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How Long Does Xanax Show Up In A Urine Test

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will xanax show up in a urine test
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I take Xanax every once in awhile an I took half a 1mg at 4pm on Wednesday an got a random at work Thursday at 7 am,15 hrs later...when they told me to take one I went pee when I went to get some water then drank 3 liters an pee probably 30 mins later,I'm 5'6 145lbs do think it will show up on a urine test sent to a lab? ...
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Sun, Feb 16 '14, 6:12 PM
why did xanax show up on urine test
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I had a drug test last week. I was worried about my liver levels but they were fine so I thought I was ok. Well the test showed positive for Xanax which I'm confused because I don't take Xanax. I take lorazepam but he said that comes up different. Well now I have to take a urine test again because of this complication. Now I am trying to flush my system with tons or water because this week I have taken percocet for breakthrough pain. I'm not prescribed this and am terrified that it will show up. I took my last one yesterday and they want me to come in Monday. So I have 2 questions. One, why do you think Xanax showed up? And 2 is drinking tons of water going to help flush my system? ## both are benzo's. Xanax AND Lorazepam. So thats crazy. A benzo is a benzo whether it is... ...
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Thu, Oct 16 '14, 11:15 AM
how long does it take for xanax to show up in urine
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I took two 1mg xanax at 8 in the morning and had to take a urine test at 2 in the afternoon. will it show up. ...
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Thu, Jan 29 '15, 1:14 PM
Urine Test xanax
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can they tell how many xanax i have taken in a week ## Dave, it depends what kind of test they are doing. There is a basic test that just looks for the presence of the drug and if they use that one, they would just see that you took it. However, there are more in-depth tests that can show the levels of the drug in your body. If they use one of these, then the levels would alert, if you've taken more or less than you've been prescribed. Learn more Xanax details here. Do you know what type of test they use? ...
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Tue, Oct 16 '12, 9:44 AM
Xanax Urine Test
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i took 10 4 milligram bars and have a drug test in 4 days, my question is can i beat it if i run allot and drink tons of water and juice? and yes i allready know the risk and that its stupid taking them knowing i had a test, but give me some straight awnsers on milligrams in the body the more the less you take exe, thank you for your time. ## I have been on prescription Xanax before and I know that it stays in your system for at least 2 weeks after you take it. It's not like cocaine and is out of your system in 3-5 days. I used to work for a prison and had random drug testing. If you have no script, your gonna be in trouble :( ## That is a crazy amount of xanax to be taking and you will show positive on a drug test if you take that much. any thing that you do to try to detox that ou... ...
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Tue, Sep 24 '13, 9:03 AM
how long will xanax in show up in your urine
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pills 5mg ## A Benzodiazepine has a pretty long half-life and can be detected in urine for as long as 7 to 10 days, depending on how much you were taking, how long you were taking it and how often. Are there any comments or questions? ## The "home" drug test says 2 weeks max for youth. Mine was 17 days. Tested daily after I stopped using and wasn't clear even at 17 without drinking 9 hue glasses of water and an entire big bottle of cranberry juice. Tested neg at midnight and pos again at 8 am so I think it has a lot to do with age, activity level and metabolism.I'm 49 and limited physical activity. All factors into how long it takes to get it out of your system. ...
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Wed, Aug 21 '13, 6:59 PM
how long iwill xanax or xr show up in my urine
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please i need to know ho long xanax or xanax xr will show up in my urine ## Well the peak plasma levels and the controlled release, result in the XR pills being at full potency for 5 hours and in your system in lesser amounts for another 6, so just the half-life, where the med is down to 50% of its peak concentration in your body is a long time period. If you ate high fat or cholesterol rich foods near the time you took it, then it is even longer as these slow the absorption rate. So the half-life, depending on your diet, can be as high as almost 17 hours. So, since the elimination from your body slows after that, you are actually looking about 72 hours or so, before one pill is out of your system and undetectable in a drug test, and if they do a blood check, instead of just a urine, it... ...
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Tue, Jul 08 '14, 2:19 PM
How Long Does Xanax Stay In Your Urine
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i took 5 xanax bars 6 days ago and i have a urine test on monday the 17th will i be ok ## I took a.xanax. 2 mil for four days.straight but no other time have i took.any how.long out of my system ## I took one 1mg xanax, which is prescribed. Will it show up in my urine 15 hours later at a high level. Or will the level be low enough to not show? ## Of course it will JJ. But it is "Prescribed" so there should be no problem, although it sounds like there is a hidden reason why you are worried about your urine? ## I have nothing to fear. I'm prescribed these meds for sleep related issues. I was just wondering. I asked about vicodin before and the "experts" were wrong. It's wasn't detected. And that was taken for days leading up to urine test. The truth is,... ...
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Thu, Aug 14 '14, 12:50 PM
How long on average does xanax show up on a urine drug screen?
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I had a panic attack and my boyfriend gave me .25 mg of xanax which is prescribed to him to calm me down. It has been 17 days and I just found out I got an amazing job which needs a pre-screening drug test. I went in and took one test already and it was too diluted because I was drinking a ton of water and coffee. I have to retest and I am nervous. I have rarely taken xanax, maybe 5 times within a 5 month period and its always been the lowest dose. Should I pass? ...
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Thu, Mar 05 '15, 5:20 PM
does xanax show up the same as klopin in a urine or blood test?
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i have been on klopin for 4 yrs I ran out & use Xanax about 5 times in the same week, went to pain manager got a urine test will they show up the same? ## been o xanax too klonopin will it sho up yhe same ## Does xanax and klonopin just show up as benzo in a urine test? ...
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Mon, Jul 07 '14, 10:28 PM
urine test for xanax
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I took 0.5 mg of xanax on Nov. 30th and had a drug test Dec. 26. I generally have a pretty slow metabolism. I will find out my results in a couple of days, but for some reason am nervous it'll show positive. Regardless of metabolism rate, after 26 days, am i safe? :0/ ...
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Mon, Jan 06 '14, 7:20 PM
Xanax Urine
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Xanax is one of the shortest acting bezos there is, if not the shortest. So please stop saying its in your system for more then a week; it is highly unlikely it would show up after a week. Other bezos; like valium, yes, it can show up for weeks, or month if you are a chronic user. So dont look at a chart and say oh benzos are detectable for 1-6 weeks; It makes a difference on what you take; xanax should be out fairly quick; in my experience, I would like to give it a week; but I have passed in the 48-72hr range; just don't push it. ## Standard scientific testing shows that all Benzodiazepines can be detected in urine tests for as long as 6 weeks, after last use. The precise time frame may vary from person to person, depending on certain individuating factors, such as someone's m... ...
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Tue, Sep 30 '14, 7:11 PM
Does valume,Xanax,and Kolonapin all show up the same in a urine test?
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I went to the dr an she gave me a weeks supply of Diazapm (valume) and told me to come back in 1 week to get my months supply as long as suboxone was out of my system which it will be but someone stole 3 of my 7 diazapam and I was thinking if I took like 2 of my moms Xanax to last me the next 4 days if they would show up the same in my urine test at the dr? ## No a benzodiazepine is a benzodiazepine. Can't tell the difference. ...
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Mon, Mar 09 '15, 10:18 PM
Does Soma Show Up In A Drug Test
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I'm a pain patient and I know that they send your urine test to a lab.I take methadone and question is how long will soma stay in your system or how long should I stop taking the soma before next visit. by the way the soma were prescribed by my last pain dr. But its been 2 months now.maybe they'll show up the same as Xanax. Any help would be appreciated ## I think even if your script is a little old it is still a valid script that was specifically prescribed to you. I read a power point presentation about drug testing and a similar scenario was presented. It was kind of a 'what should the tester do' type of a thing. If I were the tester I would say pass. Obviously if you are abusing the drug you would be out of it 2 months later. I have not seen Soma listed and ... ...
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Thu, Jun 13 '13, 3:56 PM
oxazepam showing up in urine test,
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on a probation period for dirty u/a ,saying that i have oxazepam,i have never used, this medication. i do take xanax she says that is not the same.I take ambien,flexiril,oxycodone, blood pressure med, and Paxi. If she dismisses me because of this will she give me RXs till i find another dr, I cant sleep, she makes me feel like a criminsl, should i speak with the dr since she is his PA, ...
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Thu, Nov 14 '13, 1:20 PM
how long blue round pill how long will xanax in show up in your urine test
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when i get lab drug test how long will it show use in the past of benzodiaazepine? ## While it can vary, depending on amount used and length of use, it is generally detectable for up to 7 to 10 days. If you have a prescription, you simply need to inform them of this, when you go in for the test, though they may ask for proof. Are there any questions or comments? ...
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Tue, Dec 07 '10, 8:17 PM
how to pass a urine test for xanax
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I have a prescription for zanax. I've actually taken more than my prescribed amount 3 or 4 days before I had to take a urine drug test. I know that it shows up that I have taken it but does it show amounts. ## Took one xanax own Friday drug test is own Monday. Will I pass ? I've been drinking a lot of water ...
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Sun, Jan 12 '14, 5:00 PM
how long does 25 xanax stay in your urine system
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I took a .25 orange zanax. The next day about 15 hours after taking the xanax I had a urine drug test. This was the first time I took a xanax. Will it show up on the test? ## Very possibly Nicky as the Orange Xanax are generally .5 mg, which is twice what you thought you took? ## Can any body be prescribed Ritalin ? ## If you can convince a psychiatrist. ## I'd say if your not a chronic user, the half life formula says it'll take about 3 days for .5 to leave your system undetectable. .25 will take 2 days. You may be ok though. Every body is different ## If you have a Dr prescribe for ADD ADHD etc. ## Took 3 .05 xanax on Friday night have a drug test Tuesday morning will this be out of my system it is a urine test. ## I took .50 mg of xanax for ten days. Will it b out of my syste... ...
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Sun, Feb 08 '15, 11:16 AM
Lab urine test for xanax
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Can a medical lab detect a specific level of xanax in a urine test? Meaning how many u are taking if u are prescribed by your doctor..can medical lab urine test tell if u are taking the exact amount precribed or can it only detect that you are taking them and they are in ur system? ## If they are testing for benzodiazepines then yes, the amounts can be detected depending on when you took it? ## Yes, just like narcotics, even plain acetaminophen, labs can run a quantatative test and that will show approx how many milligrams you have in your system. If it is way above what it should be your doctor may quit giving it to, u should be weaned off of it to reduce/eliminate withdrawal but many docs are jerks, especially when it comes to controlled substances, they yank you right off. ... ...
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Wed, May 29 '13, 12:52 PM
how long does xanax valium norco stay in your urine
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I took one Valium 3 weeks ago. I took xanax several days in a row 3 weeks ago. I took a norco 3 days ago. I drank 3 days ago. I did 3 lines of cocaine 3 days ago. Will I pass a urine test in 2 days? ## How can anyone take a urine drug test without showing some type of false positive? Everything under the sun seems to register for false positives: poppy seeds, Zantac OTC, melatonin, SSRIs, tricyclics, Wellbutrin, ibuprofen, certain vitamins and minerals. Just seems like a very broad wand that captures innocents and abusers alike. I hate to think how many good citizens that are taking routine prescriptions are disqualified because of inaccurate results. ...
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Mon, Feb 24 '14, 6:26 PM

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