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R 177
White round pill one side has R and the other side has 177 Can someone tell me what drug it is ## I took the pills out of the box before my next prescription was ready, and I do not know what they are now as the new meds are totally different, both in shapes and packaging Measures 8 mm x 4 mm 177 one side R on the other side R G. Abbondanza from Peterborough ( chemist from Dogsthorpe ## Hello, I have identified your pill as a (5 mg) Amlate tablet, which contains the active ingredient Amlodipine. Amlodipine is a long-acting calcium channel blocker dihydropyridine (DHP) class used as an antihypertensive and in the treatment of angina pectoris.It is a calcium channel blocker that is used to treat high blood pressure and certain cardiac conditions. Adverse reactions: very often: peripheral ... ...
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Wed, Jul 31 '13, 2:08 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 248739
oxynorm IR 10mg
It is a capsule and half is white and the other half is a tan color. If anybody has an image or can tell me what it is I would greatly appreciate it! ## Are there any markings on the capsule? I can't look it up or tell you anything about it, unless I have the imprint. ## OxyNorm 10mg capsules have the imprints as follows. Body:'10' & Cap:ONR. I have tried i/r oxycodone from the USA which, oddly, came in tablet form and was supposedly 30mg strength, brand name was 'Roxicodone' made, if I remember correctly, by a firm called Purdue Pharmaceuticals. They were vastly inferior in effect both analgesic and the 'fun' side I have grown used to over so many years than 20mg OxyNorm from the UK. All oxycodone in the UK is made by NAPP, although I have seen m/r 40 &a... ...
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v 4853
blue round ## 4853 V is 5 mg Oxybutynin ## This is a generic for Ditropan to control overactive bladder. ## thank you. i have another pill mylan 457 white round. ## Ellen, Mylan 457 is 1 mg Lorazepam (generic for Ativan). It is used to treat anxiety and nervousness. ## Abe is correct with his ID, these types of pills are Benzodiazepines similar to Xanax or Valium. ## oxybutynin is marked M with an O5 underneath it and a lighter blue than oxycontin. i have a prescription for it, so butynin, so unless i've been given the wrong pill by the pharmacy for two years, you're wrong. ## if any of you would ever TRY the 4853 v, it is NOT oxycotin. it is for bladder control. If you are getting prescribed that for pain and get 60 of them then your lying. No one is that stupid. ...
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3 on one side and 78 on the other side. round white pill ## I have a pill, it's a little white round pill and says 3 on one side and 78 on the other. What kinda pill is this? ## E 78 contains 5mgs of Zolpidem, a generic for Ambien, this is used for the short-term treatment of insomnia. Common side effects may include: nausea, funny taste in mouth, dizziness and amnesia. You can read more here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ...
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round yellow pill MP58 on one side
round yellow pill, blank on one side, MP58 on the other. no other markings ## my daughter found a round yellow pill with p 5 on one side - i needed to know what it was.... could it be ritalin or not ? ## For the MP58 pill, the closest thing which I found was a round white pill. You can see a picture to verify. If this is what you have then it is Carisoprodol 350 mg which is a centrally-acting Skeletal Muscle Relaxant. For the round yellow pill with P 5 on one side, is the P over the 5, or are the letters from left to right? If they are horizontal then it might be Pindolol but unfortunately have not been able to make a 100% ID. ## Hi, its a Diazepam (Valium) 5MG. Got some here clearly packaged with this name and am very familiar with them. ## Stuart, would you happen to know the manfactu... ...
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Color Of Mucinex
what color of pill ## It depends on the dosage you are asking about, as well as whether or not it is a generic or the name brand. There are some that are white and yellow, some that are all white and there are quite a few others, as well, since there are generics on the market. Can you please post back with more details? ...
Updated 3 years ago in Mucinex.
Wed, Jan 12 '11, 7:36 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 212737
Pill to Identify
Pill, 5 sided, pinkish, Z on one side, ,150 on the other ## Zantac 150mgs, Ranitidine, this is an antihistamine that helps block the production of stomach acid. ## Thanks zippysgoddess ## Oblong white pill with FO on one side and A 2 or small a on back ...
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ST-2 224/3850
found in pocketbook of mom ## Pills or capsules with the ST marking, followed by a number, then additional numbers, are Stacker items, they are sold as weight loss and energy supplements in most convenience and drug stores. This one would be Stacker 2, it contains various supplements and herbs that they claim helps with weight loss and energy levels. They are all Ephedra Free. ## white pill F/L and 20 on the back ## Pill Image This is Lexapro 20mgs, an antidepressant. ...
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Took wrong Loestrin FE pill
I took my Sunday white pill yesterday, skipping my placebo I was supposed to take, what do I do? ## HI, Annie! How are you? There's really nothing to worry about here, it will really just alter your cycle by a day for the new month of taking them, but you'll still be protected against pregnancy. Unless your doctor instructs you otherwise, you should just toss that placebo pill and continue with the active ones. ...
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 Moviprep Sodium Sulfate + Sodium Chloride + Potassium Chloride + Sodium Ascorbate + Ascorbic Acid
Sodium sulfate is the sodium salt of sulfuric acid. When anhydrous, it is a white crystalline solid of formula Na2SO4 known as the mineral thenardite; the decahydrate Na2SO4·10H2O is found naturally as the mineral mirabilite, and in processed form has been known as Glauber's salt or, historically, sal mirabilis since the 17th century. Another solid is the heptahydrate, which transforms to mirabilite when cooled. With an annual production of 6 million tonnes, it is a major commodity chemi...
pink pill round 93 637
small round pill light pink one side has 93 637 ## The pill in description is Trazodone HCl (50 mg). NOTE: Although some photos could prove to be inaccurate, this pill is indicated to be white and not light pink. Trazodone is indicated for: Clinical depression with or without anxiety. Insomnia, Fibromyalgia, to aid in sleeping. Control of nightmares or other sleep disturbances. To view information about this drug, please click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ...
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Tue, Dec 28 '10, 9:11 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 168532
white capsule ## i have been on espiride for 11 weeks for lactation. is mass gain a side effect? i want to go off it now, from 3 times a day - do i have to wean myself off them? ## Sorry, I cannot find any information on Espiride. Is it something from outside the U.S., over the counter, or a U.S. prescription medication? ## I have been prescribed Espiride by one medical practitioner and again NUZAN by another. I did not take the Espririe but the side effects of NUZAN do not go well with me. I have been for Homeopathy treatment and they suggest that these are anti depressants. It appears I am suffering from severe anxiety but I am being prescribed anti depressants which makes me feel worse.Any views or advice? ...
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C75 drug imprint
Round blue pill w/C75 imprint. Supposed to be metroprolol from India according to label on bottle @ Walmart. Ckg on computer it says is amlopidine. Not real confident on this. I have always taken white round with numbers & when computer shows different name altogether very questionable. ## C75 is Amlodipine 5mg and Olmesartan 40 mg, which is used to treat high blood pressure. Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you go. ## I have the exact same situation as the original poster. A call to WalMart pharmacy said that IF they changed suppliers, the medicine COULD look different but did not commit to the blue pill with C75 being what was perscribed. I'm wondering how to find out for sure. Any suggestions? ## It is being reported that the light blu... ...
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Unknown pill found in purse
Medium sized, maybe 1/4 inch, scored with deep groove in the middle, large numbers on other side (in a sans serif font. Can't remember numbers, but there were possibly three of them. ## Is there any way perhaps that you'd be able to locate the numbers that are imprinted on this pill? Only asking because it would make finding a match so much easier. There's just a few too many white pills with score lines out on the market to narrow it down. Any additional information would be great too, such as manufacturer or what you think it could possibly be based on your previous prescription(s). Thanks! ...
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Tue, Oct 23 '12, 10:14 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 237403
I have just started Tri Sprintec. I am on the last week (white pills) of my first pack and I started my period today (June 12) and it is really light. Should I be worried or is it suppose to be light? I'm confused. :/ ## There are hormonal based contraceptives, so it is normal for them to cause menstrual irregularities, it could be lighter, or heavier than normal, you may also skip altogether. Have you discussed the side effect information with your doctor? Learn more oral contraceptive details here. ...
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ph 063
oval..white pill...has the on one end...then the numbers..063 at the other end...*what type of pill is this?* ## I was unable to find PH 063, I did however find a pill that has similar markings. Click here to see a picture of the pill. If this is your pill it's Lorazepam 2 mg, which has relatively potent anxiolytic effects and its best known indication is the short-term management of severe anxiety. To learn more click on the link below... If this is not your pill, please post back with any more information, so I can assist you better in finding the right pill. ## I have a pill like that, it is the generic of mucinex (don't know the generic name) ## GENERIC MUCINEX, GUAIFENESIN 400MG, USED AS AN EXPECTORANT. PH ON LEFT, 063 ON RIGHT OF SCORE. WHITE OBLONG SHAPE ## ph... ...
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Green chinese diet pill
Light green capsule, no markings on. Packed in tin foil with chinese or japanese writing on the back. The foil is gold in colouring. The foil capsules are then in a plastic wrap and the writing on the pack is in green. ## I'm sorry, I can't tell you anything about it from this description. Where did you get them? Does anyone else have any idea what these may be? ## name of green and white diet pill with chinese writing on it ...
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white w/ one side a ''p w/ a triangle above it'', and on the other side it says ''014'' ## Is this vicodin, or a generic equivalent? ## NO, THIS IS NOT VICODIN! That logo is actually supposed to be an AP, and this is nothing more than Acetaminophen 500mgs, a generic or store brand of Extra Strength Tylenol. Just because a pill has a V or something that looks like it on there, does not mean it is Vicodin. The imprint does not have anything to do with the ingredients, it is just the drug company logo. ## I found a pill that my husband got from his sister for his knee pain but not sure what it is, it is white & oval with a triangle without the line at the bottom to close the triangle & a P between the center of the triangle is is somewhat flat with a... ...
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long time user of zolpidem
I'm a long term user of zolpidem. Whenever I forget to take this medicine I have horrible dreams, sweats and a poor night's sleep. With zolpidem I sleep very well.I guess I should continue zolpidem indefinitely as long as my doctor approves. Also, MEDCO is now sending me pale orange zolpidem instead of white. How can I tell it's zolpidem? ## Medco changed zolpidem to a orange pill made by Torrent Pharm.Please call Medco as i have,and tell them this pill sucks.don't work..Apotex used to be what you got,as i did for 15 years.they no longer carry it!!! ...
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Thu, Feb 25 '10, 9:20 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 201303
white, pill,round ,scored, 93/834 inprinted ## round white pill has roche2 on front ## 93 834 and Roche 2 both contain 2mgs of Clonazepam, a generic for Klonopin,a sedative used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders, as well as some cases of insomnia. Some of the most common side effects include: nausea, drowsiness, impairment of judgment and headache. You can read more about this medication here: is there anything else I can help you with? ...
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