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round Off White Or Light Peach With 230 203 On One Side And Either A Fancy R The Ribbon That I See on pins for cancer on Other side
was told they were 20 mg. percocet or oxycodone. That the 10mg. yellow Endocets was either discontinued or they are going to change the color to white but not available yet. This person was given 75- 20 mg. of this other pill, equivilent to the 10 mg. endos, he usually gets 150. but was given 75 of those 20 mgs. ## I'm sorry, but I'm somewhat confused by your post. I can't find any tablets with both 203 and 230 on it that are listed in any prescription drug database, including the listings for Oxycodone. Can you please post back and clarify? Like I said, I believe I am just misunderstanding your description of the imprint and would like to clear it up, so I know where to look. Thanks! ## round yellow pill with a V or an A on one side and the number 230 on the other side. ## ... ...
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Mon, May 06 '13, 9:58 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 243885
I Have Been Havin Trouble Sleeping Tryed Taking Restyle 0 5mg But It Dint Work What Will Happen If Take 3pills At The Same Time
I have been havin trouble sleeping, I tryed taking restyle 0.5mg but it dint work. what will happen if I take 3pills at the same time. Will I have any sideaffects. ## It's difficult to say whether or not you will experience any side effects, because ultimately these drugs effect every person differently; where as some people get results and others it simply doesn't work for. I'd consider talking to your doctor before altering the dosage in any way. At least with your doctor's approval, only he is held accountable if you do end up experiencing some strange side effects. Have you tried anything else to help you sleep at night besides this medication? I've heard that Valerian Root was a good option for this sort of thing, due to its muscle relaxing properties. I hope th... ...
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has teva stopped making blood pressure pill quinipril. I miss it and Walgreens no longer carries it. My new pill isnt workiing.
after i quit using teva quinpril pill and was placed on another generic brand my blood pressure started going up and down and my heart felt extremely tired. I only wish I knew where to go to get the long brown blood pressure pill from teva. Please answer me. Is the pill acturally off market? ## I don't see anything listed about Teva discontinuing this product on the FDA site that usually reports such information. Have you tried asking the pharmacy if they can order it in for you? Another question is how long have you been taking it? If you've been on the same dosage for a long period of time, your body may have just gotten used to it and you may require a dosage adjustment. ...
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Mon, Dec 26 '11, 7:16 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 220544
A pill that has APO on one side and 083 on the other side What is this perscription
It's a white oval pill with APO on one side and 083 on the other side. I want to know what this perscription pill is for ...
Updated 2 months ago.
Mon, Sep 01 '14, 4:18 PM   0 
Can aspirin for thrombosis be mixed with oxycodone acetaminophen & prednisone?
can oxycodone acetaminophen 5 325 be taken with 325 mg of aspirin? I'm having a lot of leg pain. I also have been diagnosed with superficial thrombosis, so I'm supposed to be taking aspirin every day. Also wondering if prednisone can be taken with aspirin, or should be taken at all with superficial thrombosis? The prednisone was prescribed to treat the severe leg pain I was having due to sciatica nerve issues. For some reason I think that you should avoid steroids if you have superficial blood clots, but not sure. ## Hello, Royalpain79! How are you doing? Sorry that you've been in pain. With your rather complicated medical history, you really need to check all of this out with your doctor. It would be remiss of anyone online that isn't familiar with it to try to advise y... ...
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Small Square White Pill B P On One Side 40 On The Other Any Ideas What This Could Be?
Small Square White Pill B P On One Side 40 On The Other Any Ideas What This Could Be? Looked Everywhere Cannot Seem To Figure Out What It Could Be. Thanks ## My brother gave them to me as a type of workout/weight-loss assistant. He said they made him very jittery, but don't all work-out supplements? I guess they're prescription strength though, and that's about all I can tell you. I googled them to find out more myself. Good luck! ## They are clenbuterol. It's prescribed for asthma patients. In the world of body building people take them for it's side affect. They burn body fat. That's where the jitters came from. Split the tab and take half 2x a day and work up to a full. ## That is also what I've found it listed as, 40mcgs Clenbuterol, which is used to trea... ...
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Mon, Aug 26 '13, 11:44 AM   5  Subscribe to thread 204122
Is there a pain medication with a "patch" delivery system that can bypass my liver?
I am in dire straits. I suffer extreme pain from endometriosis (pelvic pain) and from extensive joint disease. I have problems with tolerating oral medications due to gastric issues. Is there something strong for pain that is delivered transdermally? If not, perhaps suggest meds that don't produce gastric problems. I'm eager to receive legitimate information, please. ## One strong pain medication which is delivered transdermally (via patch) is Fentanyl. If you have liver disease, however, it might not be a viable option. Based on your medical history, has your doctor given any thought into this treatment option? ## It's a long, sad story that trumps fiction any day...beginning with gastric bypass in 1987, followed by 3 major female surgeries 1992-1994 for stage 4 endometrios... ...
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Fri, Mar 11 '11, 12:02 PM   7  Subscribe to thread 215140
I need a Methadone Dr. Who Can Prescribe Methadone pills in 10 mg. or preferably 40 mg.pills For Acute Chronic Pain in San Diego, CA.
I have been going to a methadone clinic for approximately 8 years. My current dose is 120 mg. but; a I my need to increase my dose toI prefer to go to a DR. to obtain a methadone RX for 120 - 160 40 mg. pills. ## hey buddy I'm currently being rxd 150mgs of methadone per day for severe pain from a motocross accident 5 years ago. I've been taking methadone for a couple years and im 21 years old now, i have a great doctor and she does anything she can 2 help me but she has told me I'm very lucky countless times because 99% of doctors refuse to script methadone for pain and thats not good news for you, best bet stay at the clinic, sorry 2 let you down ## also you can only get the 40s at a clinic so if you somehow do find a doctor 2 script the methadone it will be 10mg pills, i g... ...
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Sat, Aug 09 '14, 5:39 PM   6  Subscribe to thread 243197
round white pill, 063 and half moon on one side, scored down the middle on other side
What is the pill? Round white pill with 063 and a half moon on one side. The other side is scored down the middle. ## Hello, Edna! How are you? This tablet contains 2mgs of Lorazepam, the active ingredient in Ativan, which is a benzodiazepine that's most commonly used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability. Learn more Lorazepam details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Can they help with pain ...
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Thu, Jul 31 '14, 9:59 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 253253
My dr took my Bottle Of Pills From Me And Wrote A Prescription For Another Pain Med
I saw my Dr. yesterday and called him because I was still in pain. He told me to come back and to bring the bottle of medication with me. He took the bottle of pain pills that I had paid for and wrote me a script for a different medication. Can a Dr. actually take someone's pills away from them like that? ## If you didn't give the doctor permission to take them then no, he should not have done that. That's your money he just took and now he's essentially making you pay more money for a new script. Unless you get the new medication paid for by the doctors office then I personally see that as being unethical and would certainly be complaining if it had happened to me. Have you been able to fill your prescription yet? ## Yes I was able to fill the new script as it was for a... ...
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What Kind Of Pill Is Small Circular Yellow And Has A Square Root Symbol on one side ?
this pill is very small, yellow and has what looks like a square root symbol on one side & the number 2632 on the other side. help me please. ## it's a muscle relaxer that starts with the letters obl.... I didnt get the full name. I visited my dad who is post rotator cuff surgery hoping to score some vicodin. Ended up with these so was googling around to get more info and see if they're any good or not. ## This tablet with the V logo of Vintage Pharmaceuticals and the numbers 2632 contains 10mgs of Cylcobenzaprine, the active ingredient in Flexeril, and, as Ryan stated, it is a muscle relaxant. Side effects might include: nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and headache. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ...
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I Need To Know The Name Of A Pill Just Found Its Yellow Oval And Has Numbers 681 On It
would like to know what this medication is; found two of them in my medicine cabinet loose and don't have a clue what they are. ## Hi genie, The pill in description is Bupropion hydrochloride (150 mg); which is an atypical antidepressant and smoking cessation aid. Manufacturer: Global Pharmaceuticals National Drug Code (NDC): 00115-6811 Learn More: Bupropion Details Please post back if you have any more questions! ...
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I Am Trying To Find The Name Of A Drug Took It Is Big White Pill Looks Like Vicodin But Thicker And Bigger One Uses Said Used During
I really need a few drug names fitting this description. I Am Trying To Find The Name Of A Drug Took It Is Big White Pill Looks Like Vicodin But Thicker And Bigger When I googled it originally One Uses Said Used During physical therapy ## what is a pill that haS THE NUMBERS2410V ## Casey, I'm sorry, but that is far too vague of a description for us to be able to definitively narrow it down, there are many products on the market, both prescription and over the counter that meet that description. Even being used during physical therapy, it could just be a vitamin supplement. John, the tablet with that marking contains 350mgs of Carisoprodol, the active ingredient in Soma, it is a muscle relaxant. Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, headache and dry mouth. Learn more: Are th... ...
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i have started taking zolpihexal again at night and after 2 -3 weeks now have incredible pain my arms within a half of taking them.
I have been taking Zolpihexal for the last 2-3 weeks at night. Lately within a half hour of taking them I have pain in my arms and a heaviness pain in my chest. If I don't stay calm I start to hypoventilate. I then have to take Angiosed to help stop the pain. Could it be the Zolpihexal??? ...
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Mon, Jun 16 '14, 2:46 PM   0 
i needa doctor in marion north carolina that is willing to prescribe my pain meds and clonazpham along with other medications
I am a 51 year old woman that is on disibality. I DESPERATLY NEED A DOCTOR.. in or as near as possible to Marion North Carolina, that will take medicade and will prescribe my pain meds. and clonazapham alond with my other meds. and not treat me like a criminal PLEASE! ## Hello, Nanna! How are you doing? I'm sorry, but due to the new regulations that were put in place this year, if you require such medications on a long-term, ongoing basis, you'll need to see specialists for each related condition. For instance, pain medications will need to be prescribed by a pain management specialist and Clonazepam from another, a PCP can only write now for general medications, such as those for high blood pressure. Do you currently have a PCP that could refer you to the appropriate doctors? I... ...
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How Can You Get Apain Doctor In Nashville Tennesse With No Insurance And Very Little Cash Is There Anywhere A Person Go For Help
hi my name is eric i just lost my job and insurance wat help can i get to pay for a pain doctor or is there any goverment agency in nashvill tennesse to help please let me know i was taking percocet 10 ## Have you tried checking with the social work department of your local hospitals? They usually have lists of such resources and will be able to refer you somewhere, or help you apply for any assistance you might be eligible to get. ## Need help ! Out of suboxone till the 8 of aug. short supply due to an a**hole breakin into my car and taking the ten I had in glove box. Have no idea what to do. ## if you filed a police report about the break in, then you have a copy of it and show it to your doctor for a refill. It's not like you "lost" the medication; it was stolen and you c... ...
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i want off suboxone and don to go thru withdrawal ve only been them for 11weeks now maybe a little less than that take 2mgs how long
I started taking suboxone almost 11 weeks ago i was only taking 4mgs and today i went down to 2mgs how long will it take me to taper to nothing and not have withdrawals. Please help i am so sorry i ever touched these things ## Hello, Karen! How are you? Regardless of how low you taper, you will likely still experience some minor withdrawal symptoms, once you finally stop altogether. Has your doctor provided any instructions? It does contain a very potent narcotic, to you do need to taper off of it as slowly as possible. Is this the only medication you're on? ...
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Round white pill, one side has letter P in a circle, and a divide line on the other side.
The pill is reasonably big, round and all white. It's well pressed with a letter P in a circle on one side, and a divide line pressed into the other. Does anyone know what it could be? ...
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Sun, Nov 18 '12, 10:54 PM   0 
Can I Take A New Set Of Pills When Still Have 3 Placebos Left and it's my 1st day of mens.?
Hi, everyone! I'm taking the 28-day pills and started on the 1st Sunday after my menstruation. Today is my 1st day of mens. and I want to start a new pack but I still have 3 placebos left. Is it ok for me to start a new pack today? I just want to re-start it with my 1st day of period. Thank you very much! ...
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Wed, Nov 28 '12, 6:38 PM   0 
xanax white bar r039
My xanax is not yellow! ## I would throw them out as they must be fake, right? ## @Joannf54, Did you get your Xanax prescription filled at a legitimate pharmacy? If so, there shouldn't be any issues unless the pharmacy made a mistake or changed the manufacturer without informing you. The color of a medication doesn't usually have anything to do with its formulation since different manufacturers design their pills differently. Is everything else normal other than the color? ( ie: shape, size, imprint etc..) If you ordered the Xanax online, then there is definitely a possibility of the pills being "fake" or unsafe. Many people who have ordered Xanax online have experienced similar issues. I recommend safely disposing of the pills if you can't figure out wether or not t... ...
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