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effect side keto steril
hi,would like to know whether ketosterile will help to reduce the protein urine ## my wife is discharging protein in the urine,i would like to know whether keto steril will help to reduce the protein in the urine,i was advised by the physician.the doctors says that there is no medication and put her on zestril 20mg.kindly advise.thanks regards rajendran raman ## Ketosteril contains Ketoanalogues and essential Amino acids. It is supllement that is given to help prevent organ damage and prevent deficiencies. this site is not medical professionals, so there is no way we can say whether or not it is good for her, only she and her doctor can decide that. Common side effects can include: nausea, drowsiness and Hypercalcemia. Zestril contains the active ingredient Lisinopril, this is normally ... ...
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Fri, Jul 30 '10, 2:44 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 206486
The New Oxycontin Sucks
10 Yrs. ago, 2 profile jobs, all well w/ world. 1/2 ton of product fell on lower back. Basically could not walk 3 yrs. , not 4 lack of effort. Searing, unbelieveable, pass-out pain. Reduced to embarrassing, going dr to dr begging 4 help. Finally, dr says -My God, man, U R not getting prop. tx. I phucking cried. gave 100 mg. of oxycontin on the spot, I did not ask-he just read and SAW. My world changed! 10 yr, went from crutches 2 walking/short. As I had been gammut , I offered 4my parent to handle my meds , seeming all drs so concerned,=This was a GOOD drug 4 some that needed it. I was able to get some life back(they discovered 'terminal brain tumor around same time) wow. as usual I said, "I'LL stop this SOB, too) so far, have. My two inpt. points I wanted relay 4 sure- 1] D... ...
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Sun, Mar 13 '11, 10:52 AM   4  Subscribe to thread 215143
neurokind side effects
is there any problem in taking "NEUROKIND" medicine when there's no diabetes...? will it damages the nerves or blood vessels... ## Hello, India! How are you? This is just a nutritional supplement, so it can be taken by anyone as long as their doctor says it is safe for them to do so. It is often given to diabetics, because the B vitamins are believed to help support nerve health and function, but everyone needs these vital nutrients. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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My Doctor gave this to me. Its a free sample of a pain cream for the tendons in my wrists (I think she said I could also use it on my back for my scoliosis). I always look up side effects of any medication I use, but when I went to look it up I noticed it didn't have a name. It says "this medicine was specially compounded per your prescriber" on the side. I just want to know what this is so I can know the side effects before using it. Dose anyone know what this is? ## Hello, Anna! How are you? I know what some of these ingredients are, CYC is Cyclobenzaprine a muscle relaxant, LID is Lidocaine a topical anesthetic and BAC is Baclofen another muscle relaxant, but I'm not sure on the DIC and BUP. However, what I can tell you is that side effects are minimal for these topic... ...
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Question about losatan
Can you break 100mg tabs if you need only 50mg ## It is safe to do with any medication that is not time released, unless your doctor, or pharmacist has specifically instructed you not to do so. For instance, some medications may have a special warning sticker on the pharmacy bottle that says not to break, crush, or chew and there are reasons for that, so you should heed such warnings. Are there any other questions or comments? ...
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Mon, Jan 23 '12, 6:10 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 224051
HI. I switched from zoloft to celexa 20mg almost four weeks ago. I feel like Im going downhill more and more everyday this past week. I truly do not think it is a matter of increasing. I am very skeptical about this particular generic. It is an egg shape and kind of a tan color. On the scored side it says 20 and the other side says 1010. I get it from Target. I do not think it is an active medication. Are their crappy generics that have zero effect? Thank you for your time. ## You probably just need the brand specifically. Some states say that if there is a generic available and the dr doesn't specify "brand only" you will get a generic. Talk to your dr because sometimes generics don't work for some people. ## It may also be caused by the switch in medications, around 4 ... ...
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Sun, Jun 16 '13, 1:30 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 220321
(I forgot to also say this)
And can I take propranolol on an empty stomach? The reason I've not asked my doc these is that I never got a chance to, with all the panicing and now I can't contact one till tomorrow due to having no minutes. ## Hello, Chanika! How are you? It can be taken with or without food, so unless your doctor says otherwise, gauge it for yourself, if it makes you nauseous on an empty stomach, then it would be best to take it with food. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Placebo Whats The Point
I have a sleep issue. It seems that once 11 pm or so comes around there is no way for me to fall asleep unless I take something to help me. I have been taking Temazepam 30 mg for over a year. I mention placebos only because I only hear about them because of 'studies' conducted, usually which results in the fact that placebos usually work almost as good as whatever there being substituted for. However what I want to know is why my doctor continues to renew my prescriptions even though most info regarding the type of drug I'm taking says you don't take it forever? Now I can't ask for the placebo, that would eliminate the principle idea of how a placebo works....your brain thinks your taking the pill that always allows you to fall asleep. Seems like a catch 22....if you... ...
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Did Opana Factory Close
heard they stopped making opanas? 2/21/12 has anyone heard this? starting to panic!!!!!!!!!! ## Yes Opana is discontinued ## Actually no, there is not listing with the U.S. FDA saying that this medication has been discontinued, although two of the strengths of the name brand, the 7.5mg and the 15mg were discontinued as of the Spring of last year. Does anyone have an actual government information website showing otherwise? ## The story in NY is that they have o investigate why the opana got into the excedrin bottles in the first place. Vey where I go they says the ops as no matter what strength are on back order. I don't know how they are going to pump out enough to fill an entire country. My doc changed me to OxyContin 80 and oxycodone 30 for now which I think will be for a long tim... ...
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colonapin and suboxone
i was recently prescribed suboxone and colonapin. So I was wondering if anyone out there has taken this combo and what thier feelings are on the subject ## i have been on suboxen for awhile now...and works like a charm...its like any drug u will and can get addicted...but if u take it as prescibed and do just what the doctor says...u will eventually get off suboxen...then its up too the person that is the hardest part...dealing with life without intake to your question is those 2 drugs suboxen and coloapin do NOT go together any downer such as xanec or valume can not be taken with effects the brain....i hope this was helpful to you....i will keep u in my prayers...take care ## I am also prescribed Suboxone (24mg/day) and Clonopin, and I have found it to work very... ...
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Morphine And Oxycodone
Is morphine ER 30 mg stronger than percoset 10/325?? ## Yes, it would take approximately 20mgs of Oxycodone to equal the 30mgs of Morphine that you are taking. Learn more Morphine details here. Learn more Oxycodone details here. Have you been switched to the Morphine? ## my friend is on morphine for pain from liver cancer but she says the morphine make her sick despite taking antinausea medication would oxycodone be better for her to take? ...
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vistaril and pregnancy
Is vista often prescribed to pregnant women to relax them or make them sleep? Does this drug affect the fetus? ## My daughter was prescribed visteral for her morning sickness and then saw that it said not to take if pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant. I also saw an article that said it would harm an unborn fetus. but her doctor says it is alright. this is very confusing and we are afraid it may hurt her unborn baby?? ## Precautionary guidelines for Vistaril (hydroxyzine) note the following: tell your doctor if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding. If you become pregnant while taking hydroxyzine, call your doctor. Another reputable source indicates that the use of hydroxyzine does not appear to be associated with increased teratogenic risk (embryo abnor... ...
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Hemitartrate Zolpidem
Got some Hemitatrate Zolpidem in Mexico. Small round coated yelow tablets. No imprint. Is this also generic Ambien? ## Hi,im trying to find the best price online,Can you help me,i see you got some from mexico ## These are 100% FAKE. They are actually Cyclobenzaprine/Flexeril. They take the stickers off the Cyclobenzaprine bottles and put on a new FAKE sticker that says something like zolpidem. What does your bottle say? ...
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Montair 10 Side Effects
Side effects of montair 10 & how long it can be taken. ## Montair contains the active ingredient Montelukast, it's used for the maintenance treatment of asthma and to relieve seasonal allergy symptoms. Side effects may include nausea, headaches, hypersensitivity and sleep disorders. Learn more Montair details here. And it should be taken for the length of time that your doctor says is appropriate. Are there any other questions or concerns? ...
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ecosprin 75 Advantages
Hi -Please let me know Ecospirin 75 is advised to cure what problems ASAP.. @My Mobile Context: Doc has advised Ecospirin 75 to my father Age(65) after checking BP and Symptoms of slight stammering i.e. not able to speak fluently. My Father had visited doctor for medicines to cure cold. ## I am taking amodep at for BP in the morning& ecosprin 75 with Rosuvas 10 in the night recommended by the Dr.for my high cholestrol.Dr. says I must take Ecosprin 75 for life long Is it necessary to take ecosprin 75 for lifelong? ## Ecosprin contains Aspirin, which is used to treat many conditions, ranging from pain, to heart conditions and blood clots. this site is not medical professionals and can't possibly know your whole medical history to know how long any given medication might be necessa... ...
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menstrual cycle issues
I Stop Taking My Bcp On The 24th Of October Then Had Period For 5 Days After That Haven Taken Any Other Form Its Been 3 Months Now and still no period but bt i want to start a new bcp. Should i start the new bcp even tho i havent seen my period in 3 months??????? ## Hello, Bawlycambie! How are you? Actually, you should see a doctor first, to make sure there isn't some problem going on that's causing you to skip. Is there a chance that you're pregnant? ## i took multiple pregnancy test which says im not ...
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shelcal 500 EXPIRED ONE
my son is 6 years old and has taken shelcal 500 expired in july 2012. I took him to the doc and he prescribed nothing instead he suggested to give one banana and curd rice. Is there anything I have to do. pls tell me ASAP. ## Hi, Deepa! How are you and your son? Shelcal is just a nutritional supplement, so it's not something that's dangerous, when it's expired. The foods the doctor told you to give him were just to help prevent his stomach from getting upset. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi, I have recently underwent regular check ups. All the reports were normal but in ultrasound scan it says that : UTERUS: Is bulky in size normal in shape position. IIIdefined hypoechoic 21mm hetergenous and irregular marginated lesion within the lateral wall of the body of ut... ...
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neurobion forte tablet
What are the side effects ## Neurobion Forte contains Vitamins B1, B6 and B12, so it is a nutritional supplement. As such, the side effects are not studied like they are for regular prescription drugs, however, some users have reported nausea upon taking it. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## i get pain in left side leg and hand i take all test and check up and medicines,but the pain comes again and again past 6 months what i do.and my age is 32.male tell me the good answer.thank u. ## I get some numbness in my left knee and my left hand is tingling constantly I went in E.R and they could'nt find exactly what is the problem my wife from over seas says take nuerobion will this ultimately help me? ## I get pain in left side leg and backbone i take all test and check up and... ...
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Mon, Aug 11 '14, 10:25 AM   5  Subscribe to thread 204245
sangobion side effects
is that sangobion is good for anxiety ## Sangobion is a nutritional supplement, it contains: Cyanocobalamin, Folic Acid, Manganese, Copper, Pyridoxone, Biotin, Nicotinamide, Riboflavin Thiamine and Ferrous Gluconate. Thus, it is actually not proven to help with anything. Has your doctor advised you to use it? ## Is it ok to take sangobion eventhough i havent checked if I'm anemic or not? I'm under a lot of stress lately and everytime I have my monthly period I tend to get dizzy. My mom and my sister are taking this vits as prescribed by their gyne. Hope you can help me with this. Thinking of buying one... Thanks! ## im a mom for a 2 and a half year old daughter, it says in the adds that sangobion is best for mommies like me, also, my red blood cells are low. after i gave birth t... ...
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side effects of forecox
i would like to know more abput the side effects of forecox ## side effects of forecox medicine ## Forecox contains: ethambutol 400 mg, isoniazid 150 mg, pyrazinamide 750 mg, rifampicin 225 mg It is used to treat tuberculosis. It is available in India and since it is not available in the US, I am afraid I can't find any other information on it. Does anyone else know anything? ## I WANT TO KNOW ABOU THE POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS OF FORECOX (TWICE IN A DAY)ON A FEMALE AGED 25YRS ## there are not too much of side effects of forecox,, after 20-30 days of consumption u become habitual of this medicine, don't worry at all forecox is a perfect treatment for normal tb. God bless YOU! ## I am using fore cox since last three months. Doctor says it is enough to use this tablet for 2 months. Bu... ...
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