Active Ingredient(s): Chlordiazepoxide + Clidinium
Category: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Librax Overview

Chlordiazepoxide/clidinium bromide is a drug consisting of chlordiazepoxide and clidinium bromide and used to treat peptic ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and gastritis. It helps relieve stomach spasms, abdominal cramps, and anxiety related to gastric disorders.[1] Librax is a fixed ratio of these two medications and, as such, is not typically prescribed with an accompanying dosage, but rather directions on how many capsules to take per day. It comes in a capsule taken by mouth, usual...

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Udiliv Medicine Used For
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i recently got my sgpt and sgot tested .. they were 135 and 75. My doctor advised me udiliv 300 twice daily. is it the correct medicine. how long should i have this medicine before i get my tests conducted again. can i have alcohol 2-3 times a month in this liver condition> pls help ## my lft shows elevated alt(sgpt) enzymes in blood which is 49 normal 40 iu/lit and also have an inflammed liver prescribed to take udiliv 300,twice daily,and razo-d once daily.but my health is not improving after taking it for 12 i getting the right treatment for reducing the infalmmed liver & alt(sgpt).plz help me. ## @amit, Do you know why your doctor prescribed you Udiliv? I only ask because it's indications don't seem to have anything to do with liver related cond...
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how long should i wait to take librax after being on bentyl
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How long should I wait to take librax after being on bentyl I took a benytl at 9.00AM this morning
Updated 29 days ago.
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CHLORD/CLIDI CAP 5-2.5MG ## my doctor prescribed librax for a stomach problem. my insurance co. substited chlord/clidi. what is the difference. is it generic ## Yes, this is just the generic, so it is named for the active ingredients, the name Librax is a proprietary brand name. ## BEWARE! - CHLORD/CLIDI CAP 5-2.5MG (LIBRAX) Will show positive for Benzodiazepine (Benzos) Took one of my wife's stomach pills a day or two before an pre-employment screen and the test returned a positive for Benzos. ## did you get the job? ## I have been prescribed this medication for many years; have tried going without and had disasterious results. Now my drug prescriber has notified me that the 3 month supply is going from $71.11 to over $949.49 for 3 months. Needless to say I will no longer be able t...
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generic librax at Costco
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Try Costco mail order for generic Librax. Best price we have ever found. ## Hi Ed, Thanks for the heads-up on how to save money at Costco. If anyone else is looking for assistance in cutting costs with their prescription(s), Medschat also offers a free drug savings card that can save you anywhere from 15 to 75% off your next prescription. You can view more details here: Rx Savings Card All you have to do is print it out and bring it with you at the time you fill your script and see what kind of discount you're eligible for. Some drug manufacturers even offer patient assistance programs for those who meet certain income qualifications. This may be something to speak with your doctor or pharmacist about at your next visit if all else fails. I hope this helps! ## Thanks, Ed. I didn...
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what is difference between librax and bentyl
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Which drug is better for IBS? I have both prescriptions and directions are the same...4 times daily. ## Hello, Kit! How are you? They are different medications that treat many of the same conditions. There really is no better medication, it depends on what works for you and your body. Have you tried either of them, yet? As reported by the FDA, you may experience side effects, such as nausea, bloating, gas, dizziness and headache.
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Nexpro Rd 40 Side Effects
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i am suffering duodenal ulser.and i take nexpro rd-40 with librax for 2 month. not cure well as well as before. how many days it will continue and any side effect? please tell me sir . ## All medications carry the risk of causing side effects, regardless of why they are taken. Nexpro-RD contains the active ingredients Esomeprazole and Domperidone, it is used to reduce the amount of acid produced by the stomach, which can allow it to heal, over time. Librax contains Chlordiazepoxide and Clidinium and is used to treat similar conditions. Both can cause side effects, so you may experience: nausea, dizziness, stomach pain and flatulence. As to how long you should use, it can take several months for some stomach conditions to heal and an ulcer is pretty bad and will usually take some time. I...
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stopping librax
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What is the best way to stop taking Librax for a sleepy senior citizen and long-time Librax user? ## Hello, Tara! How are you? Has the patients doctor instructed them to stop taking it? After being on it for so many years, it is likely best to do a gradual taper, by slowly lowering the dose, while skipping doses. Their doctor should be able to help them set up a proper taper schedule. As listed by the FDA, a sudden stop could result in rebound effects, such as abdominal pain, cramping and constipation.
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Generic Librax
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Recently found out that Generic Librax is available at Sam's Club and the price for 60 pills, was approx $93.00. Cheapest place I have found. ## not bad... But somewhere there's better :) ## Prices are always subject to change and could certainly be more or less somewhere else on the planet. At least you found an affordable rate to continue getting your meds. Places like Sam's Club and Costco are great for that if you're already a member. Some of the other prices I've seen people pay for the same thing are quite astronomical compared to what you payed. $109, $139.00, and even as much as $364.30 are some of the numbers that come up for 60 tablets of the brand name. Were you using insurance or a drug savings card as well? ## Hi. To anyone who is in need of Librax w/ cl...
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chlord/clidi librax
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I have lung cancer, COPD, high blood pressure, heartburn, stomach pain, bladder pain and burning, urinary infections, and vaginal dryness and pain and yeast infections. I take pantoprazoloe, lisinop/HCTZ, symbicort, proair, Tylenol, and reclast infusion once a year. The bladder Dr. has given me chlord clidi for my bladder pain and burning. I am worried to take this as it is habit forming and if it will cause problems with my meds and health problems. I wonder if there is a better meds or something better to do for my problems. ## Hi Sylvie, Sorry to hear about your situation. According to's drug interaction checker, there are no interactions listed between Librax (chlordiazepoxide and clidinium) & the following medications: Tylenol (acetaminophen) + Lisonopril/Hydrochlor...
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White Capsule 814
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I was prescribed Librax for severe diarrhea and hiatal hernia. The drugstore gave me two vials - one looked like the ones I had been precribed years ago... The other vial contained capsules (they said they didn't have enough of the other) which were white with the imprint 814 on them. The manufacturer is Acella. Did they make a mistake? I couldn't find them on the typical pill finders on the internet. ## Was this in the U.S.? Have you double checked with the pharmacy? I have searched all of our resources and can't find anything listed for Librax, with that marking. Acella has purchased several other smaller pharmaceutical companies, so there is a chance that this may be something from one of them, that is new to the market and isn't listed, yet. They recently acquired Pa...
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Chlordiazepoxide + Clidinium
  • Capsule: 5mg + 2.5mg
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  • 0187-4100 Librax (Chlordiazepoxide Hydrochloride 5 mg / Clidinium Bromide 2.5 mg) Oral Capsule by Valeant Pharmaceuticals International

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