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where i can find cytotec in pampanga? want to remove baby im pregnant two months
i want misoprostol pills & cytotec. i stay in san fernando. where i can get it from? because i want to take out. i am pregnant 2months? ## no one has cytotec in pampanga. i tried it already. but i find it in other place. ## hi, where did you find cytotec at? i need it too please po ## here in balibago angeles city.. ## Hi.. may alam ako kung saan mrron at branded tlga .. ## san po nakakabile ng cytotec ## hilot eto...100% sure...para sa hanggang 3mos. preggy lang....pampanga. {edited for privacy}. ## Where can i find it? Share it pls ## Im interested please help me ## san po sa balibago? ## san po yan ## Where in angeles can i find cytotec? ## My alam po ba kayung abortionist dito sa pampanga? Anong contact number nya?? Thanks in advance. ## SAN SA BALIBAGO PDE BUMILI NUN..PLS NID H...
Updated 2 days ago.
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pills 2 abort a 3 months pregnancy
is it posible to abort wit a pills ? and how ## There are not really any medications that are proven effective and safe to use that far into your pregnancy. They are generally only recommended for women who are 8 weeks pregnant or less. You should see a doctor to explore your other options. Have you consulted a doctor, yet? ## yap i did ,but they are all the time ,doing the blood cheking and because it is realy early pregnancy,and because of that i would like to do it now with pils ,I m scared that for this it takes some time ,and it will be to late for pils :( I would not like to go to operation.. ## Well, as I said, the pills are usually only given if someone is 8 weeks pregnant or less, so you are probably already to the point where you have to use a surgical option. Very sorry! ## c...
Updated 3 days ago.
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sytotic tablet
is it useful to abort a baby? ## Want to know more about sytotic,,,because i am pregnant 2 months and i always feel hurt,,thats why i want to abort this ## how many times in 1 daY YOU TAKE SYTOTIC? ## SYTOTIC ## It is called cytotec. It can be useful but only if you go to a planned parenthood or another clinic in time to get the proper medication. If you get cytotec by itself and try to do an abortion at home, it only works some of the time and can cause extreme abdominal pain and cramping, cytotec is a drug they use to help induce labor when you are in the hospital about to have a baby. It starts contractions. If you go to planned parenthood they give you RU486 which is 2 pills. To have an abortion which you take and the fetus will come out in your urine. If you get cytotec at home, an...
Updated 4 days ago.
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cytotec questions
white round tablet 100mg ## can i buy cytotec over the counter? ## paano po mag order ng cytotec yung 200mg.???dito po kasi ako ngayon sa japan ..11 days na po ksi akong delay natatakot po ako baka po buntis ako ..nung january 21-25 po mai regla ako pero po nung february hanggang ngayon wala pa po akong regla :( help me nman po ...eto po no.ko {edited for privacy} ## sino po may alam san makabili ng cytotec :( at magkano salamat help nman po please :( ## mari nakabili ka naba ng cytotec.. saan.. pede ba magpatulong please.. :( ## Saan po maaring makabili ng cytotec dito po ako kuwait please need help
Updated 5 days ago.
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How To Use Cytotec For Abortion
now I'm pregnant in 9 months. whether it still can drop the drug Cytotec ..?? I need your help ## No. If you wanted to talk to sum1. My name is xxxxxx {edited for privacy}. You could talk to me ## mis xxxxxx..i need your help,im 2months pregnant,i already tried arthrotec and cytotec 3x and some herbal...but nothing happen..even small spot of blood,what will i do now...this is not the right time for to get pregnant...this is my nmber..{edited for privacy} ## Pano gamitin cytotec? ## im 3 months many cyctotec do i use to induced my pregnancy? ## hindi na po effective ang cyto s 3mo preg.. need mo n ng raspa/abort pra jan.. tex here 09{edited for privacy}.. ty ## panu kung 4months na po?dna din po ba pwde gumamit ng cytotec?pls reply thank you ## Mga sir/ma'am, Saan po...
Updated 5 days ago.
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saan makabili nang cytotec?
im 3week pregnant saan po ba makabili nang cytotec?f meron sa cebu saa po ba na drugstore,,, pls pls pls help me.. ## HELLO KATATAPOS Q LANG GUMAMIT PFIZER CYTOTEC 1-3 MONTHS WHOLE KIT N XA WITH METHERGINE SO ITS SAFE KC IT WILL STOP U FROM EXCESSIVE BLEEDING WALA K MBBILI SA DRUGSTORE NYAN SA BLACK MARKET LANG ## Mgkano at san po mkkbile ng cytotec plz help me kailngan ko lng 2mnts n po akng pregy ## san po nakakabili nyan ng hinde fake at effective talaga..subrang kailangan ko lang po tlga. ## JOY - Penge naman ng contact nung pinagbilhan mo. Reply asap. ## Hi san pede bumili ng cytotec ung original po. Kasi nag take na ako ng cytotec pero may lumabas sakin na kunting dugo pagkalipas ng ilang oras nag bleed sya ng brown. Tapos nag lbm ako . Effective po ba ung ginawa ko ? Plsss help m...
Updated 6 days ago.
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apearance of cytotec tab
i just want to know what does a cytotec tab looks like. I mean whats the shape of it and color.I haven't seen 1 ..thanks ## just want to know what looks like of cytotec... ## hi... can anyone help me determine what it looks like?
Updated 7 days ago.
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cortal tablets
does cortal tablets can cause an abortion? ## There are rumors that it may cause a miscarriage, however they are unproven. ## i need to have more information about cortal ## i am 2 months pregnant and i used cytotec and cortal ... my bf didnt know about afraid that he might get mad at me....... im not yet ready to have a baby... is it safe and effective????? i put 2 cytotec in my vagina and took 1 cytotec... after a few days i took cortal 3 times a day until now.... ## i just want to know the reason ## as what i knew \, u should take 2 cytotic rally and one inserted on your vagina. ## i am 6 days delayed... i took a cortal and sprite.. it is possible to abort my baby??? please answer me.... ## we have sex this jan 8, 11 and 18,. but she vomit this jan 24.. it is she pregant.?...
Updated 7 days ago.
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How To Use Cytotec Abortion Drugs
how to use cytotec abortion drugs? is it ## how to use sytotec abortion drugs ## Cytotec contains the active ingredient Misoprostol, you should swallow the tablet, as directed by your doctor or pharmacist. Common side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, abdominal cramping and vaginal bleeding. Read more: Are there any questions or comments? ## i need to know how can i use cytotec for abortion,i am 2 months pregnant and i am in KSA where abortion is illegal.i really really need help coz i am married back home and i got pregnant with my bf here..i need reply ASAP please. ## aya, the dosage of Cytotec for a pregnancy up to 12 weeks along is 800mgs vaginally, or orally, every 12 hours, for up to 3 dosages. However, you should also be informed that it does not work for everyone and it ca...
Updated 9 days ago.
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how many dosage of cytotec can tak for 1 month pregnant
help nman po im 1 Month preggy , ask Qu lng po kung ilang dosage ng cytotec ang pwede qung inumin at ilan cytotec ang iinumin ## Misoprostol can it destroy my womb for the very first time am using it. And i am 1month pregnant pls help me what will be the effect be negative and positive, please explain to me before i can go on with and how should i take it swallow or what please.thank u ## please how much dosage of cytotic can I use for one month pregnancy? thanks ## cytotec for 1 month pregnant, how to use cytotec for 1 month pregnant ## m almost 20 days pregnant how many cytotec pills should i take to abort ## One month pregnant can abort in cytotec and how many table can I take,and how? ## I take 5 cytotec to swallow and 3 inserted in my vagina at 10pm but until morning didn't fel...
Updated 9 days ago.
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do i need to take another cytotec after taking 5 and 3 inserted but still no blood
Please help me I'm 1 month delayed and I take cytotec 5 and 3 inserted but still not bleeding...I need your help badly.. Please
Updated 9 days ago.
i take 3 tablet of cytotec by 12pm and now it 12am no bleeding what should do pls need answeres
I take 3tablet of cytotec by 12pm puting it under my tongue, and now it 12am no bleeding. Should I repeat the drugs? What should I do pls I need ur help ## Mam..5 weeks po akong buntis!nag take po aku ng cytotic 2pcs intake 2pcs sa vagina 10pm po its already 1pm wla p rn akung regla.. what should i do? gs2 qpo matanggal to kc tumakas n po ung my gawa skn..plsss mam help me ## I'm 1month delayed. I do pregnancy test and its positive.. I take 3 cytotec and insert in my vagina 2pcs at 10pm. after 4am still no effect so I take 2 cytotec again and insert 1 cytotec until morning. still no blood.. do I need to take another cytotec again?.. and how to do?.. please help me... I'm working overseas...thank u so much...
Updated 9 days ago.
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cortal drugs
ano po ba ang dapat gawin ko O namin dalawa ng boyfriend ko..kasi 4days na po akong delayed eh...tpos gusto pa nya po ako painumin ng gamot pra malaglag ung baby nmin..NEED YOU HELP...ayuko pong patayin ung sarili kong baby :( ## Well, maraming factors kung bakit pwedeng ma-late yung period mo. Ang tanong 'dun, if you practice safe sex by using any form of birth control (eg. condom, pills, etc.) Pero to have an overview kung buntis ka nga o hindi, wait at least 1 week na late ang period mo then take a pregnancy test. Kung positive, go to the doctor right away for prenatal care. Kung negative, repaet again after 2-3days. Make sure to follow ung instructions ng pregnancy test para magkaroon ng accurate reading. Avoid stressing too much about it, for now, kasi stress can cause it to de...
Updated 9 days ago.
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Cytotec effects
After having to take the cytotec pills and have a bleeding, does it automatically means that I also need to have a raspa? ## I am 5-6 weeks pregnant and I took cytotec for abortion. I took two under my tongue and inserted three at about 6p.m. I went to sleep but about 11p.m I started bleeding heavily till the morning with severe pain. But from the morning and through out the day the bleeding stoped totally. What is the problem? Am I still pregnant or what? Please talk to me. AD ## Hi ebo. Thats the same problem i have. I just had mine last night. I bled and used up 2 full pads til the morning but after that throughout the day, 1 full padthen towards the evening, i mean now, light spotting nalang halos. My breasts are still a bit sore and im scared if i need to go through raspa d&c p...
Updated 9 days ago.
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alternative of cytotec
other drugs that can subtitute cytotec ## declofenac ## alternative for cytotec? wer to buy a authentic cytotec w/o prescription ## how can i buy a cytotec without prescription? ## CAN I BUY DECLOFENAC without prescription? ## apart from cytotec which oher drug can be taken to induce pregnancy ## whats the dosage of diclofinac ? ## my girlfriend is 3 month pregnant and we need to terminate her pregnancy,what other pills we ought to buy in lieu of cytotec which is more cheaper? ## Cervidil or mifeprostol
Updated 10 days ago.
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MY COUSIN JUST BOUGHT CYTOTEC AND SHE IS FIVE MONTHS PREGNANT, IS IT SAFE FOR HER TO TAKE IT? ## No, it is not safe to use once a woman is that far along in her pregnancy, Cytotec has only been found to be safe up to the third month of pregnancy. Learn more Cytotec details here. Once a woman is further along, then she needs to see a doctor for a surgical abortion procedure. How is she doing? Did she try taking it yet? ## Certainly not advisable. Past 12 weeks it may not even be considered an abortion in certain countries. ## natasha san nakabili ng cytotec ung pinsan mo.. pde ba ko magpatulong..please.. :( ## hello can i use cytotec im 4 months pregnant? e mail me {edited for privacy} ## pwedi ba mag tanong kung 1 month and half yong binubuntis mo, ilang cytotec ba ang dapat e take oral...
Updated 10 days ago.
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bleeding stops about a month pregnant..and i took cytotec last saturday(sept 7) around 3am (2 insert vaginally 2take orally) bout 8am ng bleed n ako then 1 blood clot came out..not soo big but it was a blood clot for sure..aftr that still im bleeding just like a menstruation and i had also cramps and abdominal pain..around 8pm the bleeding stops til now (sept 9) me..i need afraid to go to the ob..isit normal or not??any suggestions? im planning to wait 1 month to do worried if my abortion is not complete what is the signs and symptoms?? ## F u got fever..vaginal discharges that have unusual color and stingy ...abdominal cramps that pain killer cant stop it ...your abortion is not complete....only your doctor can help you the rest... ## my wife were 6 week preg...
Updated 11 days ago.
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Which Pills Can Cause Miscarriage In 3 Weeks Pregnancy
i had a sex on 12th of this month,and i think i m pregnant,so which pill can cause my pregnancy to stop or miscarriage. ## Have you seen a doctor or had a pregnancy test done, yet? The medication most commonly used for this is Cytotec/Misoprostol, but in most countries, it requires a doctor's prescription. It can cause side effects, such as: nausea, headache. vaginal bleeding and stomach pain. More details: ## where can i buy a cytotic ## i have done unprotected sex with my girlfriend now she miss her period. Please suggest me some pills to stop pregnancy. ## Hi my name is sam i had 9 months old baby girl my wife is pregnant since 10 days we are in pakistan .plz help me we don't need baby yet suggest me medicine . ## please am 2 weeks pregnant and have taken 2 tab misoprostol by...
Updated 12 days ago.
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Ep Fort
I have used 2tabs of CYTOTEC already and nothing happened,thinkin of using EP Fort is that a good idea(I am 4weeks pregnant) ## How long ago did you use them? Cytotec contains the active ingredient Misoprostol and, unfortunately, just like any medication, it doesn't always work for everyone and it can take some time to work, the effects are not immediate. EP Forte contains a combination of Estrogen and Progesterone and these usually do not work, once you are already pregnant. They can prevent pregnancy and prevent an egg from implanting into the womb, if a high dose is taken within 5 days of unprotected sex, but they have been proven to have no effect, once the fertilized egg has already attached to the walls of the womb. Have you seen a doctor? You may require a medical abortion pr...
Updated 14 days ago.
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how many cytotec tablets do you take to abort 1 month pregnancy
And how to use a cytotec or how many cytotec need to take to abort a 1month pregnancy? ## Hi I inserted 4 pills of cytotec on Saturday and upto now it hasn't worked please help I haven't experienced any abortion its 4 weeks of which I want to discontinue advise on what to do this is strange to me ## i expected my period last june29 but it did not come. I had a D and C last wednesday and there is only a spot came. After that day, no bleeding at all. And i came back to take 4 cytotec vaginally. It made me cramps, so much cramp but light color pink blood came out. Is it safe for me or not? pls help. ## I am 7 weeks preg i already take 2 pills and inserted 2.. dumugo pero konte lang... pano po ba tama paggamit ngayon medyo hinto na pagdugo pls send me ur no. For info...
Updated 15 days ago.
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