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Diltiazem is a nondihydropyridine (non-DHP) member of the class of drugs known as calcium channel blockers, used in the treatment of hypertension, angina pectoris, and some types of arrhythmia. It is a benzothiazepine, which differentiates it from the other classes of non-DHP calcium channel blockers such as the phenylalkylamines. It is also an effective preventive medication for migraine. It is a class 3 antianginal drug, and a class IV antiarrhythmic. It is a common adulterant of cocaine se...

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extreme fatigue
I am taking Diltiazem ER 180 mg a day for atrial fibrillation. My question is whether I can take this in the evening so it does not make me so tired during the day? Thanks. ## Hi Charlie, Based on my research, the dosing indications for Diltiazem ER don't actually specify whether or not you're supposed to take it during the day or at night. It only mentions taking it "once daily" and doesn't really go into any further detail from there. So in my opinion, it sounds like it should be fine to take it at night as long as you remain consistent with one particular approach. Initially, it's also possible that you may feel a slight difference from altering the timing of your dose, but everything should level out shortly thereafter. I hope this helps! ## Hello, Charlie! H...
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diltiazem er/xr and cartia xt
Is there a difference between these 2 meds I was on diliazem 120 er/xr for 4 years and had no problems and now the med was changed to cartia 180 xt and I have headaches congestion which aggravates my ashma and stomach aches
Updated 14 days ago.
what is the difference between diltiazem 180mg and norvasc 5 mg
I need to know the difference of diltiazem 180mg and norvasc 5 mg . Are they similar ## Looks like both medicines are used for almost the same thing. Were they prescribed to you by the same doctor? Reference Pages: Diltiazem, Norvasc ## Difference between Diltiazem SA Caps and Diltiazem ER(dilt-XR) Caps? ## ER or XT stands for Extended Release, which means the drug is released slowly over a certain period of time, rather than all at once like regular release medications. ## Dark green, gray capsule with # R-2579 on it ## w/hat is the difference between narvasc and ditiazem ? do they act differently on the system. since they are both calcium blockers. Can they cause bone problems?
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co diltiazem t 120mg
I was prescribed tiazac xc 120 mg for high blood pressure and I was recently prescribed by my physician co-diltiazem t 120 mg. I would like to know if these are the same drug? I am somewhat confused! The latter is a purple capsule. please identify if there is a difference!
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Should I Take Diltiazem?
Beginning about 15years ago, I became aware that I was having palpitaions, later diagnosed as PVCs. It appeared to me that they were slowly becoming more frequent over this time period, but dramatically increased about 2 months ago. Approximately 30% of my beats were PVCs when I wore a monitor for 48 hours about two weeks ago, but no tachicardia. 15 years ago I was only having periods of frequent PVCs about twice a year, and they only lasted a couple hours each time. Way back then, a doctor prescribed atenolol (sp?) for another condition. Upon taking it I immediately started having continuous periods of PVCs that lasted the entire three days that I took the medication. (I discontinued.) During this recent long period of PVCs, I was prescribed a small dose of Metoprolol (Met) daily -- 12...
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DILTIAZ ER (XR) 240/24 cap generic for dilacor. Is this just diltiazem?
Doctor increased dose from 180 and BP still not budging. Have large red bruises on arms, even small hit will cause great blood spots. Can this be the Dilitaz? ## Hi, Keith! Sorry about the problem you're having. And yes, that could be due to an issue with the medication and you need to contact your doctor about it as soon as possible. They'll need to check it out to ensure that it's not a serious health complication starting and you'll most likely need to switch to a different medication. I'm not sure why they just increased the dosage, if it wasn't working to begin with, then just trying a different medication is usually the best approach. How long have you been taking it? ## I was taking TAZTIA 180 for a long time, and it didn't really help much, then Dr. s...
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What Tier Drug Is Diltiazem Er
What tier drug from the drug formulary is diltiazem ER caps 240 mg - also what tier is Verapamil SR caps. Thank you. ## Drug formularies aren't universal, so I can't help you find any information, without knowing what health plan you use, so I can search for the correct formulary. Any given list and tier can vary from one to the other, depending on their internal policies and coverage. Can you post back with more details? ## I am going to be on Medicare effective June 1, and am considering AARP United Healthcare plan F. I will need RX coverage, and am trying to find what tiers my prescriptions are. The on I can't find is Diltiazem Er. Is there a difference in tiers per insurance companies?
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Heart Fibrilation.
I have been taking Diltiazem 30 mg twice a day for over a year now for atrial fibrilation. when taken in the morning i become weak and dizzy, it impacts my bike ride severely and this has been getting worse over time, used to ride 3 x week 30 to 40 mi. now down to 20 2x week, when I skip it's better, HR 70/90. dr insist I continue same protocol, also take waterpills, furosemide 20 mg. and Klor-Con 20m to balance Magnesium. ## Hello, Paul! How are you? It's likely the Furosemide that's causing the problem, what you're describing are symptoms of dehydration. Diuretics lower blood pressure, but they do nothing for a-fib and if it's causing you to be dehydrated, your a-fib could actually be made worse. Why does he have you on it? Have you considered consulting another do...
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Compare Diltiazem ER 180mg XT cap to two Diltiazem 90mg tablets @ 12hr intervals.
My new pharmacy plan puts my Diltiazem ER 180mg XT capsule into a Tier 3 costing me $60 for a 90 day supply. A tier 1 or 2 drug is free. I would like to know if taking a free (Tier 1) 90mg Diltiazem tablet twice per day at 12hr intervals would give me the same health benefit? Is the release of the tablet medication adverse to an even release of the ER capsule? ## Hello, Derf! How are you? Yes, you should be able to do that, without a problem, you'd just take the medication twice a day,, instead of once. Of course, you need to check with your doctor, because they'll have to write a new prescription. Is there anything else I can help with?
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Please help: Dilt-CD 240mg capsule VERSUS Diltiazem ER (CD) 240mg Cap
Hello. Please help. I am responsible for my father's medication and I recently switched from community pharmacy to mail order. For years he has been taking Dilt-CD 240mg Capsule made by Apotex. The shipment just arrived and I received Diltiazem ER (CD) 240mg CAP (24hr) made by Actavis. Please can someone tell me if these are in fact the same thing only made by two different companies? Or, what I need to explain to the mail order company to have it fixed? I am concerned to give him this new medication, but he is out of his old pills. Thank you in advance for your information. ## Dilt-CD and Diltiazem ER are not the same thing. When the Cardizem LA which I was taking became unavailable, the pharmacy switched me to Diltiazem ER. The Diltiazem ER did not control my irregular heartbeat w...
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Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

  • Capsule, Extended Release: 120mg, 180mg, 240mg, 300mg, 360mg, 420mg, 60mg, 90mg
  • Injection: 100mg, 100mg/vial, 25mg, 25mg/vial, 5mg/ml
  • Tablet: 120mg, 30mg, 360mg, 60mg, 90mg
  • Tablet, Extended Release: 120mg, 180mg, 240mg, 300mg, 360mg, 420mg
Note: Above list includes dosages for all drugs with the same combination of active ingredients.

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