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Inject Soma Possible?

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dirtyd Says:
Hey swim was wonder how some could inject a 350mg soma pill. And they way to go about it. Swims friend wants to try it and swim really need to know if its ok..

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Verwon Says:
Soma contains the active ingredient Carisoprodol, which is a muscle relaxant, not a narcotic, so I am not sure what the point of shooting it up would be, it does not get you high.

In addition, trying to break down and inject any medication that is not intended to be used this way can be very dangerous. Tablets contain fillers and not all of them are meant to be broken down by the human body, they are normally just expelled in our waste.

When you inject it, you are putting these substances into your body in a manner in which it cannot dispose of them. This creates the very real risk of blockages, which could result in stroke or embolism.


Are there any comments or questions?

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dumb a Says:
Thanks for not answering the question. Why speak? Drugs r bad hmmm really?

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meme Says:
lol... rite if its not goin to help dont write it...i need to kno if i can shoot soma and how much

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Pip Says:
Tell them to go to the hospital and take care of the necrosis he's showing all over the web.

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JC Says:
Ive seen it done before. It put the guy OUT within one minute. We brought him to the ER and they monitored him. Gave him a HUGE headache - kind of like a hangover but REALLY BAD. I would pass on that. THAT BEING SAID, If you were to shoot it you would do it the same way you would an oc. Bad idea unless your looking to die... good luck

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Cheveyo Says:
u wanna die,shoot somas,can't u'all read the comments?I shoot Xanis,no hi,nuthin,but I shoot a bottle of liquid roxys(the drops under the trongue) after almost a whole bottle in 3 days i seized ,woke up in restraints,Baker acted for 2 days.Better 2 just shoot urself in the head then go thru what i have so many times,i'm about 2 give up...all 2gether.i got a hand ful of oxy60's,soma,a btle of xanis and feel i got nuthin 2 lose.wake up!If u care enuf 2 ask,u care enuf 2 live.i did both w/out care 4 my survival.And,natch,i always live thru my OD'd even when i wish i hadn't .Don't be like me.

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Chevster Says:
Carisprodal is only slightly water soluble, according to a few websites I checked out. I could not find an exact solubility rate, but it seems that you may not be able to effectively dissolve it into water. Than you have to consider that Soma tablets are full of other inactive fillers and binders that are not only harmful to inject (won't give you a speach, mmkay?) but will make it difficult to turn the pill into a solution that you can get into a needle and inject. I have a lot of experience injecting pills and Soma tablets are BIG pills. Is it possible? Yeah, probably, but you may need a solvent different than water and you may need a large syringe (bigger than 1cc) to dissolve it. Is it worth it? No. My opinion is it would be a major pain in the ass and in the end you'd be better off just eating the damn thing.

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Alexandria Says:
I wish you the best of luck in finding hope that you don't have to suffer & search for ways like that to ease your true deep pain. You need to try & focus on yourself & getting the proper appropriate survival help to go on. For you especially & if not for your family if you have some support. Good luck

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Alexandria Says:
How can you people be giving this kind of f*****n advice to people you don't even know & might have noone & could be crying out? You want to do what you want to yourself that's you. Don't project on an innocent that actually knows nothing about this yet you'd like to teach them ways that could lead to death. You are wonderful caring people out there I must say.......

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