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if taking oxycodone for 3 yrs ram out jan 18 will it be in my sysyem
Taking oxycodone 30mg for 4 yrs will it be in my system if stop taking on January 18 ...
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Mon, Feb 24 '14, 7:09 PM   0 
Please read before taking Suboxone
Every single day of my life is a living hell. I wake at 3-3:30am. I am cold to my very core. I am nauseous. My head aches. My anxiety is such that thinking of living another day in this condition is intolerable and death is my favorite fantasy, it brings me the only hope I can imagine. Were I not so weak, I would have killed myself long ago. My legs are numb and moving is painful. I roll out of bed and cut a tiny strip of Suboxone off of my daily regimen to help me cope. My brain is flooded with powerful, addictive drugs. For a time my condition improves leaving only the empty helpless feeling that only the truly dependant know. My life becomes muted. No color, no happiness, no hope. One long string of misery that reaches to the landscape without end. I am worthless and cause nothing bu... ...
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Mon, Feb 18 '13, 4:22 PM   0 
Methadone prescription Saginaw MI
Dr Meyer will prescribe all kinds of methadone, adderall, and benzodiazepines. I was getting almost 400 10mg methadone a month, 80 2 mg klonopin, 90 30mg adderalls. If it's what you're in need of then he is perfect. ## I just want to fill my prescription 20 pills from my MD methadone. ...
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Tue, Sep 02 '14, 11:44 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 264760
Street Price For Hydromorphone 8mg
A friend told me to be careful with my percription of 8 mg hydromorphone because people will steal it from you if they can to sell on the street ,that's why I was wondering if this was true n how much was the going rate of this selling for on the street if what he said was true ## 25$ in Florida sometimes 30 for the 8s and the 4s 12~15$...also just know that anyone getting them from you is abusing them, that's the only way to feel high and its damn close to H ( the high ) ## Did you ever find someone? I'm I'm same situation but I m in Viginia. I had someone but lost them due to rehab and bills are due ...
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Fri, Jul 18 '14, 10:33 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 239575
Ordering Oxycodone Legally Online
Does anyone know any legal..legit..100% ok places to order 30mg oxys online...i have a script but just cant fill ANYWARE lately...all of a sudden after 2yrs of same walgrees eeeeeerrrrr the mail order thing...any legit places out there??? Please help ## Hi Johnny, I would recommend checking with sites such as PharmacyChecker, as they only list certified (reputable) online pharmacies. Although I am pretty sure that those pharmacies would require a prescription because PharmacyChecker puts them through a rigorous certification process. Good luck on your search and I hope this helps! ## I just had the same problem trying to fill my wife's prescription at Walgreens. She is only on 10mgs. I tried everywhere and finally was able to fill it at CVS. If you haven't tried th... ...
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Sun, Jun 17 '12, 6:00 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 231912
my hydrocodone testing experience
I have taken roughly 30-60mg for a week straight I took 30 mg 9 pm and 40 hours later I took a first check test that specifically test for hydrocodone and passed drank plenty of fluids ...
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Wed, Jan 22 '14, 6:50 PM   0 
pulmonary tuberculosis
Hi, am a patient of pulmonary tuberculosis. I have taken prescribed medicines ( pyrazinamide 1200mg, isoniazid 300mg, r - cin 625mg, benadon 40mg, augmentin 625mg) only for 5 to 10 days that to interrupted. and its been almost 2 months that am not taking any medicines and fever is not there but coughing has increased ( dry ), pain in left side of chest, breathlessness has increased, blurred vision and mild headaches.Has its been evovled in multi drug resistent or xtreme drug resistent? what all test is required to check weather its mdr or xdr? Or if won't take any medicine how long will i'll survive? ## There is a possibility that you have a drug resistant form, however, there is also just a possibility that these were just not the right drugs to help you. Only a doctor can tell... ...
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Sat, Aug 17 '13, 12:57 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 210176
Need Help with Self Medicating, Rivotril, Xanax, Heroin, Methadone.
Hi folks, I'm looking for some advice from experienced doctors, if there are any here? Or just general help from folks with knowledge. Basically in short, I'm 34 years old, have been a heroin addict on and if since age of 14, from ages 14-18 I really abused benzos too being as my doctor who was breaking the law was basically supplying me with whatever I asked for, he didn't really no what he was doing and it was before the drug treatment laws really came into effect here. Basically I would see him monthly and be like, yeah it need 30x10mg Valium to sleep a night, and be prescribed, also giving me litres of temazepam liquid and liquid methadone and basically anything I asked for, that all stopped when I was around 18 and then started to go to proper clinics. I'm not tryin... ...
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Tue, Sep 09 '14, 2:58 PM   0 
its clogged in my vien.. what should i do? can it kill me?
I had a 15mg mblock time relaesed pill. the method i used as i always use. {edited for public safety reasons}. well i hit of course and when i started IV'ing it i cud see me vein swellin down my arm (considerin i hit bellow my thumb on the outside of my hand and had shot there right before i did this shot) and was not goin bak to normal so after injectin about 40 units i pulled it out. this was about 30 mins ago and my right side (shot in right hand btw) is now beginning to tingle as is my right leg and my cheeks as well. its scarin me. can this kill. wat could i do to encourage the medication to release?? ## If you haven't already figured this need to go to a hospital. You have either clogged your vein or created a clot and are about to throw the clot creating a strok... ...
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Wed, Sep 18 '13, 7:41 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 252240
fill oxycodone prescription online
120qty 15 mg. roxicodone from sarasota dr.Fernando Valle M>D> ## I'm sorry, this site does not manufacture nor sell any medications, this is an information only website. As to filling this online, it is going to be very difficult to do so. Because of the extreme amount of diversion and abuse of Oxycodone, most places will no longer provide it through the mail. They try to stay away from controlled substances. Is there a problem obtaining it from a local pharmacy? ## Hi, I've been trying to find a pharmacy to fill my father's prescription for 168 30mg oxycodone for almost a week now he's got slipped disc in his back and has been in immense pain without them, is there any way to fill his prescription online or is there a pharmacy that has them? I've tried going... ...
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Wed, Oct 22 '14, 12:09 PM   119  Subscribe to thread 207897
mandatory detox
Some 30 years ago i got on methadone after seeing so many people i grew up with die from opiates or heroin.Today i am 57 years old and i am on 140mgs.After my younger brother die from heroin i resigned to the fact that i will probably be on methadone for the rest of my life and excepted it.Six months ago i got busted and found myself in drug court.The judge told me to get in touch with my clinic and come up with a detox plan.So were starting at 2mgs a month drop.I pray to God that i can do it and work at the same time.U ought to be in front of a judge after being on methadone for over 30 yrs and be told u have to get off of it.Methadone has allowed me to work and pay my bills for over 16 years.Now i am scared about the future,i worry that when my dose gets lower i wont be able to work.I... ...
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Mon, Jan 23 '12, 10:43 AM   4  Subscribe to thread 226615
Ms Contin 30mg how to order
I have constant pain not effected by any other madicatiio. How do I order ms contin on line ## You don't, with new regulations you can not order it online unless you have a doctor do it for you. ## You can still obtain some prescriptions, via online or mail order, if you have a prescription for them, but controlled substances like this are very hard to get that way, due to the severe risk of theft and diversion. And without a prescription, it can't be legally obtained, at all. What has your doctor recommended? ...
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Tue, May 15 '12, 5:20 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 226703
what's a good starting dose?
I'm 5'3 and 165 lbs. I want to start taking this but unsure of what dose I should purchase (as far as mg). ## Go to a DIET DR.... You will spend more online than that, seriously! They start you at 37.5 and do a complete anylysis of you, check your heart, etc. and thyroid to determine if you should have a med to compliment the phenterimine! ... usually the water is low and they advice you HOW MUCH water, just by steppin on the scale that you need! etc. They are so sweet too!! and the meds run you 40.00 a month after the initial visit.!!! ## In addition, if you purchase it in the US without a prescription, then it is illegal. ## well im a 30 yr old female and was taking this medication asfar as i know i started of on 30mg which was good for me but since your not as heavy as i was ... ...
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Sun, May 03 '09, 8:58 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 180750
Ms Contin 30 Mg/Morphine ER
I have been taking this medication for approx 1 month. 2 pills daily. How long will it take to be undetectable in a urine drug screen? ...
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Wed, Jan 23 '13, 9:50 AM   0 
i ve takein 2 hydrocodone 10 500mg a day for past three years and have ua tomorrow will pass
Eat 2-3 hydrocodone a day for 3yrs I have a ya tomorrow and I haven't used in 30 hrs and have drank 101.4 oz of water and 60oz of Gatorade will I pass ua? ...
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Mon, Feb 24 '14, 3:39 PM   0 
Methadone Doctors in Texas or Arkansas
ok. I am 18.So i have 2 Rods on both sides of my spine, 28 Screws and bolts(Which 6 screws/bolts have come loose and are just floating around in my back) My doctor in Jonesboro AR (keep in mind is one of the TOP sergions in AR)put me on Oxycodone 30's 7 a day for 5 years.Which they HELPED SO MUCH! And I really am in pain and really do need the drug. BUT I didnt want to become addicted to it like so many others in my family Alone! So my mom(who is an Oxycodone addict for 18 yrs) and I came to Killeen Texas with her Boyfriend who promised a new life for us were we could go to a Methadone clinic and get off the Oxys. And Lead a NORMAL GREAT life! Like everyone else where I could go to college,& get a degree.. Well within the first day we got here we went to the Methadone Clinic in ... ...
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Mon, Jun 10 '13, 4:55 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 228434
i need long Sex so wand good safe Tablets
hallo sir i like sex but i now diart so please i need good long time sex tablets with in safe please inform tablat name ## There is no such tablet and all medications carry the risk of side effects and may be unsafe. What specific type of problem are you helping? If you can be more detailed, I may be able to find you some more information or advice. Learn more sexual arousal details here. ## sir i am 30 married male,i want long time sex with wife,this time i am doing sex maximium 2 times a night and duration of sex is 2-3 minutes,so can i take any medicines plz? ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Tue, Oct 02 '12, 7:59 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 232152
Were To Get Oxycodone In Clearwater fld
Recently moved here for my job Friday, I have a prescript for oxycodone 30mg, but I'm out till 2 weeks hurting bad, I would just like someone to point me in the right direction, on we're to go. ## If it's of any help with your search, listed below is a pharmacy-locator, that uses your zip code to find nearby pharmacies within a given mile range: Phone numbers and addresses are included in the list after you verify your zip code; so I would suggest visiting a number of them to see if anyone can fill your prescription (calling them generally isn't recommended, as they are sometimes trained to say no on the phone if a stranger is asking for narcotics). I'd also consider looking at legitimate online pharmacies as another alternative. I hope... ...
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how long does percocet stay in the urine
I smoked a perkocet 30 how long will it be in my urine ...
Updated 7 months ago.
Tue, Mar 11 '14, 12:10 PM   0 
consecutively taking nordette, is it effective still?
I had unprotected sex last sept 29, and I think I was ovulating then. I took 4tabs nordette after 24 hours of sex (s***), then another 4tabs 12 hours after that. Today, I again had unprotected sex, and I took 4 tabs nordette, again. Is this going to be effective? Or is this going to ruin the effectiveness of the drug? Please help me, I beg you. They say it usually took 6 days for me to bleed from the last day I took nordette which is on the 30th, but im afraid the second dose today will actually decrease its potency, and I can't wait anymore. Please pray for me, and give me assurance with your experiences. Thank you. ...
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Fri, Oct 03 '14, 6:21 PM   0 

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