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If U Are Prescribed Methadone Pills And You Move To A Different State Area That Does Not Have Clinics Can Still Fill Ur Script At The Local Drug Store
If u are prescribed methadone pills in SOuth Carolina and then move to Grand Rapids, MN where there is no dosing methadone clinic anywhere/ can u still get the pill form at any Hospitol and pharmacy in the area? Or is it treated just like liquid dose? Can u get methadone pills at any Hospitol or pharmacy? ## Regular doctors cannot prescribe it for addiction treatment, they can only prescribe it for pain. If you were in severe withdrawal and went to an ER, they'd have to treat you to stabilize you, but they are only required to do so, until you are out of danger and they don't have to prescribe Methadone. Learn more Methadone details here. However, there are 2 Methadone treatment clinics listed in Grand Rapids: Proaction Behavioral Health Alliance 616-776-0891 etx. 401 Eastern Cl... ...
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Tue, Feb 18 '14, 7:39 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 238529
dr prescriptions for methadone in fl
I have just moved to south FL. and been on methadone for 10 years. I have all my records, but Dr's. in FL are all scared to take on new people from out of state. Trust me when i say It's only to take care of my 82 year old mom that I moved. I will be moving right back to Ca. when I can, but for now can anyone help with a DR.? It seems they have no problem putting you on suboxone which is a very $$$$$$$ narcotic, but does nothing for pain. ## Hello, Tim! How are you? Sorry about the problem that you're having. Are you checking with doctors offices by asking if they'll prescribe Methadone? If so, that's likely a big part of the problem, they will see that as being drug seeking behavior. Your best bet is to set up an appointment with a doctor, without asking if they... ...
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Tue, Sep 24 '13, 4:32 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 251795
Good Doctor In Md Pa Wv Va For Methadone
I just moved to WV and need a Dr. That will prescribe methadone. Because I don't want to go to a methadone clinic ## If you're using it for addiction treatment, then you have no choice but to go to a clinic as it is against the law for private physicians to prescribe it for addiction treatment. Any doctor can prescribe it for pain, but addiction treatment requires special training, which is why it has to be done in a clinic setting. Learn more Methadone details here. Are there any other questions or comments? ## I moved from Florida and I had a doctor there. I was getting methadone 10mg and morphine 30mg. For my pain. But I can't find a doctor here. do you know any doctors that can help me out? I'm running out of medicine and need one bad. Please help ## methadone, been ... ...
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Sun, Apr 28 '13, 4:47 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 234367
Methadone Dr in or near upper Michigan
I live in upper Michigan (sault ste. Marie), I do NOT have insurance, i AM prescribed low level medication (Tramadol) for pain, however, am seriously interested in finding the closest doctor to upper Michigan (yet one that genuinely cares about his patients), that only prescribes or also prescribes methadone for addiction. As long as paying cash for a doctor visit, a script, etc... isn't an outrageous amount, I am willing to travel to wherever (the closer to northern mi., the better / easier). This is my first time ever inquiring about something like this, and have NO clue at all where to start. Name and / or phone number to doctors office, city etc... and ANY other info would help and be greatly appreciated. thank you. ## In regards to finding a local pain doctor, I have listed bel... ...
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Fri, Nov 09 '12, 1:08 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 228516
Cheap suboxone doctors
I am looking for a doctor who prescribes suboxone in the New Orleans, slidell Louisiana area. I am a sing le mom with no insurance, can't afford 350 a visit and prescription cost. My kids have mdicaid but I don't. Thanks, ## Suboxone treatment is still pretty new, so I am not aware of any doctors that offer cheaper prices, because they do have to maintain special approval and monitoring to treat patients with it. Learn more Suboxone details here. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, you might want to check into Methadone clinics in your area, as it is usually much cheaper, since it's been used for a very long time. Learn more Methadone details here. Does anyone else have any suggestions to add? ## dr. adriean talbot excepts all insurences if you dont have insuren... ...
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Wed, Apr 09 '14, 10:14 AM   13  Subscribe to thread 232871
methadone prescribing doctor in alabama
I am in desperate need to find a doctor to write me methadone for chrobic back and neck pain. Hopefully near dothan AL or near panama city fl. Ive been going to a methadone clinic because i cant find q doctor and i cannot afford the clinic anymore ## Hello, Tina! How are you? I'm very sorry about your financial situation and the pain you're in. However, if you've been going to an addiction treatment clinic, then that is what is going to be listed in your medical records, even if you were going due to pain, and a regular doctor will not be able to prescribe it for you. I know the clinics are expensive and very inconvenient, but that's the way the current laws are. Doctors that aren't specially trained to treat addiction can only prescribe it for pain and once someone ... ...
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Thu, Dec 12 '13, 10:42 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 256937
Methadone GP's in Worcester/Concord MA area
We have a patient who has been on methedone for 25 years. He came off it and now is in extreme pain. He has been prescribed strong pain meds but nothing that will help. He recently started going back to H to alleviate the pain but wants to go back on the methedone. Prescribing doctors in the Concord or Worcester MA area? ## lm in the program okana for 11 years. I was taking 90mg methedone a day. A month a go I started coming down until 0. When can I start soboxone? After how many days? ...
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Fri, Nov 29 '13, 9:06 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 254054
pain medication methadone near trenton nj
Hello Everyone. I moved to Trenton, NJ from San Francisco. My doctor there helped me with Methadone and morphine. I am looking for a doctor in New Jersey, or close by, maybe new york or phily who prescribes methadone for pain. I have taken methadone in SF for over a year, and I have bottles and I am sure my doctor there can send my new doctor my medical records, but I am not sure whom to contact. Most doctors here say they do not prescribe medication for pain. I am probably calling the wrong doctors. However, in many parts of the country it is much easier to get methadone than morphine or oxycontin for pain, and I think this is helpful to me because methadone is not addictive for me. can anyone help me with the name of a doctor? I would be so grateful. I am so worried about this that I ... ...
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Fri, Dec 20 '13, 5:44 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 257294
Pain Management Methadone Philadelphia Pa
i need a dr in Phila area who will prescribe Methadone fro chronic pain ## Hello, There are actually quite a few doctors in the Philly area that are said to prescribe methadone. Just to name a few of them: Donald John Kushon, M.D. Hahnemann Hospital 17306 Ncb, Ms 403 Philadelphia, PA 19102 (215)762-1866 Frank Alfred Kunkel, M.D. Two Penn Center Suite 200 Philadelphia, PA 19102 (724)591-5236 Ben Peter Jagiello, M.D. Two Penn Center Suite 200 Philadelphia, PA 19102 (724)591-5236 Carla Rodgers, M.D. Two Penn Center Suite 200 Philadelphia, PA 19102 (724)591-5236 Patrice Taylor Ward, D.O. Two Penn Center Suite 200 Philadelphia, PA 19102 (724)591-5236 I hope this info helps! There are plenty more doctors to choose from, so if for some reason these don't work out, please post back and I... ...
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Wed, Oct 02 '13, 7:02 PM   9  Subscribe to thread 232606
can t get prescription for methadone filled
Can a docter anywhere in the us prescribe me methadone and have it shipped to me in maine about six months ago I found a site that a docter in Florida prescribes it and a pharmacy in New York fills it then it's shipped to me in maine can you help me find that site ## Hello, Kellie! How are you? No, it is actually illegal to do that. Methadone is a controlled substance, since it's a narcotic, so under current laws, you are actually supposed to physically see your doctor regularly for an exam and consultation to have it prescribed. Learn more Methadone details here. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Doctors that do that type of thing have actually ... ...
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Thu, Nov 07 '13, 12:30 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 254941
Pain Med Doctors In Boston Ma
Looking for a methadone Dr. in S.W. Virginia, After being a chronic pain pt. for 20 years and haveing tried just about every medication out there i was put on methadone about 5 years ago and it has been a life & marriage saver but i was just informed my PM Dr. will be taking me off as they are no longer comfortable writing for it which to me the reasoning was BS after all these years i'm not going to die from it. i'm on 120mg daily with 32mg of dilaudid for b.t. they already started me on delayed release dilaudid. but i really want to stay on the methadone. does any one know of a Dr. in the area that prescribes methadone? Thanks ## Which area are you actually looking for a doctor in? You mentioned 2 different ones and will get more responses if you're specific. As to the... ...
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Mon, Sep 10 '12, 3:47 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 235296
Find Pain Clinic In Indiana Who Gives Methadone
need pain clinic in indiana who prescribes methadone for pain ## Hi Suzy, Whereabouts in Indiana are you looking? I may be able to point you in the right direction, as there are quite a few doctors/clinics there that are known to prescribe Methadone. ## clarksville ind. new albany any where in indiana aslong as its not over an hour away from jeffersonville ind. I appreciate any info, my doc is retiring. THANKS, Suzy ## really want to find a pain clinic no more then an hour or so away from clarksville in,really appreciate the info Suzy ## it really dosent matter, but I live close to jeffersonville and Id like to find a doc within 50 miles if possible. Any info would be greatly appreciated ## I really need to find a doctor in louisville ky thru indiana who prescribes methadone for pain, m... ...
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Thu, Jul 25 '13, 10:11 AM   11  Subscribe to thread 234959
methadone doctor in grand rapids for addiction
I recently left the Eastern clinic. Due to my work scheduel starting @ 7A.M. I can no longer make it there. I was wondering if anyone knew of any doctors in town that could help me out. ## Private doctors are not allowed to prescribe it for addiction, that has to be done through a clinic, where they are specially trained to do so. Learn more Methadone details here. Private doctors can only prescribe it for pain. Have you tried seeing if there are any other clinics with different hours that are close to you? ## Thered only 2 in Grand Rapids one that only accepts medicaide ( this one also has hours which conflict with my job 7am-3:30pm) and the Eastern Clinic. I don't know what to do. ...
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Mon, Jul 16 '12, 7:52 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 233087
Side Effects Of Taking Nuvigel While On Methadone
Need to know if there are. Any side effect to take nuvigel while on methadone prescribed to both but by two different doctors. Crossed my mind to ask my last visit. ## Based on my research, there are no drug interactions listed between Nuvigil (Armodafinil) and Methadone; so you should be fine taking the two together, unless otherwise told by your doctor for some reason or another. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Armodafinil Details You can learn more about this drug on the page for Methadone Details I hope this info helps! ...
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find adoctor in a that prescribes subutex virginia
I am detoxing off 130 mg tht I have been on for 6 years. I need a doctor in VA or NC, I live near Norfolk. Everyone wants to prescribe suboxone but my doctor warned me that if I take suboxone and have ANY methadone in my system that it will throw me into SEVERE withdrawal. Also, we are going to be trying for a baby soon so I cannot take Suboxone while breastfeeding. If you know of a doctor in or around Norfolk VA that can prescribe Subutex, not Suboxone please notify immediately. ## Really, the same doctors that prescribe Suboxone can also prescribe Subutex. Learn more Suboxone details here. However, they are most likely going to want you to start with Suboxone, then switch to Subutex, when you are pregnant. They will just have you wait, until you are in full withdrawal to start the med... ...
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Thu, Nov 14 '13, 1:05 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 255526
Methadone Or Suboxon Docs That Accept Medicaid In Fort Worth Texas
i just got out of detox for the (i lost count) time. i need to find a doc that can prescribe me methadone or suboxon, who takes medicaid. i am desperate i do not want to use , but ive been on opiods for over 20 yrs. i need more than 7 days of detox. please if u know something let me know. im in fort worth texas.. help needed today. ## Wish i could help ya debbie..I'm in need of one myself. one that won't give ua..just moved here from Lufkin but been to physciatrist, and he was wonderful have to go to new primary tom. and i'm sure he will send me to a pain doc to get it.. do they usually do ua on first visit..pain docs?? if i find one i"ll let ya know,and do the same here k? hope you have a good day ## Hello, I was able to find a directory of doctors in the Fort Worth, TX... ...
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Wed, Jan 30 '13, 1:48 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 233531
I'm a cronic pain patient going on 10 Years. I have had multiple surgeries on my lower back. I have been prescribed Oxycodone 30mgs up to as many as #240 a month -As low as #90 a month depending on which Dr. I was seeing at the time. This has been extended over a 5 yr period. I do not misuse, sell, give or abuse my medication In any way. I work a very labor intensive job with heavy machinery daily and have found other drugs such as: fentynal duragesic patches,morphine, dilaudid,methadone and Opana to greatly reduce awareness and complicate an already complicated job due to side effects. Now, I'm on Morphine #120 mgs a day.. both immediate and long acting release.. and can't function due to drowsiness and a "head in the clouds " type of feeling. At work, I have notice... ...
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Anyone know a Dr in Alabama who prescibes methadone for chronic pain?
Need a Dr who will prescribe Methadone for chronic pain..haven't taken any in approx 2 severe depressed and back pain is relentless...I'm 61.. not in good health..really need help...Live in the state of Alabama... ## Hi, Patti! Sorry that you're so miserable. Is there a special reason that it has to be Methadone? There are many other treatments options available for pain that use much safer and more effective medications or therapies. Do you have a general practitioner that you're currently seeing? If so, they can most likely refer you to a pain specialist. Learn more Methadone details here. The big issue with Methadone is that due to its very high addiction rate, doctors are very reluctant to prescribe it for pain, except for in very severe cases. ...
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is their any doctor in bucks county p a who give methadone for chronic pain
can you help me find a doctor in bucks county p.a who gives methadone chronic pain ## is their any doctors in bucks county p.a who give methadone for chronic back pain ## Hello, Rick! How are you? Sorry that you're in pain. Unfortunately, there is no central listing of what doctor will prescribe any given medication, such a thing would cause many problems, especially when it comes to controlled substances. And due to the new regulations that were put in place this year, if you require such a medication on a long-term basis for chronic pain, you'll need to see a pain management specialist. General practitioners and surgeons have now been severely restricted in what they can prescribe, how much they can prescribe and how long they can prescribe it. Learn more Methadone details her... ...
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Suboxone Doctors Portland Oregon Accepting Medicare Ins
I am looking for a list of Suboxone providers in the Portland Oregon area that accept Medicare as payment. Suboxone for Pain Management specifically. ## There is no specific list of doctors that prescribe it for pain management, because actually any doctor can prescribe it for that, just like Methadone. The specialty lists are just for those that need it for addiction treatment. Learn more Suboxone details here. However, the problem you may run into is if you are contacting doctors and wanting them to prescribe a specific medication, because most doctors will consider that drug seeking behavior. The best thing you can do is find a pain management specialist that accepts your Medicare and make sure that they get a full copy of your medical records. If they see what has and hasn't wor... ...
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