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ic propoxyphenapap 100650 mgtev
PINK TABLET BROWN BOTTLE 93 ON FRONT OFTABLET AND 890 ON BACK OF TABLET OBLONG-SHAPED ## The color of the bottle means nothing. This is a generic for Darvocet, containing 650mgs of Acetaminophen (APAP) and 100mgs of Propoxyphene. This is a very mild, narcotic pain reliever. Some of the most common side effects include: drowsiness, nausea, dry mouth and constipation. ...
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Thu, Sep 18 '08, 2:38 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 184000
how to dilute ambien in you system
As soon as possible accidently took today thinking it was something else ## Hello, Tandy! How are you? I'm sorry, but there's really nothing you can do. It would be best to simply lay down and take a nap. In the future, I'd suggest leaving all medications in well marked containers to avoid such errors. Are there any other questions or concerns? ...
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Sat, Jul 26 '14, 12:53 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 267194
Medicine for early or late period
Hi! I need med to get early period or to delay. We have religion function and I want to enjoy. Pls suggest me something to get 1 week early period or 1 week delay.. Pls suggest me. Thanks!! ## Hello, Janny! How are you? I'm sorry, but this late into it, there's really nothing you can do. If you'd looked into it earlier, oral contraceptives can often be used to skip your period. Do you have a doctor that you see regularly? They may be able to suggest something, progesterone might work, but there's no guarantee of that. ...
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Mon, Jun 16 '14, 9:09 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 266600
I m looking for a drug for insomnia
My dr has given me, ambian, Sonoma, tamazapam. I need to sleep to function at Work and life. I'm a zombie. ## Hello, Paula! How are you? Have you tried maintaining good sleep hygiene? That would be keeping a schedule, so you're always in bed at the same time and getting up at the same time, even on weekends. No alcohol or caffeine after 5pm. No heavy meals in the evening. Not using your bedroom for anything other than sleeping. Keeping all lights off at night and etc.? Maintaining a schedule is actually what resolved my long-term insomnia issues, when nothing else would. ...
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Sat, Aug 30 '14, 3:10 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 271533
rejunex od during breast feeding
I have dermographia skin problem. Doctor prescribes me rejunex od. I am also breast feeding my 4 months baby. Is it ok to take this pils during breast feeding? ## Help, Trisha! How are you? Rejunex OD is just a nutritional supplement, it doesn't contain any actual drugs, so there is nothing to worry about here, but it may not help with your skin issue. It contains folic acid, methylcobalamin, vitamin b6 and alpha lipoid acid. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Loratab what do loratabs look like
pink watson 3203 ## I got some white oval pill with westa/ward and 292 on one side and nothing on the other. Iwas told they were generic loratib 7.5. Does anyone know for sure. Since my pharmacy wont open till monday. ## No, this is not any type of narcotic. This tablet contains 750mgs of Methocarbamol, a generic for Robaxin, this is a muscle relaxant. Some of the most common side effects include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and dizziness. Where you given this by your pharmacy as Lortab? ...
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Mon, Feb 09 '09, 2:49 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 178868
activis percocet a333 doesnt work
My cvs just switched from watson manuf for percocet 10 to this actavia oblong pill marked A 333..and it does NOT work as well as the other did. I get very little relief and have to take more...sometimes with NO effect at all. Can someone have these pills tested to see what is actually in them? I suffer from a severe back injury and often bedridden . ## I have the same problem wih my perocet the beige ones I got from the pharamacy last month was made from the same company and I had no relief it did nothing for my pain due o cancer backsurgeris bone ain from the cancer I do not like that brand how doI ask for the other brand I was getting please answer anyone. ## @Katie, I'm not entirely sure that patients can ask for a specific brand, mainly because the pharmacy only gives you whatev... ...
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Sun, Sep 21 '14, 12:07 AM   4  Subscribe to thread 258089
fake xanax tastes/smells like soap
White perforated sticks, taste like soap which is an ester and has nothing on reverse side. Must have some content of benzos as they keep me from getting sick but are certainly not 100% 2 mg aprazolam. Anybody ever run across this? ## Hi Irish14, How's it going? Without a marking of any kind it could literally be anything. However I doubt it's made in the U.S., since all prescription drugs here require imprints for determining the drug name, dosage, and manufacturer. But if you say it keeps the withdrawals at bay, then in my opinion, it's most likely a counterfeit from overseas.... Was this something you had previously ordered online or had just found on the street? ## Just got some that have all the normal X ANA X (middle perf split in the N), but they are DEF smaller than ... ...
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Tue, Sep 09 '14, 7:12 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 271531
pliva 563 little round yellow pill ## This medicine did about nothing to ease the pain I have from falling from a ladder. The doctor wanted to talk about the FDA and his restrictions?? Whatever -- ## Well, first you need to know that this is NOT a pain medication, so it will not work like a narcotic or other pain reliever does. This is a muscle relaxant, so it only helps with pain that is directly caused from muscles, such as strains, sprains, spasms, swelling and etc. If your pain is caused by other factors, which I assume it is, since you fell of a ladder, then this will not help much. It only works on pain that is directly muscular related. As to the FDA restrictions, well yes, it is possible that he may have some. They may have previously investigated and found him to be prescribing... ...
Updated 6 years ago in Muscle Relaxer.
Sun, Dec 30 '07, 5:54 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 169760
Morgans Lysine creates more sores
Felt the cold sore tingle this morning on the right side of my upper lip. I had left home and could not take Lysine tablet. I stopped at the store and got Morgans Lysine. Started using it immediately. Now it is evening. The sore got worse. Another started on the left side of my lip, and one in the middle. As well, everywhere there is one on my upper lip, one has began on my lower lip. Now I have 6 cold sores. I would not recommend using Morgans Lysine. The tablets you get at the local health/nutrition store are much more effective. ## I'm sorry that it got worse, I know it sucks. However, to be honest, there's really nothing that's guaranteed to work, all the time. There are various products and remedies that are claimed to help, some work great for some people and some don&... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Morgans Lysine Lip Balm.
Wed, Feb 20 '13, 10:22 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 243003
phlogam tablet is for what purpose
i have an minor maxillary frature.. and was prescribed phlogam t.d.s x days....y? ## From the limited information I can discover, Phlogam is listed as containing Risedronate. It is used to strengthen bone and treat or prevebt Osteoporosis. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## Tab.Phlogenzyme is it used to reduce the swelling ? ## phlogam which contains trypsin B.P 48mg,bromelain 90mg,rutoside trihydrate B.P 100mg.what actualy that medicine do and for what purposes actualy that used please tell its side effects ## phlogam is not as residronate.... it has nothing to do with bone is used to reduce tissue swelling. ## I HAVE LEFT LEG KNEE PAIN, DR SAID GAP BETWEEN TWO BONES AT LEFT SIDE LEFT LEG IS VERY THIN AND WHILE WALKING ITS RUBBING EACH OTHER...ANY EXCERSISE TO... ...
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Mon, Oct 08 '12, 10:37 PM   5  Subscribe to thread 199113
Tofacitinib for Colitis ulcerosa
In the nearby future i can participate for a testcase in Belgium taking tofacitinib for CA. I only have to be stabil with 16mg medrol (corticoïds) to participate and that's just the problem. I hope I don't get a placebo wich is possible during the study. I hope I can help, not only myself but many others who has the same (agressive) desease. Is there nothing else wich can help my upcoming CA? I take colitofalk and cortisones, Imuran is not possible anymore after a high value of bloodinfection last year. Remikade has helped during a year but as shown in recent results a high amount of this medicinal product in my blood doesn't help me anymore. ...
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Sat, May 25 '13, 3:07 AM   0 
Possible sid effects of Provasmin
I've taken Provasmin a little over a week 260mg daily. I have swollen hands, lips, itch all over and my gums and throat are somewhat swollen and sore. Could these be side effects of this med? ## Sorry, since this is apparently not a drug listed in the US, at least not under this name, I can't find any information on it. Drugs from other countries are just not regulated like those in the US that are under the guise of the FDA. I know nothing about the side effects, however, what you are experiencing sounds like it could be an allergic reaction. I would recommend talking to your doctor or pharmacist for more information. ...
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what does a 50mg toprol-xl look like
A MO ## found a pill don't know what it is. i have a teenagerworried about what this is and don't know where it come from. all it says is 5xl ## Toprol Image Pill Image ## 5 XL Pill Image This is Ditropan Extended Release 5mgs, the generic drug name is Oxybutynin. This is used to relieve urinary frequency, incontinence and related conditions. However, the real question here is why your teen had it, and what they thought it was. Many, many times, drugs are sold as other than what they really are, it is possible that because of the 5XL on it, he bought it or was given it as Oxycontin 5mgs or something else. So while this one is nothing dangerous, a few pills taken occasionally will not even make them pee less or anything, if they have normal bladder function. You have to take it r... ...
Updated 8 years ago in Toprol.
Thu, Jun 01 '06, 9:04 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 169897
tablet form of fioricet (no codiene)
I am so sad that this is no longer available in a tablet, but only in capsule form. I usually take 3/4 of a pill and chop it and carry the pieces in a small plastic bag. Why would you take more medication than you need to solve a problem. I see on this blog that several have been chopping the pill in half, and like me this is one of the only resources I have left in medication for migraines. I'm allergic to a lot of medication. If only someone knew how we already suffer, they'd never make it harder for us. ## So relieved that I am not alone in my need and want for Fiorinal in the tablet form. The capsules do nothing to relieve the pain and upset stomach of a migraine headache. Fioricet is just as ineffective. Does anyone know if the tablets are available from a Canadian Pharmacy... ...
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Mon, Aug 25 '14, 9:03 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 271144
anti-inflammatory drug Arthrexin
I AM TAKING ARTHREXIN TABLETS FOR LOWER BACK PAIN FOR THE LAST13 YEARS BUT AFTER A STROKE [12/11/14] I WAS TOLD TO STOP TAKING IT. HOWEVER THE LOWER BACK PAIN STARTED AGAIN.... CAN I TAKE ANTI-INFLAMATORY [ARTHREXIN] TOGETHER WITH ALL THE MEDS FOR HBP AND CHOLESTROL?? [LIKE STATIN] ## My husband has always taken Arthrexin for his joint pains. He is now on Warfarin and would like to know if he can take them together as the doctor has strongly advised against this and nothing else seems to work. ## Hello, Avi and Linda! How are you both? No, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories can be very risky in both situations and should be avoided. If something for pain is needed, each respective doctor should be consulted to discover what medication can be taken safely. Is there anything else I can help... ...
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Thu, Jul 24 '14, 4:38 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 263453
hello and first off thank you to anyone who wants to help ..I live in west TN and I an 47 .I have Arthritis, osteo and rhumitiod ,fibromyalgia,and a rare Ankylosing Spondolyis .have been in pain for about 10 years..but servere pain about the last 5.. I now go to a Pain Specialis group is the problem ...I have been on hydo, percocets,dilaided,and now on moriphine er 30's 3 a day.NOTHING for flare ups or breakthro pain. moriphine only for thr last 9 months... ok here is the problem,,The pain DR doesn't listen to me at all, I have told her for atleast the last 6 -9 monthsd that the moripine is NOT helping.. she said ..get off of it and see if it is ..ok how can I make or explain to her ...I hurt everyday the level stays 7-8 then with flare up10+..i have called when in such p... ...
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Sun, Sep 21 '14, 1:14 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 273626
Liver Enzymes Raised by Modafinil
I have major depression, which is only one out of 4 Mental Health diagnoses I have that disabled me since 1985. The major depression is resistant to treatment. I have been on so many combinations of anti-depressant, anti-psychotic and mood stabilizers that my Psychiatrists in the past and the one I go to now, did not know what to do. About 5 years ago, as a last resort, I was put on Provigil as a way to help me get motivated and not be depresses. I now take high doses of Modafinil, and my AST blood level for my liver is 40 (should be 10-35, and my ALT is 134 (should be 6-40. My Psychiatrist, PCP, and I have agreed that in my case, where I could do nothing for myself, had countless suicide attempts, and hardly ever got out of bed, quality of life is a priority--not quantity of life. I wa... ...
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name of height increasing medicine
i am living in chennai and i am 21 years old.......please mention me the name of tablet available in medicals like apolo or in a med plus.. ## Hi, Pooja! I'm sorry, but there is nothing you can take that will cause you to grow in stature at 21. Once you are at this age, you are done growing and nothing can be done about it. While you were younger, there are some growth factors that could have been used to help ensure that you reach your full growth potential, but even they cannot override genetics and enable you to grow taller than you are naturally intended to be. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Mon, Jun 24 '13, 2:36 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 248147
could this have caused infertility??
I took Accutane when I was 17 for a few months and then a month when I turned 18 so maybe 5-6 months all together, im 21 now and me and my fiancé have been trying for a baby for about 8 months now and nothing is happening, my periods are irregular so I never really know when im ovulating so that might be the cause, I started looking into Accutane as a cause of infertility and im overwhelmed with everything that ive found. Can someone please tell me if Accutane could be the cause of infertility?? ## Hello, Bluegrassgirl! How are you? If your periods are irregular, it's most likely to be related to that. Years ago, when I had the same problem, it took well over a year for me to become pregnant with my son. Have you consulted an OB Gyn? That should be able to do some testing to le... ...
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