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asenlix dinintel product
CREAM AND GREEN CIRCULAR PILLS ## asenlix info ## Sorry, this is not an approved U.S. drug and as such, I cannot find any information on it. ## can anyone please tell me how i can buy these pills ## just brought some Dinintel tablets, want to lose 20llbs, a close friend just loss 25llbs using it. no side effects, she confess it gave her great energy. it is available over the counter in my country Trinidad and Tobago. will let all know if it worked for me . ## hi, i used this pill about 6 years ago, it is a super good pill, i wans't hungry at all, it did not make me jittery ,lost 20 pounds fast. i bought it in mexico 6 years ago, cannot go back to mx. have been looking online for a reputable suplier, was wondering if anyone gave you the name [ website address ] where i can but them t... ...
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Sat, Jun 29 '13, 4:08 AM   7  Subscribe to thread 179758
Abort Pragnancy Of 6 Weeks
im 6 weeks pregnant , i used misoprostol yesterday 4 tablets orally at 8am, then 4 at 11am and then 4 at 2 pm, now its next morning 8am n stil im not bleeding, what should i do? im really worried , should i take the medicine again? or should wait? ## Am 3 weeks pregnant and took misoprostol last night.i swollowed 2 and inserted 2 but dis morning i woke up and there is no bleeding.please why. ## sometimes you get misoprostol for animals so those tablets don't work !!! if you got a prescription and you got them from a real pharmacy they should work my 1st dose didn't do anything to me either I needed to take a second dose of 800mcg total 4 tablets again for it to work so I waited 3 days to take them again and it worke great :) if you need help getting misoprostol ORIGINAL without ... ...
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Mon, Nov 25 '13, 12:49 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 237238
Diazepam MSJ White Tablet
I got some small white MSJ diazepam tablets are these right as I only really see people go on about blue ones. 10mg diazepam apparently ? ## From what I could gather there are small white Diazepam tablets, however the majority of them are 2mg doses and none are 10mg (at least here in the U.S.). I did notice that most of the 10mg tablets are blue, as you mentioned. Did you perhaps order these pills online? In many cases, it's difficult to tell if you have received something fake or not when ordering medication online. If this is not the case, I can try to look up the imprint on the pill you have for further details. ## There are white 10 mg diazepam, but to my knowledge they are only found in Romanian, Serbian I.O.P. ## Iv got the same white 1's and was tld there diazipam?? Iv on... ...
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Name Tablets For Abortion
Last time i got menses on 3rd april .. I m so worry plz suggest me a cheap cost of tablets so that my menses date will come .......... Plz help me :( .. I m in pakistan ## iam not getting periods in last 2 end of months what tablet i will use tablet cost pls reply me ## this site does not maufacture, sell, nor prescribe any medications, this is an information only website, therefore I don't have a price to quote you. Have you seen a doctor? Proper treatment will require determining if you are pregnant or if there is some other reason that you are skipping your menstrual cycle. The medication commonly used for abortion is Misoprostol, but it can cause side effects, such as: nausea, dizziness, abdominal pain and bleeding, so it requires a doctor's approval and prescription in most... ...
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Thu, Jun 12 '14, 5:26 AM   131  Subscribe to thread 217209
Break Down Oxycontin Op 20
I bought some op 20s with the coating scraped off already. They are easy to break with my fingers. Are they suppose to do that? ## I think you got taken. An oxygen 20 with no coating would have been hard as a rock. Sorry. Never buy anything without the coating. You can't verify what it really is without the coating and numbers. Be smarter next time! ...
Updated 1 year ago in OxyContin.
Wed, Jun 12 '13, 1:12 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 245576
Lab Testing For Oxycodone
Can a lab detect a single 5mg dose 14 days aterwords? ## In urine i mean ## no u should be in the clear.... i know there are some cases that ppl say it took 2 weeks but those are usually long time drug users ## I've been taking oxymorphone 40Mg ER's a day and three 10MG IR's a day. But testing last 2 months in a row show no oxymorphone at all, only oxycodone. What the hell is going on here? I don't want to live with this pain< ...
Updated 8 months ago in Oxycodone.
Sun, Nov 03 '13, 3:06 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 242439
progesterone supplement
i'm advised to use strone 200 capsule for the problem of having low progesterone level. will i get pregnant while using this capsule? can i have sex while using this capsule? ## i'm advised to use strone 200 capsule for the problem of having low progesterone level. will i get pregnant while using this capsule? can i have sex while using this capsule? ...
Updated 7 months ago in Progesterone.
Mon, Nov 18 '13, 10:56 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 242291
Lipitor $4 Co-pay. Not so sure
Possibly some can get Lipitor for $4, but with my Anthem Insurance, my cost through CVS is now a $51 ripoff. This scheme is so tricked up, it boggles the mind. According to my CVS pharmacy, when the patent expired and the $4 co-pay started, Pfizer DOUBLED the price of Lipitor. So here's the trick. They say they are giving you $50 off, but it is apparently $50 off of the new doubled price. With Anthem, my copay is now more than $51, so I and others with Anthem (and likely lots of other insurers) now have to PAY MORE than we ever paid in the past. Ironically, I can still get Crestor for $25 with their loyalty card, so you can guess what I will do! It sure seems that Pfizer thinks consumers have no choices, are stupid, and won't be able to figure this out. Wrong! To add insult to i... ...
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Diaformin XR (metformin XR)
My husband started taking "diaformin XR" for half a month, one tablet twice a day before bed. But after taking this medication, he becomes sexual dysfunction. Before taking metformin XR, he is normal .My question is that "Could Diaformin XR (or metformin XR) make man with diabetes sexual dysfunction?" His blood sugar needs to take medication to be controlled, what other medication for type 2 diabetes does not have this sexual dysfunction side effects?? ## In this case, it's actually difficult to say, but it is actually more likely that the diabetes is causing it as that is very common in diabetic men. Learn more Metformin details here. There's a slight chance that it may be from the medication, but a very low chance. Has he consulted his doctor? What have his sug... ...
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purchasing adipex online
I want o purchase adipex online,problem is ,I can't find anyone that excepts money orders ,all the ones I found except credit cards only,can anyone help? ## Where can I purchase brand Adipex? I can't find any legit sites please help me ## Do you need a perscription? ## I am a reliable seller for ALL diet meds, and I'm in the USA. My contact is easy. I can help you get most phentermine and others that you are looking for! I use gmail. Not a scammer..REALLY! =) ## Becky How Can I Get A Hold Of You, I Need Adipex ## I can get u Phentermine MP273, also brand name adipex and they have COD payment option so u dont pay until u receive meds contact me ## hi...i'm trying to buy also adipex but i can't find it in europe.which site did you find them online?i really need it!!! #... ...
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Xanax in urine drug screen
Hello my name is Erika I took (40) .25 mg of Xanax on the 27 th of June I have to take a drug screen in am will that be out of my system? I weigh 135 and I'm 33 yrs old. I don't know if my age and weight will be a key factor or not. I am also prescribed adderal 20 mg but don't always take it will that help get it out of my system like speed up my metabolism ? And if I drink lots of water before I go how do I make sure my adderal shows up? ...
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Wed, Jul 03 '13, 9:18 AM   0 
Buy Fentanyl Patch Online
looking to purchase some fentanyl patches online and don't know where to go can anyone help me ## Hi my names Andrew garrison I'm 20 years old an I suffer from chronic jaw an collar bone pain from braking my jaw braking my collar bones 4 times I hurt every day an the only thing that I found that helps is fentanyl ## Express Scripts is a good mail order for prescriptions. I had no problems receiving all but my scheduled II prescriptions. When I called them to find out why I haven't received these prescriptions they claimed they never receive my scheduled II prescriptions. It was their word verses mine, so I started sending the scheduled II prescriptions certified with signature required. Once Express Scripts signed for the prescription the green card they signed was mailed ba... ...
Updated 8 months ago in Fentanyl.
Sun, Oct 20 '13, 7:52 AM   8  Subscribe to thread 240537
Mifebax Kit Help Abortion
is this medicine is okay for 5 month pregnancy ## No, oral medications cannot be safely used to abort a pregnancy that is past the third month. Learn more abortion details here. When you are this far along, you'll need to se a doctor and have a surgical abortion procedure performed. Are there any other questions or comments? ...
Updated 1 year ago.
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Can You Buy Subutex Online?
I'm addicted and I want to use subutext. ## Any body in the uk that knows where to fill a subetex prescription please get in touch thanks ## Dont try to buy narcs online. One its extremely hard to you wont get what u paid for. Also call around find a really good doctor be honest with him/her and most of all stick with it. Again dont try get anything online. ...
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injections for pregnancy
Are there any injections available to quickly terminate pregnancy of 2 months??? Please help me it is very urgent, as I don't want to waste any time... Please also notify me how to administer this properly. ...
Updated 18 days ago.
Sun, Jul 06 '14, 2:40 AM   0 
Exalgo and 100mg morphine
1 just took a 100mg morphine pill 24hrsafterperscribed 32 mg exalgo. Both ER. Will I have a problem. And how long will morphine stay in my urine. Been on 32 mg exalgo and 15 mg oxy for breakthroughs for a few monthes for back pain. Haven't had an oxy in days ...
Updated 2 months ago in Hydromorphone.
Sat, Apr 26 '14, 1:42 PM   0 
Klonopin 1mg / Benzo debate
I have heard a million arguments about how long benzos in general last in a person's urine. Some say it would not be detectable at or around the 4th day, others say it would still be detectable by day 14. So here is a basic question: If I were to take 1mg of Klonopin, how long would that be detectable in a urine analysis? I have no benzos already in my system. I know this depends on the half life of the drug, but I've heard all kinds of arguments about that as well. Some say 6 hours, some say 50. Thank you! ## It will always vary from person to person, so there is no precise time frame that can be given, due to factors such as your individual metabolism, overall health, activity levels and etc. However, the medical specifications for how long Benzodiazepines can be detectable in... ...
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Can Cortal cause ABORTION?
.. for my xp, cortal caused abortion 2 my partner.. w/ some sort of exercise! shes only 16 yrs old, but i dont recommend it 2 anybody out there.. and maybe, wat happened was just an accident.. hmm, just want 2 share my experience, tnx :)) ## Cortal contains the active ingredient Aspirin and it will not, by itself, cause an abortion. However, if she had other medical problems, it could contribute to the complications that can cause one and, if a woman takes it, it can cause serious dangers, because of its blood thinning effects. Are there any questions or comments? ## i am 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant, i take 2 cortal 3 hours ago but i didn't felt anything weird. i am planning to take 2 capsule of mahogany tree starting tonight and im planning to take it 6 times a day as what the lady... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Aspirin.
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Phentermine order online
Does anyone know of an online pharmacy that sells real phentermine? ## Are you looking for the name brand, or just a generic? There are places that sell it, but you should avoid any that doesn't require a prescription, because they are not a legitimate pharmacy and there would be no way to be certain of what you are getting. Learn more Phentermine details here. ...
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methadone and depression
i have read about methadone being used as an anti depressant. Does anyone know anything about this? When I was on low doses I was at my best ever in life. Not high, but just normal for the first time ever. Even though I am not using (4 years) I sometimes wish I could just be on 10 mg a day ## methadone being a pain med is a depressant however euphoria is a side effect. works for me. there are only 2 ways to get treat severe pain or to treat addiction. if you are thinking about a meth program you will have to present yourself as an addict and drop dirty urines. it's not so hard now a days as you don't have to have track marks you can join by just being addicted to pills. ## I have been on methadone for almost 2months, I was seriously addicted to pain pills for ove... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Methadone.
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