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How long will 30mg total oxycodone remain in urine?
I took 15mg 1-24-2014 at about 8-830pm. And tomorrow I will take the other 15mg. Will it be out of my system or the half life to low to be detected by January 30th at 10:15am? ...
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Fri, Jan 24 '14, 8:49 PM   0 
How long does the bottle last?
Hello, My doctor has me on 30 mg daily, 1 pump per axilla, and I was wondering how often would I need to purchase a new prescription, once a month? I was on injections but decided to go the Axiron route as this is less painful. Thanks. ## Glenn, your dosage details are inconsistent, as Axiron dispenses 30 mg per pump. So if you are at 1 pump per axilla, that is 60 mg total per day (30 mg each armpit). This is the usual starting dose. One bottle of Axiron contains enough for 60 pumps, or 30 days at one pump per axilla per day. But if you're at 30 mg per day, that's only one pump per day, not one pump per axilla, and a bottle will last you two months. Hope this helps. I'm not a doctor but I just started Axiron so I just went through calculating all of this stuff with my doctor... ...
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suboxone generic ahhhhhhhh
When r they going 2 start making a generic form of suboxone strips?/ Is a great drug but so expensive.And I am on medicade,but paying 300 a month 4 the doctors visit and a script of 60 8-2 mg strips is 600 bucks, hell its cheaper to do heroine.WTF Any suggestions.... ## If you can get on generic subutext or the new generic suboxone pill that will save you money. ## Generics are currently available via multiple manufacturers. Most pharmacies will say they don't have a generic Suboxone or say that there isn't one. Tell them that there is, and to look under buprenorphine/Naloxone tablets. Most will then see it available. ...
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Icant Get My Oxycodone Filled
I have 30mg oxycodone and I want to know in Detroit MI where I can get them filled. I have had the prescription since the 23rd of may! ## Hi Linda, If you're unable to get it filled locally, have you considered trying Walgreen's mail-order? It seems to be a more popular method for those having trouble getting their prescriptions filled. I would also suggest trying an online pharmacy as a last resort. Sites such as PharmacyChecker only list certified (reputable) online pharmacies. Although I am pretty sure that those pharmacies would require a prescription because PharmacyChecker puts them through a rigorous certification process. Good luck on your search and I hope this helps! ## I've had the same problem. I live in north Florida and my insurance to me they use Wallgreens ma... ...
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how long does oxycodone 30mg stay in your blood stream
I have chronic pain (Lyme disease) I am up to 90mg oxycodone (no Tylenol) at 6am and 90mg at 6pm can I over does? How long does it stay in my blood stream what is the max amount in 24 hours? I'm desperate. ...
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Mon, Mar 10 '14, 7:21 PM   0 
Need a pharmacy in JAX,FL to fill oxycodone 30mg script
Please can anyone help it would be much appreciated I have been trying for over three weeks to fill my script I have never had to wait this long I am so much pain mentally and physically I am a single mom with two kids I take care of my self. And unable to fill my medication which just helps me to be abe to function and not be in constant agonizing pain. Which is worse fro driving around for hours being treated like a crack head jus to get my legal prescription. ## Hello, You're definitely not alone, as it seems like everyone in Florida is having complications trying to fill their pain management scripts, no matter the dosage. If you can't get your prescriptions filled locally, would you open to trying an online pharmacy that can ship you your meds? I personally haven't used... ...
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what does udiliv does
i am suffering from grade -2 fatty liver and doctor suggested me udiliv.i dont take any alcohol ,so plz tell me what to do becus ei must cure it in 30 days.plz understand my urgency ## i have minor fatty liver ## If your doctor suggested it to you, how come he didn't tell you what its for? That just doesn't make sense at all from anyone's viewpoint. Anyhow, Udiliv is NOT known to be marketed in the U.S; however I located the active ingredient to be Ursodeoxycholic Acid. Ursodeoxycholic acid helps regulate cholesterol by reducing the rate at which the intestine absorbs cholesterol molecules while breaking up micelles containing cholesterol. Because of this property, ursodeoxycholic acid is used to treat (cholesterol) gallstones non-surgically. For more information about this ... ...
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Levipil Side Effects
My wife previously had taken aed for 4 yrs from 2005-2008 after the grand mal convulsion. A month after spinal anesthia for cesearian opperation at the time of birth of our 1st and only baby, second convulsion occured on 2010. she is now on levipil 250x2 and oxetol 300x2 and not having convulsions since 2 yrs. Thus she had only 2 epileptic grand-mal attacks in her life. Her father and elder sister has also having some neurological disease. Now i want to know- 1) how long she should take AEDs?? 2) How much side effects for taking these AEDs, she may have in her life?? Already she is very aggressive, moody, rude, irritates very quickly on simple issues. 3) Do these AEDs and Epilepsy itself cause sextual unwillingness as she is not attracted towards having sex?? 4) did the spinal annesthet... ...
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taper question about suboxone
I,m an older man 54 who,s had addiction problems since teens. Did lot of drugs when younger. Stopped on my own for about 5yrs. About 10 yrs. ago had health problem and Dr. prescribes lortab. I did not tell him about addiction problem, I know very stupid. Got health problem squared away but was enjoying the tabs. I,m sure everyone knows how this story goes. Was doing 10-15 10 mg. tabs a day or whatever I could get for better part 6-7 yrs. Started doing 30mg. oxycodone 10-15 a day for past yr. and half or so. Sick of the s*** so went to sub dr. who put me on one and half film strip once a day in morning, I think it,s 12mg of the stuff. Never tried this before, but from reading different sites I,m wondering if I should have just gone through the oxy wd,s and been done with it. This week I,... ...
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Sun, Apr 08 '12, 6:16 AM   0 
how long does 30 mg oxycodone take to get out of your urine
I do not take pain pills but injuried my shoulder.. I took 2 oxycodone 30 mg on 9-11-13... I weigh about 235-240... about how long will it be in my urine ## How long does it take a 30mg snorted ms contin 30mg one time use to get out of your urine? ...
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My Boyfriend Is Prescibed Roxicodone 30mg Can Boyfriends Doctor Make Me Take A Drug Test
I go to a completely different doctor who is in a different medical practice than my boyfriends doctor. my boyfriend was in a severe work related accident that changed his physical body for life, technically he would be considered disabled, handicapped , how ever you'd want to word it, I would just to prefer not to say what his specific injury is. what I will say about the accident, if 20,000 tons of steel is thrown into you with a crane, it will cause some severe permanent changes to your life. needless to say my bf has crippling chronic pain without his medications. for 5 years he has been prescribed 240 roxi 30s per month we had to move to a new state so he had to find a new doctor rgt off the bat the new doctor refused to give him the amount he has been on for years and took him... ...
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PLEASE HELP ME--I'm addicted to Oxycodone and can't seek professional help
4 years ago I finally gave in and starting taking pain medicine for my back. It turned out I have fibromyalgia, sciatica and stenosis. I was put on Vicoden, but after about a month, it did nothing. I though about going back to just bearing the pain, but my Doctor at the Pain Clinic wanted me to try Oxycodone. He started me on a low dose and now I am on 30 mgs. three times a day. Two years later after rarely taking it because I hardly took it because it make me fall asleep a lot and make me feel depressed. I read somewhere that it wouldn't make one tired if it was insufflated. Then I read not to insufflate the coated pills. So now I use 2 or 3 pills, scraping off the coating. I worked my way up to not feeling high. I have an extreme tolerance because I am on 8 psycotropic medications... ...
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Where to buy Oxycodone online or in California without rx?
I'm looking for 40 or 80mg. I need it for my back pain. If you know a place please let me know. I need it ASAP. Thank ## Need 30 mg oxycodone. Been ripped off online before. Need them for migraines due to an eye nystagmus ## I want to purchase oxycodone 30mg. online. I am a 34 yr. old vet from Afghanistan and got hit by iud and suffer from RSD after surgery. I was boiling water and my sister asked me what I was going to cook and I told her I was going to put my foot in the water. That's how crazy RSD is. She saved me, another saving grace! ## I am looking for oxycodone 10 or 15 I have been ripped off I hope this is legit site. I need these for a torn rotator cuff. I don't have insurance ## I am looking to purchase oxycodone. Please let me know if you can help? ## prove it ta... ...
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evion increase the sex duration
evion increase the sex duration ## Evion is a nutritional supplement, so it will only help if your problem is caused by a deficiency in one of the items it contains. It contains: 5,000mcgs Lycopene, 300mgs of Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamin C 150mgs and Vitamin E 50ius. Did someone tell you it should be used for this? ## i want to know increase sex duration medicine. ...
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Duration of Flagyl in the system
How long does Flagyl stay in the system - 30 days or more? ## Flagyl contains the anti-infective agent Metronidazole. No, it will not last 30days from the time you take the last dosage, there aren't any meds that last that long. When you are taking something of a very long duration, it doesn't even last in the body that long, so something you take for a shorter amount of time is usually gone in 2 to 3 days at most. Some of the most common side effects include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and skin rash. You can read more about this medication here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ...
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Find Doctor that can prescribe 30mg Oxycodone in NY NJ area!!
My doctor has been giving me 15mg Oxy's but now wants me to go see a pain management doctor to get 30mg's. I have chronic pain from severe scoliosis- have all MRI's documenting this. Does anyone here have a doctor in the New York metro, North New Jersey area that they tell me about. thanks ## @mica, I may not have a doctor I can refer you to, but I can provide you with a couple links that may be of service to you in so far as finding pain management doctors within your general area. Just input your city or zip code for narrowed results: {link removed because site no longer exists} I'd consider calling up a number of them to see if they are accepting new patients, as some aren't, but most usually are. I hope this info h... ...
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What To Say A Pharamacy Fill Fake Percription
what do i say to the pharamacy to call in a fake percription for oxycodone 30s ## I knew a woman who was sentenced to four years in prison for doing that... so I'd recommend that you say "Please keep your pharmaceuticals. Have a nice day, ## After the Patriot Act falsifying identification is a serious crime. I hope you jest unless you like working for slave wages in a Federal Pen. ## Excellent advice--beyond which, it is not a drug that cab be called in by phone. It's a Schedule II drug, requiring special forms. ## Have to have hard copy rx. If your dumb enough to try I'm sure could figure it out. Calling in is essy part. Picking up a whole nother story ## Dusty. You sound like you'd like to have a stay in prison. It is a federal offense to falsify a doctors signatur... ...
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subutex and dilaudid withdrawal
I am writing this ONLY to give insight on what I have gone threw. For the last few weeks I have read about everything I can online. I was addicted to oxycodone for 3 years making monthly trios to Florida to get my scripts which would be roughly 300 30mg oxycodone and 90 2mg Xanax. Well, I knew that had to stop after 3 unsuccessful attempts at rehab I finally stuck with it and was placed on suboxone 8mg sublingual films. I weaned myself down to 2mg then 1mg (weaning from 2mg to 1mg was hell for me) I couldn't sleep, eat, I was so irritable I couldn't stand myself. So I decided weaning down wasn't for me at this point im jumping off and I did. I did it for a week and although after about 5 days I was a tad better it was horrible on day 8 I ended up with kidneystones, hydro nep... ...
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Mon, Jun 17 '13, 8:40 AM   0 
Where to Purchase Ti Screen SPF 30
Where on line can I purchase Ti Screen SPF 30 ## Hi Linda, If you run a google search for "Ti-Screen Sunscreen SPF 30" I'm certain you will come up with a number of store results that pertain to it. One place I came across that seemed to have it available was Dermstore. For your own records, the maker of this sunscreen is "Pedinol". I hope this info helps. Good luck on your search! ...
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