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height increase tablet or supplyment name
i am 21 years old boy , my hieght is 5'7" i want to increase 5 inches plz tell me advice but i had do mastubrate for last 3 years , so plzz help me ## Hello, Ashish! How are you? Okay, first of all I would like to clear up some information on masturbation for you. It is not harmful in any way. It is actually completely normal and healthy, so it would have had no ill effect on you, whatsoever. And as to your height, at your age, you are done growing, so this is the maximum height you are going to attain and there is nothing that can be done to change it, now. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 4 months ago.
Mon, Apr 28 '14, 9:18 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 264205
is it safe to take activated charcoal daily
Are activated charcoal tablets safe to take daily and in what doses. A gall bladder op was botched and now constant diarrohea is a problem as is painful bloating ## I suffer from excessive gas in my stomach I've ordered some charcoal tablets but after reading up about them I'm a bit scared of taking them as I'm on other medication but I only take my meds at night will I be ok to take the charcoal tabs . I'm in a lot of discomfort and there's nothing else my doctor can do. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Activated Charcoal.
Fri, Jun 07 '13, 10:35 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 184033
morphine 100mg er vs Lower Cost Alternative
I am a cronic pain patient. I have been taking Morphine ER 100mg for about 2 years. The price on my pills just doubles at my local pharmacy, My Dr is very open to recommendations, Can anyone recommend an alternative drug with the same pain killing potency with a lower cost. He had prescribed my Oxycontin, but the price at the pharmave was going to be about $700 per month out of pocket for me. The Morphine ER 100MG (qty 90, 3 per day) had been costing me $97 with my drug discount card, today when my wife refilled, they charged $190. When I called about it they said that the retail price of the pills had gone up. ## I have run into the same problem this month. My insurance will only pay for Morphine immediate release, and nothing else. If you find anything that might help both of us, I wo... ...
Updated 1 month ago in Morphine.
Fri, Jul 25 '14, 6:38 PM   34  Subscribe to thread 211475
Testcase tofacitinib for Colitis ulcerosa
In the nearby future i can participate for a testcase in Belgium taking tofacitinib for CA. I only have to be stabil with 16mg medrol (corticoïds) to participate and that's just the problem. I hope I don't get a placebo wich is possible during the study. I hope I can help, not only myself but many others who has the same (agressive) desease. Is there nothing else wich can help my upcoming CA? I take colitofalk and cortisones, Imuran is not possible anymore after a high value of bloodinfection last year. Remikade has helped during a year but as shown in recent results a high amount of this medicinal product in my blood doesn't help me anymore. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Tofacitinib Citrate.
Sat, May 25 '13, 3:06 AM   0 
Will Pause Mf lead to endometrium thickness?
I have irregular and excessive periods. I took Pause MF continuously for 4-5 months. Doctors diagnosed that the Endometrium thickness is 20 mm and gone for a D & C. Again for excessive bleeding I have to take Pause MF. I'm worried that it may lead to Endometrium thickness again. Is it so?? ## Pause-MF contains the active ingredients Tranexamic Acid and Mefenamic Acid, it is used to help control or prevent excessive bleeding. And no, I am not finding anything listed about it causing this problem, but have you discussed it with your doctor? They'd be the ones best able to advise you regarding this matter. ## Yeah, I discussed with my doctor. They say the thickness is not due to PauseMF and I can continue that for years nothing will happen. And for harmore imbalance they sugges... ...
Updated 11 months ago in Tranexamic Acid.
Sun, Sep 22 '13, 1:50 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 220520
how does sibuslim15 allow you to lose weight
If I take sibuslim-15 can I lose weight? ## how does sibuslim 15 mg work and what are the side effects ## sibuslim 15 è uguale a reductil? ## hello can you tell me how effective is the sibuslim-15 is it safe? i want to lose approx. 30lbs i only want to get rid of the stomach nothing else! can you reply asap! thankyou ## how to use sibsulim tablets ## what sibuslim 15 capsules for .and what is the out come is it saft to take ## i am 163 lb and 5feet 1 inch i need to lose 33lb can i lose it 30 days if i use it the correct way how much sibuslim 15 can i take a day ## I am 190lbs and 5ft tall, my baby is 2yrs had her by c-section and not able to lose the baby fat, need to lose 60lbs, how can I use sibuslim capsule? ## Estoy pasado en 60 libras y quisiera tomar el medicamento , es ciert... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Reductil.
Sun, Aug 14 '11, 6:33 PM   11  Subscribe to thread 195977
looking for teva buprenorphine 8 mg tablets
teva says they are shipping product as of 12-02-2013 but can not find them any where. ## Hello, Vez! I'm sorry, I thought I'd already answer your post, I must've been mistaken. Just because they are shipping them doesn't mean that any pharmacy is obligated to have it in stock. They will usually carry the one from whatever manufacturer was offering the cheapest price at whatever time they needed to restock their supply. Have you tried asking if your pharmacy can order it in for you? ## I recently came across some 2 mg Teva (subutex generics) at a Walmart on the east coast (US). I think it's been two years since I've seen these bad boys, and I was happy. They are slightly better than the Roxanne brand, although there is nothing wrong with Rox, as opposed to the so ... ...
Updated 5 months ago in Buprenorphine.
Wed, Mar 19 '14, 8:55 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 256612
OK I REALLY WANT TO KNOW which pain med is BEST
that's pretty much it...I have tried almost all of them, now I find myself back in pain management and would like some feedback on what might REALLY work?? I've read TONS of things about the "new" oxycontins...I was just prescribed some a few weeks ago.. I don't know if its because of the small dose..( 15mg.. )or what, but they did absolutely nothing for my pain..thats why I am asking YOU ..I am thinking of getting opana's..or morphine, i'm not really sure..this is where you come in..if you too have been through the wringer with trying to find a good medication for your pain, please let me know what YOU found that helps you the best..especially if its something I have mentioned...i'm just trying to finally find a good med without having to go through 6+ m... ...
Updated 23 days ago in OxyContins.
Wed, Aug 27 '14, 6:19 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 270899
aceclofenact+ paracetamol+serratiptidose
does taking tablets containing aceclofenact+paracetamol+serratiptidose salts in the first trimester of pregnancy affects the featus adversly? ## Have you consulted your doctor? These are all used as anti-inflammatories to treat pain and swelling. I know in the U.S. nothing more than the Paracetamol/Acetaminophen is generally recommended from this class during pregnancy. Many medications do cross over to the fetus. ...
Updated 4 years ago in Paracetamol.
Mon, May 31 '10, 10:45 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 204332
d amphetamine salt combo behavioral changes
My son recently started taking Addoral, and I'm noticing slight behavioral changes while taking 10 mg twice a day -- nothing major, just seems more pensive and mellow. While listening to techno music, he asked me to sit in our garage, look to the stars and ponder if there's life out there... I'm curious -- is this typical, and okay? What kind of behavioral changes are typical for this drug? ## It can vary from person to person, but that's really what this medication is intended to do for ADHD patients….IE: mellow them out. However, since it is bringing him down, so to speak, you'd be wise to keep an eye out for any dangerous changes, such as severe depression and suicidal ideation. It isn't typical with this medication, but some slight risk is always there ... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Amphetamine.
Sat, Jul 20 '13, 5:15 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 249149
olmezest ch 40, nebistar 10, amlopin 5, moxovas 0.3
I am a 51 year old male, having BP 199/100 inspite of taking the above combination, viz. morning- olmezest ch40, amlopin 5 , afternoon -ecospirin av 75, evening nebistar 10, moxovas .3, along with insulins and amaryl, and jalra, nothing seems to work on my sugars and BP. Does ayone experience stubborn sugar n Bp like this? ## Hello, Raj! How are you doing? I'm very sorry about the problems that you're having. The next thing to look at here is your exercise habits and your diet. Both of those can play a role in your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Increased exercise helps your body work more efficiently and will help to lower both. Salty foods in your diet cause you to retain fluid, which elevates your blood pressure. Anything sweet, such as fruits and pastries will cause ... ...
Updated 9 months ago in Amaryl.
Wed, Nov 27 '13, 4:30 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 255756
A 150 Ativan from China white scored oval shaped
Oval or football shaped white tablet scored in the middle, breaks easily. A on left and 150 on right side, nothing on the back. has a few blue specks. Came from China ## I received pills from China that were supposed to be brand Wyeth Ativan. The pills came in a baggie with no insert of what they were. The pills were white with blue flecks, oval shaped like a football, scored down the middle. On the left was the letter A and on the right of the score were the numbers 59. I have seen pills like these that are phentermine. So I was sent something entirely different from what I had ordered. It would have been dangerous for me to have taken this medication if it is phentermine. This is a very serious error and someone should know about this and correct this and extend an apology to me. The ... ...
Updated 4 years ago in Ativan.
Wed, May 19 '10, 10:35 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 204297
PROLIA SHOULD BE BANNED BY FDA for Osteoporosis !!!!!
I had a shot about 4-5 months ago(due for another one), doubt I'll put that into my system again ! I now am havin bi-lateral hip pain that awakes me every night, and when I walk, I'm stiff !!! Never had these things before, so it seems to me, that the longer it's in your body, the worse off you are ! JMHO. Sent a letter to MD that gace it to me w/black box warning and it said "druge not to take". I have not heard fromher on that note. She probably has nothing else to offer me. She stopped RECLAST after 4 doses,b/c she was getting lomg bone crumbling fractures in some of her patients. So we shall see what the next round of "poison" people will think of for us !!! Good Luck to you all ## Hello, Antonette! Sorry about the pain that you're experiencing. You a... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Prolia.
Wed, Sep 11 '13, 4:10 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 251745
i m 24 yrz old .is methycobal tablet dose prove to be good for the treatment of hair thining in females. ## Methylcobalamin is nothing more than a nutritional supplement of vitamin B12, so the only way it may help with thinning hair is if it happened due to a deficiency in this vital nutrient. Learn more Methylcobalamin information here. Do you have any ideas on what might have caused it? Do you take any other medications? Do you have any medical conditions? Any undue stress levels? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Vitamins & Supplements.
Thu, Jun 21 '12, 2:15 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 232025
Doc Prescribed Me Tricovit Tablet For Hair Loss
I have been diagnosed with alopecia aretae . I m going thru severe hair loss. Doc prescribed me tricovit tab . Will it help me and how long it would take to protect my existing hair . ## Tricovit is just a nutritional supplement that claims to contain vitamins that will help your hair. It contains biotin, L-Cysteine and L-Methionine. However, there are no guarantees that it will actually help your hair loss and stop more from occurring. It is known that some hair loss can be caused by a deficiency in Biotin, so if that's what has caused it, supplementing it back can arrest the hair loss and help encourage new growth. But, if your hair loss has is genetic, which is usually the case with alopecia areata, there may be nothing that can be done to change it. There are cases of this, thou... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Biotin.
Thu, Apr 25 '13, 8:37 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 246091
Lo Loestrin Fe after taking Generesse Fe & no period
My daughter had been taking Generesse Fe for a few years now and just started taking Lo Loestrin this past month. She took the white pills on this past Friday & Saturday, and the iron pills on Sunday & Monday - yesterday & the day before and has no sign for her period yet. She said it feels like she is going to get it but nothing yet and she starts her new pack tomorrow. Is this normal? She called her doctor and of course the first thing recommended was a birth control test. From what I have read this seems normal with this birth control med. But is it healthy not to have a period? ## Yes, that is very common with this contraceptive and no, it is not harmful to skip periods. They actually aren't necessary, unless you want to get pregnant. This will also not affect her fu... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Lo Loestrin Fe.
Tue, Jul 08 '14, 1:43 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 268065
nurse swabbed my cheek to see how i metabolize meds
Has anyone ever heard of this ? She said if I took a med that was supposed to last 6 hrs only lasts 3 hrs ## ?? Are u sure she said a 6 hr med lasts 3 hrs......or did she say a 6hr med has a half life of 3 hrs? ## Please correct me if I'm wrong Rae, but are you referring to the notion that a long-acting medication wont hold up to its proposed duration of action because of the way your system metabolizes meds? I have heard stories about pills not getting fully metabolized and actually ending up in your stool.. but nothing really in line with metabolizing them too fast. Do you ever notice a rushed onset of effects from taking certain medications because of this? If that ever becomes an issue you may even want to let your doctor know so he/she can help you determine a safer dosing regi... ...
Updated 3 months ago.
Tue, May 20 '14, 9:15 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 265156
I Am Trying To Fine Drugs Store That Carry Denintel
i want to fine out what store carrys denintel tablets for weight lose, and i would like to get the tell phone number as well for the store. ## I'm sorry, but Dinintel, which contains the active ingredient Clobenzorex has been banned for sale in the U.S. and Canada. It was found to cause far too many dangerous and adverse reactions. Learn more Dinintel details here. There are still some that are available here to aid in weight loss, but they are only for cases of severe obesity, where nothing else has worked and they require a doctor's prescription. The safest way to lose weight is to actually just follow a healthy diet and exercise plan. Learn more weight loss details here. How much do you feel you need to lose? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Dinintel.
Sat, Jan 19 '13, 11:00 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 241519
ITP (low platelet count) Due To Rehumatoid Arthritis
]Hi I am 27 years .. I have ITP since 4 years... Initially I was diagnosed with a platelet count of 6000.. During which i was given high dosage of steriods along with IVIG .. Then there was increase in my platelet count.. But from then on til date the platelet count is varying from 17000 to 50000.. Although initially for about one and half year's I took medicines including steriods.. Later on for about a year I tried Ayurvedic medicines.. But nothing worked out.. So I was really frusturated and stopped with all the medicines since a year I am not taking any medicines .. Last week i had a check on the count . And presently I am having platelet count of 26000.. And my ANA profile is showing a result has Positive (3+,speckled) . And I am married a year back.. And we are planning for a ... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Arthritis.
Thu, Mar 28 '13, 10:34 PM   0 
Safe to use whilst Pregnant NB*** Lentogesic Capsules
I am going for a root canal on a tooth of mine tomorrow but I got an absyss on the tooth for which I went and requested a antibiotic and painkiller from the pharmacist. He gave me Betamox for the antibiotic and Lentogesic as the pain killer. I have had lentogesic before when i had my wisdoms out and thought nothing of it but have recently discovered that I am pregnant, what are the side effects and could I have harmed my baby in taking this? must i stop taking them? or should i finish my course of the antibiotic at least. Please help! Tnx! ## Have you consulted your doctor on this? There are some antibiotics, such as Tetracycline, that should not be used while you are pregnant. The Lentogesic contains Acetaminophen/Parcetamol and Propoxyphene, the Propoxyphene is a narcotic and these ar... ...
Updated 4 years ago in Tetracycline.
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