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Suboxone - Depression
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Hello everybody. I am from Belgium, I am 47, and it has been 6 months now that I take 24mg Suboxone per day. The doctor prescript it - exceptionally, he said - in my case for severe depression (I have a history of drugs addiction, but that was a very long time ago). Suboxone is really saving my life. I feel fine with it, I can function normally. It is really a new life to me. My new psychiatrist want me to go down to 16mg a day, but I don't. Is there any reason I should go down ? If anyone had a similar experience, I would be very interested in knowing about it. Thank you all in advance. Jo. ## hi...i also have suffered from severe depression for years..i have been on every antidepressant there is..nothing lasts...but when i take suboxone,it works wonders for my depression..i have e... ...
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Sun, Jun 07 '15, 7:03 PM
when to take suboxone?
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Hi, I am new here, although I have been reading up on these posts for my own benefit for similar, anyway, I have a question, I think I already know the answer to...but here it goes. How long do I need to wait after taking a 10mg Oxy at 3pm, then a 10mgill) methadone at 7pm on friday night, THEN a half piece, (half a pill) at 2pm sat afternoon. It is now 10am sun morning...Im not feeling withdrawls yet. I am an opiate addict & have been for 6yrs now. I am considered a"functioning addict" I think because I have a family, a 3yr old daughter...while I was pregnant, I taoered myself down on my own & took lortab 10's, yellow norcos, less acetaminophen. I then started taking suboxone last yr for 4month. My rehab counselor says Im too smart to be using but I ... ...
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Thu, Nov 22 '12, 2:20 AM
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looking for ''profiders'' for anxiety,pain,North Of Boston. 150 mile radious of Portsmouth New Hampshire. Am A caretaker for high grade medical marrijuanna,got me off ALOT of my meds but still need ''limited'' amount. ...
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Sun, Jan 19 '14, 12:24 PM
Is suboxone as hard to get off as methadone?
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Hi everyone! I was wondering if suboxone is as hard 2 get off as methadone? I was on 110 of methadone 4 almost 5 years, after many years of Oxy abuse. Got down 2 (24) and the withdrawals were so bad, and, the cravings came back. Dr put me on suboxone, which works great. I've been on 3 (8 mg) a day 4 almost 8 years now. I'm scared 2 death 2 get off. I suffer with a lot of pain, too. The suboxone helps some. What with it. I'm also afraid of the bad withdrawals, and returning back 2 pain pills. Any advise will b helpful. ## Hi Cats, You definately can get off subs it just takes time. Why not cut down just a couple of mgs and see how it goes. Instead of 8 three times a day you could try 8 than 6 than 8. If you feel allright after a week or so try dropping another 2. Theres no se... ...
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Mon, Aug 24 '15, 2:43 PM
suboxone & phentermine
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Does anyone knows if taking Phentermine (diet pill) and Suboxone is harmful in anyway? ## I'm not finding any contraindications listed that states they cannot be used together. However, this site is not medical professionals, so you should check with your doctor or pharmacist to be on the safe side. Is your doctor aware that you are taking both? ## No problem taking the two together. I have been on Suboxone for two years, and my doctor just started me on Phentermine. Also, I checked with the pharmacist before filling. If you have heart trouble or very high blood pressure, you should be monitored however. ## I know this question is old, but for anyone who may be looking for the answer. Yes you can take suboxone & phentermine together. Ive gained 45lbs on the suboxone & I have... ...
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Fri, Feb 05 '16, 12:15 PM
long term suboxone use
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Does anyone know of what vitamins to supplement the effects of long-term suboxene use? Been having a hard time finding the information ## Hi, Jax! How are you? The reason you aren't finding that information is because such studies aren't done. It's just not something that money is typically spent on research to see what vitamins best help someone taking any given prescription medication. It would be great if it were done, but I'm not sure that will ever actually happen. Learn more Suboxone details here. You should check with your doctor to see if it's okay for you to add a good multi, that would probably be the best way to go about it. Then you make sure that you get all of the essentials. ...
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Tue, Aug 13 '13, 3:17 PM
round orange suboxone
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I have found that the round orange Suboxone does not seem to be as strong as the 6 sided Suboxone....anybody have this experience? ## Hi Rick, I personally haven't had that same experience with this medication, but I am aware of the fact that certain inactive ingredients (that may or may not be present in each brand), are accountable for the overall efficacy of the drug itself. Whether it be dyes, propylene glycol, or corn starch, many of these kinds of fillers do have a large impact on how well the drug is metabolized and used by your body. If this is your first time switching over to another manufacturer's version of Suboxone, you may want to consider giving other generics/brands a chance to see if you have a better reaction. You can learn more about this drug on the page for ... ...
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Sat, Nov 30 '13, 11:39 AM
Suboxone And Fentanyl
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Hi, my name is Rebecca. I have been using opiates for about 3 years now, but I've only been addicted to opiates for a year now. I say opiates but I go back and forth between opiates and suboxone. For the past year I have been using suboxone almost everyday(supplied by boyfriend) and he does it too. Last week my boyfriend and I went through a nasty breakup and he hasn't been giving me anymore suboxone or using it himself either. We were together 5 years and were happy(I'm absolutely devastated.) snd we also LIVE TOGETHER. however, I could go on about what's been going on in the relationship and how upset I have been, and him just going out and partying like nothing happened, but that's not why I'm typing this. So back to last week, we broke up and quit taking subo... ...
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Sun, Aug 17 '14, 4:26 AM
methadone vs suboxone
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help!! my doctor told me hes switching all his patients from methadone to suboxone and i am scared to death , i have a family to take care of and i do not want to be sick cab anyone tell me if they have taken methadone and swiched to suboxone ?? i dont want to do this so im trying to find a different doctor ,im in michigan ,macomb county if anyone knows a good doctor..thanks and god bless ## Hi my name is Gary. I have polyneuropathy. I have been on low dose methadone for 17 years. My new Dr.decided to send me to a pain center for pain control. The first thing he did was put me on your drug of ??. I was of methadone for 4 days because if you have opioids in you body it will throw you into bad withdrawals. Even after 4 days the first pill I tool I got sick. I don't know why the second... ...
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Fri, Dec 12 '14, 11:57 AM
I'm allergic to suboxone
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Hi, when I take suboxone I breakout in hives and skin rashes. Is there anything else I can take. ## Hello, Michele! How are you? What are you taking it to treat? Have you tried Subutex, since it doesn't contain the Naloxone that Suboxone does? The FDA classifies this as being an opiate, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ## When I firsf started suboxone I broke out in rashes/hives for the first couple weeks which subsided I fhought I was going to have to see if the dr could swap me to something else but it did eventually subside for me... This may not be the case for you so I suggest discussing with your health care provider who perscribss you the suboxone ## Subutex. it's the... ...
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Wed, Feb 03 '16, 5:10 PM
suboxone dr. in indpls, in.
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i've been on suboxone for two dose now is 6 a day does anyone know of a doctor that will perscribe suboxone for addiction&chronic pain? i have medicaid.the doctor i was seeing no longer accepts medicaid. thank you ## Hi, You could try the suboxone website. They have a search engine where you can put in your zipcode and it will show sub drs. in your area. You would have to call them and see if they take any kind of insurance. Some phyciatrist can subscribe it and I,m not sure but possibly pain drs. Good luck. ...
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Mon, May 19 '14, 3:15 PM
Dry Mouth With Suboxone
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I take 3 (8mg) of suboxone everyday. I try 2 take them at the same time each day. I take 2, then, the last one. I even swish my mouth with water b 4 taken them, and, brush my teeth. I take Biotene b 4 bed, as prescribed by Dr. My ? Is, does anyone else suffer with dry mouth when taken suboxone? It doesn't happen all the time, or, all day. But it interferes with the strips getting caught in my teeth, not going in properly and taking longer 2 dissolve. Any similar problems from others? Any suggestions would b helpful. TY! ## Hey Cats, That happens to me sometimes and I don,t think theres much you can do about it except the swishing water around before you take it. ## Hi Jolter! Thank you 4 replying. Hope all is well with you. ## Hello, Cats! How are you doing? Yes, that is a frequent ... ...
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Fri, Jul 18 '14, 5:57 PM
Suboxone and oxycodone
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How long after taking 30mg oxycodone should you start to take suboxone? ## Hi Willis, u should wait until u r having withdrawal symptoms, b 4 u start the suboxone. It won't work and can make u feel sick if you don't wait. U don't have 2 b in a ball crawled up 2 wait. But, once u start feeling those withdrawals, u will know its time. ## Yes,Cats right. You gotta be in wds before you take the sub. If you take it too soon you chance whats called precipitated withdrawalls. You DON,T want that to happen. To be safe wait 16-18hrs. ## Hi Jolter, how r u doing, I'm fine. Just tired all the time. Think it's the subs and other meds I take. ## You only need to go into withdrawals then take one Suboxone. Take a second Suboxone the next day and never take anymore. This will get y... ...
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Mon, Aug 31 '15, 8:22 AM
suboxone interactions
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i need to know what medications you cannot take while taking Suboxone and can you take fioricett? ## The list of possible interactions is a very long one. Although Fioricet is not specifically listed (it is not a narcotic) I would highly advise you to confirm with your prescribing physician before taking it. I'm not a doctor, but just wanted to pass this information along. Let us know what you find out... ...
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Mon, Mar 09 '09, 5:04 PM
Success - so far -Suboxone
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Hi all. For 5 years I gradually increased my oxycodone use. I have a degenerative back disorder. The pain is there but I used oxycodone as a crutch. It got worse and worse from 2 5 mg a day to 3 to 5 and ending in 2 30 mg a day costing me 100s of dollars a month. I finally reached out to my psychiatrist who set me up with a suboxone doctor. I took my last 7.5 oxycodone at 2 pm yesterday. Dr said to wait 12 hrs as did alllll the Internet info. I was sick in w/d by 8pm. Was scared to death of this nightmarish precipitated w/d I read about. At 8:30 pm I took 2 mg suboxone as the dr said to start with. Omg I was feeling better. 10 pm another 2 mg and I was AMAZED at how I felt. I didn't sleep very well BUT I'll take that ANYDAY over wondering how to get the next oxy. This morning I ... ...
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Tue, Apr 02 '13, 5:00 AM
Suboxone for alcoholic?
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I have been taking suboxone 16mg a day for 12 months.But i was told by my doc it can be used for alcoholics. i was not addicted to opiates, just alcohol. i tapered from 16mg to 4mg in just 7 days, which was what the doc said to do. i have been off suboxone for 8 days, just about to come up on 9 days.BUT, i have had the mildest withdrawal symptoms. on day 3 i had runny nose, and day 4 mild RLS for 2-3hrs, then i was fine. my question is : IS IT POSSIBLE THAT BECAUSE I WASNT ON OPIATES, THAT I AM NOT GOING TO WITHDRAWAL THROUGH HELL LIKE EVERYONE I READ ABOUT THATS IN SUB WITHDRAWAL. could i have dodged the bullet? ive slept for 7-10hrs every night with no sleep aids. im getting more energy instead of less. i just cant imagine that almost 9 days later that i would suddenly get hit with wi... ...
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Thu, Feb 26 '15, 4:07 PM
Using Suboxone To Get Off And Stay Off Opiates
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I was prescribed opiate painkillers for 5 years. I gradually became totally addicted to the point that while these drugs ( Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Oxycontin and others) worked well for their intended purpose, the 'good feeling" they gave me became the focal point of my life. The unavoidable physical and psychological dependence eventually led to serious and harmful consequences- damaged or ruined relationships (divorce in my case) with people who were now less important than the drugs. Responsibilities and interests I had fell by the wayside. Although I have a legitimate need for pain relief due to nerve damage caused by disease, the doctor saw that I was abusing the drugs- taking too much and using them to get high- and cut me off. The withdrawal symptoms were horrific. I went ... ...
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Sat, Jul 25 '15, 4:53 AM
Suboxone Doctors who accept HIP 2.0 M.H.S.
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I am in a real need for your help. Does anyone know a suboxone doctor who takes HIP 2.0 through M.H.S. in Marion or Jhonson County other than Dr. Michael Deal (recommend that you don't waste your time; too many reasons to list) or Dr. Simon Feung Whiteland doctor (I highly recommend him if you want help, he really cares) I also would like a doctor who cares but first things first any doctors who accept my insurance and are in Marion or Johnson County! Please its an emergency. My sobriety is on the line. I thought I could come off my suboxone too soon and I can't. So I need to get into see a doctor A.S.A.P. Thanks! ## Hello, Kate2123! How are you? You can use the search engine on the Suboxone site to look for doctors in your area, it allows you to search by zip code. You can find... ...
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Tue, Dec 15 '15, 6:41 PM
Switching From Suboxone To Methadone
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I've been on the highest dose of suboxone for about a year now and i don't feel like it's helping at all anymore. I wake up miserable everyday with horrible cravings and i wish i hadn't woken up at all. I want to switch to methadone for pain which is what my family Dr. treats me for. I think my Dr will write for it for pain management. But since i just picked up my suboxone for the month would it be able to be filled and also would the methadone be covered by my welfare insurance? I know he can write for suboxone even though i never asked him to do it since i go somewhere else. I live in Philadelphia i don't know if that makes a difference. Anyway any help would be greatly appreciated. ## Methadone and suboxone can't be taken together.. it's deadly My older s... ...
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Wed, Jul 15 '15, 11:08 AM
suboxone and depression
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hi... does anyone else out there get relief from chronic depression by taking the suboxone? i take it illegally whenever i run out of percs,and it always makes me feel better,like i can do more things, and i have more week, i go to a suboxone doctor to get on this legally, but should i tell him that i take them illegally and that they help with my depression? i am not sure if i should tell him this..i would love to hear from soneone...thanks ## I take suboxone from a doctor and after you taking percs, yes, he may start you on the suboxone program($$$) if he sees fit- or if you are truly addicted to opiates, but when you tell him you take percs for depression he will definitely add an anti-depressant to your med. list then taper you off the sub. program. It works. Depressio... ...
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Mon, Nov 07 '11, 10:44 AM

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