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70mgs vyvanse
30days of 70-mgs
Updated 4 days ago.
hallucinations from vyvanse
my son was on vyvanse for a year his doc raised his dose he started hearing voices and we lowered the dose. he was off the med for the summer and back on it again when school started , He started having more auditory halucinations on it again so we stopped again . But the voices did not go away now this time . vyvanse did in fact cause this . anyone else have that problem. I have heard others havingng some auditory hallucinations from it but did not hear about how long it lasts . he has been off vyvanse now for a year and still gets them a few times a week and has to go on risperidol but he feels like a zombie and his ADD is beyond bad now and I swear he was never ADD when the doctor put him on it .he was depressed over a friends death and couldnt focus in school . I told the doctor thi...
Updated 6 days ago.
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vyvanse 30 mg
im 15 now and Well i used to have ADHD when i was a kid and i took adderal and my grades were improving alot and then they took me off of it and see that i improved because i took it for a while but then grades got lower in middle school so i started to take vyvase because doctor said it would help.. they still thought i had ADHD i started at 30 mg then went to 40mg and i was only on it for a like 5 weeks but they took me off of it because i was getting dizzy after school ride i want to take my sisters vyvanse which is 30mg so i will do better for the highschool would this be a good idea?? ## im 15 now and Well i used to have ADHD when i was a kid and i took adderal and my grades were improving alot and then they took me off of it and see that i improved because i took it for a while bu...
Updated 10 days ago.
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withdrawal from vyvanse
My son had a terrible experience on wyvance. He has phyciatic systems to include halluciations. The doctor took him off the drup cold turkey and Ihe seems to be having withdrawal systems? Is that normal? ## My son,age 5 has ADHD and was on adderall but his father and I didn't like how he was acting so his dr. changed it to vyvance, I've read your comment now I'm very worried about giving it to him...what should I exspect? ## im replying for the kid that was tooken off his meds,denise,i honestly think u need to contact the dr who prescribed the meds to ur to your ?it is definitly normal to have withdrawls,im on adderol.and the dr i see told me this is a narcotic,i have adhd,and they cannot just take him off,i know this,becuz my doctor told me i will be dependent on thi...
Updated 10 days ago.
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Withdrawal from Vyvanse
I have been on Vyvanse for 4 weeks and I am now tapering off. I was going to quit cold turkey , but I wke up this morning and felt like I'd been hit by a truck. It's been a few hours and I still feel like I have a mild case of the flu. Anyway, I started 4 weeks ago and the first 3 days I never felt better in my life. I 'd never been so productive, focused, and organized! By day 7 , I was back to my normal under- acheiving, scrammbled , self. Then my Dr. raised my dose from 30 mg to 50. Well this threw me into severe anxiety. I have been chewing my nails till they bleed. I can't seem to stop. I have a feeling of being completely overwhelmed, my house is trashed and it's driving me nuts, but I have no energy or drive to get up and clean it.....Can anyone else out there...
Updated 11 days ago.
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vyvanse capsule
O havetwo kindsnof vyvanse iw 30mg and the other is 50mg. Now i wantre to know if theyare real xuz the powder inside isn't.bitter. in fact it a bitbsweet Not; overly sweet I've had vybanse many times But i forgotbthe taste.nebody known the realy taste of vyvanse.I dont wana b rippedboff
Updated 16 days ago.
So she takes 140mg of vyvanse
Has anyone heard of such a high dose being prescribed ?? ## Hi Bry, According to the US National Library of Medicine, the maximum recommended daily dose of Vyvanse is 70 mg. They go on to state that "doses greater than 70 mg/day of Vyvanse have not been studied." Ref: With that being said, it sounds like her doctor is either over prescribing or she's over using the amount he did prescribe. This has potential to be habit forming and very addicting, so I'd continue to keep an eye on her if you feel like she's digging herself into a deeper hole. How long has she been taking Vyvanse for?
Updated 21 days ago.
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pharmacy vyvanse adderall
I am prescribed Adderall by my PCP. I see a psychologist also. He prescribed Vyvnase to me. I have attempted to fill the prescription for Vyvanse and the pharmacist refused. Should I find another pharmacy? I do have health insurance. and can't afford to pay cash. I am having problems with my job, and can't afford to loose it. I certainly think that I need to at least the Vyvanse to get my ADD under control. I am in Macon, Ga. Thanks in advance for any assistance/advice. ## Hi holly, Sorry to hear about the trouble you had in getting your script filled; but it sounds like you may just need to check other pharmacies in your area. If you need additional assistance with covering the cost of your medication, I do know that MedsChat also offers a free drug discount card that can save ...
Updated 22 days ago.
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vyvanse 140mg prescribed by my wifes physc
is this possible? I see everywhere online that 70 mg is the max daily? Aetna will only pay for 30 pills a month, not 60. I believe her physc is reckless, he also scribes her viibryd, and klonipin from a different doc she takes about 2 10/325 of precoctes, and applies a 25mg fentynal patch every 24hrs. Has anyone ever heard of such a regime? It all seems so crazy... she denies being an addict, but I know in my heart she is.
Updated 22 days ago.
Vyvanse - wife has taken 70 mg for about 5 yrs
Is this normal to take this med for 5 yrs? I really never even knew she had adhd? In fact I really dont know why she is taking it or even started. Her phyc. precribed it to her , he also prescribed viibryd which is a ssri. She also takes precocet 10/325 for back pain, i am not sure how many she take, but she has pills located in 3 locations of the house, so she does not always take 4 a day. Then she has a lipoderm patch, and has acess to a fentonal patch also, not sure how much she uses this. Then she takes klonipin to sleep. She does not doc shop, but the vyvanse and the percocet come from2 different docs. I am most comcerned about the vyvanse abuse . It has been a long time . We are divorcing and she wants me to keep paying for it. I believe she is addicted, and i aslo know she cant g...
Updated 23 days ago.
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blue capsule 3060 ????
I got the blue 20 mg 3060 capsule what of i took it either 70mg Vyvanse? I truly hope that they work. from the bad reviews I'm afraid to even try one. someone please give me advice ## Are you referring to the blue capsule with the "R 3060" imprint? That's closest match I'm seeing online, and it reportedly contains 20mgs of time-released mixed Amphetamine salts, manufactured by Actavis. I don't know who told you it was 70mgs of Vyvanse, but if you got them from overseas or off other shady dealers there's no telling what might be in it, and that's just a risk that you should've thought about before buying it. I would probably take it as a sign that your body is naturally putting up its own defense to save you from taking something that you shouldn't...
Updated 24 days ago.
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Vyvanse 70 Mg False Positive For Cocaine
I tested positive for cocaine, i do not do cocaine, i am prescribed Vyvanse 70 Mg can that cause a false positive drug screening? ## No, Vyvanse hasn't been know to cause false positives for anything. Were you taking anything else, even over the counter products? Learn more drug test details here. ## I was taking aderal for a time,and suboxone. I had a huge blowout with the woman who runs the urine lab the same day I got the false positive. I also wonder if the result really exists and that it may have been reported to me wrong..? The hair test was also positive but had been submitted the same week 3 days prior to the urine. Funny though, when I got the positive result of the hair test I went in the very next day to get another one from the same facility and the result was negative ...
Updated 26 days ago.
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Vyvanse possible Treament for Depression
I don't have a question but do have a few thoughts about Vyvanse. I noticed that in the official Vyvanse drug info that Vyvanse was being considered in the treatment of Major Depression Disorder. I have struggled with Bipolar ll for many years with Seasonal Pattern, ie I have extreme depression in the winter and hypomania in the summer. My depressions generally havetreatment resistant and I have been hospitalized several times. A couple of times only ECTs could break my depressions. There have been times when depression threatened my life because it was so unbearable. A couple times ECT's was the only effective treatment. Last winter (2010-2011), I didn't bother with seeking hospitalization but strongly felt that I could not deal with another bout of such debilitating depres...
Updated 27 days ago.
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vyvanse capsule s489 40mg
What foods shold I not give my child when he takes Vyvanse 40mg capsules ## Hello, Kit! How are you? The capsule with the S489 marking contains 30mgs. And I am not aware of any foods he needs to stay away from, other than stuff that may add even more stimulating effects, such as those that contain caffeine or sugar. This medication may be habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, insomnia, irritability and anorexia. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 27 days ago.
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vyvanse lisdexamfetamine 50 mg
I take a 50mg of Vyvanse at 6 am still struggling to keep a wake at 10:30 I take a second one at 2 I am still struggling to stay awake at 3:30. I tried 2/50 mg at 6 am still no help. ## Hello, Tommy! How are you doing? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having. Not every medication works for everyone that tries it, which is why there are usually several choices in any given treatment category, thus, you may need to discuss this with your doctor and try a different medication. Have you ever tried Adderall or Ritalin? They are both very similar stimulants and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, insomnia and irritability.
Updated 27 days ago.
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vyvanse aggression
Adult daughter showing signs of agression on vyvanse ## I've been on vyvanse for over a year and I just decided to stop using it because of all the anger I felt all the time. I've been off of it for 3 days and my withdrawal symptoms have been horrific. I do not recomend this medication to anyone. ## I am sorry for your experience. It is a horrid drug. Have you seen other blogs concerning it? ## My son 14 years old started out taking vyvanse 20 mg then eventually to 40 mg. He hasn't been on the 40 mg long.All together he has been on the medicine for 2 months. Well the scary part is it gave him full blown tourette syndrome.He has been suffering terrible tics and muscle body jerking. He is biting at the air and has a few vocal tics.He is highly irritable.I never seen anything l...
Updated 28 days ago.
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Vyvanse Insomnia
i know one of the side effects of vyvanse is insomnia. i can't sleep at all on this stuff, usually i get four or five hours of sleep per two nights. on a good day i'll get six or seven but again, that's over the span of two nights. i take vyvanse every morning except for the weekends, and it gives me enough energy that i can function mentally as though i've gotten all the sleep i need, but my body is achy and sore, and it's starting to make me feel a bit ill. Not to mention i have trouble getting out of bed at all on the weekends when i don't take it. all i'm basically asking is this- people with 60-70mgs, if you have the same problem, how do you get to sleep? is there any way to combat the insomnia without nullifying the medicine? I already take Olanzipine (...
Updated 1 month ago.
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my 8yr. old grandson takes vyvanse, he has been on it for almost two years, sometimes he is focused and other times he isn't....................then there are the silly times which lately seems to be a lot at school.................just plain acting silly. the very odd time he has been aggressive..............then I find it goes up and down with reference to his actions...................overall, I guess it is working, there are times when he suffers from stomach pain and I know this is a side affect, I find it suppresses his appetite too along with his growth which I am not happy about. He says kids call him short at school as they are getting taller and he isn't. Just how much does this drug affect their growth. ## I am 30 and just began Vyvanse. HOWEVER as a child I took Rita...
Updated 1 month ago.
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Adult daughter displaying unusual aggression on Vy
My adult daughter is displaying increased agitation and anger since she is on Vyvance. She has been off it for 2 or 3 days and is feeling horrible. I do not think she ever had ADD or ADHD when the doc prescribed the med. I feel she has been displaying symptoms of ADHD - confusion, irritation, hyperactivity, impulsiveness, etc, since being on the Vyvance. Has anyone had similar experiences?? ## Vyvanse contains the active ingredient Lisdexamfetamine, so it is a stimulant, commonly used to treat ADHD and Narcolepsy. However, these can be side effect for some people, even if they do have ADHD. It can cause: insomnia, irritabillity, agression and nervousness. There are non-stimulant options available that may be better for her. Has she spoken to her doctor about these issues? You can read m...
Updated 1 month ago.
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vyvanse urine drug test
I took 120 mg of vyvanse at 8:35 and I have a drug test tomorrow at 3:00 will vyvanse be out of my urine by then ## Checking on how long in system
Updated 2 months ago.
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