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how to get methadone out of your system
Been on 20 mg of methadone for six years how long will it take to get out of my systen, thanks in advance ## This is only intended to be an estimate, but most medications are usually out of your system within about 5 days after your last dose. And usually for drugs like this, the safest way to stop taking them is to tapper off them under a doctor's supervision, if possible. So if you end up tapering, (which may be appropriate based on your description), then it will probably take a while longer before you can have your 'last dose' of methadone. Cold-turkeying just doesn't sound feasible after six years on any medication. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, staying hydrated throughout the day, and getting plenty of rest each night, will significantly aid your bo... ...
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Looking for a doctor in ft wayne who prescribes methadone
I have been seeing a doc in Ft. Wayne, IN for a year and a half. His nurse called yesterday to say, He is no longer doing the narcotics side of business, one week before my monthly script is written. I have a crooked tail bone that sends pain down my leg. This drug has worked tremendously. I have been working as a waitress all my life and need to stay walking. this is the only drug that has helped. Does anyone have any idea besides writing that in search box on computer? Nurse told me to find pain Doc, but all I have called say they don't prescibe methadone. ## Hello, Katie! How are you doing? Sorry about the problems that you're having. However, if you were calling them and asking them up front about prescribing any particular medication, then it really isn't surprising tha... ...
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Wed, Feb 26 '14, 2:10 AM   2  Subscribe to thread 254825
L.A. Help finding pain doc to ween off methadone
Hello, I'm a 24 year old female and was put on methadone years ago by a money hungry so called doctor. I have a legit MRI, reason, all that. I don't care about being drug tested I just need a doctor that cares enough to help me safely get off this evil drug. I'm trying to get help but I'm just getting the run around and I'm almost to tears. I just got back into UCLA, am trying to really start my life, and methadone and all the health problems it has caused have ruined everything before and is jeopardizing everything again. If anyone knows a doctor in the Los Angeles or San Fernando valley region I would really appreciate it. Please, I'm not looking for anything except legit help. In advance, thank you anyone for your time. ## Hi, Anna! I am so sorry about what yo... ...
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A Doctor that will provide Methadone in Lehigh Valley of Pa
I am currently on Subutex and alprazolam I went to rehab and they almost killed me trying to detox me.They had no idea how to detox me.I did not eat for 2 weeks and did not sleep and was hallucinating.I want back on Methadone at least I know they can take me down slowly and successfully.Subutex is a killer if you are on it GET OFF QUICK!!!!! ## Hello, Sandra! How are you? Unfortunately, a regular doctor cannot prescribe Methadone for addiction or maintenance treatment. That can only be done in a clinical setting by those specially trained in its use for such. Are there any clinics in your area? This is a narcotic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ## Methadone detox is wicked as well... ...
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mass doctors
Looking for a doctor who prescribes methadone for pain in massachusetts ## Hello, Eric! How are you? I'm sorry, but there is no listing of doctors according to what they will or will not prescribe that I can refer to for you. If you require such a medication on a long-term, ongoing basis for chronic pain, you'll have to see a pain management specialist, since a PCP will no longer be able to prescribe it for you. And the only thing you can really do is set up an appointment with a specialist, make sure they receive a full copy of your current medical records, then keep the appointment so you can discuss what they will or will not do to help you. If you aren't happy with them, you'll have to try someone else. However, you can't ask about any specific medication, when y... ...
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M 5771 --methadone
I would to find a doctor to prescribe them to me cause I really need to get off the drug ## How can I get some methadone pill 10ml ## Hello, Mary! How are you? To be treated with Methadone, you'll need to go to a treatment clinic. A regular doctor cannot prescribe it for addiction or maintenance treatment. Have you checked to see if there are any in your area? This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ...
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M 14 45 Methadone
IM SWITCHING TO METHADONE AFTER THE SUBOXONE. HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO WAIT? ## Hi Franny, It really depends upon how long you've been taking the Suboxone as well as many other factors based on your medical history. In this case, I would really recommend that you ask your doctor about this in your next appointment, however I can link you to a thread where other people on the site discuss switching from Suboxone to Methadone so that you may be able to get some of your questions answered there. Discuss/switching-from-suboxone-to-methadone-219445.htm I hope this helps you find the answers to your questions! ...
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methadone 54 143
Im looking for a doctor that would prescription for methadone, im currently on the fentayl patch -75mcg, 8 mg of dilaudid 4 x a day every 6 hours for break through pain, xanax 2 mg. 3 times a day as needed for panic attacls, soma compound for muscle spasms , i have been om methadone in the past for pain, can u reccomemd me to.a doctor in nassau county long i sland new york, to substitute all the pain meds im on for methadone, i can be reached at {edited for privacy} ## Hi, Michael! How are you? I'm sorry, but there is no central directory of doctors that will prescribe any given medication. And when it comes to Methadone, most are reluctant to prescribe it for pain, because it carries a very high addiction rate. Learn more Methadone details here. Since you're on Fentanyl, which ... ...
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Mon, Mar 24 '14, 7:21 AM   3  Subscribe to thread 251663
If your daughter takes Norco to long she might need methadone to get off Norco. She sould follow Dr. advice and not abuse ## take it for a few days and take a couple of days of to avoide tollerence take a benzo for awhile or on the off day like klonpin of course you will need a perscription for that. ## Please follow your doctor's instructions! ...
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how subutex an methadone works together
Hello I'm trying to go get off opiates but I'm supposed to be on pain meds until further notice from my spine doc at UVA but I fill them and seems like I'm out in 2weeks and I'm tired of my pain is so bad them run out cause I stoke extra a few days so I got a doctor's appt Friday and I go get seen they said I dunno hoe they no but lady said you'll get Subutex An Methadone for pain I'm ready for it long as it can get .mh life back cause seems like all I got on my mind is pills they are taking over my life I think going to get help and want to get the help not denying I got a problem for sure for anyone that has done this pls let me no if it works good as they say I need to hear from ppl that's doing what I'm getting ready to do plz let me no thanks Ken... ...
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need a doctor in reno nv who will give me methadone on medacare
was getting methadone at a clinic but got medacare and cant go back they don't take madacare need to find new doctor in reno nv ## Hi, Andrew! How are you? I'm sorry, but a regular doctor can't prescribe Methadone for addiction treatment and, if you were going to an addiction clinic, regardless of why, that's what it is now listed under in your medical records. A regular doctor can only prescribe it for severe pain. Once you've been in a clinic for treatment with it, that is where you have to stay, under the current laws. I don't know what insurance they accept, or what Medicare covers, but you could use the search feature at to see if there is a doctor in your area that treats with it and call them to see if they accept Medicare. Learn more Suboxone... ...
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Need HELP! finding a doctor that will prescribe methadone for pain management in West Tennessee
I have a unique situation. I am a recovering addict with severe chronic pain. I have really bad scoliosis that's in my neck and back and been in several really bad car wrecks. Lets just say I'm a tree magnet when riding with other people. I have been on suboxone and subutex for the last 2 years. Before then I was going to the methadone clinic on and off for a few years but I couldn't pay for it anymore so I had to stop going. And before and during that I was going to the pain clinic for my back and neck pain. I was prescribed 120 10mg oxycodone and 120 60mg Morphine. Before all that I was Doing like 6 to 10 80mg OxyContin and 6 to 10 200mg morphine a day off the street from age 16-24. This was before I got insurance and found out I had scoliosis at the age of 24 and now abou... ...
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im moving n need a doctor to write methadone for pain management
I have been on methadone for pain since 2003, moving from md to knoxville and need a doctor ## Hi, Kristi! How are you? The best thing to do, once you're in your new location, would be to find yourself a general practitioner and then have them refer you to a pain management specialist. Under the new regulations, a GP won't be able to prescribe such a medication for long-term pain management. They are restricted in what they can prescribe, why they can prescribe it and for how long they can prescribe it. Learn more Methadone details here. Can anyone recommend a good doctor in the area? ...
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Any Doctors Who Prescribe Methadone in or around Burlington NC
I am a single mother of 2 & have chronic back pain & I can't afford to continue to go bk & forth to the clinic everyday!! Please somebody help me!!!! I live in Burlington, NC. If anybody knows a good Dr. near me please let me know!!!! Thank you very much!!! ## I may not have a personal doctor I can refer you to, but based on my research, Greenville was the closest city I was able to locate doctors in, who are known for prescribing methadone and other related medications. Posted below are a few you may want to consider contacting: Rickie Wade Ellis, M.D. Port Human Services 4300-110 Sapphire Court Greenville, NC 27834 (252)830-7560 Gening Zhu, M.D. PORT Human Services 2245 Stantonburg Road Greenville, NC 27834 (252)752-0483 Winston Earl Lane, III, M.D. P.O. Box 20128 502-... ...
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need methadone Dr.
I've been on methadone since 06. I went to pain mang. For a year. Someone in family got.mad because I wouldn't sell my meds + called my pain dr. + said I was selling my meds. Pain dr.let me go. I was without dr.for 3 months. Then I got back on at methadone clinic. Now clinic is letting me go because I take Neurotins for newropathy in my feet. So now again I need to find me a methadone dr. Columbus,Ohio. Debbie. thank you. ## Hi, Debbie! Sorry about the dilemma that you're in. However, if you've been getting it from an addiction clinic, then you aren't going to be able to return to getting it from a regular doctor. Even if you were only getting it for pain, the addiction treatment clinic is what is listed in your medical records and regular doctors aren't allowed ... ...
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Prozac Methadone
Im on both methadone and prozac,the problem i am having are awful jerks or spasms when i take them as prescribed.I have tried several other antidepressants on methadone but still have spasms or violent jerks.When i tell the doctors they dont have an answer,Help! ## Come on Verwon,i need some info on the problem of spazms or jerks while on methdone and antidepressants. Help ## Unfortunately, while it is a common problem reported by many people, I really don't have any answers as to why this happens. It's been reported with many antidepressants and Methadone. It may be due to the fact that some of the antidepressants raise the levels of Methadone in the body. What dosage do you take? You might want to try asking your doctor about making a slight adjustment, so you take a little le... ...
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Methadone Dr. in Va.
I've been on methadone due to cp for the last 9 years, presently taking 120mg. daily. My current pm has adopted a new "NO METHADONE" policy and he will be weaning me off while placing me on some other medication. the problem is i've been on just about every other pain med.I'm 55 years old and don't play games i never failed a ua or refused any procedures. He said the office is no longer going to assume the responsibility of prescribing the methadone. Does any one know of a doctor in the Floyd area of Va. I've had the shots and every other therapy and surgery is not an option due to the affected area of my back that is injured is too large to repair all i can try to do is control the pain. Thank you for any help, Tim ## Hi Tim, I located a few Doctors that are... ...
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Doctors in Louisiana that prescribe methadone for chronic pain
I have been taking 120 mg of methadone for approximately 5 years. My husbands job transferred us from Florida to Louisiana where I found a pretty good pain doc. He is now running scared and wants to take me off of methadone. Methadone has given me a good quality of life; I am able to work and be a productive member of society. My doctor is unwilling or unable to assist me in finding a new doctor who will continue my meds. Oh yeah, I have been the route of blocks and injections and gotten little if any relief. I'm tired of being branded a drug seeker-I have years of medical records that back up my claims and verify the dosages that I've been on-what drug seekers have this kind of back up? I am looking for a Louisiana doctor, but am willing to travel (within reason of course). Ple... ...
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doctor needed
looking for dr to prescribe methadone in pg county md area have documents to support need due to injury but cannot afford the private clinics they will not take insurance ## The private clinics will only prescribe it for addiction, anyway. And most regular doctors are very hesitant to prescribe it for pain, due to how extremely addicting it can also be. Learn more Methadone details here. You'll most likely have better luck if you are willing to try a different medication. Have you tried any others? ...
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my methadone detox journey
Can anyone tell me how long withdrawls last and how fast I should detox? I need to get off this stuff but I'm actually scared of how i will feel. Can anyone help? Advise me on the best way to do matter how long it takes. I'm not worried about detoxing quickly, just want to detox! ## Have you considered seeking medical assistance with it? The reason I ask is because Methadone is known to cause severe withdrawals and have a very long detoxification period. That's why so many people end up on a lifetime maintenance dose of it and few end up ever stopping it entirely. Learn more Methadone details here. How much do you take daily? ## I am down to 55 mgs daily. I have considered this but not sure as to how to go about finding a doctor who would help me with this. The lif... ...
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