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suboxone jump
Went to my sub. dr. yesterday and he lowered my dose of 12mg per day to 8mg. or one film strip. I told him I want to get off sub. completely so he,s gonna taper me down to very low dose. I asked him about WDS. and he assured me that there would be next to none. I doubt this. He told me he would prescribe Tramadol when I got off the Suboxone and then wean me off it. Has any one tried or heard of this method? ## I've not heard of tramadol being used for WDS, but I tried it for pain once. It made me feel creepy, gabe me wierd dreams, and didn't help with my pain ( kind of like me subox expierence). Everyone is different though, and it migh work for you. We are all different. ## I also tried it for pain a long time ago and it did not work. Are you off suboxone, were the wds bad as t... ...
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suboxone and h
simple Q, i been back n forth, takin subs, than relapsing. i been battlin this way for a long time. on and off on and off. now it kinda seems like the subs arent as affective. i relapsed the first day of taking my subs , i took the usual amount i always do. and it doesnt really work. so in a panic. i relapsed again. i want to start taking my subs again though. so is it safe that i wait the 12 hrs ui always do to take my subs again which are prescribed to me? or should i wait longer totake my subs? ...
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Mon, Jan 20 '14, 8:32 PM   0 
How long to wait to take suboxone
I have a high tolerance i took a 15mg white morphine how long should i wait to take suboxone?? ## To properly use Suboxone for addiction issues, it shouldn't be taken until you are in full withdrawal from the other substances you were taking. Suboxone contains the active ingredients Buprenorphine and Naloxone, the Naloxone is used to prevent the abuse of other opiates, while someone is under treatment, however, it can throw you into withdrawals if taken too soon. Learn more: Are there any other questions or comments? ...
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soma suboxone
i just started suboxen yesterday i took2of the8mgs in am then took1of the8mgs last night then 1and a half this am n im about to go to bed n havent taken none but my?is i am still in pain i have a herniated disc i get my somas tomarrow and want to know if i can take them cuz i now it will tyake away my pain but if i cant mix the2 i need2know ...
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Sun, Jan 03 '10, 6:54 PM   0 
Suboxone to Oxycodone
I have disc issues from L1 to L5 and I was on Oxycodone for 1 1/2 years starting at 5/325 4x's a day and ended @ 30mg 6x's aday so I decided to get off the Oxycodone with Suboxone, started @ 8mg Suboxone 2x's a day then tapered to .25.g Suboxone 1x a day over a 5 mos period, here's the problem in the 5 mos period since I wasn't on pain meds my pain came back full force and I started taking the Oxycodone 10mg 6x's a day for the last week, so I wanted to know if I was to stop taking the Oxycodone would I still go into withdrawal as though I had never stopped, the proiblem is in the last 5 months I lost my job and Medical insurance and I can't afford the Suboxones( oxycodone is alot cheaper when prescribed than Suboxone ) I need an operation so in the mean while... ...
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Need a suboxone doctor
Looking for a suboxone Doctor that takes a medical card or thats cheap in the columbus, ohio area. I was recently going to a doctor in columbus that took my medical card & since my home town opened up a office for suboxones & switched. I'm so upset cause they called me 3-4 days after me seeing the doctor & told me I couldn't continue coming to that office cause I also have medicare..which was my primary provider. even though my family was paying my intital visit of 200.00 to go to the office..I'm so upset! now I don't have a doctor! ## Hello, Patty! How are you? Sorry about the problem that you're having. If you have insurance, but pay cash, most doctor's will be suspicious and either refuse to take you on as a patient, or dismiss you once they realiz... ...
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Suboxone to methadone
I was on methadone for almost 5 years. Then, I switched 2 suboxone. I was on (110) of methadone and tapered 2 (24). At that point, I was so sick with w/d symptoms. I choose 2 go on subs instead of staying on the meth and increasing, again. I've had many surgeries and medical problems. I'm also on klonopin 4 anxiety. My problem is: I still suffer from a lot of pain. I've been thinking about going back on methadone, b cause it worked better with the pain. But, I don't want 2 go through a clinic and start over, again . I had 2 weeks take homes. Does anyone know of any Doctors in Rhode Island that would prescribe it 2 me in the office? I know some will prescribe it 4 pain, but, I was a pill addict 4 years. Any advice will help. ## Hello, Cats68! How are you? Unfortunately, w... ...
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methadone vs suboxone
help!! my doctor told me hes switching all his patients from methadone to suboxone and i am scared to death , i have a family to take care of and i do not want to be sick cab anyone tell me if they have taken methadone and swiched to suboxone ?? i dont want to do this so im trying to find a different doctor ,im in michigan ,macomb county if anyone knows a good doctor..thanks and god bless ## Hi my name is Gary. I have polyneuropathy. I have been on low dose methadone for 17 years. My new Dr.decided to send me to a pain center for pain control. The first thing he did was put me on your drug of ??. I was of methadone for 4 days because if you have opioids in you body it will throw you into bad withdrawals. Even after 4 days the first pill I tool I got sick. I don't know why the second... ...
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wants to get off suboxone quickly
I was using pain pills for a few years! I have been on suboxone 4 mg for 2 yrs. I have terrible anxiety & depression & am on Cellexa & klonopin for that. That helps! I tried detoxing myself off the Suboxone 2wks ago & went thru hell, after a wk I was better. But still no sleep, achey, nauseous,headache & overall felt like bad flu. Well I relapsed & now am back on it! I want to wean myself off-But am getting my Dr to get me in an outpatient rehab-I have a 2 & 10 yr old & live with my parents. They know it all & My Mom helped me go thru the withdrawls before & had to hold me from shaking. I want off of it fast!! What can I do beside a month of weaning down that will flush it out quicker so withdrawls are easier?? Thanks ## From what I have read/hear... ...
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suboxone quitting
How do I best stop using this crap. Been trying to do less and less. I had shoulder surgery got onto perks and vikes. Long term stuff but weened myself off. This one isnt so easy. Thinking I should have done this tge hard way rather than try other folks advice. Any suggestions? ## Hi Mark, It really depends on how much your taking per day. Subs have the long half life so that makes things so much different then the usual pain pill wd. I can tell you this, when you get down to 3 or 4mgs you should not drop more than a half mg at a time. You need to wait until your body feels comfortable on that dose. I,m talking a week at the least. It,s because of the half life. It takes a long time but well worth it. If you do this the jump will be fairly easy. ...
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Starting Suboxone
Next week I have a appt. with a DR who prescribes Suboxone. I have been on Fentanyl patches for 8 years now.I am prescribed 150 mcg every 48 hrs. but still feel I am in partal withdrawal most of the time.Does anyone have a similar situation and how bad should the withdrawals be with Suboxone and Xanax if he will still allow them? Also will the suboxone still help with pain? I am scared about the withdrawls since I ran out for 1 day only and it was hell!! Any reply would be appreciated ## Randy,w/d's seemed to be very controllable with suboxone for me,but Im a pain patient once the weather hit below zero 4-6 weeks after sarting suboxone the pain kicked in.Iit was unbearable (worst time in my life) AND they made me stop my xanax. I also was able to just stop taking the suboxone after ... ...
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Mobic And Suboxone
Does Mobic "go" with Suboxone. I take Sub for RLS and have a bad headache. Wondering if mobic will be effective. . Thanks ## Based on my research there are no drug interactions found between the active ingredients in Mobic and Suboxone; deeming them safe to take together. Mobic (Meloxicam) is generally indicated for symptoms associated with arthritis, so I'm not sure how effective it will be in alleviating a bad headache or RLS. Perhaps a more natural remedy like peppermint or lavender essential oil would be helpful for the headache, but for RLS I'd consider trying chamomile tea at night along with some medical marijuana (depending on what state you're living in). I just find natural options to have less side effects and more therapeutic benefits. I hope this helps! ... ...
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quitting suboxone
day one quit suboxone any idea on anything other then vitamins or specific type of vitamins to help with aches and pains ??? ## Dear Patrick, I heard that clonodine and Tramadol help with the withdrawals. But, u have 2 get them from a doctor. ## ok thank u but thats not happin no doctor i have Quetiapine (Ceriqual) not sure if thats correct spelling but its for sleep. No Natural stuff ?? ## Check out addiction and their tapering off and post taper section for ideas. ## Hi Jolter, how r u doing? I finally got my kitten. It has helped me so much with the loss of my Hannah. No more cravings and feeling down and out. I took your advise on spreading out the times I take my suboxone. It's working out pretty good. Catch ya later . ...
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White Suboxone 155
Does the Company Actavis Elizabeth LLC offer any discounts or copay Like the brand name Suboxon stripes do. I ask b/c the new white sublingual (half moon 155) pill, still cost more than the name brand subligual fims do. I cant use my $50 copay i use on the suboxone film. it comes out to be $130 more a month for this generic. Please Help if u know. have no insurance! ## No, such assistance things aren't generally offered for generic medications, except in the case of some that are considered to be life sustaining. Normally, generics are cheaper, just by the nature of being generic. Learn more Suboxone details here. However, if the price is cheaper for you when getting the name brand, you may want to ask your doctor if they can write 'brand medically necessary' on the prescrip... ...
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Help with suboxone
I need help for a loved one I have tried everything, he has the Michigan adult benefit waiver program/Midwest the suboxone script would be covered but I can not find a doctor that accepts the insurance please anyone someone help!! He has been on suboxone before its the only thing to help maintain him to stay clean please someone help me, I can not lose him to drugs!! ## Dr gamble in lincoln park mi perscribes it the clininxs called my family doc ...
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suboxone mountain
Hello people!I ran across these discussions looking for an answer about me being able to pick my Suboxone refill up at a pharmacy out of state?Its w the same chain jus dif state.My logic is I can bc it isn't a scedule 2 controlled substance and its in their computers 4da refill needing to be pikt up while I am away on vacation. I've already discussed it w my prescribing drs office and they said the pharm should allow it bc of my reasoning. Dr writes a 4wk script at a time,split up to be pikt up 2wks apart.(drop off da script,get 2wks of meds,pik refill up 2wks later,then see dr after that 2wks). If any1 can help me w any ideas bout id, id luv 2 hear em. Now,alil off subject but love talkin bout it. I have been on suboxone for 4 months now and its helped me become a functioning p... ...
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How much Suboxone did the Doctor Prescribe You?
The Doc put me on 5 a day 8mg pills. In all 40mg a day. It makes me really tired during the day, then at night I have Insomnia. I guess it's better then taking Opiates again. It's truely changed my life? If only I can sleep! ## My doctor started me on four a day, which happens to be way to much. I don't know the exstent of your using but I can tell you that I was bad as they come. If you want to sleep then stop taking so much, no one needs that much suboxone. After a while It becomes a regular part of your life which I am sure you know. I now take only eight milligrams a day, I have been on them for nine months. After forcing myself to lower my dose my sleep paterns became one hundred times better. I went from over three hundred milligrams of oxycontin shot intervenously to ... ...
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How To Properly Take Suboxone Without A Doctor
Hi, Im needing some help and support. I'm 21 and I've been addicted to Norcos for 2 years, taking them every day. I was taking 10 a day, then was able to lower myself to 5 a day about a month before I detoxed. I flushed all my pills a little over a week ago an was given suboxone by a friend, to help me withdraw. I have no health insurance and each sub doctor I called was either way too expensive or they had no openings for new patients. So I took a quarter of suboxone, the orange pill, after 15 hours of withdrawal. Sub helped that day and the next day, but after that it had no effect on me and I'm wondering why? My friend who's been on it for months under a doctor's care, said its supposed to give u a little buzz and help with your cravings. But it hasn't worked ... ...
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Suboxone and oxycodone
How long after taking 30mg oxycodone should u start to take suboxone ## Hi Willis, u should wait until u r having withdrawal symptoms, b 4 u start the suboxone. It won't work and can make u feel sick if you don't wait. U don't have 2 b in a ball crawled up 2 wait. But, once u start feeling those withdrawals, u will know its time. ## Yes,Cats right. You gotta be in wds before you take the sub. If you take it too soon you chance whats called precipitated withdrawalls. You DON,T want that to happen. To be safe wait 16-18hrs. ## Hi Jolter, how r u doing, I'm fine. Just tired all the time. Think it's the subs and other meds I take. ...
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Methadone and suboxone
If u run out of suboxone, can u take a cap full of methadone? If so, how long the wait before taking suboxone again? ## Hello, Papotimbal! How are you? The Naloxone in the Suboxone is likely to just neutralize the Methadone, that's actually why it's used in it, to prevent the abuse of other narcotics, while someone is under treatment with it. And, if you have a treatment contract with your doctor, taking the Methadone may also violate that. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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