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Active Ingredient(s): Cyclobenzaprine
FDA Approved: August 26, 1977
Category: Muscle Relaxer

Flexeril Overview

Cyclobenzaprine, brand names Amrix, Flexeril and Fexmid, is a muscle relaxer medication used to relieve skeletal muscle spasms and associated pain in acute musculoskeletal conditions.[3] It is the best-studied drug for this application.[4] It has also been used off-label for fibromyalgia treatment.[5] A new sublingual formulation of cyclobenzaprine is under development for the chronic management of fibromyalgia syndrome.[6] Contents 1 Medical use 2 Side effects 2.1 Overdose 3 Intera...

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Expired Flexeril
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i have chronic back pain however try not to take medication unless i have to. i have left over flexeril 5mg from a prescription written in dec. 2009 and expires 2010. is it safe to take for muscles spasms or should i toss it. i like to keep some in my cabinet because the few times my back gets really bad i am unable to get out of bed. ## Flexeril contains the active ingredient Cyclobenzaprine, which is a muscle relaxant and you should contact your doctor for a new prescription, because it does lose efficacy past the expiration date, so it may not work as well as it did, when it was new. This creates the danger of overdose, by taking more, to get the relief you need. Almost all medications have a limited shelf life and will start to lose efficacy past that date. Are there any other quest...
Updated 8 minutes ago.
flexeril similarities???
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Is Flexeril similar to Roxcets? ## NO! Not the same type of drug at all. Flexeril is a muscle relaxant containing Cyclobenzaprine. Roxicet is a narcotic pain reliever containing Acetaminophen and Oxycodone. ## No Flexeril is a strong and good muscle reaxant, also causes sleepiness, Roxicet is a STRONG!!! Narcotic. ## I have flexeril that expired in 2007... can I still take it if the bottle says it should be yellow and its more of a peachish color....? No odor.
Updated 21 days ago.
pill apo 10 yellow shaped liked a house
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yellow shaped like a house says apo 10 ## This is a Canadian tablet that contains 10mgs of Clyclobenzaprine, it is a muscle relaxant. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and headache. Read more: Do you have any other questions? ## They are the generic brand of flexeril. ## Would this kind of pill cause hallucinations ?
Updated 2 months ago.
is safe
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I am taking flexeril for miscle tightness in gace, just noticed warning about heat stroke, does that mean I can not use heating pad for pain issues? ## Hello, Debbie! How are you? No, that means that you shouldn't be out using a sauna, or a tanning booth, or spending a lot of time in the hot sun. This medication may make you more susceptible to such extreme temperatures. The FDA classifies this medication as being a muscle relaxant and its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache and dry mouth. When using a heating pad, just be careful that you don't start to feel overheated and try not to leave it on too long. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have been taking advil once or twice a day for TMJ for 3 1/2 to 4 weeks. I heard taking advil or...
Updated 2 months ago.
Is Flexeril more effective than Parafon Forte?
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I had been taking Soma 350 for years because I have six crushed vertebra and recently my doctor changed to Parafon Forte 500. So far it's not as effective as the Soma was so I'm asking anyone if Flexeril would be better choice than the Parafon Forte. Thanks. ## It's my experience that Flexeril is better than PF (that's such an old drug, didn't know they still made that?) but nothing beats Soma. I've heard that docs are trying to get patients off Soma's because - besides being such a great street drug - IT FREAKING WORKS! Nah, that last bit was my rant. The Big Evil Three are (or used to be) Xanax, Soma, and hydrocodone. I was on those for years because they effing worked. My doc had no problems with me on those drugs but apparently the DEA did. And they broug...
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What is the highest dose of flexural ## Hello, Kim! How are you? Flexeril is classified by the FDA as a muscle relaxant the highest dosages available are 10mgs in the regular release and 30mgs in the time released formulation. Typical side effects are listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache and dry mouth. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 3 months ago.
flexeril pill question
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Found a very small, peach-colored pill. Has the number 282 on one side, and "IG" on the other. I think it's a 5mg flexeril, but would like confirmation please. ? ## Hi Kathleen, From what I could gather, a round peach pill marked with IG on one side and 282 on the other, is reportedly identified as a 5mg Cyclobenzaprine tablet - the generic for Flexeril. Apparently it's a muscle relaxer but has an off-label use for fibromyalgia as well. And for added verification, this pill is listed as being manufactured by a company called InvaGen Pharma. It also carries a National Drug Code of 68462-0552. I hope this info helps!
Updated 4 months ago.
is flexeril an anti inflammatory
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wisted my knee and I'm having severe pain and swelling. Will flexeril help ease this pain so I can sleep? ## Hello, Shoshimom! How are you? I'm sorry that you're in pain. According to the FDA, Flexeril contains the active ingredient Cyclobenzaprine and is classified as a muscle relaxant, so it likely won't help much. Its typical side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache and dry mouth. Some cold compresses and Ibuprofen, may help, if your doctor approves. Have you contacted your doctor, yet? Any time you have swelling like that, you should have it checked out.
Updated 4 months ago.
flexeril yellow 751
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yellow or orange with M on one side and 751 on back ## Yes, this tablet contains 10mgs of Cyclobenzaprine, a generic for Flexeril, this is a muscle relaxant. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and dizziness. You can read more here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## My beck hurts from gym it feels like it will go away soon but I'm worried. I don't have Health insurence so I took one of my grams pain pills witch made it feel great for that day but next back to normal. So I have some of these fexrils. I just want the pain to go away to go back to the gym and work. What should I do?
Updated 7 months ago.
can both be taken together
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Flexeril & klonopin taken together ## Hello, Ckw! How are you? Yes, you an take them both, if your doctor has prescribed them for you. However, they can both increase sedation, so you may experience drowsiness, dizziness and fatigue. You should also know to watch for any danger signs, such as shallow breathing, extreme dizziness and somnolence. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 7 months ago.

Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

  • Capsule, Extended Release: 15mg, 30mg
  • Powder: 100%
  • Tablet: 10mg, 5mg
Note: Above list includes dosages for all drugs with the same combination of active ingredients.

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