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can i get prescription drugs if i have a mri that is real and the need definite
I need pain meds and i have a mri that shows this, the local dovctors have their hands tied and most will not see me because pain medication is involved, is there anywhere that i can get help ? either thru the mail or at a distance i can afford to travel, the urine/drug screen is not a problem, can anyone tell me ???? ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Sat, Jun 15 '13, 12:20 PM   0 
S-Oropram and orgasm problems
I've been taking S-Oropram for about a year and a half and found out i'm having problems reaching orgasm. Now I stopped taking them for 2 months. Do you think I will be the same again after some time? or this is permanent? ## S-Oropram contains the active ingredient Escitalopram, which is an SSRI antidepressant and it can cause sexual dysfunction as a side effect. However, it can sometimes continue, in some people, even after the medication has been discontinued. It may last for months or years. Have you talked to your doctor about the issue? Learn more Escitalopram information here. ...
Updated 2 years ago in Escitalopram.
Mon, Jun 18 '12, 1:03 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 228151
Sex Tablet (NEEDED)
NEEDED SEX TABLET AND PRICE ## This website doesn't manufacture, prescribe nor sell any medications. Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction? Learn more erectile dysfunction details here. If that's the case, then you need to seek the advice of a medical professional to discover what's causing the problem, so a proper solution can be found. ...
Updated 1 year ago in Men's Health.
Mon, Oct 29 '12, 4:33 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 236803
Use of sucralsate
What reasons is this drug used ## Sucralfate is an oral gastrointestinal medication primarily indicated for the treatment of active duodenal ulcers. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ...
Updated 5 years ago in Sucralfate.
Wed, Apr 01 '09, 3:47 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 189109
half adderall
I snorted half of a powdered tablet of adderall at 11 tonight and I'm wondering when it would be out of my system by. Its the first time I've done it in 5 months. ...
Updated 9 months ago in Adderall.
Sun, Oct 20 '13, 10:53 PM   0 
What Are The Side Effects Of Nitrofur macr
I would like to know the side effects of this drug ## Nitrofurantoin can cause nausea and vomiting, fever, rash, hypersensitivity pneumonitis. It can also cause pulmonary fibrosis. All these side effects are much more common in the elderly. Patients should be informed that nitrofurantoin colours urine a dark orange-brown; this is completely harmless. I would suggest taking a look at the two links below to view more information about this drug, including more side effect information: Please post back if you have any other questions or comments to add. ## I have Rash on body after 6 days taking nitrofur-macr 100 is this true ## I am a 58 year old woman who hasn't had sexual intercourse for 10 years. I am now dating a gentleman who is well endowed and having pain after sex. I noticed n... ...
Updated 11 months ago in Nitrofurantoin.
Sun, Aug 04 '13, 6:06 PM   6  Subscribe to thread 223084
cortal vs conception
after taking 4 cortal and a red horse beer two days misconception begun (bleeding occured) after that there was a delay in menstration for three consecutive months then the mentration became irregulary.. is there a posibility that the woman would still be pregnant? what could be the cause of the irregular menstration? Please I just need an answer. and dont post any other problems.. thanks and god bless. ## Well, this site is not medical professionals, so we cannot give you a definitive answer. Only a doctor performing a test or an exam can do that. Yes, there is always the possibility that she is still pregnant. However, there is also the possibility that being pregnant and then losing the fetus has disrupted her hormones and is causing the irregular menstrual cycles. It is also possibl... ...
Updated 10 months ago.
Wed, Sep 04 '13, 7:02 PM   5  Subscribe to thread 204886
How long does Estratest HS stay in the system once stopped?
I took generic Estratest HS for years. On the last order after about a week I started to break out into hives. The dermotologist stated it was internal and since I don't take any other medication he suggested I get off the Estratest. Hives are better but not completely gone. How long does it take to get out of your system? I was on the new generic for about a month before we figured out what it was giving the hives. Thanks. ...
Updated 7 months ago in Estratest.
Wed, Dec 11 '13, 8:57 AM   0 
How much lortab/xanax would I have to take to fail a hair folicle test...have rx
Have rx for lortab and xanax and take them as prescribed but have days that I dont need the max amount and dont take it and some days due to arthritis flares take a couple more doses than usual, or 1 1/2 tab. I have been accused in a divorce case that I abuse rx meds and took a hair folicle test today. I have not abused but wonder how sensitive the test is and if it may look like I was bc of the days that I have taken a bit more than prescribed....Please let me know if I have to worry, surely you would have to take a lot to fail but I'm only 105lbs so am concerned...I am a nurse and take drug test all the time, never had a prob but this is very important to me. Thanks, any info on levels that would have to be ingested to fail would be appreciated even if approximated. ## If u have r... ...
Updated 10 days ago in Lortab.
Sat, Jul 19 '14, 6:02 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 240660
Need Sum Answers Pleeeaaase!!!
I've been taking 1-1/2 Roxy 30mg a day for the last 3 weeks I stopped taking them on a Wednesday and have to go to probation on that following Monday. Do u think I will pass? ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Wed, Jan 30 '13, 11:44 PM   0 
it is having azithomycin . ## Citrox is a drug known in Turkey, which is not available in the USA. The main ingredient in Citrox is Citalopram. Click on the link below for more information about this drug… Azithromycin is one of the world's best-selling antibiotics, Azithromycin has been known to treat certain bacterial infections, most often those causing middle ear infections, tonsillitis, throat infections, laryngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and sinusitis. It is also effective against certain sexually transmitted infectious diseases, such as non-gonococcal urethritis and cervicitis. Click on the link below for more information about this drug… Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do… ...
Updated 5 years ago in Citalopram.
Wed, Jan 07 '09, 8:52 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 186538
Expiration Date of antifungal creams
I have tubes of Naftin and econazole nitrate cream that have expiration date 9/11 and 11/11 on the crimp edge. Are they still good for treating athlete's foot between toes and for nail fungus on toe.? ## Since they expired over a year ago, it's doubtful that they will be effective at treating anything now. All medications start to lose effectiveness over time and when it comes to a cream or liquid, they break down even faster than tablets or other formulations. Learn more Naftin details here. Learn more Econazole details here. Thus, it would be best to get new tubes of them. Is there anything else I can help with? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Naftin.
Sun, Dec 09 '12, 2:31 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 239315
Oxycodone after surgery
A couple of days ago, I was admitted to our hospital for severe stomach pains. I knew it was my gall bladder! So in the hospital they gave me dialudid and morphine. The morphine did not seem to work so they kept me on dialudid. Now they say it is stronger but I did not feel any of it. So now they changed me to the liquid form of oxycodone 80mg's. Does anyone know about this kind? I take 30mg's and have for almost two years. ## The liquid form of Oxycodone is very similar to that which is in the tablets, the liquid form of any medication just usually works much faster, since your stomach acid doesn't have to break it down. How has it been working for you? ...
Updated 2 years ago in Oxycodone.
Mon, Feb 20 '12, 2:52 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 227663
side effects of cortal
i take cortal daily last december. i have take one pad of it as a contraceptive. what might be its side effects. ## And I find it necessary to inform you that this medication WILL NOT prevent pregnancy, it IS NOT an effective contraceptive. There are many people that believe that a product containing Aspirin will prevent pregnancy, BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE! It is a myth/old wives tale! Aspirin DOES NOTHING to prevent fertilization and implantation of your egg. If you continue with this and are sexually active, YOU WILL GET PREGNANT! If Aspirin were an effective method of birth control, women all over the world would be using it and not spending a lot more money, every month, for prescriptions and visits to their doctor. The only way Aspirin may effect a pregnancy is because it is a blood th... ...
Updated 2 months ago in Aspirin.
Sun, May 18 '14, 8:02 AM   35  Subscribe to thread 206778
tablets to get periods
my last period was in june 4th. After that till now i didnt get periods. What can i do? ## My last period date is 12-10-2013 still I did not get period this month i think i am pregnant but I don't want to be pregnant please say me how to get my period immediately (I had coper-t) ## I m suffering irregular periods please tell me tablets to periods ...
Updated 2 months ago.
Wed, May 07 '14, 9:25 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 249825
will taking lasix get hydro system any faster
I took two hydro 7.5. This was on thursday. I have a script for lasix and have doubled the dose. Does anyone know if this will wok by monday ??? ...
Updated 2 months ago in Lasix.
Sat, May 10 '14, 6:08 AM   0 
How Long Does Cardioace plus Stay In Your System
My husband has been taking Cardioace plus : omega3 supplement for a long time he took around 140 capsules through out a period of 4 months, however, we have just figured out that the cough, chest pain and breathing difficulties he was suffering from were side effects of cardioace. How long will it take his system to flush that supplement ? Thank you ## Since it is a supplement, rather than a medication, there is really no way to say, since they are not tested and studied as thoroughly as medications are. As to symptoms he is experiencing, has he talked to a doctor, yet? The concern here is that those are not normal symptoms experienced when one is taking a supplement like this. However, there is a warning about people who's heart function is already compromised and using an Omega-3 ... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Allergies, Cough & Cold.
Thu, Apr 14 '11, 1:14 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 216334
Stronger Than Percocet
My midsection caught on fire briefly they have me ms 15....I decided to suck the wax off it and shoot it. I got in a bad way as it caused an embolism.... I almost died as there was wax and filler in my Coratid artery and they had to clean it........ I survived but had two Tia strokes and finally one large stroke following the procedure. The good news.... I get 180 oxy 80's per month now but the bad news is that my right side is useless and I can barely wipe myself ## Jesus.... ## Thank you for making this post to hopefully warn others of the dangers of doing this. I always try to warn people that post about wanting to shoot up their medications, it can be very dangerous to do so. Learn more Morphine details here. I'm glad you survived, but also sorry that you are still suffering... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Percocet.
Sat, Dec 29 '12, 7:40 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 239664
hypertension, does it have an effect on wt. gain/edema ## I would like information concerning any health hazards arising out of taking alpace for hypertension. ## Some of the most common side effects include: swelling of the mouth tongue or throat, dry cough, decreased sex drive and fatigue. ## How long have you been taking it? ...
Updated 5 years ago in Blood Pressure.
Tue, Feb 03 '09, 10:20 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 160827
Doxycycl Hyc Cap 100 mg. Allergic reaction?
Please Help!!!! I have been taking this med for 7 days. Its my second oral antibiotic, and ive had 2 injections. ALL of these in the last month for same illness. Im wondering if i am having an allergic reaction to this particular med because i am soooo nauseated, fever wont go down (continuous fever and body aches for over a month) and now my left side is hurting. ive never taken this med before. And have not had a fever since i was a child. ## Doxycycline is a tetracycline class antibiotic, used to treat various types of infections. As to the nausea and body aches, those aren't allergic reactions, but can be normal side effects of using this medication. In reference to the fever, if you are being treated for an infection/illness that is being resistant to treatment, then that is pr... ...
Updated 3 years ago in Doxycycline.
Sat, Mar 26 '11, 9:36 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 215637

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