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sandoz adderall
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I have a bottle of 90 Sandoz Adderall that I don't wan't. It's giving me headaches. I know the pharmacy won't take it back. How do I properly dispose of it without harming the environment? ## The site keeps dropping my post, but email me & I'll forward my message to you directly {edited for privacy}. ## HI, Jane! You can take it to your pharmacy for disposal, that's usually one of the things they do. The other option recommended by the FDA actually isn't great for the environment, they instruct you to mix it in with some undesirable substance, such as used cat litter or coffee grounds, place it into a sealed container and dispose of it in the trash. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Thank you! I guess I'll take it to the pharmacy. I wonder ho... ...
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Wed, Feb 17 '16, 8:59 AM
adderall e40
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It's Sandoz 30mg I don't feel the effect as I would on the Corepharma ## Hi Isa, How are you doing? One of the possible reasons why you may not be getting the same amount of relief with Sandoz as you might with Corepharma, is often due to the fact that each manufacturing company uses a different set of binders/fillers (inactive ingredients). This is basically the extra fluff that holds the tablet together. Some companies use more of it than others, and some even go so far as using cheaper genetically modified substances that our body's can't metabolize (yet it's what's covering up the actual active substance, blocking it being released in it's normal therapeutic quantity/bioavailability). This is what I believe is occurring in patients who report having simil... ...
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Sandoz Adderall, Sacramento, Roseville CA
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Looking For Pharmacy To Fill Sandoz Adderall In The Sacramento Roseville Area Of California, anyone know? ...
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Wed, Aug 12 '15, 7:38 PM
Adderall generic
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Okay here's my story and it will shock you, my first script of Adderall genetic was Corp pharma, I hated it, I was like this stuff is like doing absolutely Nata, so I went through the motions, I googled it and it led here and there and the general consensus was it sucked but the worst is Aurolife, so I was like well at least I did not get that, the general consensus was sandoz is the absolute best, so I was hoping, and I heard Teva wasn't bad, so month two I went and got Teva, I was pumped, so glad they did not give me Corp again and so glad they did not give me Aurolife, so I took Teva and said yea they are better than Corp, but sadly it did not last long, after two days I was taking two to do anything, then another two to close it out for the day, still didn't do nothing, ... ...
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Mon, May 23 '16, 10:20 PM
Does Anyone Know Where To Find The Sandoz Adderall In Bay Area
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I take 30 mg Adderall Ir and sandoz is the only brand that doesn't give me nausea. I don't know what's going on with the pharmaceutical companies but it's really had an affect on my life. I had to withdraw from nursing school because a drug company changed the formula and I felt like I was going crazy. ## There is something going on with the formula. I've been working on it all weekend. I will get more specific information to you when I get it gathered. It seems like the 'PINK' pill is the problem. I've never taken Adderall, but I knew something was wrong. However I can assure you that you are NOT going crazy. There are so many of ADDers/ADHDers that are picking up on this problem. Even many people that have never taken it before. I am starting to think t... ...
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adderall e40 it sucks
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They don't work very well on me however I haven't taken any adds in a week could it just be my tolerance ## Hello, Coco! How are you? I'm sorry, but there are no listings for a generic for Adderall with just an E 40 on it. There is one with an E 401 (20mgs) one it and one with an E 404 (30mgs) that are manufactured by Sandoz Pharmaceutical. Are you referring to one of these? There can be slight fluctuations in the amount of the active ingredient from one generic to another, so these ones may be slightly lower than the ones you were taking, or you could be tolerant. The FDA classifies this medication as being a stimulant that is most commonly used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy. It carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, headache, diz... ...
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Fri, Mar 20 '15, 3:57 PM
global generic adderall
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I have been on generic IR adderall with my first being Teva. I could not take that at all! I tried the 10 mg and 20 mg's and it made me so nervous and jittery that I had to take a nerve pill and go to sleep. Then CVS gave me another generic version but I can't remember the name. It didn't make me nervous but it also didn't really give me any effects at all. So I just happened to find 20 mg Sandoz generic. Those were the best generic for me by far! But then the town I live in now only prescribe Teva. My husband had to go out of town to find the Sandoz and it's a pain to have to go to the pharmacies to see what brands they have because they can't/won't even tell you over the phone what manufacture brand they have. For the last month I have been going through a ... ...
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Thu, Apr 23 '15, 1:46 PM
Generic Adderall 20 Mg Round Tablet
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who makes the generic adderall 20 mg round orange tablet - I need to find out who actually is the manufacturer so I can get my pharmacy to order this brand. ## The only round, orange 20mg generic that I'm finding right now has an E over 401 on one side and a crosshatch score on the other and is manufactured by Sandoz Pharmaceuticals. If your pharmacy has provided you with it before, then they should have record of it in their files, thus they'd be able to check and make sure that it's the correct one. You can learn more Adderall details here. Are there any comments or questions? ## Thank you so much for the information. My previous pharmacy refused to give me the details when I told them I was going to go to a competitor because they were charging over double for generic add... ...
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Sun, Oct 11 '15, 2:00 AM
Sandoz Side effects?
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I got Sandoz for the first time. Taken many other generics over the years. I have been awake for 48 hours. Can not sleep just lay in bed. I'm on 10mg four times daily. Last one taken 9 hours before. Racing thoughts and pointless projects since taking them. Feels some what the same when I tried crystal 10 years ago. Tried neighbors ambian to sleep, no effect. Anyone else have these issues? Obviously I'm calling DR in the morning. Other meds: lamectial 400mg, 40 mg Celexa, 5 mg percacet, 20 mg flexerall was told by dr low dose pain killers were safe w/ adderall. Took pain killers and other generic brands no side effects. What's going on with me? ## Hello, John! How are you? So, your got the Sandoz generic for Adderall? It may be a little stronger than what you're used to t... ...
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Mon, Apr 21 '14, 5:32 PM
Adderall 30mg Which Generic Brand Is Better
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Is the round pink 30 mg adderal generic name Sandoz/Eon with the markings of CDR 136 on one side more or less effective than the oval orange 30 mg adderal generic name Barr/Teva with the markings of b974 on one side and 30 on the other side? What is the most effective/ potent adderal that is generic and 30 mg? ## Certain "inactive" ingredients that may or may not be present in each of these brands, are actually detrimental to how the drug is metabolized and used by your body. So it's quite possible that you may respond favorably with one medication and not the other (even if they are the same drug & same dosage); mostly due to how you feel or based on whatever side effects present themselves. Have you taken either one of them yet? I'd probably suggest giving them eac... ...
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are 30mg adderall pills orange and have m a30 imprints
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Do orange 30 mg. Adderall round pills have M A30 imprints on them? ## Yes, it's the new mylan Adderall 30mg. ## Heather is right, Mylan Pharmaceuticals does make these. I just wanted to clarify that they're reported to be a "generic version" of Adderall 30mg, containing Amphetamine + Dextroamphetamine. For verification, Mylan shows a photograph of it on page 4 of their prescription pamphlet linked below: Does anyone know how new these are? It's actually the first I've heard of them. Hope this helps! ## Nope, never heard of Mylan. Has anyone tried it that's also been on Sandoz Brand? I have been on the Sandoz Brand of Adderall 30 mgs orange tablets. I called Sandoz today and was told that its still on... ...
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Differences between Adderall IR and Adderall XR Generics
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My name is Phil and I am 18 years old. I weigh 170 lbs and I am 6'3. At the beginning of my Freshman year of college I was diagnosed with ADHD and Social Anxiety Disorder. I currently take Adderall IR 10 mg (Barr Generic) once per day and Adderall XR 20 mg (Actavis Generic) once per day. I take Zoloft 100mg (American Health). My question is this: What are your experiences with the different generic brands? From what I have heard, for Adderall IR Sandoz/Eon has worked well with a lot of people, for Adderall XR Actavis (what I take) is really bad and I'd like to hear about Global and Barr, and I haven't researched Zoloft. Since I haven't tried any brands, I can't really compare these to anything. Here is the list of generics I have heard of (the asterisk means I'm ... ...
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Is There A Pharmacy In San Antonio That Has The 10mg Adderall Stock
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looking for a pharmacy in San Antonio that still has the 10mg adderall in stock ## I'm sorry, but this site doesn't have any way of knowing this information. The manufacturers, however, have CS numbers that you can call, they might be able to let you know who has it in stock. Sandoz: 609-627-8500 CorePharma: 800-850-2719 Teva: 888-838-2872 Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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Thu, Nov 17 '11, 11:54 AM
Amphetamine Dextroamphetamine Made By Sandoz
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It is a round blue pill with a cross on one side the lines go all the way to the edge of the pill it is 10mg on the other side there is 111 and a E ## I want to know if this was filled with the right pills the bottle says it is a oval tablet with b972 on the front and 10 on the back ## Both of the markings you mentioned are tablets that contain 10mgs of mixed Amphetamine salts, the active ingredients in Adderall. Learn more Adderall details here. The tablets with the E 111 are manufactured by Sandoz and the ones with the b 972 10 are manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals. The pharmacy may have some of both in the bottle, if you haven't checked all the tablets yet, or they may have printed the label based on information in their computer, but were actually out and had to fill your pre... ...
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Who carries Sandoz or CorePharma 30 MG IR Adderall in Los Angeles?
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I have an allergic reaction to the Teva oval adderall and I am having the hardest time finding any pharmacy in my area that has Sandoz or CorePharma 30 MG IR Adderall in stock. I live in West Hollywood. Does anyone know of any pharmacies I can get my script filled with either of these two generics? Thanks! ## Hi Billy, Unfortunately I don't live in the LA area so I'm unsure of where you could get your prescriptions filled there. However, if you continue to have no luck getting your prescriptions filled locally, would you open to trying an online pharmacy that can ship you your meds? You may have to wait for shipping, but it's better late than never. :) I personally haven't used this method for getting a prescription, but I know there are a handful of sites out there that... ...
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Wed, Aug 12 '15, 7:25 PM
My Experience With Generic Teva Adderall
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It seems in the last 2 years, after Barr sold out to TEVA, that their adderall products went down hill....and fast. I remember when Barr Adderall 30mg IR was, in my opinion, the best.. is what I am experiencing: An immediate "boost" of the drug into my system, lasting only about 90min, followed by a rapid come-down. This was NOT the case before Teva took over Barr. Concerning Corepharma: take it if you like sugar pills. Concerning Sandoz: weak, but better concerning the rapid "up" and "down" Remember the FDA's +- 20% And also remember that the FDA "takes the generic company's word" so to speak with respect to bio-equivalence testing. And trust me, they are not out checking each pill (lol) --after-- they submit their contrived tests to ... ...
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adderall testing positive for methamphetamine
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that's the positive for methamphetamine while I am prescribed adderall ## did you test positive for methamphetamine because you took adderall xr, for example? I'm wondering if this is possible because I tested positive for meth also, but I've never touched the stuff. I do take prescribed adderall xr though. ## I went to pain doctor and showed positive for meth and I never touched it I do take adderal 30mg and she refused to give me my pain medication its not fair. ## We know that at least SANDOZ Adderall IR 30mg tests positive for methamphetamine. The drug company logo is EON, but SANDOZ (the company that gave us the only weapons we had in the 1970s against migraine and tension headaches), old and reputable, now makes only generics. I can't speak for other Sandoz Adderal... ...
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Thu, Apr 21 '16, 12:30 AM

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