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Citalopram (/stælpræm/ or /satælpræm/; brand names: Celexa, Cipramil) is an antidepressant drug of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) class. It has U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to treat major depression,[1] which it received in 1998[2] and is prescribed off-label for other conditions. In Australia, the UK, Germany, Portugal, Poland, and most European countries it is licenced for depressive episodes and panic disorder with or without agora...

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citalopram weight gain
I HAve been on these pill a year. I. Weigh 206-210.NOW I am at 229 Very disgusting. I am going to quit taking them TODAY COLD TURKEY will PRAY God will help me ## Hello, Clara! How are you? Stopping it cold turkey might cause rebound effects, such as severe depression, lethargy and suicidal thought, so please be careful. There are other alternatives you can take that usually don't cause weight gain, such as Prozac, so you may want to speak to your doctor about trying it. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 6 minutes ago.
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can my husband take apo citalopram if we want to get pregnant?
We have been trying to get pregnant for a little while with no success, and I'm wondering if this might be because my husband takes apo-citalopram for anxiety. Could this be preventing us from getting pregnant?
Updated 2 days ago.
Weight gain after taking citalopram /other anti-anxiety meds
I have been taking citalopram for a few years. It was fairly effective but switched to Paxil for a few months and then switched to Effexor because Paxil made me very tired. I only took Effexor for three months and decided to withdraw from taking any medication. Almost immediately after I stopped taking anything I gained weight. I've never had a weight problem and it hasn't been a huge amount (5-7 lbs) but it was almost instantaneous AND I've been exercising more and eating less and it doesn't budge. It mostly when to my stomach. My question is if anyone else has had this issue after they have stopped taking the meds and if there was any improvement after a few months of being off of the medication (I've been off for about 1 1/2 months). ## Hello, Liz! How are you? Th...
Updated 3 days ago.
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Citalopram, Buspirone, Risperidone, or Oxcarbazepine?
Which psychotropic med requires drinking a plenty of water? ## I believe it is risperidone but I am cancelling my questions all together because my treatment team in my home town are addressing the issues I have with them and I think there will be a good outcome...peace everyone...I have no more questions or comments... ## Hi Bernie! I'm on Risperidone and I've never been directed to drink a lot of water with it. I read the pamphlet that comes with it and it doesn't say it on there either.
Updated 3 days ago.
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Citalopram generic manufacturerd
I have been on dr reddys citalopram 5 mg for about 7 Years and have had no side effects except a bit of weight gain. Dr reddys citalopram has been discontinued and can no longer get it. I have tried generic caraco and that had bad side effects with diarrhea and burning mouth. I am now on camber. Been on for about 2 weeks. Started with a 2.5 mg and now up to 5mgs. I'm very sensitive. This change could not have happened at a worse time as there is an illness in the family and need to be strong. I feel anxious. I don't know if my mind is making me feel different or the pill change? Any thoughts? Don't know if the generics consistency is the same. Dr reddys pill and camber are different sizes camber being larger. Any thoughts? ## Hello, Marie! How are you doing? The inactive ing...
Updated 10 days ago.
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Side effects? Worse anxiety?
I just started taking citalopram 20 mg 5 days ago. Today I had a terrible all over anxiety/panic attack that lasted about 10 min. I've never had anything that intense before. I wonder if I should just give this med more time to get in my system. Just wondering if this happened to anyone else? ## Hi they think citalapram takes 5-6 weeks to work u will feel worse before better keep at it is an amazing tablet it's helped me a great deal
Updated 10 days ago.
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Citalopram Manufacturer Change
Mail order changed my citalopram manufacturer from Amneal to Aurobindo. Have noticed side effect after the change. Should this be happening? Anyone els have this issue with manufacturer change? ## JC - I haven't been taking this med, but i wanted to share with you that it IS in fact possible to experience different effects between generic manufacturers. Even though ratios of active ingredients are supposed to be the same, the inert (inactive) ingredients are allowed to differ by a certain margin. Not to mention different manufacturing standards / facilities / etc. Sometimes if you mention this to your doctor or pharmacist, they can try to obtain the product from the other manufacturer, but this does not always work - it's all about supply chain and sometimes a specific manufactu...
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I started taking Citalopram about a year and 1/2 ago, since then I have gained 10 pounds. I exercise regularly and nothing I do seems to take any weight off, I cannot afford to go out and buy an new wardrobe, as it is I have only 1 pair of pants I can do up with a struggle. I hardly eat anything and have never in my life been overweight until now, which makes me want to commit suicide! I am going to stop taking it as of today. ## 10 pounds make u want to commit suicide? I think u should keep taking them or another anti- dep..We gain wait as we get older it just happens.
Updated 27 days ago.
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camber pharmaceutical
husband uses citalopram 20mg once daily from torrent pharama, was changed at Target to Camber pharma with adverse reactions. Been taking for years. Forgot he had them, should have thrown them out, started taking the Camber again, bad reactions again, ie. bad thoughts, lousy interactions with other people. It is as if there was no drug in them at all. Although he did not get the "nerve tingles" that come with going off the drugs. Any ideas? ## There can be slight fluctuations in the amount of the active ingredient between one generic and the other, so that might be what caused these issues. The one from Camber may be slightly lower than the other. Usually, the differences are very slight and your body will adjust in a week or so. The best thing to do would be to get rid of them, ...
Updated 28 days ago.
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Citalopram helped me when I needed it but now I'm free
I have been on 20mg for 3.5 years. At the time I needed it. I was uncontrollable with tears, attended counselling, but feared for myself because the counselling wasn't helping quick enough. It helped me to think clearly, walk through the rat race with my head up and made it easier for my partner to stay living in close proximity of me! I then became complacent, I tried to come off them once after about 2 years, with terrible results. My experience of citalopram: Tired all the time- started taking them b4 bed which helped with the afternoon sleepier but still meant that for 3 years I have been falling asleep where ever I am at the point I am ready (or not ready as the case may be) this could be at parties, during intercourse, watching tv, pretty much anywhere! No libido at all. I cou...
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  • Solution: 10mg/5ml
  • Tablet: 10mg, 20mg, 40mg, 60mg
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