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Oxycodone 15

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round light green pill 48 11 on one side a v on the other small pill

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Becky Says:
15 mg oxycodone immediate release generic for roxicodone 15 mg immediate release manufactured by vintage/qualitest pharmaceuticals, narcotic used to relieve moderate to severe pain, can be habit forming leading to addiction, can also impair thinking and reactions, has side effects

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Verwon Says:
The drug is correct, but this is not the immediate release formulation, this is just a regular release tablet.

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MDW32 Says:
I have a small white round pill on one side there's a M and the other has a 15. Don't have no idea what it is or does? Need Help!!!

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Verwon Says:
Is the M in a square or by itself?

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LIZ Says:
The little white pill with a 15 and M in a square, is an oxycodone 15 mg pill. The M is just the pill manufacturer. The little green pill, with a 11 and 48 with a V on it, is the same but generic form. The V on the green pill is just the manufacturer also.

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