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Updated 4 years ago in Prozac.
Thu, Sep 17 '09, 7:22 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 164549
not effective over time
why is my clonazapam not effective unless it has not been in my system for some time. I dont take to much just the 2mg and yet I do not receive the sedative effect I am looking for ## I was on 1MG 3X a day for almost 4 years and found it was doing NOTHING for me. The only option I had was to take MORE to get the help I felt I was receiving in the first place. I moved UP to 2 MG at night to help me sleep and felt that I was STILL not receiving the benefit from the medication... At this point I started coming OFF the drug, as I knew I would just keep building a tolerence to it. It took me being off of it for almost 2 month before I tried taking anything else and now I take Xanax. I find it helps me more than the Clonzapam did...just a me thing. My point here is that 2MG is alot actually. ... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Clonazepam.
Wed, May 11 '11, 10:43 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 188983
erythrom eth
oval shaped pink with /4 ZE ## Im just wondering if erythrom eth is a form of penicillin, or augmentin. So basically my question is what exactly is erythrom eth and whats in it? ## I was prescribed Erythrom Eth for an ear infection, it seems to give me a heavy freeling in my chest almost like a misplaced gas feeling. Is this normal and is this the right kind of medicine for my ear infection? ## The tablet with the 74 ZE marking as mentioned in the original post is a 400mg Erythromycin tablet. Erythromycin is a macrolide antibiotic that can be used to treat various types of infections and yes, ear infections are something it is commonly used to treat. There is nothing else in it, Erythromycin is the active ingredient. The eth that was mentioned in these posts is just an abbreviation for ... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Penicillin.
Mon, Mar 18 '13, 9:19 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 171124
arthiritus ## Using for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, and works much better than anything my doctor has prescribed for me. No side affects so for, but know nothing about the drug. ## Sorry, this is not listed in the US prescription drug databases and I can't find any information on it. ## I Like to know about vengensic side efects ## I just started this medication and it works wonders ...
Updated 4 years ago in Arthritis.
Mon, May 04 '09, 11:30 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 174219
ingredients in dbx 13
Why can't I find an ACTUAL list of ingredients in DBX 13? I'm interested in this product but I don't understand why I can't find a list of the ingredients. ## Hello, Susan! How are you? Many people have been asking about this, H86 and others ever since that email newsletter has been going out, but there is nothing to be found! I'm sorry, I know many people's hopes were falsely raised, so I know what I'm saying is very disappointing. But I have searched extensively and repeatedly in many different resources, both paid and free, that cover everything from experimental drugs to natural supplements and have been unable to find a single mention of these, whatsoever. Does anyone else know more? ...
Updated 4 months ago.
Thu, Dec 12 '13, 4:29 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 256388
im intrested in knowing of any side effects of this medication please let me know thank you ## i want to make sure that migratine and nortriptyline arnt sulfur drugs ## Sulfa based drugs usually carry a warning or they are listed as such in the patient leaflets to warn about allergic reactions. There is nothing listed in the monograph for Nortriptyline, here's the link for further information: Nortriptyline Info click Here There is also nothing listed for the Migratine: Migratine Info Click Here If you are allergic to sulfa drugs or have bad reactions to them, please make sure that both your doctor and pharmacists are aware of this and that it is listed in the relevant files, that way they can makes sure not to give you meds that contain it. ...
Updated 7 years ago in Nortriptyline.
Sun, Feb 04 '07, 4:09 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 159804
Trilpix 135mg First dose
I took my first dose in the morning. By later that evening, I had several gut wrenching cramps. They were bearable but very uncomfortable. They got worse, Then I had explosive diarrhea! So far that is the only side effect I am aware of. I'll keep you posted ## Been taking it for a week now, no side effects so far. ## Dr gave me Trilipix (135) after bad reaction to statins. I've taken it 4 days & had heartburn so bad it woke me from sleep. I'm done with it! I've had nothing but bad reactions to cholesterol medicnes. I'm thinking the cure is worse than the disease! ## Trilipix contains the active ingredient Fenofibric Acid, it is used to help lower cholesterol. Unfortunately, all medications carry the risk of side effects and some people are much more sensitive to ... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Trilipix.
Thu, Jul 14 '11, 11:06 AM   9  Subscribe to thread 188696
levothyroxine dry eyes
I have been on Levothyroxine for about 11 years with no problems until I was diagnosed with dry eyes about 4 years ago. I was complaining of an ache in my right eye and was given the dry eye diagnosis. As the ache continued to get worse, I finally pressed Kaiser to give me an MRI (a total of 3 now), and they found nothing to cause the ache. Finally did some research, found the eye-Levothyroxine connection and have taken myself off the med & replaced it with appropriate herbs. I feel much better, but would like to know how long the Levothyroxine will remain in my system. ## Hi, Patricia! After taking it for that many years, it's likely to take quite awhile, but there's really no accurate time frame that can be given, especially since you didn't mention the dosage. Learn m... ...
Updated 7 months ago in Levothyroxine.
Mon, Aug 26 '13, 12:06 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 251304
Folwise- Men
Folwise was prescribed by our doctor for both me and my husband. Based on the picture, it looks like it is supposed to be taken only by women. Can men have Folwise ## Folwise is nothing more than a Folic Acid supplement, it is a nutrient that is important to the health of both men and women. Women need more, when they are pregnant, but it is not specific to just women. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Folic Acid.
Thu, Nov 24 '11, 5:57 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 216252
how to get my weight
dear sir i am 21 years old but my weight is only 45 kg what i do ## How tall are you? Your proper and healthy body weight depends on more than just your current age. Have you consulted a doctor? The best thing to do, if you want to gain weight, is to increase your daily calorie intake, while still maintaining a healthy diet and getting proper exercise. However, some people are just naturally small and there may be nothing you can do to change it. I was right around the same weight, when I was your age and, even now, many years later, I have still only hit around 52kgs and have had to accept that I will probably always be tiny, regardless of what I eat or try. ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Fri, Jun 17 '11, 10:39 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 218817
how do ilvitrim helps me when hiv possitive
becuse i tested HIV+ last year December and since then i am taking the Ilvitrim tablets but i am always having an itchy rush on my vagina ia is the ilvirtrim or what as i also suffer from lower abdominal pains i did consult did some scans and they told me there is nothing wrong. How dangerous is low bood pressure as i am anemi when HIV+ because i also take multivitamins,B-tabs,pherous amd the folic acids along with the ilvitrim ## Ilvitrim contains the active ingredients Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim, it's commonly prescribed in many countries under the name Bactrim, it is an antibiotic, used to treat or prevent infection. Being HIV positive can make you much more prone to getting infections. As to the vaginal rash and itching, it may be due to a yeast infection, which could be ... ...
Updated 5 months ago in Folic Acids.
Tue, Oct 29 '13, 1:01 AM   24  Subscribe to thread 222228
Toprol XL 50 MG
Toprol XL 50 MG Has this drug produced any insominia for anybody? I am takingit at night?I am taking HCT(Diovan) 160/12.5MG in the morning ## I would like to say that my doctor put me on toprol xl because I just found out this year I have a generic heart problem. My dad found out he has it and his mom does to. I have to say this medicene helps me because I kept blacking out and found out why. The doctorsaid that it was my built in pace maker he said that if he did surgery to give me another pace maker it would only make me worse. I have to thank you for putting this web site on the internet because it helps me understand toprol xl better than what I thought. Sincerly, Cindy ## Toprol xl I am using for high blood pressure control. I have pacemaker also but meds have nothing to do with pa... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Toprol XL.
Thu, May 24 '12, 6:35 AM   8  Subscribe to thread 159952
first time user
I have just been put on Clonazepam - How does it compare to Xanax ## I took Xanax for a few months and though it worked it always made me VERY tired. I've been on kolonopin now and am SO much happier with the results. ## Dear Lynn, here a comment for you from holland. I can tell you that you have made the best decision in your live. My psychiatrist had put me on xanax ass well because I have a generelised social anxiety disorder (GSAD) and I suffered from extreem stress. I can tell you this; the xanax did nothing for me so I thought I was put on a too small dosis, so I stopped taking it for a few days and I tried four times the prescribed dosis at once (instead of 1 mg a time I took 4mg xanax at once), still nothing not even the tiredness Erica mentioned so I went on internet and su... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Klonopin.
Wed, Jun 01 '11, 3:38 PM   5  Subscribe to thread 172614
My dog bess was 11 years old black labrador. She was taking this steroid for arthritis and went in for an opperation whilst on these steroids. This opperation was called laryingeal paralysis which is a tie back prodecure. Can being on steroids caused problems in the aftercare after the opperation? ## I'm really sorry, but I know nothing about the use of medications in Canines, have you tried asking your vet? Since they are most familiar with your dog, her medical conditions and medications, they would be best able to advise you. Steroids are commonly used to help with the inflammation caused by various conditions, including arthritis, but I can't even tell you anything about the proper dosing or side effects in dogs. ...
Updated 4 years ago in Arthritis.
Thu, Aug 20 '09, 3:41 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 195209
godex ds
is this the best medicine to lower the sgpt? ## godex ds ## My Husband is taking Godex DS as prescribed by his internest. Is there a possibility that his sgpt will back to normal after 1 week of takin Godex DS? ## my sgpt was 101 and i took godex ds 3x a day for 10 days and nothing happened. during the treatment i avoided any food with fats or oil. i only ate fish, vegetables and fruits. maybe that answered you question. ## Presently Im taking Godex ds capsule 3x a day prescribe by the doctor. Can know how long it will help to lower my cholesterole in SGPT? thanks ## Presently Im taking Godex ds capsule 3x a day prescribe by the doctor. Can I know how long it will help to lower my cholesterole in SGPT? thanks ## you have to take the medication for three is not a miracle pill... ...
Updated 9 months ago.
Wed, Jul 03 '13, 7:44 PM   9  Subscribe to thread 190555
Help! Coming off of Viibryd
I was wondering if any of you out there have come off of an SSRI and had severe panic attacks that lasted a month or longer. I am in such distress. I wasn't taking any sort of medication a few years ago and was fine. I almost went through a break-up last summer, got super depressed and my primary care physician started me on Viibryd. At first, it worked great, I felt happy and alive and things smoothed over with the boyfriend. Once he bumped me up to 40 mg however this past November I started to notice I was having panic attacks every now and then. I decided I wanted to get off of it and he cut me down to 20mg for a week, then 10 mg for a week and then nothing. The more I got off of Viibryd, th more panic attacks I would have. I would especially get them while driving. I would get a... ...
Updated 8 days ago in Viibryd.
Tue, Apr 15 '14, 1:06 PM   96  Subscribe to thread 228375
Smoking Pot
The statement I just read said smoking pot would decrease your IQ. This is not true, a family member smoked it for years & is still as quick, bright & intelligent. I do not approve of it, but you accept what you cannot change. ## I also agree with you Anna. I have a relative who's been smoking mary jane for the past 40 years and he's still very vibrant and witty for his age. Perhaps a small percentage of people out there are negatively affected by it's qualities, but nothing too out of the ordinary i'd imagine. Found a brief article on this topic here: If anyone else has information to share that would be great! ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Tue, Jan 15 '13, 10:49 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 241312
new price of percocet
I have psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropathy. I've always been prescribed Percocet 10/325 for my pain. This morning my pharmacy told me that the price has increased by $2.00 by my insurance company (UHC) has not yet adjusted their coverage price. Therefor my prescription for 120 Percocets (or generic) will be $240. I find this to be unbelievably irresponsible of you and your associate manufacturers. I'm on SS and do not have Medicare -- how am I supposed to afford 1 prescription that costs me $240? I'm just one of the millions of peoples that are prescribed this drug, especially Seniors. What are you thinking? What can I do? What will you do for me? ## This site has nothing to do with the pricing of medication. You ne... ...
Updated 4 months ago in Percocet.
Fri, Dec 13 '13, 9:48 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 257012
Hi neededing help on somthing i had a normal period in july but aug,sep, i had nothing but just a little bit of spotting an that was only when i peed an that didnt last long but this month still no period. i dont know if somthing is wrong or if im really pergo but the results came back neg. Ive had a nornal period till i cheated on my partner an now i havent had a period close to three months now could i be pergo or is somthing else wrong with me should i go to the docters office for this or.. ## I think there's something truly wrong and u need to see ur doctor ...that's wat happen wen u step out side ur circle ...but hey i dont judge, so get in shape and get urself back in order, we all make mistake turn to our father, he'll fix it ...amen;-) ## This doesn't nece... ...
Updated 6 months ago.
Tue, Oct 15 '13, 8:41 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 253933
morfine sulfer
just want to know the difference between morfine sulfer and morfine sulfate? ## There are various compounds related to sulfur, including sulfa, sulfates and sulfites. Variations of sulfur are some such allergens, but each type is different. Choosing between any given one is usually dependent on whether or not you are allergic to the compound. Sulfur compounds derive from sulfur, an essential element to life. No person is allergic to sulfur in its pure form, but some might be allergic to the various forms of sulfur (i.e. sulfate, sulfite, sulfa). I'm not sure why companies don't just use sulfur and not have to worry about making different variations of it, but that is not a question I can answer. This has nothing to do with Morphine itself, just what it is chemically compounded w... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Allergens.
Wed, Aug 03 '11, 11:32 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 212194

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