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can mirtazapine be taken with gabapentin or synaptol
I am worried if there would be any negative drug reactions. My 30 year old son been taking gabapentine for 18 months and dr just prescribed the mirtazapine. also add had been diagnosed and untreated for years and I am looking for a natural medicine and have recently read about synaptol. Dr gave me the antideppressents instead of any add meds because of history of drug abuse. ## I can't provide you with any information on the Synaptol, since it is a natural product, it isn't tested for side effects and possible interactions, as is done for prescription medications. So, on that I can only advise that his doctor be consulted, before using it. As to the Mirtazapine and the Gabapentin, they can be used together, but the doctor does have to carefully consider the dosage, due to the fa... ...
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Is there any tablet which increases women sexual mood.
Any Tablet Which Increases Women Sexual Mood...... plz ## MY WIFE AGE IS 30 SHE HAS NO EXCITMENT ABOUT SEX, GIV ME THE MEDICINE NAME ## My wife age 23 and she is not interested in sex so pleaze tell any tablet which increases women sexeual mood. ## My wife age 30 and she is not interested in sex so pleaze tell any tablet which increases women sexeual mood. ...
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In Indiana looking for a dr who will prescribe morphine
Moved to Indiana looking for a doctor who understands pain. I have 168 pages of records ,MRI, x-rays from the last 5 years I was knocked down 12 stairs backwards by a dog that lunged at me 8years ago an my back pain keeps getting worse . Im on morophine 60mg 4x daily an oxycodone 30 mg 4x daily for the last 5 years to the area an need to find a good dr before I run out of my last prescription . If you have any suggestions I'd be so grateful. Sincerely Beth ## The best thing you can really do is to make an appointment with a new doctor and make sure they get a complete copy of those records to look over. If they can see the current testing information, as well as the documentation of what medications have and have not worked for you as documented by a fellow physician, they wil... ...
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Tue, Jan 22 '13, 10:01 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 238429
Effexor XR 75 mg Capsules Sa; Hepatitis C & Cirrhosis of Liver
The Med. (above) was given to me by my pain clinic Dr back in March of 09. It is Effexor XR 75 mg capsules SA Shape oblong, Color Peach. Marked W Effexor XR. 75 Wyeth Phar. Just wondering what this is used for. My Pain clinic Dr. has given me 30 mgs of methadone for past 2 yrs and I found this bottle of pills which is out of the norm because he refuses to ever write for anything other than the methadone. Also I realize the new interfuron (sp) can be used to remove the vast majority of Hep C. (I know of no one that has been able to tolerate it to it's conclusion) But what about the beginnings of Cirrhosis? My gallbladder is well distended with a solitary calcified gallstone. Which the Liver Dr. stated cannot be removed. To compond matters I have this chronic back pain and have had si... ...
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i have never posted before but i need some advice about my meds
i have chronic pain in my lower abdomen it took me years an 19 surgerys sound my current pain dr and he was giving me roxicodone 15 mg 4 time a day for about 6 months recently changed me to 30 mg kadian 2x day and 2 mg diluadid 4x day dilaudid does not work and kadian works very little roxicodone worked better but did not bring my pain down to tolerable levels recently is the liquid dilaudid better than the pill should i ask my dr for the fentanyl lollys please help i a lot of pain i have read stuff about snorting and other things with the dilaudid i just want my pain under control thank you ## There is actually a time released Fentanyl patch that you may want to talk to your doctor about using, there are 2 doses available and it may help you better than the other medications. Has your ... ...
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Where Can I Find A Good Pain Med Dr Around The Indianapolis In Area
I was being treated at Rehab Assc of Indiana with great care until I messed up one weekend with some college buddies and failed the drug screen. It won't happen again since I cannot live with the pain in my knee. I'm looking for a good Dr or facility that can provide me with the current medication I'm taking-30mg Roxycodone 4 times daily. Thank you ## i just moved to indy n need a hook im going through 2nd day dt right now anything will jelp ## It is going to be difficult to find a doctor that will treat you, with that type of thing in your medical records. The easiest way to find a solution might be to contact the social work departments are your local hospitals and see who they recommend. They often know doctors that are more understanding and lenient, that can help people... ...
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Where Can I Buy 2mg Gador Alplax Alprazolam Or The Denver Farma Generic
Alplax is Argentinian, as good and potent an anxiolytic as XANAX. I had to stop using Xanax because firstly in the zUK the max dosage unit is only 500mcg, and secondly it is ridiculously expensive, avsilable now only by private prescription. I require 2mg three times daily snd the 2.5mg lorazepam I now use instead simply dors not help so mich, and unlike alprazolam does not also help my IBS. Alplax would be my first choice but if there were a way of sourcing Xanax 2mg from the EU using my EHIC online, that would be very cheap, costing grom Belgium c. €35 for 300. Please can anyone help with either way of doing things? Obviously Belgian 2mg tablets with EHIC would be cheaper but would I have to get a 90 day supply IN PERSON or could it be done online? Alplax works even ... ...
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i am looking a medicine in dhaka bangladesh which can remove pain while i do anal sex
i am looking a medicine in dhaka bangladesh which can remove pain while i do anal sex . my wife would like to use a medicine so that she can get relief Fm pain while i push my pansies to her ass. ## Hi! I am married person, but I fill some problem in my sex life such as I can,t stay in long time with my spouse in bade. My panic is asusal size it show his activity contionuesly. Therefore I can't stay long time. Some time I can perform with my spouse long time such as 30 to 40 minuts, some time it have to 2 or 3 munit. I want to 30 to 40 munits continuously when I meet with my spouse. Help me. ## No Need to use any medicine. Lick the anal opening for around 3/4 minutes. make sure she's liking it and muscle is relaxed there. Then try inserting 1 finger and ad 2nd finger after 1/2 m... ...
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Can I take fentanyl before my subutex or will it send Me into precipatate withdrawal
I know if I take heroin then my subutex, I will go into precipatated withdrawal. but I wouldn't go into withdrawal if I took my subutex then heroin. Is it the same situation with fentanyl? ## Are you sure you are taking Subutex or Suboxone - Reason I'm asking is Suboxone has has an active drug in it called Naltrexone which is an opiate antagonist which sends a user into instant w/d if the use any other type of opiate - Subutex on the other hand is given to patients typically who go to DR with opiates in there system and can start Bupropion treatment immediately without having to experience wd. Usually, after 30 days a Dr. will switch patient from Subutex to Suboxone to maintain the patient and keeps patient from abusing other opiates b/c they know the will experience sudden with... ...
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Thu, Jul 31 '14, 11:32 PM   1  Subscribe to thread 264521
Did I get fake Adderall?
I recieved some round pink pills with AD on one side and 30 on the other...the markings match up to what the 30 mg IR should have...but the color is very, very pink. Plus the bevels on the side of the pill next to the 30 are not exactly lined up with one another. I have taken a few and am very, very wired...I can't sleep, and have not slept for almost 3 days now!!!! Is this just me getting used to taking Adderall again, or was this some type of basement mixture that was sold to me. I used an online pharmacy, and they did an online interview with me and said they had authorized a prescription. They say that these pills are both made in the US some are from the Shire before they qyuit making IR, and now most of stock he says is the Teva brand. But the real question is...has anyone eve... ...
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does it work
i am considering taking this pill, i wonder if it really works and how long if so to see results. ## I am on my 3rd bottle of Meridia. It cannot be taken with any anti-depressant because it is dangerous. I have lost 18 far. It does suppress my appetite. I have been working out a lot too and eating healthier. I noticed some effect on sexual orgasms and some loss of libido. My target was to lose 30 lbs then quit taking it. Read the review on Meridia and you will see that most folks gained the weight back when they quit taking it just like any other diet pill. The key is to train yourself to eat better, avoid certain foods and exercise. Get into the healthy lifestyle routine then quit the drug. Good luck. It is expensive too. ...
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Mon, Jan 04 '10, 11:03 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 180156
I found a white round pill in my sons room one side had a 3 the other R56 Does anyone know what this is ## It sounds like you are talking about Acetaminophen & Codeine tablets. 300 mg Acetaminophen + 30 mg codeine. Prescription grade pain killer, you probably heard of Tylenol 3 with codeine. ## hey i think it a mucsle relaxer / pain killer that kids mostly snort and sometimes pop its not that extreley bad 4 u but i think thats what it is man don't be 2 hard on him see ya ...
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Thu, Oct 20 '05, 8:14 PM   2  Subscribe to thread 163452
EV 1990
Found a white pill with ev 1990 in my nephews room? ## You were actually looking at the pill upside down, this is EV 0661, it is a cold remedy, containing Dextromethorphan 30mgs, Guaifenesin 300mgs, and phenylephring 10mgs, a generic or store brand of Tussex, used as a decongestant and expectorant. ...
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Tue, Oct 03 '06, 4:08 AM   1  Subscribe to thread 173901
GG 507
capsule white with black and red stripes GG 507 ## This pill is generic Serax 30 mg made by Sandoz. Its chemical name is oxazepam. It is a benzodiazepine drug. Some common benzodiazepines other than oxazepam include Valium (diazepam, Xanax (alprazolam), Klonopin (clonazepam), Halcion (triazolam), Rohypnol (Flunitrazepam), and Ativan (lorazepam); there are many many other benzodiazepines in existance besides these that are just not marketed at this time. The primary use of oxazepam is to treat anxiety disorders, particularly panic attacks. Oxazepam is a short half life, fast acting benzodiazepine like alprazolam and lorazepam making it very useful to abort panic attacks. It is relatively mild (30 mg oxazepam = 10 mg diazepam = 0.5 mg alprazolam = 40 mg chlordiazepoxide). Oxazepam is aval... ...
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how fare can i go
well i got like 30 of them from a friend of mine and like 20 xanax and like 15 vikdin but br side the point HOW MANY CAN YOU SNORT OR CAN THEY BE SNORTED plz try reply be for i get eger and snort them all... hhee hhee ## Are you trying to kill yourself? ## First of all snorting any pill like loratab, vicodin, xanax and skelaxin is a waste of your time because you can only snort so much powder before you become too congested to snort any more, and that would probably be on the 3rd pill. My point is that is a stupid idea to snort anything that is not pure because you are snorting mostly binders and not the actual ingredients your looking for. Ingesting the pills will work far better than snorting them and if you haven't read the paper or watched the news latley the pills you are talki... ...
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lisinop/hctz 20-25
LL on side BO3 on other side Round pill ## Yes, your ID is correct on the drug and dosage. This is used to help lower blood pressure. ## After several months on Norvasc, I developed swelling of legs and feet. Also noticed shortness of breath if active(dancing). Dr. switched me to Lisinop/HCTZ 20-25. Swelling gone after a few days and blood pressure better, but some dry cough when prone and shortness of breath still present.. ## is there any possible way to fail a drug test for employment while taking this medicine ## his percription is myhusbands{LISINOP/HTCZ/20/25 TAB}; it makes his stool very soft and runny. Also he takes it early in the am bout 5:30ish & by 10ish he feel slightly dissy and there are times he says his ears are/feel like there pluged up.I'm concerened bucause l... ...
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Tue, Jun 28 '11, 7:44 PM   4  Subscribe to thread 176372
brown and white capsule 30 mg ## What the hell is this pill? ## Sorry, I am not finding this listed anywhere, however, I did notice there are a few that are not listed in the prescription databases, because they are over the counter vitamins and supplements provided to Eckerd and sold as their store brand, since it isn't listed in the prescription products, I am assuming it is an OTC item, since they are not regulated the same way and there is no comprehensive database of such. ## white and brown/red capsule white end is marked 30mg brown/red end is marked UCB 581 ## It's metadate, a form of ritalin, used for ADD/ADHD. ## ya last person is correct, it is a metadate, similiar to ritalin or aderol, if i spelled that right....i have a friend that snorts them, hes a retard, but he g... ...
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Lo Loestrine fe/ discharge
I came on my period Aug 7th and I got started on a new birth control (lo Loestrin Fe) .Since the end of my period I have been having brown vaginal discharge. Its now Aug 30th and im still having this discharge. I haven't been sexually active since June and No im not not pregnant. This discharge comes out in spots and sometimes its in clots. It happens daily and it's really embarrassing and annoying. Is this normal? Im still on my first pack and Im really considering to stop takeing the pill. My next period is in a few days and im afraid about what will happpen when It starts. ## I started lo loestrin fe on aug. 5th the last day after my period just like my doctor said. Through out this time I had vaginal discharge various times during the beginning of the weeks. It was brownish ... ...
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Wed, Aug 14 '13, 1:21 PM   3  Subscribe to thread 235028
pass UA
Vyvanse 30mg and metadate CD 20mg for about a week.....last dose was sat the 3rd about 1130a more than 1 pill a day.....could u pass a urine screen on 8th....not sure if a standard but goes to lab everytime no matter what....will cranberry help speed this process up? ...
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Sun, May 04 '14, 9:34 AM   0 
Pink Round Gp 50
what is this.....supose to b dbol sterorid ## Hi mike, Is any there chance the marking says "GP 150" rather than "GP 50"? I'm wondering because I may have located a possible match. It's round and pink with "GP 150" on one side and blank on the other side. This pill however is identified as Lisinopril (30 mg); which is used to control and lower high blood pressure. For more information about this drug you can refer to the link below... Unfortunately, this is the closest match that comes up under the U.S. prescription drug databases; so it would make sense if it didn't show up, due to it being a steriod. ## I have seen these before, gp on one side and 50 on the other side with no score mark. Not sure what it is! ...
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