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Help Finding Legitimate Online Pharmacy/no Rx
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Suzanne Says:
I am trying to find a legitimate online pharmacy to buy tramadol w/out a RX. I've already thrown money away on some green pills, Tramadil that came from India. I would really appreciate help from anyone that has had a good experience with an online pharmacy. There are so many on there and I don't if any exist that aren't scams. Thanks.

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Christy Says:
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Hi there. Ran across this post and was curious if you could give me the name of the pharmacy? Thank you!

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karen Says:
jay can you give me a hint about your source? thanks

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Jay Says:
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I just read a post that said you had good luck with big ones but they get moderated into oblivion. Mine is pretty expensive but comes descrete in a couple of days. They even refund when they mess up and send more if somehow short. But if at all pos let me know the places you like to "look" at. Sorry to bother you. Thanks

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Samson Says:
Where can I get diazepam , xanax without rx and without rip off? Thanx for any info

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Rachel Says:
I just read through 17 pages and can't understand the cryptic part :( I feel dumb lol

I know about the caps on random scenario but I just don't get it.

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jim Says:
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Hi I'm looking to for a doctor to prescribe oxycodone as well as a trusted source to fill it. can u please help

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mac Says:
Can anyone let me know of a good pharmacy they've found please?

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Sangaria Says:

Anyone know of a pharmacy that carries Lamotrigine and Modafinil? Thanks

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Michelle Says:
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Can you give me the name of the site you use please for tramadol?

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John Says:
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Sorry, why are English meds better?

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John Says:
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I've found a page called terms of use assuming that is the page with all the rules. There was quite a bit to read but have gone through the full page and have a better understanding now of how it all works. Once again thank you for you help

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WHITEY53 Says:
england meds better than usa meds FACT !!!

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crotalotus Says:
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Good. I'm glad you understand now. The rules are put in place to keep our sources and us safe and out of trouble. It also keeps out the spammers. Socialize, share your knowledge and experiences. You will figure out how all of this works. Everyone was a newbie once. Just make sure you read the rules of the forum first. They shouldn't be hard to find. If you don't understand something, just ask. Someone will help you. {edited for policy reasons}

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marci Says:
whered u get them?

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John Says:
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Right ok thank you for the information. This is all a learning curve for me and didn't realise they were rules but I will look for them now that you've mentioned it. Things are a little difficult at the moment and wish things would be so much easier but I guess they are what they are.

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canary Says:
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Here's the thing, there are many many pharmacies listed and reviewed, you are correct there. But you won't find legit sites that sell tramadol or other controlled meds there. You have to join that site and become an active member in order to gain access to a secret "seniors area" which is where you want to be reading. However, one can only access the senior area once you post so many times and have been a member for so many days. This is common practice at pharm sites. Read the rules in these forums and follow them. You will get top quality info.

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crotalus Says:
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Its probably not safe to take capsules from overseas if you are not positive what's in them. I have a reliable overseas pharm, but I cannot name them here. From what I've seen, most pharms do not want their name all over open forums. Ex: If I posted "I just got a bunch of controlled meds from" the police would go and shut down do you see what I mean?

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John L. Says:
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Could u let me know a reliable pharmacy to mail-order anxiety and pain medications and muscle relaxants for legitimate purposes?? Thank you so much. Affordability is also an issue

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John Says:
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Has anybody ever ordered or heard of kwikmeds? They are based on england and seem to have mixed reviews from what I can see

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Erica Says:
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Click remedy

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