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starting suboxone from morphine
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Can't seem to find any recent discussions on this subject here? It's ocrober 1 st 20014. That's why you may see that I have a question and Answer session going on with my self LOL! As much as I would have liked to have some current feedback I'm hoping this could help someone else. Well wishes to all good luck and I will try to keep posting here as I go. I believe I will be alerted if anybody replys ## Hi Omgmomma again with some good news that may help someone else someday. I'm basically answering my own question because nobody else did, in fact it seems there is not much activity for 2014 here. Now I speak from my own experience after no body got back to me I decided that when it came to the"COW" method of determining how severe your withdrawl is I definitel... ...
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Mon, May 18 '15, 11:55 AM
Suboxone Withdrawal
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I am currently on 1mg Suboxone and getting ready to stop taking altogether. What are the repercussions ? ## Hi paranah, How long were you on Suboxone for? And have you always been on a 1mg dosage? I know some people have mentioned on other threads that they had no problem stopping a 1mg dose, without withdrawals; yet in other cases, long term patients have still had withdrawal issues even past the 0.5mg mark. Whereas they found themselves having to taper down to .25 mg for about a week before being able to stop completely. Everyone's different though, so you may just need to contact your doctor regarding a tapering schedule if you feel like you need additional assistance. Many people going through withdrawals also find that exercise is a big factor as far as keeping their mood eleva... ...
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Fri, Aug 01 '14, 3:11 PM
Allergic to suboxone
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OK I'm allergic to sulfur drugs, and I was taking Suboxone and kept getting sick. When I spoke with my pharmacist about it he said its because Suboxone as a sweetener in it, and that if u are allergic to sulfur drugs, you will be allergic to suboxone too. Has anyone ever heard of this? ## Hi bee, I haven't actually heard of sweeteners that contain sulfur until reading this post. But the only one I found (known as Saccharin), is classified as a sulfonamide. In light of this, I think it's always a good idea to research each inactive ingredient just as throughly as the active ones, to ensure preventative measures against certain allergies. Did the pharmacist mention which type of sweetener they used? ...
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Wed, Dec 24 '14, 11:56 AM
saboxin (its suboxone)
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It's an orange pill that dissolves under the tongue that has a cross on one side. Goes from 2mg to 8mg. I have been on this for 2 years to help in my addiction to opiates. ## I have been on percocets for 2 years and I would really like to go off, does saboxin help Pain that you truely have? or does it just take the edge off? ## Yes Suboxone has an actual pain killer i it that can not only help with existing pain but stop the pain pill withdrawal symptoms in their track when you cannot take the vicodin, percocets, hydrocodone, or whatever opiate you are on any longer. ## i am swiching from methadone to saboxin in 5 days is the start hard? ## Is it normal to feel 4C4 high when given 1st. dose of saboxin ? ## I live in Dayton Ohio and I am fighting my addiction to opiates.I have taken ... ...
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Thu, Feb 02 '17, 12:17 AM
suboxone withdrawls
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I am in a drug court.program which does not allow me to be on suboxen.. I have to stop not only for myself & sobriety but for my baby girl!!! I want to do this.. but my addictive personality does not help either!! I was on xanax-pills & used pot daily & I stopped that with no problem!! Why is this suboxen SO HARD to stop doing?? Can someone who has been in my shoes PLEASE HELP!! I have to stop with nothing I've been using suboxen going on 2 years!! How long will I experience withdrawals?? How long will I feel UN motivated??? I do not by any means feel high from it, it just helps me move/motivate..!! I want to be sober from everything! & this is the only thing I have to stop! Is there ANYTHING I CAN TAKE TO HELP WITH THE WITHDRAWLS & CRAVINGS just for maybe the fi... ...
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Sat, Jun 14 '14, 8:03 PM
suboxone film strips
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I was put on suboxone 6 months ago it saved my life. I'm back to the old me and all of a sudden the doctor let 10-15 people go cause he wanted new patients. i passed all drug panels, did everything right and I called doc. Told him I was withdrawing and was gonna relapse. He turned me down and hung up on my face. I was just getting better, now lost job cause of being sick. no family no money to pay for medication. can someone please let me know if there's any help I can get for prescription cost. near lynchburg va. 90 miles is the most I can drive. please I don't wanna be like that again. Any help would be amazing ## Yourc"dr" needs reported to the state medical board in your state!!outrageous! !!! Sad sad dr..This is what you call a BAD Sub dr.. This crap makes me so... ...
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Mon, Aug 31 '15, 3:48 PM
Suboxone wd question
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Ok so I've been using Suboxone for a little over a year and not at high levels, at my peak, an 8mg tablet would last me more than a week. So four days ago I took my last dose after tapering to .25 or less per day. I still have a full tablet just in case but have no desire to continue. I have had a rough time sleeping, mild RLS for the past 2 nights, otherwise I feel pretty good. My energy level is lower and I get hot flashes and chills from time to time, nothing unbearable. So here's my question, it's now been 3 whole days since I've had my last dose. I recently moved to a new state and am looking for work, well I'm feeling very fatigued today and have an interview and want to be sharp and alert for it. I'm contemplating taking another .125-.25 dose just to get thru ...
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Thu, Nov 05 '15, 11:07 AM
Suboxone - Depression
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Hello everybody. I am from Belgium, I am 47, and it has been 6 months now that I take 24mg Suboxone per day. The doctor prescript it - exceptionally, he said - in my case for severe depression (I have a history of drugs addiction, but that was a very long time ago). Suboxone is really saving my life. I feel fine with it, I can function normally. It is really a new life to me. My new psychiatrist want me to go down to 16mg a day, but I don't. Is there any reason I should go down ? If anyone had a similar experience, I would be very interested in knowing about it. Thank you all in advance. Jo. ## hi...i also have suffered from severe depression for years..i have been on every antidepressant there is..nothing lasts...but when i take suboxone,it works wonders for my depression..i have e... ...
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Sun, Jun 07 '15, 7:03 PM
when to take suboxone?
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Hi, I am new here, although I have been reading up on these posts for my own benefit for similar, anyway, I have a question, I think I already know the answer to...but here it goes. How long do I need to wait after taking a 10mg Oxy at 3pm, then a 10mgill) methadone at 7pm on friday night, THEN a half piece, (half a pill) at 2pm sat afternoon. It is now 10am sun morning...Im not feeling withdrawls yet. I am an opiate addict & have been for 6yrs now. I am considered a"functioning addict" I think because I have a family, a 3yr old daughter...while I was pregnant, I taoered myself down on my own & took lortab 10's, yellow norcos, less acetaminophen. I then started taking suboxone last yr for 4month. My rehab counselor says Im too smart to be using but I ... ...
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Thu, Nov 22 '12, 2:20 AM
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looking for ''profiders'' for anxiety,pain,North Of Boston. 150 mile radious of Portsmouth New Hampshire. Am A caretaker for high grade medical marrijuanna,got me off ALOT of my meds but still need ''limited'' amount. ...
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Sun, Jan 19 '14, 12:24 PM
Is suboxone as hard to get off as methadone?
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Hi everyone! I was wondering if suboxone is as hard 2 get off as methadone? I was on 110 of methadone 4 almost 5 years, after many years of Oxy abuse. Got down 2 (24) and the withdrawals were so bad, and, the cravings came back. Dr put me on suboxone, which works great. I've been on 3 (8 mg) a day 4 almost 8 years now. I'm scared 2 death 2 get off. I suffer with a lot of pain, too. The suboxone helps some. What with it. I'm also afraid of the bad withdrawals, and returning back 2 pain pills. Any advise will b helpful. ## Hi Cats, You definately can get off subs it just takes time. Why not cut down just a couple of mgs and see how it goes. Instead of 8 three times a day you could try 8 than 6 than 8. If you feel allright after a week or so try dropping another 2. Theres no se... ...
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Thu, Apr 21 '16, 12:18 PM
Suboxone Doctors in philadelphia
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Hi I'm new and looking for a new suboxon Dr that can see me on Saturday any help please ...
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Sat, Jun 04 '16, 1:23 AM
how long after taking a suboxone can you use 30mg of Morphine
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I have been taking 60mg of Morphine daily for a year. This past week I took 3-4 8mg Dilaudids daily. Last night I went back to 60 mg Morphine. This morning I took 6mg of Suboxone and was in withdrawal 20 minutes later. I had to take a 1 mg Xanax and fell asleep. I am worried about tomorrow. I have no more Subs but I do have a 60mg Morphine. How long should I wait to take the Morphine? ## Go see a Doctor and stay on suboxone if you wish to turn your life around. You got sick on suboxone as you took it way too soon after taking morphine and put yourself into precipitated withdrawal. Combining opiates with xanax puts you at much higher risk of overdose and death. Get help please ## I took 4mg of sub at 9am will I still feel the opiate if I do it around 3 or 4 pm today?? ## @Kayla, Based on... ...
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Sat, Mar 11 '17, 3:10 PM
suboxone & phentermine
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Does anyone knows if taking Phentermine (diet pill) and Suboxone is harmful in anyway? ## I'm not finding any contraindications listed that states they cannot be used together. However, this site is not medical professionals, so you should check with your doctor or pharmacist to be on the safe side. Is your doctor aware that you are taking both? ## No problem taking the two together. I have been on Suboxone for two years, and my doctor just started me on Phentermine. Also, I checked with the pharmacist before filling. If you have heart trouble or very high blood pressure, you should be monitored however. ## I know this question is old, but for anyone who may be looking for the answer. Yes you can take suboxone & phentermine together. Ive gained 45lbs on the suboxone & I have... ...
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Sat, Mar 04 '17, 10:25 PM
long term suboxone use
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Does anyone know of what vitamins to supplement the effects of long-term suboxene use? Been having a hard time finding the information ## Hi, Jax! How are you? The reason you aren't finding that information is because such studies aren't done. It's just not something that money is typically spent on research to see what vitamins best help someone taking any given prescription medication. It would be great if it were done, but I'm not sure that will ever actually happen. Learn more Suboxone details here. You should check with your doctor to see if it's okay for you to add a good multi, that would probably be the best way to go about it. Then you make sure that you get all of the essentials. ...
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Tue, Aug 13 '13, 3:17 PM
round orange suboxone
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I have found that the round orange Suboxone does not seem to be as strong as the 6 sided Suboxone....anybody have this experience? ## Hi Rick, I personally haven't had that same experience with this medication, but I am aware of the fact that certain inactive ingredients (that may or may not be present in each brand), are accountable for the overall efficacy of the drug itself. Whether it be dyes, propylene glycol, or corn starch, many of these kinds of fillers do have a large impact on how well the drug is metabolized and used by your body. If this is your first time switching over to another manufacturer's version of Suboxone, you may want to consider giving other generics/brands a chance to see if you have a better reaction. You can learn more about this drug on the page for ... ...
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Sat, Nov 30 '13, 11:39 AM
Suboxone And Fentanyl
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Hi, my name is Rebecca. I have been using opiates for about 3 years now, but I've only been addicted to opiates for a year now. I say opiates but I go back and forth between opiates and suboxone. For the past year I have been using suboxone almost everyday(supplied by boyfriend) and he does it too. Last week my boyfriend and I went through a nasty breakup and he hasn't been giving me anymore suboxone or using it himself either. We were together 5 years and were happy(I'm absolutely devastated.) snd we also LIVE TOGETHER. however, I could go on about what's been going on in the relationship and how upset I have been, and him just going out and partying like nothing happened, but that's not why I'm typing this. So back to last week, we broke up and quit taking subo... ...
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Sun, Mar 05 '17, 2:53 PM
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Hi all! A little info of my history: I've been a Hydrocodone user for over a year. A typical daily dose would be 18-20 10mg Norco. I've decided to go cold turkey. On Monday @ 8:30 am I took ONE 8mg Suboxone to hold my withdrawals off while I got things situated before l start WDing. It's been 50 hours since my ONE dose of Suboxone and I still haven't felt any WD's. So my question to you all is in your opinion when shall I anticipate my WD symptoms? ## How did this go for you? Were you fine after 50 hours? ## I have been on Hydrocodone for years. I missed my appointment and it is a holiday. I took about 1mg or less of a suboxone strip because of shakes and withdrawal symptoms... That was about 5 hours ago. I am getting a pill because I do not want to take more of the ... ...
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Fri, Dec 30 '16, 7:20 PM
methadone vs suboxone
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help!! my doctor told me hes switching all his patients from methadone to suboxone and i am scared to death , i have a family to take care of and i do not want to be sick cab anyone tell me if they have taken methadone and swiched to suboxone ?? i dont want to do this so im trying to find a different doctor ,im in michigan ,macomb county if anyone knows a good doctor..thanks and god bless ## Hi my name is Gary. I have polyneuropathy. I have been on low dose methadone for 17 years. My new Dr.decided to send me to a pain center for pain control. The first thing he did was put me on your drug of ??. I was of methadone for 4 days because if you have opioids in you body it will throw you into bad withdrawals. Even after 4 days the first pill I tool I got sick. I don't know why the second... ...
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Fri, Dec 12 '14, 11:57 AM
Suboxone or Naloxone causing hives?
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Could my chronic idiopathic hives (of 5yrs) be caused by 2mg Suboxone? I've been on sub for that long. And if so, is it the bup or naloxone? I'm sick of getting Xolair shots and just masking the underlying issue. ## Hello, Mike! How are you? Yes, it has been known to cause that, in some people that take it, according to FDA reports. Other side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. It also carries the risk of being habit forming. Unfortunately, I am not sure which ingredient is more likely the cause, but your doctor or pharmacist may know. Are you on any other medications? ...
Updated 3 months ago in Naloxone.
Fri, Nov 25 '16, 5:22 PM

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