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op 80
this new 8o op is they way the dea is making us stop snorting and chewing the 80 ocs..its the same drug ,but no more fast release..sux ## That is exactly the purpose, to prevent abuse, even if they are crushed or chewed, they retain their time released nature, but still work the same. Same side effect profile: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth. Read more: Are there any questions? ## not the same side effects you know it all. ## you can still crush them up with a ped egg & dissolve them in your mouth for a quick high. If you snort them they gel up in your nose for a couple of days. try freezing them maybe or putting them in the microwave. let me know what happens then grind them down with a ped egg to snort them. Somehow someone will figure out a way to get around this crap... ...
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Tue, Jan 04 '11, 4:48 PM   5  Subscribe to thread 207718
subutex massachusetts
I am in Boston Massachusetts and looking for a subutex dr. I am legitimately allergic but need to find adr for my bf as well. Can anyone help me with this game off finding adr. That will prescribe it and NOT claim that subutex is easier to abuse so it's Suboxone or nothin? Contact me if please! Plus if there are any people in the area that can piggyback and help either out I get my own script 90 a month... my next script is around the end of this month. ...
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Wed, Jan 22 '14, 9:28 AM   0 
tablets to get period COORECTLY WHICH DATE TO CHOOSE
i dint got my periods for last two months.last period date was may 20..after that i dint got for 2 month i consult doctor.she tested and said pcod in right ovary left ovary is normal.. and ultrasound,tyroid,prolactin,insulin testes are all normal.. she told to loose weight .. i weigh 75. i will do treadmill exercises for 1 hour recently after my periods..may 20 only.then she gave deviery 10 tablets to get my periods .if i take will i get my periods within 2 or 3 days after i stop..because i am going outside on 4 out of when i should start .. its so confusing if i take on 28 july it will be problem on 4 july so can i take on 1 aug is it is a course for 5 days.if i delay till 4 is there any problem,then i tested upt for 3 times its negative only... last tested on 28... ...
Updated 1 year ago.
Sat, Jul 27 '13, 8:30 PM   0 
The only thing known is that it is a blood thinner used in place of coumadin ## What is exactly Clavex and how does it work? Is it OK for people with stents in heart to use it? ## It is suppossed to be a sexual enhancer for males. Any side effects? ## The name of the medication is actually Plavix, it contains the active ingredient Clopidogrel, it is an antiplatelet agent that's used to help prevent blood clotting. You can learn more Plavix details here. Side effects may include nausea, headache, increased risk of bleeding and neutropenia. I am not sure what medication or supplement Celene28 was asking about, I'm sorry. Are there any questions or comments? Is there anything I can help with? ...
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Thu, Apr 25 '13, 3:19 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 194652
i would like to know if anyone has any info they can put forward on as to whether or not the 'Zanidip' may have an adverse effect on the obtaining and maintaining erections in a male.. ## Yes since taking Zanidip 10 mg a couple months ago,I do not seem to be able to maintain my erections for more than a few minutes ! Previously even with the other BP tablet I have taken for a few years I had no problems for hours Unfortunately it was nod really doing anything to lower the BP so that is why Doctor asked me to go on the Zanidip. Within a few weeks the BP had fallen from around 155/95 to around 120/80 Perfect BP but .... No other side effects whatsoever. I do exercise a lot eat well and drink 1.5 lt water /day min My BP problem I am told is probably genetic because I have had all s... ...
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Tue, Jul 03 '12, 8:10 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 196127
Elevated oxycontin levels in urine 3 times now, WHY?
I am being treated at a major medical center pain management clinic for chronic neck and shoulder pain over 8 years, 2 surgeries. I had to sign a contract promising not to take more than the prescribed amount which I NEVER have, but in last 7 months on 3 occasions, all of a sudden my Urine drug screen comes back with elevated level of the drug. I am very, very concerned that the Doc will no longer prescribe the medication, without which I could not function!! WHY is this happening now, after many years of using the same drug? Thanks, so very much!! ...
Updated 4 months ago in OxyContin.
Sat, Apr 19 '14, 11:42 PM   0 
Sir, I got urinary retention problem and underwent BNC surgery recently. Problem got solved with it.The reason for problem was told as small bladder thickness/size. I like to know whether it is because of excessive masturbation. I am not able to get ejaculation after BNC surgery. I like to know reason for it. K.sitaram. ## No, masturbating is perfectly safe and healthy and will not cause your bladder to small and retain urine. If your bladder is small and thick, it is most likely just because you were born with it that way and the strain of life has caused it to have more difficulties functioning as time went on. Learn more erectile dysfunction details here. The ejaculation problem may be due to something from the surgery, though. Have you talked to your doctor about it yet? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Men's Health.
Sat, Jan 26 '13, 12:59 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 241814
lee, what kind of side effects did you have and did you ever drink beer taking this drug. ## I was on it for about a year to help relieve lower back pain. My pain clinic doctor added it to the Oxycontin 80 md 3 times a day and methodne 5 mg, 3 tablets @ night to help with sleep. The side effects were terrible, mostly to do with sexual dysfunction and awful heartburn. I couldn't tell that it helped with pain control, so I decided to quit taking it. The withdrawals from it was awful. If you do take it and ever have to or want to come off it, take my advice and come off it slow and buy you some alkazelter by the case. ## If you are being treated for severe depression, the side affects are mild. Cymbalta has had the least amount of side affects of any depressant I've been on in the ... ...
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Tue, May 17 '11, 8:49 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 163384
Dutasteride Tamsulosin Hydrochloride
Dutasteride 0.4 mg and Tamsulosin Hydrochloride 0.5 mg delayed release ## Dutasteride and Tamsulosin are both commonly used to treat Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, ejaculatory problems in males and sudden drops in blood pressure. Learn more: Are there any other questions? ## My husband takes Tamsulosin HcL 0.4 and cuts the tablets in half. I think he's confused with another drug that he cuts in half to take or is 0.2 an amount a doctor normally would prescribe? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Dutasteride.
Sat, Sep 22 '12, 6:38 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 218619
Is Inderal can increase sexual assertiveness as a side effect
Is Inderal can increase sexual assertiveness as a side effect in a male patient of aged 57years? He is suffering from movement disorder and taking Inderal *10 mg and Pacitane. Since last 2 months whole family is observing memory lose & recently he was behaving very unusually to full fill his sexual desire. His had approached his own daughter to sleep with him. It’s very tense situation for whole family. It is because of side effect of Inderal*10 mg and Pacitane or it’s a psychological problem. ...
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Thu, Jul 25 '13, 10:56 PM   0 
Methadone Clinic In Memphis
I have called so many places and cant find a clinic in memphis that actually prescribes methadone for withdraws does anyone know where it is or the number please help!! ## Here are the listings that I've found for Memphis: Raleigh Professional Associates 2960 Austin Peay Highway, Suite B Memphis, TN 38128 901-372-7878 Drug Rehab & Heroin Methadone Detox 901-334-3130 Methadone Clinic and Heroin Treatment Clinic 800-861-6864 Learn more Methadone details here. However, no one is going to just prescribe it immediately for home use. You have to report to the clinic and take your doses, then later you can get take home amounts. Does anyone else know of any? ## Thank you i dont mind going to the clinic every day i just couldnt find one that even did that thank you so much ill try those ...
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xanax doctor needed taunton ma
Ive been on klonopin - they didnt work fast enough. Im a mess scared worried wicked anxiety and now im homeless in the taunton ma area anyone know a good therapist and physic doc? ## I'm not homeless, not in your area, and yet can't find the same with the best BCBS Federal money can buy. I get my family doctor who has taken care of my med needs. It varies from state to state ...
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Wed, May 14 '14, 1:29 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 265175
i was dumb and ate a fentnyl patch and was wondering how long its in your system for ## You're just not too smart. Don't do it again. ## I believe i call poison control an speak with them asap, it can be done at payphone for privacy ## Posting on a free website and waiting for a response in these cases is NEVER a good idea. If you only did one, it shouldn't stay in your system for more than 48 hours or so, but it is a VERY DANGEROUS thing to do. ## fool!!! go to emerg now unless it was and is your desire to die...we're they prescibed for you?if not your breathing could slow down you get drowsy and your done..thanks for you commrnt moderator ## I've had the same problem with my pain meds and of course my patch. But, my issue was different and maybe something others sh... ...
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Gen-Payne capsules
Will this cause lack of response in the penis when having intercourse?Lack of sensitivity? ## Gen Payne contains the active ingredients Ibuprofen, Paracetamol and Codeine, which is a narcotic pain reliever. From what I could gather, the side effects of Ibuprofen in this medication may possibly illicit erectile dysfunction: A 2005 study linked long term (over 3 months) use of NSAIDs, including ibuprofen, with a 1.4 times increased risk of erectile dysfunction. The report by Kaiser Permanente and published in the Journal of Urology, considered that "regular non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug use is associated with erectile dysfunction beyond what would be expected due to age and other condition". The director of research for Kaiser Permanente added that "There are many prove... ...
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Mon, Jun 30 '14, 10:52 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 227439
I Am On 10mg Percocet 2 Every 4 Hours But It Is Killing My Stomach Should Ask For 15mg Dont Know What To Do
I just had surgery on my knee broke a bone in my back, two ribs and crushed my ankle. I had a steel beam fal on me please someone help with an answer ## There is no 15mg Percocet, it is only available with a maximum of 10mgs of the Oxycodone. Learn more Oxycodone details here. But it may be the Acetaminophen that's in it that's doing a number on your stomach, so what you may want to ask for is just straight Oxycodone, without the Acetaminophen and see if it works better for you. Is this the only medication you've tried? ...
Updated 1 year ago in Percocet.
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Sex Tablets Name
pls all sex tablets name send me ## I'm sorry, but I don't know what all is available for you and most require a doctor's prescription. You can read more about the causes of erectile dysfunction and treatment options here: Have you consulted your doctor? ## women sex stumulation cream available medical store at tirunelveli ## pls all sex tablets name send me ## please 30 minute long time sex medicine name. ## Iam 40 years old when i entercourse with my wife it takes only 2/3 minutes plize give name of medicine to take more time ...
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Sat, May 31 '14, 6:05 AM   5  Subscribe to thread 226314
UA Levels
i am prescribed 240mgs/day of codiene, what would my average ng/ml be on a ua at any given time ## Unfortunately, I can't provide you with an answer. There are many factors that go into determining what the appropriate level for you would be, the daily dosage isn't enough by itself to go by. Other factors can include your height, weight, age, dosing frequency, activity levels and fluid intake, as well as other considerations. Learn more Codeine details here. Have you had some problem with UAs? ...
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Tue, Jan 29 '13, 1:52 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 241966
Is there a way to get Narcotics for pain ONLINE?
Embarrassed, I have compounded physical conditions that immobilize me in pain so that I can't even make it to appointments! I have gone organic, done ANYTHING! But my pain is too much at times, especially when I must be strong to handle what can be overkill for my body, thus well-BEing. I'm really looking to just find a legit way to get generic Vicodin, to use as a bandaid for the unmanageable pain, of which mind over matter can handle with that help! I found the 10 to help, mu metabolism is crazy but I'm sick so.. At most, I took 0-2 a day. I am fighting for my life and just want to fight better! I am in a negative environment that, due to disability, I can't leave. But it is verbal abuse everyday with threat of otherwise and the stress makes it worse! My county support... ...
Updated 2 years ago in Vicodin.
Wed, Apr 11 '12, 9:59 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 229450
what is it used for ## yes what is it use for ## This drug is related to the digestive system. Ranges from heartburn to lower intestine from what i understand. I would read the drug listing for more information. ## i HAVE A PX FOR METOCLOPRAM, I TAKE SERTRALINE HYDROCHLORIDE ANDPLAVIX IS THERE AN INTERACTION? ## Hi Jay - Metoclopramide is known to have a moderate level drug interaction with Sertraline. With that said, it is up to the discretion of your prescribing physician as to whether the benefits outweigh the risks, and it is very important to communicate to them whatever effects you experience from this new medication. You may also be interested in reading the page for . Hope this helps! ...
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Mon, May 24 '10, 3:49 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 160077
Evion 400mg CAPSULS
can i use this capsuls for acne ? ## what is the main function of Evion 400 ? is this working for some Sex problems like Harmons Quantity ? kindly reply I will wait for your earliest response regarding the request. ## Evion is nothing more than a vitamin E supplement. Learn more vitamin E details here. It is vital to your overall health and the health of your hair, skin and nails, but it is not going to clear up acne and it will not help with hormone problems. Are there any other questions or comments? ## can you define me in detail how it is good for skin.what kind of skin problem resolve through evion there any other options for skin .can you please tell me ...
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