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is this pill that i have a vicodin pain pill? it has a v567 on one side and a half line on other and is white please help ## I HAVE A M357 VICOIN EXACTLY WHAT mg. is this ## i have a a pill wjth m360 what is it ## what is this v on one side and 35/92 on the other ## rd white pill 749 watson ## Phil, I located a match to a white round pill with WATSON 749 on it, it's Acetaminophen 325 mg and Oxycodone 5 mg. Acetaminophen and Oxycodone is a narcotic pain reliever used to treat moderate to severe acute (short-term) pain. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have ant more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ___________________________ Lisa, Located a match it's Acetaminophen 500 mg and Hydrocodone bitartrate 5 mg, which combines two types of pain ... ...
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Mon, Jan 10 '11, 1:59 PM   6  Subscribe to thread 194623
Hydrocodone 10 500
I use this treatment for more than three years. Almost a year was the color of this treatment and Pink was taken from, but it was very expensive price was the capsule About $ 3.Has been changed to the same treatment, but cheaper and medicine color light blue color.I went to another pharmacy gave me the treatment varies color (white). My question is there a difference between them and any best one of all this ## Hydrocodone with Acetaminophen is a generic, one of the name brands for it would be Vicodin. And when something is available as a generic, it's usually made by several different companies and there are no rules on how the tablets have to look, or what color they have to be. That's entirely up to the whit and whim of the manufacturer. Learn more Vicodin details here. There... ...
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Tue, Aug 13 '13, 1:58 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 240792
Blue hydrocodone 10/500
What pharmacy carries the blue hydros 10/500 in El paso, Tx westside? ## If you're referring to the blue ones that are manufactured by Watson with the marking WATSON 540 on them, you aren't going to find them anymore. You'll need to be looking for them in white, since Watson has removed the dye. Learn more Norco details here. Additionally, they will all soon be changed to only contain a maximum of 325mgs of Acetaminophen, due to concerns raised by the FDA, because of the risk of liver damage associated with long-term use and the toxicity of overdose. Thus, all manufacturers are expected to change their formulations to the lower amount no later than January of 2014. Do you remember who the manufacturer was? ## Until then Mr.Verwon where can I get them here? I am already going... ...
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would like to find out
It is a small capsule dark green on one end and white on other end. It has what appears to be C-615, or it could be E615. ## this pill is small, dark green on one end and white on the other end, on the white end it has the letter E followed by the number 615 (E615) maybe it is a C615. It may even be slightly yellowish instead of being white. The E looks like a C with a slash in the center of it. that is why it kinda looks like an E. ...
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Sat, Sep 12 '09, 1:08 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 163626
This is my first month of taking Le Lestoran Fe(probably spelled wrong) and I was wanting to skip my period at the end of the month and I heard that if you skip the reminder pills and just start the new pack then you won't have your period. So I was just wondering if the white are reminder pills too, I know the brown ones are, and I was wondering if the white ones start your period or if the brown ones do? I only have one blue pill left and can't get a new pack until the day after tomorrow because I'm out of town. ## To be honest, I am not familiar with these tablets, so I would suggest your asking a pharmacist, they should have the information available as to which pills are which and they will probably be able to help you. Does anyone else happen to know? ...
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Tue, May 22 '12, 12:09 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 230888
pictures of steroid pills
round orange with the # 53 on it ## Are there any other markings, such as letters, numbers or logos on the pill? ## pinkish-peach pill, round in shape. AP on one side and like a bullseye on the other.about a quarter inch thick. steroid? ## Royal Blue Very Large, size of a vitamin, long & oval, a little pointed on the end, inscribed: BioTest ## oblong pill AX 50 gold metallic color ## white round pill with imprint of N 5 ## I found a bottle of pills w/o labeling of the bottle or pills in capsule form green/white. My son is into weight lifting and football. He has been very aggressive lately and suspected steroids and afraid he would find out I found them and cause problems for his younger brothers... so emptied the capsules and filled w/baking soda until my husband can be home after ... ...
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Thu, Sep 11 '14, 1:03 AM   6  Subscribe to thread 176375
Round yellow pill 115 / R
I found a pill on the floor of my house and have not been able to identify it with any of my current prescriptions. It is about a quarter of a dime in size, light yellow, with an 'R' inscribed on one side and '115' inscribed on the other. I found some posts online about codeine having these inscriptions on a white pill, but I want to be sure of what it is before I would consider using it for a an unpleasant cough or cold. ...
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Fri, Nov 19 '10, 11:23 AM   0 
EZ 0471
Small white oval pill ## Are you sure it doesn't say EV 0471 INSTEAD of EZ 0471? If so then it is something called Tussall ER. It is a combination of Phenylephrine 6mg, (decongestant), Dextrophreminate (sp.) 30mg. ( antihistamine) and Dextromorphan 20 mg. (cough suppressant.) It is used for cough, colds, serious allergies. Side effects include marked drowsiness, lethargy, stomach upset. ## I have nothing listed under that imprint, either, not even one with just EZ on it. ...
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Fri, Jun 16 '06, 7:07 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 172955
phentermine imprint code k25
K 25 IS IMPRINTED ON THE PILL AND IT IS WHITE AND BLUE SPECKELED OVAL SHAPED. ## This is an over the counter product sold as a cold remedy, it contains 325mgs of Acetaminophen, 2mgs of Chlorpheneramine Maleate and 5mgs of Phenylephrine. ## This is Phentermine. It is just new (March 2008). Manufactured by KVK Tech. It is oval in shape with K on left side and the 25 on the right separated by a line. The Acetaminophen one does say K25 on it but it is a round pill. ## Very Good Nikki. Correct. ## I've been taking phentermine for quite a while. In the beginning I lost so much weight but the doctor I was seeing moved away and I had to find a new doctor. That was over 2 years ago. After changing doctors I stopped loosing weight in fact I have gained 10 pounds (more but will loose some and ... ...
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Mon, Jun 16 '14, 4:33 PM   26  Subscribe to thread 182836
Ss 20 Mg
Trying to find out what this pill is. It is white in color. Oval in shape, has the letter S on one half and another S on the other half. The other side has the number 20 and a diagonal line from one side up to the middle and then back down the the other side almost looks like a roof. If you know what this is please let me know ## Hi Brad, Based on the description provided, a white oval pill marked with S S 20 is identified as Supeudol 20mg (Oxycodone 20mg Instant Release) made by Sandoz Canada. Learn More: Oxycodone Details If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ...
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Mon, Dec 31 '12, 7:14 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 236790
155 Crescent Moon
What is this? Is it better to take than Suboxone? ## @charlotte4, Your question on the pill ID has actually already been addressed in another thread here on the site. Looks like it is in fact a generic Suboxone tablet: Discuss/White-Round-Pill-D-On-One-Side-And-155-Other-244131.htm I hope this info helps! Please post back if you have any other questions or comments to add regarding this. ## How would i know the difference in the dose ...
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Thu, Apr 18 '13, 2:11 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 244943
it is a green and white pill one side green and one side white ## I was complaining about my back and a doctor gave me these. The put me right to sleep. I woke up very foggy. What are the E615 pills comparable to? ## Pill Image You mean your doctor didn't tell you what it was or what it was for and neither did your pharmacy? Wow, that is just crazy, my doc always tells me what new prescriptions are and what they are for, and there is always a leaflet with information when I get something new from my pharmacy. Anyway, this is Hydroxyzine Pamoate 50mgs, a generic for Vistaril. This is an antihistamine that has quite a few uses, it can be used to calm emotional conditions, relieve allergic reactions, ease pain after surgery, relieve nausea, and help you fall asleep. Many antihistamines... ...
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Tue, Jun 27 '06, 11:13 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 158757
pink and white capsel how much can kill you ## This capsule contains 25mgs of Diphenhydramine, it is an over the counter product, a generic or store brand of Benadryl. The lethal dose would, of course, depend on the individual and their tolerance to the medication. People that are used to it, will be able to tolerate much higher doses than those that aren't. The standard threshold, however, is to not exceed 500mgs in a day. Is there anything else I can help you with? ...
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Sat, Aug 28 '10, 11:40 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 207879
lo loestrin fe brown pills
I started my pack on a Tuesday and now Im at the end of my pack on the second white pill and it's Saturday. I'd like to start my second pack on Sunday to avoid future confusion. Is it okay to skip the brown pills? I've heard they're iron pills but can cause extra spotting if missed. If so can I take the two brown pills with two blue pills this next Sunday and Monday? ## Hi Adriana! The best thing 2 do is take the pills as prescribed. I wouldn't go messing with the way u r suppose 2 take them. U don't want 2 take any chances. ## @Adriana, Regarding your question about skipping the brown pills - I don't know who manufactures your loestrin fe, but according to the patient prescribing info from Actavis, "if you were to 'forget' either of the 2 brown (... ...
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Mon, Jun 23 '14, 7:04 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 267442
pill I found D+ 30
I found the yellowish round pill about the size of a nickle it has a split in it on top it says D+ on the bottom it says 30 what the hell is this thing? ## Same here, except I would describe the pill/tablet as white w/a very light yellow tint, slightly smaller than a dime, then D+ on top, then a split, and 30 on the bottom. Thanks in advance for anyone able to identify this. ## This is a veterinary medication called Drontal Plus, it is used to deworm animals. ...
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Wed, Sep 17 '08, 12:42 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 167990
lo loestrin brown pills
I started the pill 1 month ago and I thought the white pill was water pill so I skipped the 2 white pills and the brown pill I had a very light period on Sunday and that's when I started a new pack... Should I worried? ## Hello, Nickie! How are you? Why did you think they were water pills? I don't think there's anything to worry about, but you may want to check with your doctor to be sure. ...
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R 177
White round pill one side has R and the other side has 177 Can someone tell me what drug it is ## I took the pills out of the box before my next prescription was ready, and I do not know what they are now as the new meds are totally different, both in shapes and packaging Measures 8 mm x 4 mm 177 one side R on the other side R G. Abbondanza from Peterborough ( chemist from Dogsthorpe ## Hello, I have identified your pill as a (5 mg) Amlate tablet, which contains the active ingredient Amlodipine. Amlodipine is a long-acting calcium channel blocker dihydropyridine (DHP) class used as an antihypertensive and in the treatment of angina pectoris.It is a calcium channel blocker that is used to treat high blood pressure and certain cardiac conditions. Adverse reactions: very often: peripheral ... ...
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oxynorm IR 10mg
It is a capsule and half is white and the other half is a tan color. If anybody has an image or can tell me what it is I would greatly appreciate it! ## Are there any markings on the capsule? I can't look it up or tell you anything about it, unless I have the imprint. ## OxyNorm 10mg capsules have the imprints as follows. Body:'10' & Cap:ONR. I have tried i/r oxycodone from the USA which, oddly, came in tablet form and was supposedly 30mg strength, brand name was 'Roxicodone' made, if I remember correctly, by a firm called Purdue Pharmaceuticals. They were vastly inferior in effect both analgesic and the 'fun' side I have grown used to over so many years than 20mg OxyNorm from the UK. All oxycodone in the UK is made by NAPP, although I have seen m/r 40 &a... ...
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Thu, Apr 21 '11, 10:25 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 195279
v 4853
blue round ## 4853 V is 5 mg Oxybutynin ## This is a generic for Ditropan to control overactive bladder. ## thank you. i have another pill mylan 457 white round. ## Ellen, Mylan 457 is 1 mg Lorazepam (generic for Ativan). It is used to treat anxiety and nervousness. ## Abe is correct with his ID, these types of pills are Benzodiazepines similar to Xanax or Valium. ## oxybutynin is marked M with an O5 underneath it and a lighter blue than oxycontin. i have a prescription for it, so butynin, so unless i've been given the wrong pill by the pharmacy for two years, you're wrong. ## if any of you would ever TRY the 4853 v, it is NOT oxycotin. it is for bladder control. If you are getting prescribed that for pain and get 60 of them then your lying. No one is that stupid. ...
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3 on one side and 78 on the other side. round white pill ## I have a pill, it's a little white round pill and says 3 on one side and 78 on the other. What kinda pill is this? ## E 78 contains 5mgs of Zolpidem, a generic for Ambien, this is used for the short-term treatment of insomnia. Common side effects may include: nausea, funny taste in mouth, dizziness and amnesia. You can read more here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ...
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