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Diltiazem Overview

Diltiazem is a nondihydropyridine (non-DHP) member of the class of drugs known as calcium channel blockers, used in the treatment of hypertension, angina pectoris, and some types of arrhythmia. It is a benzothiazepine, which differentiates it from the other classes of non-DHP calcium channel blockers such as the phenylalkylamines. It is also an effective preventive medication for migraine. It is a class 3 antianginal drug, and a class IV antiarrhythmic. It is a common adulterant of cocaine se...

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what is the difference between diltiazem 180mg and norvasc 5 mg
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I need to know the difference of diltiazem 180mg and norvasc 5 mg . Are they similar ## Looks like both medicines are used for almost the same thing. Were they prescribed to you by the same doctor? Reference Pages: Diltiazem, Norvasc ## Difference between Diltiazem SA Caps and Diltiazem ER(dilt-XR) Caps? ## ER or XT stands for Extended Release, which means the drug is released slowly over a certain period of time, rather than all at once like regular release medications. ## Dark green, gray capsule with # R-2579 on it ## w/hat is the difference between narvasc and ditiazem ? do they act differently on the system. since they are both calcium blockers. Can they cause bone problems? ## I don't understand why the pharmacy always which medication when your taking dialtizen then they swit...
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Blood Thinners
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All ## is diltiazem cd a blood thinner ## Is diltiazem a blood thinner?
Updated 17 days ago.
diltiazem and atenolol
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Been taking (NEW) Diltiazem 180 mg 24 hr time release caps as well as tapering atenolol (was 100mg daily) had horrible symptoms so back on 25mg of atenolol with the diltiazem... can they be taken at the same time or should they be spaced a bit? For svt and BP control. ## Hello, Hyperdi! How are you? If your doctor has advised you to stop the Atenolol, then you should follow their instructions for stopping it. Taking both of them could cause your heart rate and blood pressure to go too low. What type of symptoms did you experience? You were likely experiencing some minor withdrawal effects, as well as new side effects from the Diltiazem. Typical side effects to is, as listed by the FDA, may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, stomach pain, dry cough and increased urination. ## ...
Updated 1 month ago.
is diktiazem c cap acta long acting
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I was recently ordered long acting Diltiazem 120mg and was given Diltiazem C CAP ACTA ,and the lnformation that came with it does not say anything about it being long acting. Can you supply me with this info. ## Hello, Rose! How are you? From the information you've provided, it isn't a long acting medication. They are usually designated with something such as XR, SR, LA, CR or etc. What are the markings on the one you're taking? That is what would enable me to double check for you. Diltiazem is listed by the FDA as being a calcium channel blocker that's most commonly used to treat high blood pressure and certain cardiac conditions. It may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination and hypotension.
Updated 2 months ago.
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What is the difference between diltiazem CD, diltiazem XR and diltiazem ER? Can you refer me to a website where I could research this information? ## There is no difference, it's just different abbreviations for the same thing, a time released version of the medication, some places will us CR, ER or XR, there is no definitive way that it has to be done. Diltiazem is a calcium channel blocker used to treat hypertension and angina. You can read more here: Do you have any other questions? ## Not quite true. These are indeed all timed release versions of diltiazem, but they all use different drug delivery systems and are released into the body at different rates. You can verify this if you look at the professional write-ups on each drug. For example, diltiazem CD, which is generic for t...
Updated 2 months ago.
Diltiazem - Inwood 180mg sa cap (NDC# 4335330889)
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I was using Cardizem CD 180MG caps but the VA changed me to DILTIAZEM (INWOOD) 180 MG SA CAP. Is your 180MG SA also a 24 hr. time release cap like the Cardizem? Thank you for your help...RC ## Hello, RC! How are you? This website does not manufacture any medications. It is an information only resource. And yes, what you've been given is just a generic for what you were already taking and you should follow your doctor's dosing and usage instructions. The SA stand for sustained action, so it means the same as the CD that was listed with the name brand. This medication is most commonly used to treat high blood pressure and certain cardiac conditions. Side effects to this medication may include nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and hypotension. Is there anything else I can help...
Updated 3 months ago.
Significant price difference between diltiazem 360 CD and diltiazem 360 TR ?
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I get my diltiazem via mail order (Optum Rx) my copay for 90 diltiazem CD caps is $340.00 !! My copay for 90 diltiazem TR caps is $40.19 !!!! No one can provide a good explanation !?!?! ## Hello, GeoPhilly! How are you? There really is no 'good' explanation, so to speak. It's just that the one company had them available for a cheaper price than the other company. That's just what happens, sometimes. This is a generic medication, so it's made by several different companies and whichever one your pharmacy has depends on who was offering the cheapest price at the time they needed to restock their supply, so they can give you the cheapest price possible. Sometimes the price takes a jump, sometimes it drops. It's just supply and demand, the same with anything else on ...
Updated 3 months ago.
Diltiazem 360 er
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At one time I was on Tiazac 360 er and then the pharmacy put me on Diltiazem 360. The Tiazac 360 er is more economical than Diltiazem 360 er. I wanted to switch back to Tiazac 360 er. I have 5 refills left, and I asked the girl at the pharmacy and she said that I would have to have a new prescription. I thought that both of these were generics and I do not understand why I would have to have another prescription. The Tiazac works just as well as Diltiazem. Thanks for your help! ## Hi Dave, Tiazac is actually a brand name of Diltiazem; but I too find it odd that they would make you switch off of something that's working just fine without giving any specific reasoning behind their decision. Instead they just say "here you go!" and that's that. I personally prefer brand nam...
Updated 4 months ago.
diltiazem er/xr and cartia xt
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Is there a difference between these 2 meds I was on diliazem 120 er/xr for 4 years and had no problems and now the med was changed to cartia 180 xt and I have headaches congestion which aggravates my ashma and stomach aches ## Hello, Clare! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problems that you're having. They are the same, Cartia XT is just the name brand. It seems odd that it would cause congestion headaches which aggravate your other conditions. Are you allergic to any inactive ingredients that you know of? Are you on any other medications? Have you consulted your doctor?
Updated 5 months ago.
Low bp in morning
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Should I take Diltiazem at night 180mg as sometimes my bp is low inthe morning
Updated 5 months ago.

Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

  • Capsule, Extended Release: 120mg, 180mg, 240mg, 300mg, 360mg, 420mg, 60mg, 90mg
  • Injection: 100mg, 100mg/vial, 25mg, 25mg/vial, 5mg/ml
  • Tablet: 120mg, 30mg, 360mg, 60mg, 90mg
  • Tablet, Extended Release: 120mg, 180mg, 240mg, 300mg, 360mg, 420mg
Note: Above list includes dosages for all drugs with the same combination of active ingredients.

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