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Active Ingredient(s): Cyclobenzaprine
FDA Approved: August 26, 1977
Category: Muscle Relaxer

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Flexeril Overview

Cyclobenzaprine, brand names Amrix, Flexeril and Fexmid, is a muscle relaxant medication used to relieve skeletal muscle spasms and associated pain in acute musculoskeletal conditions.[3] It is the best-studied drug for this application,[4] it has also been used off-label for fibromyalgia treatment.[5] A new bedtime formulation of cyclobenzaprine is under development for the management of fibromyalgia syndrome.[6] Contents 1 Medical use 2 Side effects 2.1 Overdose 3 Interactions 4 C...

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Does flexeril contain Pirazolones?
I am alergic to Pirazolones and its derivates, can you tell me if Flexeril contains Pirazolones?
Updated 8 minutes ago.
Expired Flexeril
i have chronic back pain however try not to take medication unless i have to. i have left over flexeril 5mg from a prescription written in dec. 2009 and expires 2010. is it safe to take for muscles spasms or should i toss it. i like to keep some in my cabinet because the few times my back gets really bad i am unable to get out of bed. ## Flexeril contains the active ingredient Cyclobenzaprine, which is a muscle relaxant and you should contact your doctor for a new prescription, because it does lose efficacy past the expiration date, so it may not work as well as it did, when it was new. This creates the danger of overdose, by taking more, to get the relief you need. Almost all medications have a limited shelf life and will start to lose efficacy past that date. Are there any other quest...
Updated 1 month ago.
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K7 Round orange pill
Substituted for Flexeril 10mg ## Hello, Frank! How are you? A round, yellowish tablet with K7 on one side contains 10mgs of Cyclobenzaprine, the active ingredient in Flexeril, which is a muscle relaxant. Learn more Flexeril details here. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and headache. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 5 months ago.
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Just wanted to know what this is used for ## I'm sorry, but I can't find anything listed under this name. Did you mean Flexeril, which is a muscle relaxant? ## I find my hubby using them and I am curious
Updated 6 months ago.
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flexeril death
Can 370 mg of this medication kill someone? ## From what I've read, the recommended dose of Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine) is 5 to 10mgs three times daily; which would amount to 15 or 30 mgs total. I'm not sure why anyone in their right frame of mind would consider taking anything more than that, but 370mg is just ridiculous and careless in my opinion. Do you know if this person is even still alive right now or are you simply speaking hypothetically? In case of any overdose, you should probably be prepared to call your local poison control center or emergency hotline first and foremost. Waiting for a possible response on a forum may not be the best idea if the person you know really is dying from this overdose. I hope this helps!
Updated 7 months ago.
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flexeril yellow pill with an 41 round
Don't take this pill it was subscribed to me by a doctor and it made me feel even worse!! PLEASE DON'T TAKE THIS PILL THEY NEED TO TAKE IT OFF THE MARKET!! ## HI, Chanel! Sorry that you had problems with this medication. This is a generic for Flexeril that contains 10mgs of Cyclobenzaprine, it is just a muscle relaxant, but you may have experienced some side effects from it, it can cause nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and drowsiness. Learn more Cyclobenzaprine details here. What types of problems did you experience?
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How Many Flexeril Will Egual To A Soma
I have run out of somas..i usually take 2-3 at a many 10mg flexeril would i have to take to ease the pain? ## From what I could gather, Soma is definitely considered to be the stronger of the two. However, since both medications can effect each person differently and I don't know your pain tolerance, medical history, etc, it would be unethical for anyone other than your doctor to try and tell you how much you should be taking to ease your pain. Your heart is a muscle too. I personally wouldn't feel comfortable taking so much of a powerful muscle relaxer before resorting to other pain management options. They say "Soma Coma" has become a new term due to its potency. Have you asked your doctor about setting up a dosing schedule for Flexeril? They usually do this ...
Updated 10 months ago.
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Flexerol and Chest Pain
I suffered from severe sciatica about 8 months ago. I was taking heavy doses of NSAIDS as they were the only thing that helped with the pain. My doctor proscribed me flexerol to help with muscle spasms. 2 weeks into taking flexerol as proscribed, I was hospitalized for what I thought was a heart attack. It turned out I had tetracardia and my heart rate was 200 bpm. The doctors told me I was having panic attacks and basically dismissed me after that. I thought this was crap as I am 28 and have never had any problems with anxiety or panic attacks. I immediatlywill quit takinga Flexerol. After discharge I had continuing problems with chest pain and shortness of breath. It is now 6 months later and I am completely off NSAIDs. I still have problems with chest pain and shortness of breath. Th...
Updated 11 months ago.
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Cyclobenzapr Effect On Seniors
My insurance company informed me that they will no longer cover prescription for Cyclobenzapr for patience over 65. Because of the problems seniors develop from this drug. My doctor did not know what they meant and said I could just pay for it and still get it. $4.00 at Walmart so I will continue but is the insurance co. correct or lying, is it dangerous for seniors, if so in what way? Very concerned! ## Hello, The concerns that your insurance company expressed may actually be valid. Based on my research, the FDA states that the use of Flexeril (Cyclobenzaprine) In the elderly may increase the frequency and severity of adverse events associated with or without concomitant medications and should be initiated with a 5 mg dose- then titrated slowly upward. That is the most pertinent inform...
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small whitte oval pill with E on one sde and scored on the other
found small white pill in my house and my son is living with us and he was talking out of his head. I know that he had taken a flexeril for his back ## Hi Doug, Based on your description, the closest match I could find is a white oblong shaped pill imprinted with an "E" on one side and blank on the other. The only difference is that it doesn't appear to have a score line on the other side. This particular pill is identified as Excedrin extra strength, containing: Acetaminophen (250 mg) + Aspirin, ASA (250 mg) + Caffeine (65 mg). It is used to treat migraines; headaches; pain and fever; as well as osteoarthritis. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Acetaminophen + Aspirin (ASA) + Caffeine Details Is there anyway possible way that you could get your son to confi...
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Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

  • Capsule, Extended Release: 15mg, 30mg
  • Powder: 100%
  • Tablet: 10mg, 5mg
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