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Ursocol 300 And Side Effect
I am taking ursocol300 mg tab.twice a day. I am also taking several B.P. medications also.Now I am having swalling of legs,acidity,and skin problem. Suggest any explanation, ## If I were to suggest anything that may be of help to you, it would be to to clean out and detox your system. Acidity can be caused by a number of issues, but is commonly related to your diet and stress levels. I would focus your attention on eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, staying hydrated (consistently pee clear), exercising at least an hour a day (rebounding, dancing, swimming, or breath work/meditation) to get your lymphatic system flowing, along with getting plenty of rest each night. Also for the acidity problem, make sure the water you are drinking is alkaline (a PH of 9.5 is ideal for the human bod... ...
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New Oxycodone M 30
Are they changeing oxycodone 30 ir ## I haven't come across any specific details stating whether or not the light blue Oxycodone pill imprinted with M 30, is going to change. Manufacturer: Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals National Drug Code (NDC): 00406-8530 I'm finding that Oxycodone 30mg comes in a number of various forms, depending on the manufacturer. Actavis Pharmaceuticals, Qualitest Pharmaceuticals Inc., and KVK Tech Inc. also have round blue Oxycodone 30mg IR tablets imprinted with "A 215" & "48 12 V" & "K 9" respectively. However, the way a pill looks is entirely up to the whit and whim of each manufacturer. Although they usually don't tend to give out any prior notice, hints, or much information at all when it comes down to figuring out ... ...
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what is gonadil f use for and how i can improve my sexual activities
hi doctor, i am 30 years old man and whenever i am only talking about sex to someone my sperm start leaking from my penis. I am very week during sex because if i am still even kissing to my wife my sperm will release from my penis without having sex. please advise me if Gonadil F capsules are beneficial for me to increase my stamina and to make my sperm thick and to have better timing during sex. If there is any other medicine which can solve my problems and should not have any side effects please prescribed me. Waiting for your quick response. thank you. Best Regards, Saim ...
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Fri, Jul 11 '14, 5:45 AM   0 
how does vitimans of the b family and 30mg of roxicodone show up as possitive in hair follical test
I take alot of vitimams of the b family and roxicodone 30mg and had to take a hair follical test. Will these show up as illegal drugs and test possitive results. ...
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Tue, Apr 15 '14, 10:21 AM   0 
Morphine 30mg Oxycodone
I have shingles.. The pain is unbelivable. am taking 20 mg oxycontin 2 every 12 hrs. I am also, without my doctor knowing , taking 3 hydrocodon-acetaminophen 5-300 in between .. can this hurt me? ## Have you told your doctor that the Oxycontin isn't handling your pain? It isn't unusual for someone take both a long-acting narcotic, such as the Oxycontin, with something that works faster, such as an instant release or a regular release medication, like the Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen. However, there are always risks associated with it. The narcotics can cause depression of the central nervous system, such as lowered heart rate and lowered breathing rate. And with long-term use, the Acetaminophen could cause some liver damage. ## finally got correct diagnosis, after suffering for... ...
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Round Small With Pill Blue V on it
Found in my sons drawer. It is baby blue with a V or an A on one side, and blank on the other. ## I also need to know what this is.Exact same pill from the sound of it. I haven't had any luck online finding it. ## If it is a light blue pill with a sort of v symbol with one side of the v being extended to one side of the pill it is a extended release 30mg oxycodone. Hope this helps. ## Your son is snorting roxies, they are better than film coated oxys because you can crush them and insulflate them. Good luck. ## i am trying to find out about a small round blue pill. with an A~ on one side blank on the other. thanks ...
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Thu, May 16 '13, 7:58 AM   4  Subscribe to thread 235734
detox from taking heroin and 30mg oxycodone ASAP
SWIM has been taking 30mg oxycodone pills nasally for about 9 months now. SWIM is up to between 6-10 daily. Recently SWIM has been sniffing heroin as well bc SWIM was finding that the script wasn't lasting as long. There are days SWIM will do only heroin and on those days SWIM will do btwn 5-8 bags. There are days where SWIM will mix the two; so SWIM will take btwn 2-4 pills and 2-4 bags. SWIM is done living this way and now has access to suboxone. Can anyone give SWIM advise or a plan so SWIM can be drug free of oxys, herion, and subs AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. SWIM understands that they will have to be subject to some withdrawal symptoms however if SWIM knows they are going to be clean and sober as quick as possible He/she will endure it. Any advice or daily plans/regimens would be grea... ...
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is oxycodone the same as a percocet in urinalysis
If u take 30mg oxycodone will 10 percocets show up the same in a urinalysis? Just have to show im taking my meds. Just wondering since i take both. Thanks ...
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Sat, Oct 12 '13, 10:30 PM   0 
I was prescribed Axiron for Low T and have been using it every day as prescribed for 30 days now. I have noticed some very positive side effects, such as more energy and increased sex drive. Unfortunately, however, the effects are not all positive. I've been experiencing "peaks and valleys" in the effects of Axiron. Everything I have read about this medication states that the desired results will be noticeable, and the effects will plateau (even out) in approx. 15 days. After 31 days using Axiron, I am still having severe ups and downs--most noticeably with my moods and temper. (I have increased road rage, but on the plus side, I don't cry as much during sex. Lol.) All joking aside, if anyone else has had similar experiences with Axiron treatment, I would really like to ... ...
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how to inject m 30 oxycodone
how to inject m 30 oxycodone i did plain water & pill and got no feeling at all ## Doing this is actually very dangerous! Oxycodone is a very potent narcotic. Not only could you end up overdosing on it, but many of these tablets also contain binders and fillers and some of these, especially in time released medications, are not meant to be broken down by the human body, but instead they are normally expelled in your waste. If you inject them, you are putting these substances into your body in a place where your body cannot dispose of them this creates a serious potential for blockages, which can also be fatal or cause other severe health conditions. Did you have any other questions? ## Did u heat it? ## Listen to Verwon friend..And also listen to me, a hard core drug addict..If you ... ...
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Is 3 Days Of Suboxone Enough
Yes 3 days of suboxone should be enough to get you thru the first 3 days of no opiates but you don't need much of the suboxone at all. Get 1 strip. Take a quarter of that strip the first day - so thats .5 mg take .25 day 2 and .25 day 3 and then your done. Thats all the suboxone you need to get off 30 mg of perks. Also start taking B50 and L Tyrosine and Gaba 750 and and maybe some testosterone for energy and thats it. If you want to be off the perks and don't want to be addicted to suboxone use minimal amounts for 3 days and thats it. 1 mg total over 3 days is enough. Doctors put patients on way too much and get them addicted. 3 days on suboxone and get off and you will feel funny for the next 3 or 4 days but nothing like real withdrawel symptoms. You will have outsmarted ... ...
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224 Roxicodone
How do you inject a Roxi 30 with the imprint 224? ## The practice of injecting a medication that has not been specifically manufactured for that purpose is not safe. Tablets contain fillers and not all of them are intended to be broken down by the human body, but are normally expelled in your waste. If you try to break down the tablet and inject it, you are putting these fillers in your body in a way, in which, your body can't dispose of them. This can result in blockages, that can cause stroke or embolisms. Are there any comments or questions? ...
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20 Mg Methadone
I took 20mg of methadone and I want to know how long it will take to get out of my system. I'm already on ms contin 30mg twice a day and loratabs. ## If you're referring to it being out of your system for a urine drug test, it takes an average of 5 days for Methadone, though it can vary, depending on your individual metabolism, activity levels, overall health and other factors. All of these are narcotics, so they can cause similar side effects, such as: nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and dry mouth. Are there any other questions or comments? ...
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how long will a 10th of h and one perc 30 stay in your system
I did a shot of h on Friday and a perc30 on Sunday was clean 48 days prior how long will it stay in your system? Please I gotta drop for pre trial this week sometime... ...
Updated 8 months ago.
Mon, Nov 11 '13, 3:36 PM   0 
Opana & Roxicodone and now vicodin will it show up on my test?
I take Opana 30mg (2x p/d) & Roxicodone 15mg for break thru pain. I ran out of the Roxicodone and have been taking my wifes Vicodin 5/325's for the past two days (I've taken 10). I have also doubled up my Opana a few times. I have a drug test in 48hrs. Will this show up? ...
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Wed, Jan 30 '13, 8:27 AM   0 
Street Price Of Oxycodone 30 Mg
i had no idea there was an 80mg oc...i take 30mg 4/daily.what is the max for continous pain from surgeries and chronic pain?i am going to pain management,r they res tricted on pain meds?i also was taking 75mg fentanyl but i got down too 25,is there a risk of a higher dosage in either concerning resp.problems..ty,pinkin blue.. ## There is always going to be an effect on your respiratory system when using opiates/opioids. In fact that is how modern medicine came into the use of opiates - not only as an anesthetic for pain but for relief from a plethora of respiratory ailments. During the turn of the 20th century Bayer Asprin Corp. began manufacturing drug store Heroin to help combat everything from Whooping Cough and Influenza (which was an epidemic at the time). And yes there are 80mg Ox... ...
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help with smoking pills
i think wat i have is roxy but no one will answer me. it light blue round and has the numbers 224. i got it from my oxy dealer, he said as long as u crush it i should smoke it just like oxy. anyone know about this???????? it would help ## This contains 30mgs of Oxycodone, the active ingredient in Roxicodone. And no, smoking it is NOT safe! You are running a serious risk of permanent organ damage, overdosage and death, but attempting to do so. Have you considered getting help for your problem? ## wow, dude you got balls to ask people about smoking pills... wtf? And if or so worried about it maybe you should quit. That's f-in crazy s**t bro??? ## what the heck are you thinking?? stop doing crazy things with your life!! Get high on life or you will end up dying!!! Get help, you need it... ...
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Buying Oxycodone
I would like a safe and legal place to buy my oxycodone 30 mg online. Can this be done with money back guarantee and confidentially. Thank you ## yes through a mailorder service. You can check out every legit and bogus site for this at Most legitimate won't fill from a clinic or physicians office who advertises as "pain management" so don't bother sending it to if thats the case. On the flip side you can try walgreens mailorder service look it up online you just need health insurance to acquire the prescription but im not saying its guaranteed I know someone who did it but haven't myself. ## This website does not manufacture, prescribe, nor sell any medications, it is an information only website. And as to ordering it, legally, anyw... ...
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Oxymorphone 15mg
The round white pil you are talking about with 262 on 1 side & what appears to be a crescent moon is a 15mg extended release oxymorphone "opana" which are definantly made everywhere in the united states! So it is a very common opiate. They are strong depending on your tolerence but would strongly suggest doing less if it's your first time trying them! They make several different ones such as round 5's, 10's & the round 15's with the moon. They also make 5mg, 10mg, 20mg, 30mg & 40mg opana ER which looks like a stop sign & different color for each different mg. Now in some states they have reformulated the stop sign shaped opanas into a gel so that abusers cant crush to snort but even now people have figured out ways to do that! They are very addict... ...
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Fri, Jun 15 '12, 11:16 AM   0 
I've been taking one of these drugs now for 3 years and it is a miracle. I was on 15 100 microgram Fentanyl patches for 5 years for chronic back pain -- the drug ruled and ruined my life (marriage, relationships with children and friends, and job). It changed my personality, made me angry, nasty, aggressive, or incoherent. The ups and downs were crazy in terms of the drug effect. This makes little sense as the drug transmits the medication through your skin, slowly, and SHOULD last for 3 days. Normally, 10 patches should have been enough (for a 30-day period), but the 3rd day I felt sick -- not enough drug left in the patch. That's why I need 15 patches for the month, instead of 10. Anyway, I was taking 3 8mg Subs per day and it worked great. According to the doctor, anything ab... ...
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