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Repace H Tablet

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Repace 50mg Tablet
I have undergone Angioplasty with StentLAD Coronary Artey . Doctor Prescribed Repace 50 mg daily after Dinner in addition to Aztor 40 mg (Night) , Prasugrel 10 mg (Morning) and Echosprin 150 mg. Are all the tablets to be used for long time ? ## HI! Sorry about the medical problems you've had! What you need to understand, though, is that that's a pretty serious procedure to undergo. That means that you really need to follow your doctor's advice and directions for your own health and safety….and that includes taking the medications they tell you to take, for as long as they tell you to take them. There is a chance in the future that you could reduce your need for drugs, if you really improve your health through proper diet and exercise, but unless such a time arrives and... ...
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repace h
i am Diabetic and the above tablet was advised to reduce the swelling that is occuring on my feet. is it ok? ## Repace H is not manufactured in th US, it's manufatured out of India used to treat blood pressure. The active ingredients in Repace H is Losartan and hydrochlorothiazide. I believe Repace H works as a receptor blocker which helps relax the blood vessels. Potential side effects are back ache, coughing, and dizziness. To learn more about the active ingredients click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or infomation to add? Please post back if you do. ## Iam diabete and have BP biabete reading vary between 9-14 mmol/gl without drugs and average reading for BP is a35/84 with Pul 75. Can prescribe the best medicine to keep every normal with minimum drugs. I also... ...
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repace- H
I am 25 year old and my bp is 170/110 my doctor gave me repace-h . Is that right ...
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Contraindications ## It appears that Repace contains Hydrochlorothiazide and Losartan, most commonly used to treat high blood pressure. Common side effects can include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and headache. It is only listed as being contra-indicated if someone is allergic or sensitive to one of the active ingredients. Is there anything else I can help you with? ...
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Repace H Tab
My wife is 35 yrs old and she is taking RepaceH one tablet at night from last three months for her blood pressure which remains as 140/95. My question is what are the possible side effects of this tablet and how long it shoul be taken. Regards. ## If she has high blood pressure, she will probably require medication for it, for the rest of her life. This is normal, it is a very dangerous condition that must be controlled, to prevent serious risks to her health and life. Repace-H contains Losartan and Hydrochlorothiazide and is most commonly used to help lower high blood pressure. Common side effects may include: nausea, headache, stomach pain and dehydration. Learn more: My main concern is, that while the 140/95 isn't dangerously high, why isn't her doctor doing anything to bring... ...
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what for tablet rpace25 has been prescribed by the doctor? ## Headache on and off for a weekdays,managed with crocin and performed duties for 12 hrs a day at home and office.8th day headache associated with vomitings and BP WENT UP TO 180/100.Want to know the reason,due to headache bp is raised or due to bp headache has come?please explain.I am 54 yrs women.i am not a diabetic,but past history of hrt treatment i am taking seloken 25 mg .it never helped during headache time.i was advised to take repace 25 mg at night and metroprolal 25mg at morning.i am a active and healthy lady other complaints. now my bp is normal ,how long i should continue to take this tablets what is the side effects.please explain.last one month i am on repace 25. ...
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repace 50
Tablet ## side effect of medicine repace 50 if use continusely ## Sorry, I can't find anything listed under this name, are you certain of the name and spelling? What country is it from? ## Repace 50 is reported to contain Losartan Potassium 50mg [1] and is used mainly to treat high blood pressure. You can read more about this medication at: Do you have any other questions or information to add? Please post back if you do... References: [1] ## what are the side effects of Repace 50 taking daily ## what is the use of repace 50 mg & its side effect ## i am using repace 50, but are side effect ## please tell me the side effects of repace 50mg ## it is just loseratan potasium ...
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repace 25
why this medicine used ## Information I was able to gather shows that Repace is indicated for treatment of hypertension. This drug is not manufactured in the US. But I did locate it's active ingredient to be Losartan potassium. You can view a more detailed description of the drug, by clicking on the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## sir am using repace tablet doctor prescribed it to reduce uric acid levels along with febouxostat actually it is used for blood pressure na can i use it do it really reduce uric acid levels in body am suffering with high uric acid pains do cause any problem to my health if i stop it after some time ## AM DIABETIC,CAN I USE LOSARTAN POTASSIUM H 25 MG AND YESTERDAY I TOOK AND I FE... ...
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repace af
side effects and why is it given by the dr ## Repace-AF contains the active ingredients Losartan and Amlodipine, it is most commonly used to treat high blood pressure and cardiac conditions. Side effects can include: nausea, dizziness, stomach pain and dry cough. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ## IS SWELLING OF FEET AND ANKLES A SIDE EFFECT OF THIS MEDICINE ## daily i m taking repace af, prolomet xl 50, clopilet 75 nd at night amipace 100. even though i take medicine regularly my bp get fluctuated. i feel all these medcns taken daily have some side effect at a later stage. could u pl tell what r d side effect later on ? ## My present Blood Pressure after taking REPACE - AF is systolic 125 & Diastolic 80 , Age 39 , should i take REPACE - AF regularly , Any SIDE E... ...
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Repace vs Irovel
My wife was taking Repace 25mg od. She is also suffering from chronic kidney desease (CKD). The doctor has now replaced Repace 25mg. with Irovel 75 mg. OD. Is Irovel a better drug for treating hypertension than Repace for patients suffering from CKD? ## Irovel contains the active ingredient Irbesartan, it is an ARB and these are known to actually help protect the kidneys, so that is likely why her doctor switched her to it. Learn more Irbesartan details here. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## Thankyou Verwon ...
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side efect repace h 50mg
i have been using repace h 50mg for 1yr now ,and my bp remain 130/80 with know side efect can i stop taking them? ## Hello, Wachira! How are you? No, it is not a good idea to just stop taking them, that could actually be very dangerous. If you abruptly stop them, it could cause a rebound effect that may cause your blood pressure and heart rate to go very high, which could put you in life threatening danger. Additionally, if it is the only thing keeping your blood pressure at more normal levels, it will start to go up again, if you're no longer taking the medication. Learn more Losartan details here. Learn more Hydrochlorothiazide details here. What has your doctor advised? ...
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Side Effects Of Repace H
My mother is 70 years old, her blood pressure remains 160.90 after taking repace H also as prescribed by the doctor. Recently after taking this medicine the sodium content decreases rapidly and I admitted her in hospital and given NS through vein. Does the Repace H decrease the sodium? ## HI, Rajeev! Yes, the H in this stands for Hydrochlorothiazide, which is a diuretic that removes excess fluid from the body, when fluid is removed in this manner, it also removes sodium and other electrolytes. That most likely means that it's too high of a dosage for her to take. Learn more Hydrochlorothiazide details here. Unless she has been suffering from a problem that involves excess fluid retention, such as edema or ascites, she may be better off taking a medication that doesn't contain a ... ...
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Side Effect Repace
i am taking repace-af for last one year and i am feeling sweeling on my face so plz tell me should i take or not. ## I apologize, but I am not sure if you mean that you have facial swelling, or you're experience facial sweating, because some medications can cause either one. Can you post back with more precise details, so I can better advise you? Learn more Amlodipine details here. Learn more Losartan details here. If it's swelling, it could be due to fluid retention or an allergic reaction and both could be dangerous and require medical attention and most likely a switch to a different medication. However, if you meant sweating, it could just be a normal side effect of them. ...
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Repace side effects
side effects of tab.repace ...
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Repace 25 side effects
I have been advised to take Repace-25 (1-0-1) alongwith Zyloric 100 (2nos) daily for high bolld pressure(140/90) and for uric acid. I am having knee pain of late. Is it due to the Repace 25? What are side effects of takinf Repace-25? Shd I take Repace - 25 for a longer period? ## Repace contains the active ingredient Losartan and yes, it can cause some joint pain as a side effect in some people that take it. Have you talked to your doctor? You do need to take something to help lower your blood pressure, but should probably switch to a different medication. ## please let me have your expert advise on most safe (without any side effect) drug for HBP. I was advised the tab. amlopin - AT - in the morning and repace h at night. Since last one year I am having joint pain - knee / foot. ...
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Side Effect Repace 25 Mg
what is the side effect of repace 25 mg.? why veltam plus is given by the doctor? why beta blocker medicine is given by the cardiologist? ## A cardiologist handles the branch of medicine that deals with diseases and abnormalities of the heart. For this reason it is understandable that he or she would prescribe a beta blocker. Beta blockers are a type of medicine often used to treat high blood pressure and heart related problems. Veltam Plus tablets are prescribed for bladder and prostate disorders. A doctor would consider prescribing this in the event that the patient has a bladder or prostate disorder. Side effects of Repace (Losartan) can include any of the following: -dizziness -leg, knee, or back pain -muscle cramps or weakness -diarrhea -heartburn -decreased sensitivity to touch -s... ...
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my husband taking repace25 for 4 years .yesterday night he had disturbed sleep. and he got drowsy ness and low blood circulation in back neck . he took the tablet in midnight it will cause those things .. or else he has to change the tablet ...
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Repace H 100mg plus Ecospirin Av 75
I have been detected hypertensive seven years ago. Initially I took telmakind and later repace h 50 Mg with Amlokind. But after two three years when i went to see a Doc, he did ECG and suggested that I should continue to take Repace H and Ecospirin AV. I have been taking it since. And remarkably both keep my bp exactly at 120-25/80-85. But I want to know if I can continue like this. I havent experienced any side effects. So should i continue the same medicines or go for change ...
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Does Repace Help Kidney Functioning
My BP is 120/80. my Creatinine is 1.3. Doctor has prescribed Repace 25 mg. Will this medicine reduce Creatinine level ## Rephace is a bp tablet and it will lower your bp not your creatine levels. ...
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amlong amlodipine tablets
I would like to know its therapeutic use, dosage for a 57 yr. old adult, when to take it, side effects, etc. ## I am on various tablets for hight blood pressure and react terrible to new tablets very often. Now I have been given Amiodipine tablets and the reviews I have read are bad enough so have not started them yet as too scared. Can I cut one up into little pieces and try them that way. ## MY DAD, 85 YRS OLD, WAS TAKING REPACE TABLETS FOR BP FOR THE PAST 1 YEAR. PRIOR TO THAT HE WAS TAKING AMLONG FOR HIGH BP. He SUFFERED FROM CEREBRAL HAEMORRAGE IN DEC.2009 AND SINCE THEN HAS BEEN TAKING REPACE 25, AFTER GETTING BACK TO NORMALCY. RECENTLY HE WAS ADVISED TO TAKE TELMA H AS THERE WAS SWELLING OF THE FEET. DIZZINESS/ FAINTING WITH LOSS OF CONSCIOUSNESS RESULTED DUE TO THIS.NOW, ON THE ... ...
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