0 
1 thousand of 10ml Diazepam Tablets In Blister packs there normally from india
i am suffering with tight mucle spasams handle it and these make me relax if you could give me a tester before i try that would be fab there white in blister packs and on the back of the tablet they have a x on the back thanx ## I'm sorry, but this website does not manufacture, prescribe, nor sell any medications or products, it is an information only website. Learn more Diazepam details here. Additionally, Diazepam is a Benzodiazepine and will not treat muscle spasms. Has it been prescribed to you before to treat them? ## looking 3000 msjs or any diazipalm, if someone could help it would be appreciated ## go to Airmailmeds or PharmAmazing and they should be able to help u. I would suggest getting a generic soma tho, cause I just bought Diazepam10mg and everyone and me who has tried... ...
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searle 1461(white hexagon shaped pill written searle on top&1461 under the line)
i'm 34wks pregnant and i have jst bought searle 1461,for the abortion wil it help or not? ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Sat, Dec 22 '12, 11:34 AM   0 
the dangers of trying to inject 8 mg DILAUDID AND YOU MISS TRYING TO INJECT IN VEIN??
what will happen to my hand....i tried to inject an 8 mg dilaudid into my hand with a syringe and i missed somehow. am i gonna be ok? is my hand gonna rot off or what? ## It is never safe, ever, to try to inject a medication that hasn't been intended to be used that way, regardless of injecting it correctly or not. Tablets contain fillers and not all of them are meant to be broken down by the human body, normally they are just expelled as waste. When you try to break them down and inject them, you are placing these substances into your body in manner in which it cannot process them out. Thus, there is a risk of blockages that could cause serious medical issues. If you had gotten it into a vein, you could develop blockages that may lead to stroke or embolism. You should have a doctor... ...
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Is there a possibility to conceive on OralCon?
Hi,i have been using OralCon since February,after i stopped injecting Nur-Isterate from October last year.There's times when I'd miss taking a pill,it would be a day or 2 but then I'd start over with a new pack.This time,i stopped using(red-pill) while i was on my second day of Menstruation and had,had unprotected sex the day my periods started. I bleeded for 2 days only and had sex again when it stopped, without protection. I spotted blood 5 days later,I am no longer using as i am not sure what to do yet.I want to ask if there's a possibility of conception and if there isnt how long is the pill going to take to get out of my system?? ...
Updated 4 months ago.
Sun, Apr 27 '14, 5:28 AM   0 
Is there a way to get Narcotics for pain ONLINE?
Embarrassed, I have compounded physical conditions that immobilize me in pain so that I can't even make it to appointments! I have gone organic, done ANYTHING! But my pain is too much at times, especially when I must be strong to handle what can be overkill for my body, thus well-BEing. I'm really looking to just find a legit way to get generic Vicodin, to use as a bandaid for the unmanageable pain, of which mind over matter can handle with that help! I found the 10 to help, mu metabolism is crazy but I'm sick so.. At most, I took 0-2 a day. I am fighting for my life and just want to fight better! I am in a negative environment that, due to disability, I can't leave. But it is verbal abuse everyday with threat of otherwise and the stress makes it worse! My county support... ...
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tramadol sandoz 200mg is there oxazepam in it
Hi I'm taking tramadol sandoz 200 mg. Is there oxazepam in this product as I have just been fired from my job for failing a drug test at work. And for any 1 else yes we can not achieve orgasm on it, I have tried to quit but I take for my backpain , withdrawals are very very bad for me as I have taken them for sum time now and find that I can't even drink alcohol anymore , it is truly turning my life upside down ...
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Wed, Aug 28 '13, 9:04 PM   0 
Clonazepam Generic
what does clonazepam cost for a normal one month prescription ## Prices of Clonazepam can vary to some degree depending on the pharmacy; but the following information should help narrow it down for you: A quantity of 30 pills can go for $21-22 bucks A quantity of 90 pills can go for $41-$42 bucks I did my price checking on 'pharmacy checker' if you'd like to have a look in the link below: I hope this helps to answer your question! ...
Updated 1 year ago in Clonazepam.
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