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Taking Suboxone While Pregnant

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Taking suboxone while pregnant
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I started taking suboxone in early June. 8mg/2mg strips. 1 1/2 a day. I didn't find out I was pregnant till around 14 weeks. That's a completely different story but luckily baby is safe due to being on birth control for about 7 weeks of me not knowing yet. Anyway I wanted to get off the subs so I left message after message for my OB and heard nothing back. I finally went in for my 18 week ultrasound. When I asked about OB about what was going on he seemed very confused. He has known about the suboxone but had no clue about me wanting to get off the med because the nurse never gave the messages to him. He advised me to stay on it for the safety of the baby. He said chances are he won't have withdrawals after birth but just incase it is easier for him to treat outside the womb... ...
Updated 3 months ago in Suboxone.
Fri, Nov 28 '14, 5:40 PM
Taking Suboxone Film while pregnant
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I'v been on Suboxone Film,8mg,for a year. Before switching to film,I was taking subutex tablets,8 mg, 3 years.Every time i'v tapered down to quit, I'v failed. I cant handle the endless hell of w/d symptoms. The last time I tapered off, 4 weeks later I was still sick as hell. So I deciced long-term maintenance was best. I didnt plan on getting pregnant, but now that i am, i need to take care of my body. Considering the agony I go thru w/d, I hoped I would get the go ahead for a dr. to stay on the med, perhaps in a smaller dose,(4mg a day). Has anyone gone thru a similar situation? ## Well, stopping completely and going through withdrawals is generally not recommended, because it may actually cause a miscarriage. The problem, however, is that the safety of the Buprenorphine be... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Suboxone.
Mon, Oct 14 '13, 12:40 PM
getting pregnant while taking suboxone
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can taking suboxone stop you from getting pregnant and how dangerous is it to get pregnant while taking suboxone? ## Hello, Coley! How are you? No, it has no contraceptive properties and does nothing that will prevent pregnancy. If you get pregnant, while taking it, it is very important to inform your doctor immediately, because it is safer for pregnant women to take Subutex, instead of Suboxone which contains Naloxone. The FDA classifies this medication as being a narcotic that is most commonly used to treat drug addiction, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 14 days ago in Suboxone.
Mon, Mar 16 '15, 11:58 AM
How late into pregnancy is it safe to stop taking suboxone?
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I am almost 14 weeks pregnant. I want to stop taking my Suboxone completely, but have heard it can cause premature labor if stopped too far into pregnancy. My doctor also said that withdrawals can not cause miscarriage or hurt the unborn baby in any lasting ways. I have been taking 2mg of subutex (now Suboxone) for the past week. Am I okay to cease all Suboxone use, or should I wait another week or so? ## From what I am reading,using it while pregnant is not advised, because it can cause withdrawal symptoms in the baby. As to any other details, there really aren't any. It's used during pregnancy has never actually be studied. As to whether or not you should stop taking it, I am afraid I have to defer to your doctor on this one, since they do know your medical history. Following ... ...
Updated 17 days ago in Suboxone.
Thu, Mar 12 '15, 11:43 PM
when to take suboxone?
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Hi, I am new here, although I have been reading up on these posts for my own benefit for similar, anyway, I have a question, I think I already know the answer to...but here it goes. How long do I need to wait after taking a 10mg Oxy at 3pm, then a 10mgill) methadone at 7pm on friday night, THEN a half piece, (half a pill) at 2pm sat afternoon. It is now 10am sun morning...Im not feeling withdrawls yet. I am an opiate addict & have been for 6yrs now. I am considered a"functioning addict" I think because I have a family, a 3yr old daughter...while I was pregnant, I taoered myself down on my own & took lortab 10's, yellow norcos, less acetaminophen. I then started taking suboxone last yr for 4month. My rehab counselor says Im too smart to be using but I ... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Suboxone.
Thu, Nov 22 '12, 2:20 AM
Pregnant Women beware
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Fyi to anyone considering subutex or suboxone while pregnant-beware that your baby is passed your opiates. I took lortab and subutex while pregnant weaned off of all 8 weeks prior to delivery and my son has autism. I know that no one knows what causes autism, but it's not worth your experimentation! beware! if you don't stop before delivery your baby will have withdrawl and the hospital will know for sure. take good care. ## I am 36 weeks pregnant, and have been on oxycodon for the entire time. I managed to get down to 45 mg, about a month ago, but told my doctors about my addiction bc i couldnt kick the habit myself. The doctor refered me to the methadone clinic but i didnt want to take methadone cause i can abuse it. Just got on subutex. 2 8mg tablets a day. Im so scared about... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Subutex.
Mon, Nov 04 '13, 8:27 AM
suboxone and fluoride
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Does suboxone contain fluoride? A little girl in my life has what appears to be dental fluorosis although she does not use fluoridated toothpaste or drink fluoridated water. Her mother was on a large (16-24mg daily) dose of suboxone while pregnant with her, and wonders if that may be the reason for the damage. ## No, there is no Fluoride in Suboxone. The active ingredients are Buprenorphine and Naloxone. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. However, some bottled waters contain fluoride, they are not required to be evaluated and list the fluoride content on the label, so that could be a culprit if they drink bottled water. Is there anything else I can help w... ...
Updated 6 months ago in Suboxone.
Mon, Sep 15 '14, 10:48 AM
the effects of suboxone
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effects of suboxone while pregnant ## i am on 20mg suboxone daily and have been prescibed cipramil i need to know if anyone knows if there is any bad side effects ## Your child will be born dependent on need to consult a Dr bout this cause this could cause upper child to have many possible health conditions or not to be mean but you could lose your Childs life before its ever born....pls seek help... ## Obviously its to late & I hope everything ok...for those who read this in search of answers its pretty simple...what goes in you goes into your baby...if your dependent on a opiate then so will your baby...this can cause a whole host of if your pregnant & on suboxone then pls seek professional help...if not for you then for your child who didn't ha... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Suboxone.
Fri, May 31 '13, 4:19 PM
Suboxone verses subutex
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Dear VerWon, I now know the difference between suboxone and subtext. But, why would one Dr. Choose one over the other? Is the suboxone used for addiction and subtext used for just pain? ## Hello, Cats68! How are you? As I said in my prior post, Suboxone includes Naloxone to prevent the abuse of other narcotics, while someone is being treated with it for addiction and that is exactly why it is usually preferred over Subutex. Subutex is usually the choice when someone has a bad reaction to the Naloxone or is pregnant. However, both can treat pain. Does this clear it up for you? :-) ## Dear Dr. Thank u for the information. All cleared up. ## As for mself....I had major allergic reactions to generic suboxone pills as well as name brand and subutex. The only form of combination of meds was S... ...
Updated 5 months ago in Suboxone.
Fri, Oct 03 '14, 8:32 AM
pregnant and needing help
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I've been on Suboxone since April 2012. Last week I found out I am pregnant, and am about four weeks along. I called my doctor who prescribes the Suboxone, and she has left me with a difficult ultimatem. She has prescribed subutex for a week, and then my treatment is up to me. I either need to go to methadone clinic (which is too far for me to drive daily, and id have to win the lotto to afford it) or risk a miscarriage by not taking anything. She will only help me for a week. I've contacted the Suboxone hotline, and women can take subutex or methadone while pregnant with less risk than Suboxone. Where can I look.for another doctor? I feel like no one will want to treat me since my doc is basically throwing me out. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas of where I can look.for.h... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Subutex.
Tue, Nov 27 '12, 11:26 AM
need help with cost of suboxone
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mom of three and been an addict for 20years. did not use while pregnant but now I have lost control of everything. I have no extra money. I get my morphine and oxy free from my job. I'm not a nurse but I work with not so ethical ones. I can't get suboxone because of cost. I need to stop before I kill myself. I've tried cold turkey 7 times. I'm such a weak person I guess. I've overdosed twice. why is it so expensive. I just need help and can't afford it. is there any kind of programs I could join to get it cheaper? ## Have you considered treatment with Methadone at one of the clinics? I know it's not as effective as Suboxone, but it is much cheaper. Learn more Methadone details here. There used to be an assistance program for Suboxone, but I've been unable... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Suboxone.
Fri, Sep 27 '13, 3:59 PM
multple miscarriages on suboxone
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33 year old female with first 4 pregnancys healthy babies..then put on suboxone and have had 5 is not very educated and would not put me on subutex...anybody else heard of naloxone causing multiple miscarriage? ## Hello, Roxanne! Sorry about the miscarriages, that's so sad. Neither the Buprenorphine or the Naloxone in Suboxone have been shown to cause harm to the fetus, but they haven't been shown to be safe, either. Learn more Suboxone details here. From what I'm reading the only reason a pregnant women is usually switch to Subutex is to just lessen the possible risks, if any, by only exposing the baby to one medication, rather than 2. Have you considered seeing a different doctor? If this one isn't helping and you've had 5 miscarriages while t... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Suboxone.
Thu, Feb 26 '15, 3:32 AM
Does Suboxone cause stomach erosion
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I had trouble swallowing so went to a gastronolgist and he said i had some stomach erosion ive been on them for 2 years is it causing the stomach erosion and if so would it help to take the subutex instead ## Don,t know if it erodes the stomach but some people have complained of stomach ache while taking them. You can spit out the saliva after the sub has disolved. Not sure if that would make any differance in your case. Some people have switched to subutex claiming the naloxone bothers there stomach. Most sub drs "at least around here" won,t prescribe subutex unless your pregnant. Ask your sub dr what he thinks about switching. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Suboxone.
Thu, Dec 26 '13, 3:51 PM
Effects To A Fetus While The Mother Is On Seboxin
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If a pregnant woman is on seboxin before and during her pregnancy, what, if any, long term effects could there be for her baby? ## "Information about the use of buprenorphine in pregnant, opioid-addicted women is limited; the few available case reports have not demonstrated any significant problems due to buprenorphine use during pregnancy. Suboxone and Subutex are classified by the FDA as Pregnancy Category C medications." Referenced from: Also in the link above, if you scroll down to the "safety" section, you will find a link that says: "Clinical Guidelines for the Use of Buprenorphine in the Treatment of Opioid Addiction (pdf, 1.1 MB)". If you follow that link and go to page number 68 on that pdf file, you will find some very useful information regarding the u... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Buprenorphine.
Sun, Aug 28 '11, 10:44 AM
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my daughter-in-law is pregnant(12 to 14 weeks),she has been taking Cyboxin for the past 6 months. i know nothing about this drug and the effects it can or will have on the health of our grandchild. she has only been to see her OBGYN 1 time and neglected to tell her that she is taking this drug. what concerns should we have and what if anything should we do? ## She should definitely consult her doctor. Suboxone contains the narcotic Buprenorphine and Naloxone, which is added to prevent the abuse of other narcotics, while someone is under treatment with it. However, it has not been studied for use during pregnancy, so at this time, it is not known whether or not it may cause problems. Are there any other comments or questions? ...
Updated 3 years ago in Suboxone.
Wed, Dec 21 '11, 1:53 PM
White pill Half moon on one side 154 imprint on other
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What is small white pill with half moon on one side and 154 imprint on other My friend said its a generic 2mg suboxone I was on this med for a yr and never seen one look like this and worried about my friend taking this pill and no it wasn't prescribed to him from a Doc. I have seen white ones they treat for pregnant woman and orange ones in 8mg an 2mg and no research on internet says is a suboxone of any kind. ## While I haven't come across an exact match to your pill, I did find out that the manufacturer "Actavis" makes white round pills with a half moon logo. Perhaps you can call or email them to verify if it's really one of their own. You can view their contact page in the link below: I hope this helps! ## yes it is a suboxone... ...
Updated 10 months ago in Suboxone.
Tue, May 13 '14, 2:00 PM
Subutex or Saboxone during pregnancy?
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I am currently perscribed 20 mg of Saboxone a day. Have been taking it for four months. I Want to have another baby and I am trying to find out if Subutex is safer than Saboxone. My rehab clinic's doctor isnot much help. He suggests talking to OBGYN. They say talk to him. So that's how that went. I know that neither one is reccomended during pregnancy but would rather this than use. Any suggestions? ## I was in almost the same situation as you. I had been taking suboxone for several months and then I got pregnant. My doctor who was prescribing the suboxone changed my prescription to the subutex right away. In the United States there is no studies done showing the side effects of suboxone while pregnant so the FDA has not approved it for use, however in other countries there are ... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Subutex.
Wed, Dec 21 '11, 2:45 PM
Pregnancy on subutex
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I'm 32 and I have been an opiate addict for about 3 years. It started innocently as treatment for my RA and just blew out of control. I tried detox and all that before and ended in failure, so I found a good Dr and started suboxone treatment and have not touched a pain pill since. However 4 months ago I found out I was pregnant and rather than risk a miscarriage from withdraw my Dr changed my script to subutex. I'm truly terrified of my labor because I have a phobia of needles so an epidural is out of the question for me. My Dr said they can give me a higher dose of pain meds thru my labor for pain but I'm so scared they will overdose me or harm the baby. What are the risks of taking pain medication while on the subutex does anyone know. ## I am not going to deny that labor ... ...
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Tue, Dec 24 '13, 11:42 AM
find adoctor in a that prescribes subutex virginia
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I am detoxing off 130 mg tht I have been on for 6 years. I need a doctor in VA or NC, I live near Norfolk. Everyone wants to prescribe suboxone but my doctor warned me that if I take suboxone and have ANY methadone in my system that it will throw me into SEVERE withdrawal. Also, we are going to be trying for a baby soon so I cannot take Suboxone while breastfeeding. If you know of a doctor in or around Norfolk VA that can prescribe Subutex, not Suboxone please notify immediately. ## Really, the same doctors that prescribe Suboxone can also prescribe Subutex. Learn more Suboxone details here. However, they are most likely going to want you to start with Suboxone, then switch to Subutex, when you are pregnant. They will just have you wait, until you are in full withdrawal to start the med... ...
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Thu, Nov 14 '13, 1:05 PM
dr spiros kassis subutex doctor in norristown pa
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Ive been taken subutex for over 3 years now to stay off perk 10s,oxys,all pain meds and taken subutex helped me get and keep away from all that and it really helped my life and i have a 3 yr old son and i really need an appoitment to get the medication subutex. ## Hello, Nikki! How are you doing? Most doctors prefer to use Suboxone, since it contains Naloxone to prevent the abuse of other medications, while someone is under treatment with it. Exceptions are usually only made, when someone is pregnant, or has a bad reaction to it. You can search for a doctor in your area that treats with it on the website This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is ... ...
Updated 8 months ago in Subutex.
Thu, Jul 24 '14, 12:25 PM

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