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Street Price For Hydromorphone 8mg

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CuriousOne Says:
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A friend told me to be careful with my percription of 8 mg hydromorphone because people will steal it from you if they can to sell on the street ,that's why I was wondering if this was true n how much was the going rate of this selling for on the street if what he said was true

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kokainekowboi 37 Says:
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25$ in Florida sometimes 30 for the 8s and the 4s 12~15$...also just know that anyone getting them from you is abusing them, that's the only way to feel high and its damn close to H ( the high )

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msdk Says:
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Did you ever find someone? I'm I'm same situation but I m in Viginia. I had someone but lost them due to rehab and bills are due

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