Active Ingredient(s): Methadone
FDA Approved: * March 14, 1973
Pharm Company: * MALLINCKRODT
Category: Opioid Dependence

* This drug may consist of multiple approval dates, manufacturers, or distributors. If applicable, they would be listed below under "NDC Database Records".

Methadose Overview

Methadone, also known as Dolophine among other brand names, is a synthetic opioid. It is used medically as a pain medication and a maintenance therapy in people with opioid dependence. Methadone is also used in managing severe chronic pain owing to its long duration of action and strong analgesic effect. Side effects are similar to that of other opioids. The number of drug-poisoning deaths in the United States involving methadone increased from 784 in 1999 to 5,518 in 2007 but declined to 4,4...

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dr. who can prescribe methadone
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I have just moved to Harrisburg, PA. I found a pain management clinic who will prescribe my methadone (I have been taking Methadone for pain management for 5-6 years), however they have asked that I find another doctor. I was told by pain management clinic that I am the only patient they prescribe methadone for. Does anyone know of a doctor in the Harrisburg, PA area that prescribes methadone for pain management? ## Due to the severe addiction issues associated with it, it is not usually prescribed for pain, unless it has failed to respond to all other treatments. That said, it can be prescribed by any doctor with a valid medical license, finding one that is willing to do it, however, is going to be the tough part. When you go somewhere and are asking for a specific medication, especial...
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Methadone Doctor
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Hi I need to find help i am addicted to pain pills and would really like to get off of them i have tried methadone and it works, i just need help finding a doctor to prescribe it for me i live in Michigan if anyone knows could you please help me i cant go to a clinic because i dont live near one. i live in the upper penninsula but would drive downstate to get a doctor..... ## I need a doctor who prescribes methadone or methadose in Brooklyn NY. ASAP ## Hey NeedHelp, I use to live in MI too and I lived in Northern Michigan and had the same trouble as you. You have to to ask your self first, how bad do you want to get off the pain killers. Methadone is a great way to stop craving the other drugs you use and saves you a lot of money while keeping you off the street drugs. You are going to ...
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Searching for pain clinic that prescribes methadone
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I am a male in my mid 40's. I live in the Charlotte n.c. area. I've been on methadone for the better part of 12 years and I have come to believe it is a miracle drug. I am a retired Auto Worker with multiple injuries and multiple surgeries. I do not nor have I ever used street drugs. I am a non drinker, and as you can imagine I ran the gauntlet with every single pain medication out there. I do not like being high. I don't like being slowed or have any of my senses retarded in anyway. methadone does not do that to me. it cures my pain and I have a quality of life. I have 5 children so I had live a very active life. As a pain clinic patient I follow all the rules to t. I don't understand as long as I've been a pain patient I have a decade-long of clean urinary analysis...
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detox center texas
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Needing to detox from methadose, been taking 100mg. For 6 years , its time to let it go
Updated 1 year ago.
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I am from ND and in dire need of finding a doctor who can prescribe me methadone. I have been battling drug abuse for 10+ years and have gone through many treatment facilities. I have done my research and want to move on with my life by getting on a methadone program. PLEASE HELP! ## The problem with Methadone is that many people never truly get drug free, even after using the treatment programs. They often end up requirng a lifetime maintenance dose of it. You may be better of with Suboxone, which is fairly new, but has helped many people taper off of and completely beat their drug addiction. It contains the opiate Buprenoprhine. You can read about it here: To see if there is a doctor in your area that provides treatment with it, you can check out the website: Click Here I...
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Dr who prescribes methadone
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I live in Harrisburg, PA I'm looking for a pain management dr. or doctor who will prescribe methadone. I've been on the med for several years. Just moved here. ## I am not familiar with doctors in that area, I used to live in PA, but never there. I am not sure if they will prescribed it for pain management, but there is a website that lists treatment centers near you: Methadone Treatment Click Here Does anyone else have any ideas to help? ## my family dr has prescribed me methadone for over 3 yrs she says i think you need to see a pain management dr will just prescribe me the meds she has been giving me ## Thank you for your reply. Right now my family doctor is prescribing my meds, but wants me to find a pmd. So I'm still searching. Finding a pmd is not the problem though. I...
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Need a chronic pain doctor
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I live in Jasper, Alabama and have been on methadone for 15 years. It's the only thing that's helped during my chemo or when my ruptured disc are bothering me. The doctor I had just up and left and left all his patients hunting a new doctor. Does anyone know a doctor in or around Jasper or Birmingham that I can see that writes Methadone? ## Really, your best bet is to see a new doctor and make sure they get your medical records, so they can speak for themselves. Asking a doctor to prescribe a specific medication is often seen as being drug seeking behavior. Does anyone else have any suggestions to offer? ## Yeah, I'd definitely move from the deep South as fast as possible. Sorry about the comment Florida sounds like your closest bet to find an outpatient treatment center for...
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methadose 10mg oblong pill M 57 71
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it is a squared shape and it has a m inscribed on one side of it w/ a box around it on the other side it has the numbers 57 71 ## What you are describing is actually the 10 mg of Methadone (generic equivalent) manufactured by Mallinckrodt. Here is an image depicting various possible appearances of this drug ... Do you have any other questions or information to add? Please post back if you do... ## i have benn prescribed methadone 10 mg for 5 pills twicw a day i was receveiving 300 a month, i was in a car accident that broke my back in 3 differeent places and was in a body cast for 6 months. i alson received 90 loratab 10s 3 per day i have documents from the pharmarcy stating all this. my doctor is no longer in preactic so will u please help me ## I have found the brand Mallinckrodt to ...
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how do i get methadose
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i was using suboxone but it njo loonger works i aqm now on dilaudids but want to nget on methadose
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Methadose 5mg 4211
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What is a round flat rather large pill that had 4211 and a split then a cursive V under it, nothing on the back? ## The pill which you are describing is actually Methocarbamol 500 mg, which is a muscle relaxant. Completely different from Methadose.
Updated 6 years ago.

Methadose Appearance

Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

  • Concentrate: 10mg/ml
  • Injection: 10mg/ml
  • Liquid: 10mg/ml
  • Powder: 100%
  • Solution: 10mg/5ml, 10mg/ml, 1mg/ml
  • Tablet: 10mg, 40mg, 5mg
  • Tablet, Dispersible: 40mg
  • Tablet, Effervescent: 40mg
  • Tablet, For Suspension: 40mg
Note: Above list includes dosages for all drugs with the same combination of active ingredients.

NDC Database Records for Methadose: (2 results)

Sorted by National Drug Code
  • 0406-0527 Methadose 10 mg/ml Oral Concentrate by Mallinckrodt, Inc.
  • 0406-6974 Methadose 5 mg Oral Tablet by Mallinckrodt, Inc.

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