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Chlorphenamine (INN), chlorpheniramine (USAN, former BAN) or piriton (trade name), commonly marketed in the form of chlorpheniramine maleate (Chlorphen-12[1]), is a first-generation alkylamine antihistamine used in the prevention of the symptoms of allergic conditions such as rhinitis and urticaria. Its sedative effects are relatively weak compared to other first-generation antihistamines. Chlorphenamine is one of the most commonly used antihistamines in small-animal veterinary practice. Alth...

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What Is Rhineton Used For
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NEED TO KNOW WHAT IS RHINETON PILLS USED FOR. ## Rhineton contains the active ingredient Chlorpheniramine, it is an antihistamine that is most commonly used to treat allergies. Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and dry sinuses. Learn more: Are there any other questions? ## Can Rhineton tablettes be used for coughs? ## I have a big and a small legs, they are like this Because of medication. So what can I use to make them Right again? ## Hi the doctor gave this tablets to me. I am astmatic and have a haert condition. Willit help ## Rhineton Tablets can cure warts? ## Can this be used om a cat? ## I have small rash on my hands and feet after using a washing detergent, its itching and so red, can rhineton releive the itchiness?
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small yellow pill imprint 310 over a v
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Need to know a small yellow ROUND WITH 310 over a V the back is plain 4 cant see well but could be 910 over a V ## Hello, Jamie! How are you? Don't worry, many people have trouble making out this imprint, but I know what you're talking about. That's a logo with the numbers 016. This is an over the counter product that contains 4mgs of Chlorpheniramine. The FDA classifies it as an antihistamine and its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and drowsiness. Is there anything else I can help with?
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histal dc
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I would like to know how often I can take the histal dc . ## Hi Merrillee, Based on my research, Histal is an antihistamine medication that contains chlorpheniramine maleate. The dosage of any medication is unique to the individual and their medical history as well as other factors like weight, age, other medications you are taking etc.. The dosage for Chlorpheniramine maleate is also determined by what the patient is using the medication for. There are different dosages for different ailments, such as: allergic rhinitis, urticaria, cold symptoms, and allergic reactions. If you can provide some details regarding what you are using this medication for, I may be able to provide some basic dosing information. Thank you! ## I have had the hives for the last 2 years. Recently we went to Gren...
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peach colored pill line on one side
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it is egg shaped has a score line in center with a E on one side of line and a 1 on the other ## Hello, Crmstider! How are you? This is a product called ED A-Hist that is manufactured by Edwards Pharmaceuticals, it is available over the counter and they list it as containing 4mgs of Chlorpheniramine and 10mgs of Phenylephrine. It is used to treat congestion caused by cold or allergies. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and nervousness. Is there anything else I can help with?
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Dynatussin capsules
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is Dynatussin a band medecine why is it that the biggest drug store in manila mercury drug has pulled out dynatussin telling theres a very bad side effect ## Chlorpheniramine + Guaifenesin + Phenylephrine are the active ingredients in Donatussin Drops. Common side effects include: dizziness, drowsiness, diarrhea, headache, appetite loss, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, stomach ache, and vomiting. Other more serious side effects are, irregular heartbeat, hallucinations, seizures, swelling of the face, rash, hives, and trouble urinating. Do you haev any more questions ot information to add? Please post back if you do. ## i don't believe that this med is such a health-threat. i've been taking this since saturday cos of fever, flu and cough. at first take, my itchy throat had reached ...
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red round pill 411
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What happens if you take 4 triple C ## Hello, John! How are you? A round, red tablet with the numbers 411 on it in manufactured by Value Merchandisers and they list it as containing 4mgs of Chlorpheniramine and 30mgs of Dextromethorphan. It is sold under the name Cough Cold HBP, meaning it is designated as safe for people with high blood pressure. Its typical side effects are listed by the FDA as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and dry nose. I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what you're referring to as Triple C. Can you please post back and clarify? Thank you!
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rhineton tablets
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a small yellow pill what does it cure ## Rhineton contains the active ingredient Chlorpheniramine, it does not cure anything, but it used to treat the symptoms of allergies. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth. Read more: Did you doctor instruct you to use this? ## My doctor recently perscribed me these rhineton pills because I had and ear infection and runny nose what effects do they have the long run and what do you think will have when I stop using these pills since I suffer from allergies caused by the environment in which I live ## I suffer from COPD and would to know the benefits of Rhineton tablets for my ailment. ## I WAS GIVEN RH30 TABLETS AT LOCAL CLINIC I COMPLAINT ABOUT BLOCKED AND ITCHING NOSTRILS, I HAVE TERRIBLE SIDE EFFECTS DROWSI...
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Eofil Forte Tab
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burning in the urinary track before and afterurination. ## WHAT FOR EOFIL FORTE IS USED ## Eofil Forte contains the active ingredients Chlorpheniramine and Diethylcarbazine, it is used to treat parasitic infections. Side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and dry mouth. Learn more: Are there any other questions or comments? ## For slight wheezing, light fever and running nose, I was prescribed a cough syrup , Corum 625 mg tab twice daily for 3 days and eofil forte twice daily for 5 days. Am I under correct medication ? ## Greetings for the day, i had matching boils on both the legs just above the ankle, it is swelled and had pain, they turned red swelled, my anklets are also got swelling for the last 4 days, my physician advised to underwent all routine examinations, in w...
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Is Ed A Hist 4 10 a Narcodic?
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is a ED A HIST 4-10 a narcodic ## No this is not a narcotic, it contains Chlorpheniramine and Phenylephrine, an antihistamine and a decongestant (respectively) to treat cold and allergy symptoms. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, nervousness and insomnia. Learn more Chlorpheniramine details here and you can learn more Phenylephrine details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have osteoarthritis in about every joint i have pain everytime ot rains or the the pressure rises or it gets cold my neurosurgeon hsd me on 2 10 325 norco every 6 hours plus 1 350 soma every 6 hours it don't take all the pain awsy but it helps some
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yellow round pill 255
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Good Morning, Is the 255 yellow pill still available for purchase at retail pharmacies? I used to buy it at Costco and have not seen it there lately. thank you ## Hi Maggie, Based on my research, the round yellow tablet marked 255 is identified as OTC Chlorpheniramine Maleate (4mg); which is used to treat allergy and cold symptoms. If you believe Costco may have stopped carrying it for one reason or another, I would suggest contacting their pharmacy department to see if that's really the case, or if they simply forgot to restock it. Have you checked with any other pharmacies in your area as well?
Updated 11 months ago.

Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

  • Capsule, Extended Release: 12mg, 8mg
  • Injection: 100mg/ml, 10mg/ml
  • Liquid: 2mg/5ml
  • Syrup: 2mg/5ml
  • Tablet: 4mg
  • Tablet, Chewable: 2mg
  • Tablet, Extended Release: 12mg, 16mg, 8mg, 8mg + 120mg
Note: Above list includes dosages for all drugs with the same combination of active ingredients.

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