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need new psychiatrist in georgia
I'm asking any of you out there,my psychiatrist is moving out of Georgia,I've seen him 3 years and he changed life.i have been ADHD since a kid,and did not stay on proper meds,now I take 50mg vyvanse,50mg,Zoloft,and 1 mg xanax 3 times a day as needed.if anyone out there knows a good psychiatrist who takes Medicare,Medicaid please let me know.thanks James ## Hello, James! How are you? Did you try asking him if he has a colleague he can refer you to? That's usually the no hassle way of getting in good with a new doctor. What general area are you in? That would make it easier for someone to recommend a doctor for you.
Updated 1 day ago.
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my 8yr. old grandson takes vyvanse, he has been on it for almost two years, sometimes he is focused and other times he isn't....................then there are the silly times which lately seems to be a lot at school.................just plain acting silly. the very odd time he has been aggressive..............then I find it goes up and down with reference to his actions...................overall, I guess it is working, there are times when he suffers from stomach pain and I know this is a side affect, I find it suppresses his appetite too along with his growth which I am not happy about. He says kids call him short at school as they are getting taller and he isn't. Just how much does this drug affect their growth. ## I am 30 and just began Vyvanse. HOWEVER as a child I took Rita...
Updated 3 days ago.
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Need advice on when and how to withdrawl from taking
This is very helpful. I am 24 and work full time and go to college. I have been taking vyvanse ever since its been on the market. It is amazing and sometimes a blessing but it also is a crutch. I take it during the work week for energy and focus due to ADD and it helps but I find myself needing breaks from it, it makes my heart race and makes me nervous, anxious, and different than i normally am. I worry about being on meds forever and I dont want to take ANYTHING while pregnant so I am wondering if I should stop taking within the next few months or wait til i am finished with school? I am worried I wont be able to function without it. But I think after the withdraws are over, I may have a chance to not rely on it like I always have. Please give me some advice. ## Hello, Meg1989! How ar...
Updated 15 days ago.
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vyvanse aggression
Adult daughter showing signs of agression on vyvanse ## I've been on vyvanse for over a year and I just decided to stop using it because of all the anger I felt all the time. I've been off of it for 3 days and my withdrawal symptoms have been horrific. I do not recomend this medication to anyone. ## I am sorry for your experience. It is a horrid drug. Have you seen other blogs concerning it? ## My son 14 years old started out taking vyvanse 20 mg then eventually to 40 mg. He hasn't been on the 40 mg long.All together he has been on the medicine for 2 months. Well the scary part is it gave him full blown tourette syndrome.He has been suffering terrible tics and muscle body jerking. He is biting at the air and has a few vocal tics.He is highly irritable.I never seen anything l...
Updated 17 days ago.
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Withdrawal from Vyvanse
I have been on Vyvanse for 4 weeks and I am now tapering off. I was going to quit cold turkey , but I wke up this morning and felt like I'd been hit by a truck. It's been a few hours and I still feel like I have a mild case of the flu. Anyway, I started 4 weeks ago and the first 3 days I never felt better in my life. I 'd never been so productive, focused, and organized! By day 7 , I was back to my normal under- acheiving, scrammbled , self. Then my Dr. raised my dose from 30 mg to 50. Well this threw me into severe anxiety. I have been chewing my nails till they bleed. I can't seem to stop. I have a feeling of being completely overwhelmed, my house is trashed and it's driving me nuts, but I have no energy or drive to get up and clean it.....Can anyone else out there...
Updated 18 days ago.
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Vivan for AHDH
my grandaughter was tol her son has ADHD. He is very argumentive, destructive, fowl mouthed also. The doctor put him on Vivan but it does no good. She is thinking of getting mental health treatmen. Is Vivan good for him? Is there another medication besides Vivan that he could be given. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank You...Mrs. K ## I'm assuming you meant the medication Vyvanse, which contains the active ingredient Lisdexamfetamine? How long has he been taking it? It can take a month or so for it to reach its full efficacy level in his body. Otherwise yes, there are other medications that they can try, such as Adderall: Has she spoken to his doctor about it? ## How long is it in your system
Updated 25 days ago.
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withdrawal from vyvanse
My son had a terrible experience on wyvance. He has phyciatic systems to include halluciations. The doctor took him off the drup cold turkey and Ihe seems to be having withdrawal systems? Is that normal? ## My son,age 5 has ADHD and was on adderall but his father and I didn't like how he was acting so his dr. changed it to vyvance, I've read your comment now I'm very worried about giving it to him...what should I exspect? ## im replying for the kid that was tooken off his meds,denise,i honestly think u need to contact the dr who prescribed the meds to ur to your ?it is definitly normal to have withdrawls,im on adderol.and the dr i see told me this is a narcotic,i have adhd,and they cannot just take him off,i know this,becuz my doctor told me i will be dependent on thi...
Updated 1 month ago.
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Stopped taking vyvanse…when will I get my natural energy levels back?
I have been taking Vyvanse consistently for around 2 years. I finally decided I want to go off of it. For the past week, I have not been taking it and I feel overall better (less anxiety), BUT my levels of fatigue are crazy. I have been getting 8 hours of sleep overnight but I constantly feel tired all the time. When will I get my energy levels back? A week? A month? A year? If anyone has been through this please let me hear your experience.
Updated 1 month ago.
Tired from dose change
I just started taking Vyvanse 2 months ago, and I feel really good taking it. Of course I started out on the 30mg of Vyvanse, then my doctor put me on 70mg because the pharmacy didn't carry 60mg Vyvanse at the time I wanted to get on them. Now I am on 60 mg of Vyvanse instead of 70, and I wanted to know if it takes a while for my body to get use to the 60 mg dose? I feel really good after I take it at 8 am, but around 2 pm or so I start feeling tired like I need a nap. I use to be on Adderall XR until I started have really bad side effects, so I am not familiar with the Vyvanse. ## Hello, David! How are you feeling? Of course it is going to have an affect if you were taking 70mgs, then suddenly dropped down to 60mgs, but yes, your body will adjust in a week or two. But, if you conti...
Updated 1 month ago.
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Vyvanse Withdrawal
Needing some help. I have been taking 40/mg Vyvanse 2 times a day for about 2 weeks, before I was on just 50/mg a day but noticing the crash in afternoon and my dr decided to up my dose to twice a day. I went to take my vyvanse this morning and I can't find my bottle of meds! I was on campus all day yesterday (I'm in my last yr of grad school) and usually keep my bottle in there. I was pulling stuff in and out all day so I'm wondering if I dropped it somewhere? I've searched everywhere and can't find anything. I even called the campus police station to see if anyone turned it in (HA I know fat chance, but I was desperate) My next dr. appt isn't until Dec 19th and I don't think I could get a refill on it anyways bc of the strict stimulant prescription rules in...
Updated 1 month ago.
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Vyvanse 70 Mg False Positive For Cocaine
I tested positive for cocaine, i do not do cocaine, i am prescribed Vyvanse 70 Mg can that cause a false positive drug screening? ## No, Vyvanse hasn't been know to cause false positives for anything. Were you taking anything else, even over the counter products? Learn more drug test details here. ## I was taking aderal for a time,and suboxone. I had a huge blowout with the woman who runs the urine lab the same day I got the false positive. I also wonder if the result really exists and that it may have been reported to me wrong..? The hair test was also positive but had been submitted the same week 3 days prior to the urine. Funny though, when I got the positive result of the hair test I went in the very next day to get another one from the same facility and the result was negative ...
Updated 1 month ago.
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hallucinations from vyvanse
my son was on vyvanse for a year his doc raised his dose he started hearing voices and we lowered the dose. he was off the med for the summer and back on it again when school started , He started having more auditory halucinations on it again so we stopped again . But the voices did not go away now this time . vyvanse did in fact cause this . anyone else have that problem. I have heard others havingng some auditory hallucinations from it but did not hear about how long it lasts . he has been off vyvanse now for a year and still gets them a few times a week and has to go on risperidol but he feels like a zombie and his ADD is beyond bad now and I swear he was never ADD when the doctor put him on it .he was depressed over a friends death and couldnt focus in school . I told the doctor thi...
Updated 1 month ago.
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Vyvanse possible Treament for Depression
I don't have a question but do have a few thoughts about Vyvanse. I noticed that in the official Vyvanse drug info that Vyvanse was being considered in the treatment of Major Depression Disorder. I have struggled with Bipolar ll for many years with Seasonal Pattern, ie I have extreme depression in the winter and hypomania in the summer. My depressions generally havetreatment resistant and I have been hospitalized several times. A couple of times only ECTs could break my depressions. There have been times when depression threatened my life because it was so unbearable. A couple times ECT's was the only effective treatment. Last winter (2010-2011), I didn't bother with seeking hospitalization but strongly felt that I could not deal with another bout of such debilitating depres...
Updated 1 month ago.
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Accidental 2nd dose of vyvanse and I'm a stay at home mom, please advise
I accidentally took a 2nd dose of my 60mg vyvanse daily dosage. I had completely forgotten I had already taken it earlier. I am 135 lbs. and a stay at home mother. Will I be okay? Please advise. ## Hello, JMarie! How are you doing? Did anything happen? In cases such as this, you should always contact your doctor or poison control. While there are always people online, like myself, that are happy to help, if we can, we cannot administer life saving aid, if that is what's required. This is a stimulant, so an overdose does have the potential to be dangerous, it could cause a dangerously elevated heart rate and hypertension, so it's not something to be taken lightly.
Updated 2 months ago.
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Vyvanse 30 Day free trial
My doctor gave me an expired free trial card with the prescription. I've been on Adderall and I don't like the way I feel on it. I haven't tried Vyvanse yet but I'd like to. I'm sure everyone here knows how expensive it is. I called the doctor's office and they said they'd try and get me a current card but they didn't. I called the number on the card and was on hold forever and I've been searching online. Thanks for any information. ## Hello, Maggie! How are you? I'm sorry, but several people have asked about this recently and I haven't been able to find a current offer for it. Have you tried calling the company, again? ## Yes, I have tried calling and was on hold for 30 minutes before I hung up. Thank you for the response.
Updated 2 months ago.
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White Orange Capsule, S489 on the white, 30mg on the orange
Found in my teenage daughter's car and would like to know what this is and what it is used for? ## This is a 30mg Vyvanse capsule, which contains the active ingredient Lisdexamfetamine, it is most commonly used to treat ADHD. Learn more: Vyvanse Details Is there anything else I can help with? ## this pill is used recreationally as a form of amphetamine. ## This pill is a generic form of Adderall which is used for ADHD. My daughter has takes this by prescription. It is often sold on secondary market and is commonly found on college campuses by students wanting to stay awake all night. Gives a higher sense of concentration for an ADHD patient.
Updated 2 months ago.
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free 30 day trial for Vyvanse?
Does anyone know if the free 30 day trial for Vyvanse is still available? I cannot find it anywhere. My prescription was $250 last month. ## For that I think you can go to That's the manufacturer's site. ## This site also offers visitors a free prescription savings card which I believe should work with Vyvanse among a number of other medications.
Updated 2 months ago.
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Vyvanse Withdrawal - Anxiety
so i am a college student and my friend is prescribed 50mg vyvanse... i used to take about 1 every couple weeks to help me study for exams, and i loved how focused it got me so i started taking them about 2-3 times a week. i have been doing this for a couple months. but lately, if i'm not on it, i feel extremely anxious and feel like i can't talk or do anything normal.... please realize i am aware that the use of this medication when not prescribed is not a good thing to do.... but ever since the first couple of times, i feel like i need it in order to study, be happy, or even talk to people. i want to stop so badly but the anxiety (esp. social anxiety) when i'm NOT on it is horrible - i feel nervous to even go hang out with my best friends. then if i take it, i feel confide...
Updated 3 months ago.
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capsule ## Are you referring to Vyvanse? It contains the active ingredient Lisdexamfetamine and is used to treat ADHD and Narcolepsy. Common side effects may include: nausea, headache, insomnia and anorexia. Read more: Please let me know if this is the correct medication. ## I'm on vivan 50 mg and I have no insurance is there something cheaper I could get. ## Is it similar to adderal Or is it the better ## I have had chronic insomnia as long as I can remember until lately I will stay up a night then not be able to function for days if not a week later. I would constantly fall asleep no matter what I was doing. I was given 100mg Vivan for Narcolepsy. It took two to take effect and that took over an hour. Is there anything faster acting? I hate being a total zombie. It is affecting my...
Updated 3 months ago.
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ADHD newest treatments
my son is taking Risperadone and Vyvanse . has anyone ever been prescribed this combo? side effects? he is 8. thanks for any help!! ## my daughter is on bouth and shes 11 it's been about 7 months really she has not complained of any problems shes on a good dose to plus adderall after school and clonidine to sleep i never wanted to put her on any meds but its so much better for her in school and at home good grades she can stay still listen not all the time but omg shes like a diffrent girl but in a good way my son is on meds but different cause the ones my daughters on didnt faze him it all depends on the kid im on vyvanse to well hope somthing in there helped u out also when being started on new meds try a week or two and follow up with ur doctor very important!!! remember it may t...
Updated 3 months ago.
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