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Longterm effects of Lexapro
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I took Lexapro for 4 years and have been off it for 6 years. I was reading some of the symptoms and withdrawal symptoms of Lexapro and I still have some of those at least a few times a month. I have horrible sugar cravings and have had a very hard time loosing weight. I gained 20 pounds off the bat and the sugar cravings were ridiculous. Now that I am off it, I still can not loose the weight, and I still have horrible sugar cravings. I am very active, eat healthy. Along with a few other symptoms. Anyone else have symptoms after being off Lexapro for years? ## After being off of it for years, you should not still be experiencing side effects or withdrawal effects from this medication, according to FDA reports, they usually tend to improve and go away, after about a month, or so, of stopp...
Updated 2 days ago.
Lexapro Reaction - Off of it now, but feeling miserable! Please help!
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Hello, thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully help me out! I know this is long but it said to be detailed, and if there's any other info that anyone needs to know in order to help, please don't hesitate to ask me. I was put on Lexapro 5 MG in September 2016. This is the first drug of this type that I have ever taken. I took the 5 MG dose for 6 weeks then I was bumped up to 10 MG's once per day. I had some symptoms as the medicine was going into my body those first few weeks but I kept in close contact with my Dr. and she reassured me that it was completely normal. By the end of November 2016, my periods had stopped and I was having loose stools 3-5 times a day and a foggy brain feeling so I went back to my Dr. and after speaking with her she advised me that...
Updated 10 days ago.
drinking on Lexapro
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I was just wondering if anyone has drank with this med and were there any side effects ? I've been on lexapro 10 mil for a month and am feeling great but I am petrified to even atempt to drink alcohol,but would like to try . So if anyone could help that would be great. ## I have been on Lexapro for 3 years. I drink about twice a week and everything seems to be fine. I have noticed that if you drink heavly for a few nights in a row you will feel a slight depression. Just don't over do it. I was worried at first also. ## Lexapro is an antidepressant. Drinking alcohol is not recommended, as alcohol is a major depressant, and undoes the work the medication does. ## Never do that! I was on that medicine for 2 years, and I was never able to drink! the first time I drank when I was on ...
Updated 15 days ago.
Lexapro Withdrawal
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I have been taking Lexapro 10mg once a day for about a year. I have had many unwanted side effects which according to my doctor there are very few side effects from Lexapro. He says it is a clean drug. Wrong. It did nothing to help me and I want off. My doctor refused to give me anti-anxiety meds to help with the withdrawals from Lexapro because once again, there are no withdrawals from Lexapro. Why do doctors lie about this. Why do pharmaceutical companies lie about this? I have read so much about people just losing it while trying to stop taking Lexapro. I have not taken it in about ten days after weaning off for about two months from 10mg to 2 mg a day. My nerves are a wreck, I am extremely irratable, and have slight headaches. This is a horrible drug with many long lasting withdrawa...
Updated 25 days ago.
Lexapro for anxiety
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I had severe anxiety problems for the first time in my life late last year and found it very difficult to function. I tried for four months to fight it on my own and by using Ativan. I knew Ativan was not a healthy long term answer but was bothered by the prospect of using a SSRI. Finally with no progress I decided to start using Lexapro as I had heard it had the least amount of side effects and had the least withhdrawl symptoms when ceasing the medication. I noticed some progress within 2 weeks and was 100% anxiety free after 5 weeks. Today I feel "normal" and am anxiety free. I have been taking 10mg Lexapro for a little over 2 months. My doctor wants me to continue it for the next 6 months and then I will wean off of the drug. I have gained some weight while taking it but must...
Updated 29 days ago.
Lexapro for anxiety on benzo withdrawal
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I am on a valium taper for withdrawal of Klonopin which I took for over 20 years. I am one year off of the Klonopin I am down to 5 mg of valium and almost finished with the taper. Although I am better, I still have anxiety, angry outbursts, "brain fog," insomnia.. The dr. had me on Wellbutrin for mood swings. The Wellbutrin seemed to cause my anxiety to be worse and cause my hypomania to return. (I was dx with bipolar II many years ago and that was why I was on Klonopin) . Both my dr. and therapist have suggested I am NOT BIPOLAR. Have a MOOD DISORDER. Until the benzo withdrawal I had several years of stability while bipolar. My question is this: In spite of withdrawal symptoms (which are far less after one year of tapering off of Klonopin), I am basically depressed and the dr. ...
Updated 29 days ago.
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These pharmaceutical companies have to be held accountable. Not only do I believe they are trying to help you only just a smidget, I believe they are more about making medicine to hook you and make it very difficult to get off of them! I started Lexapro 20 mg in 2010 for anxiety. After reading the many reviews, I am convinced all my troubles that have developed since, are Lexapro related, NO DOUBT! I am weening off as I speak, I am down to 10 mg. and can already feel a difference. I'm not going to write a story, but here goes the symptoms I had. Body and head 'zaps' mostly at night. EXTREME sweating. Cottonmouth and feeling thirsty 24/7 and never being able to quench it. My eyeballs dried up and I would sometimes wake up with my eyes crusted shut, eye doctor told me he never...
Updated 1 month ago.
I might have accidentally overdosed??
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Hello, it just came to my attention that I may have taken too much of my medication (Lexipro 15mg) I think I've taken about 30mg total? I forgot that I had taken it earlier today and when I got home I took some more without really thinking until after I took it. I then asked my mom in hopes that she'd say that I didn't take it this morning but she said that I did so now I'm worried, should go to the ER?? Please let me know as soon as possible..
Updated 1 month ago.
Lexapro Brand versus generic escitalopram
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I have taken 30mg of Lexapro for past 4 years. After the deaths of my son and his wife in a plane crash the depression and anxiety were more than I could bear. This past May I was changed to the generic escitalopram. God Forbid!!!! What a nightmare. Within three weeks I was suicidal, I was going through SSRI withdrawals which are vicious. I am now paying over $225.00 per month for Brand Lexapro as my insurance will NOT cover it even with prior auth or any other reason. My Medicare Advantage plan leaves a lot to be desired even though I pay a $152.00 per month premium. Has anyone else had problems with the generic Lexapro? My pharmacist said I am not the first. ## I've been on Lexapro for 4+ years and got switched to generic as well. Initially the generic just didn't work (it was...
Updated 1 month ago.
depression & anxiety resistant to anti depressants
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I had depression n anxiety 10yrs ago. Was given Seroxat n had very good results. Been off meds since then. Now depression n anxiety has returned (relapse). Been given Lexapro, Luvox, Prozac. No results at all! Seems resistant to anti depressants. What is happening? Do i go for only benzos to treat anxiety bcos anxiety is main problem not depression. appreciate any help. Thx. ## Hello, Ochomow! How are you? Have you ever tried just an anxiolytic, like Buspirone, if it's available there? It may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, somnolence and nervousness. It's something you may want to talk to your doctor about. It may be what you need if taken with an antidepressant. ## Hope things have gotten better since you posted this. I have depression and anxiety as was adult A...
Updated 1 month ago.
can lexapro cause a bad taste
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I have been on Lexapro for two years now and I don't feel it has been doing anything positive for me. I've stayed on it because the doctors have insisted that I would be depressed without it. For the past year I have this horrible metallic taste in my mouth all the time which prevents me from enjoying any type of food or drink. I have been tested for all kinds of disorders relating to bad taste by several doctors and no one can find anything wrong. So I have concluded the bad taste must be caused by the Lexapro. Is there anyone else that has experienced a bad taste while on Lexapro? I have decided to stop taking the drug, I'm two weeks off it now and feel no different. Thanks. Greg ## Hello, Greg! How are you? Has the taste change improved, at all, yet? Most medications risk...
Updated 1 month ago.
white round pill, lower case e on one side and 31 on the other
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white round pill with lower case e and number 31 on the other. ## Hi there. So my wife takes generic lexapro which is escitalopram. Last month when we picked up her meds the cane in a bottle and the pills were slightly larger that before, still very small but different. She had one of the pills left from the tab card and I popped it out and stuck it in the bottle. She just finished this bottle and the last pill was the one I'd stuck in and popped out from the old tab card. However I am just nervous that I somehow forgot and maybe that is not he right pill. I've looked on every site and cannot find anything even remotely close to what this pill looks like. Before I give it to her I want to make sure it's the right med. it's a very tiny white pill with a lowercase e on the...
Updated 2 months ago.
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anti-depresent for women ## I am currently taking Lexapro to assist with my depression and anxiety. The drug is working however, I have the side-effects of a reduction in libido and vaginal lubrication. I recently saw an episode of 'Rescue Me' on TV in which a bottle of pills were opened, and the side-effects read out which included an increase in libido and vaginal lubrication. Anyone else had success with Selectra and does anyone know the type of drug it is and its brand name (or generic name) in Australia. ## Selectra IS a fictional drug, just a name created for the TV program. Most antidepressants cause the side effects that you list, however, have you tried talking to your doctor about trying a different medication? Drugs do work differently for different people and you may...
Updated 2 months ago.
starting out on Lexapro
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I have recently been prescribed Lexapro for depression and my doctor said to start with 10 mg for 7 days and then I could go onto 20 mg. Does this sound correct for prior uses? I am already afraid. ## Why are you afraid? That is normal dosage escalation. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and weight changes. Are you on any other medications?
Updated 2 months ago.
Lexapro side effects and withdrawal
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I started lexapro for anxiety and hot flashes. Was given 20mg but only took 10mg to start. I took this for 3 days. It did help with the anxiety and no hot flashes. HURRAH! However by the 4th day, I broke out in an itchy red rash and welts over my entire body including my scalp and face. I stopped the Lexapro immediately. By the fifth day, my face and hands were very swollen. It took 4 days for the rash to go away and the swelling so I thought I was out of the woods. Since then, I feel like I have a heavy chest, something stuck in my throat, dizziness, foggy and heavy head and pressure in my ears. I was wondering whether these are actually withdrawal symptoms even tho I had only been on Lexapro for 3 days. Anyone else have these reactions????? ## Hello, Taz! How are you feeling? Have you...
Updated 2 months ago.
Drinking Alcohol while taking Lexapro 5 MG
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Hello All, I am about to start taking Lexapro 5 MG and I was wondering if people have had many issues with having alcohol on the lower dosage? I've read other discussion boards and it seems that at higher levels alcohol has much more of an impact, but I am wondering what others have experienced at the lower dosage. Thank you in advance for your feedback. ## Hello, Dave! How are you? Regardless of the dosage, the FDA recommends against combining any prescription medication with alcohol. It tends to cause worsening of the side effects, so it may make you feel more nausea, dizziness and drowsiness than usual. One drink could affect you as if you'd had 2 and so one. This is especially prominent with SRRI antidepressants. Additional concerns include the fact that alcohol is a depress...
Updated 3 months ago.
Switching from Lexapro to Trintellix and feeling agitated
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Hello. I have been on Lexapro 20mg since July. At my last check up my blood pressure was extremely high and I had gained 17 pounds. My doctor did blood work which came back perfect. She determined it was my Lexapro and changed it to Trintellix. I started it a week ago. I've experienced the nausea but it isn't unbearable. Today, especially this afternoon, I am so grumpy! Agitated. Do you think this is normal? ## Yes, those symptoms can be normal, if you abruptly stop one medication in this class and start another, according to the FDA. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, weight changes, and dry mouth. How are you doing now? Has there been any change? Generally, I've found most side effects to last about 3 weeks, or so.
Updated 3 months ago.
Lexapro side affects
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I have been on Lexapro for a year and a half now 10 mg...I was wondering if anybody has had the side affect of weight gain I have gained 40 lb. since I have been on it..the strange thing is I don't do any binge eating or over eat due to my acid reflux...next doctors appointment I am going to ask to be put down to 5mg...it's so hard to go on the treadmill when you don't have any energy or will power..my anxiety is under control its my depression that gets me down and I just feel like sleeping all day..?? ## Some people have reported weight gain as a side effect and the FDA does not it among the possible ones, though it is not very common. Others are listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth. What other medications have you tried?
Updated 3 months ago.
Unable to cope with migraines
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I've been trying to end my pain. All that happens is I end up in the Hospital time and time again. They send a psych. nurse to talk to me though she seems to never hear what's really going on. It's the same plan each time I get discharged. No help at all. I feel like I'm in a dark hole with no way out?? They keep raising the dose of my Lexapro. Guess what? I feel even more crazy. I feel like there is no one to talk to for help or inpatient help? I'm slowly losing my grasp on reality. Which is very sad because I am a smart educated woman. I'm a semi-retired Pharmacist. So I know all the signs of a person losing touch with reality. This started in April when the migraines from my brain tumor got progressively worse. My tumor is not Cancer but it is inoperable. I...
Updated 4 months ago.
lexapro and adipessum together
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Can I take these 2 medications together? I'm taking lexapro 20mg and want to know if I could take it with my adipessum?
Updated 4 months ago.

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