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oval, white, pain ## just found this pill loose in the house. Need to know what it's for ## Just wanted to know what the pill is and what it's used for. ## I've been taking Zanaflex 4mg as a spinal muscle relaxant. I just started taking the tablets with the R180 imprint and not 100% sure its the same as the circular zanaflex. Its for spinal cord injuries or multiple sclerosis ## Pill Image This pill, R 180, is Tizanidine 4mg, a generic version of the muscle relaxant Zanaflex. ## And to the original poster of this topic, this is not a pain pill, as I said it is a muscle relaxant, so if you have muscle spasms, tension, or muscle injury that is causing pain, it can help, but it is not a direct pain reliever and will not help with other pain problems. It has no analgesic qualiti... ...
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Fri, Aug 11 '06, 11:45 AM
white oval pill p180
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it is a white pill, oval shaped with P180 on one side and is scored 4 ways on the other ## Though it is hard to tell, the marking on this is actually R 180 and it contains 4mgs of Tizanidine, the active ingredient in Zanaflex, this is a muscle relaxant. Common side effects may include; nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and headache. Read more: Is there anything else I can help you with? ...
Updated 7 years ago in Tizanidine.
Sat, Jun 26 '10, 2:29 PM
Zanidip 10mg what's it really like
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I am about to take my first Zanidip and I was wondering what the real common side effects are, also is there anywhere you can get it alot cheaper. I am paying 21.50 euro for 28 tablets. ## Just like Peter I am about to take my forst Zanidip and worried about what the real common side effects are. My B.P. reading this morning 181/95. I have been on another tablet for about 15/20 yrs, and am 62yrs.tomorrow. My B.P. is usually about 135/65., so I'm worried as to how Zanidip will affect me. ## I take physioten along with zanidip. I find my vision is blurred especially for the first hour or so in the morning also have great feelings of depression. Is it the zanidip or the combination of the two drugs. When only on physioten my BP can at time become approximately 200/anything up to 100. ...
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Tue, Jan 04 '11, 7:31 PM
cypro 2
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hi i am aung zaw nyein. i am 18 years old. i want to gain wait .Is it ok if i take cypro2 there any side effect? please reply ...
Updated 2 years ago.
Tue, Dec 23 '14, 9:25 AM
oxycodon doctors las vegas nv
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Where do i go...normally described 180 30mgs oxycodon and 60 zanex ## Hello, Ryan! How are you? There is no such thing as an Oxycodone doctor. Technically, any doctor that is licensed to practice and prescribe medications can prescribe it. However, due to the new regulations that were put in place last year, if you require such medications on a long-term ongoing basis, you'll need to see specialists. What happened with your current doctor that has caused you to need to find a new one? ...
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Tue, Feb 25 '14, 1:32 PM
channel blocker, calcium antagonitic
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Prescription of zandip 20 mg , physiotens 0.4mg, karvezide 300 mg for high b.p ( 180/80). Recently added verpamil hydrochloride SR 240 mg trial with 0.4 mg physiotens, karvezide and Zanadip 10 mg. is this combo compatible? There is not much improvement. ## Are you also watching your diet? If you're sodium sensitive, then that could cause blood pressure elevation. Do you also get lots of proper exercise? That is also vital to blood pressure control. You really can't just take medications and expect them to do all of the work. What types of foods do you normally eat? Do you have any other medical conditions? ...
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Thu, Jul 24 '14, 2:18 PM
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white oval shaped pill cut in four corners blank one side other side R 180 ## Pill Image This is Tizanidine 4mgs, the reason the tablet is scored like that is to divide the dose if necessary. This is a generic for the muscle relaxant Zanaflex. ...
Updated 11 years ago in Tizanidine.
Sun, Mar 05 '06, 8:17 AM
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white, oval, one side says RI80, and the other has two lines. pill ## R 180 is NOT Concerta! This is Tizanidine 4mgs, a generic for Zanaflex. This is a muscle relaxant. ...
Updated 10 years ago in Concerta.
Wed, Sep 05 '07, 2:32 PM
Concor 5mg
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I was taking Zart 50 twice a day and Nicardia 20mg twice a day.Maintaining 130 /85 . Any how when I go for medical checkups my BP was going up with out any particular reason.. Some times it went up as much as 180/100. Now my Dr. prescribed me Concor 5mg 1.5 at night... in order to reduce anxiety. Is this all right. ...
Updated 6 years ago in Anxiety.
Thu, Sep 22 '11, 8:47 AM
interaction with xanax and celexa
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I took a celexa at 11pm and at 2am I took 2(.05) that ok... ## What type of Interaction did you have? ## Celexa (citalopram). 363 major drug interactions (2113 brand and generic names) 601 moderate drug interactions (3508 brand and generic names) 56 minor drug interactions (183 brand and generic names) •any other antidepressant; •anagrelide, cimetidine, droperidol, methadone, ondansetron, anagrelide, cimetidine, droperidol, methadone, tramadol; •St. John's wort, tryptophan (sometimes called L-tryptophan); •a blood thinner (warfarin, Coumadin, Jantoven); •an antibiotic - azithromycin, clarithromycin, erythromycin, levofloxacin, moxifloxacin, pentamidine; •cancer medicine - arsenic trioxide, doxorubicin, vandetanib; •anti-malaria medi... ...
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Sun, Oct 18 '15, 3:20 PM
Amlovasc 5mg Tablets,bila jedne strane R,na druhe nr.177
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uživam na tlak;mal som inf.myokardu,mozgovu príhodu a zúžené cievy...prosím je to vhodný liek?Bolo by nieÄo vhodnejÅ¡ie? Äakujem pekne za pomoc.Daniel Tees ## mam chore srdce-vážne,cievy,a po mozgovej prihode som!Neviem,Äi medic.,, vhodne vzhladom k chorobam,ktore mám:po infarkt myoc.mozgova prihoda-blok a cevy nohy zužene! ## Amlovasc obsahuje úÄinnú látku Amlodipín je bežne používané na lieÄbu srdcových podmienok a vysoký krvný tlak. ÄŒasté vedľajÅ¡ie ... ...
Updated 6 years ago.
Fri, Feb 04 '11, 12:27 PM
Cold Turkey 200mg? Day 3...
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Hi, I ran out of prescription, can't get to my doc to get a new one and have no tablets left = Cold Turkey on the Pristiq I was hoping to come off soon anyway. I know about the brain zaps, nausea and other weirdness, but was wondering if I am possibly doing myself any other damage? ## FYI - I was on the 200mg for about 6 or 7 months, and on Pristiq for over 18 months all up. Feeling pretty shaky right now... ## More fyi. This is awful :( Crazy night sweats are the least disruptive. I feel like my brain is resetting itself mid thought, but I still have that seventh sense of mindsight, watching it happen, so it's helping me not freak out that my brain us breaking. Help? Any thoughts on this? Please tell me if I'm breaking my head. ## How are you doing now, Lily? I hope all is ... ...
Updated 4 years ago in Pristiq.
Tue, May 07 '13, 11:51 AM
unknon pill?
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I need help identifing a pil of somrkind Its id s pinking pillnt ahaidig u trally eaddaThred yjsy ertr om s fofftmrmy homeyoen ## I have no idea what you are trying to say, if you need a pill ID, please post back with the description of the pill and the imprint. ## it was suppose to be a zanex bar. but it came back as a round blue pill with cor 189 wrote on it. can you tell me if this is a zanex or not ...
Updated 8 years ago.
Fri, Oct 16 '09, 2:26 PM
cymgen withdrawals- How long and what to do??
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I have been on Cymbalta, then changed to the generic Cymgen (30mg) for 8 years. I decided after this amount of time to stop and asked my psychiatrist on ways to do this. FISRT of all, my psychiatrist said that because i was on such a low dose that there will be NO side effects of stopping the drug. My response was to inform her that on days i have missed taking my meds i have severe head zaps and couldn't manage just stopping (Cold Turkey) if that was the case. She then put me on a course to taper off: X2 weeks 30mg Cymgen & 20mg LilyFluoxetime (prozac)- After two weeks i stopped the Cymgen and carried on taking the lily for another two weeks as requested by my doctor. I had my last Lily on the 18th of July 2016. It is now the 10th of August 2016. The withdrawals are so severe t... ...
Updated 1 year ago in Cymbalta.
Thu, Aug 25 '16, 9:30 PM
Banning OF Pioz
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I have been taking Pioz15 for my diabetic problem , for the last say 6 years. I now understand that this drug is banned. Pl let me know what damages that drug would have made in my body . Also what is other medicine which I can take inplace of Pioz 15. Thanks. ## Hello, Based on my research, Pioz15 contains (15 mg) of the active ingredient Pioglitazone; which is a prescription drug of the class thiazolidinedione (TZD) with hypoglycemic (antihyperglycemic, antidiabetic) action to treat diabetes. It is used to improve glucose control in adults over the age of 18 with type 2 diabetes. Pioglitazone is marketed as trademarks Actos in the USA, Canada, the UK and Germany, Glustin in Europe, Glizone and Pioz in India by Zydus Cadila and USV Limited, respectively and Zactos in Mexico by Takeda P... ...
Updated 4 years ago in Pioglitazone.
Sun, Sep 01 '13, 7:14 AM
Oxycodone Doctors in Louisiana
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I've got an mri reporty, and the mri itself on a cd, and live in southern louisiana. a lot of ppl used to go to houston, but the dea cracked down. I need a Dr that will prescribe roxicodone 30mgs for pain management like everyone else does here, but I don't know what Dr is which. There are many of them, I know, but I don't know where to go. Some ppl are goin to Mississippi, but I'm not sure where, and not havin a TX id, can't do TX. Any drs y'all know of?? ## Dr Robert weimer in long beach ms. he's cash only. office is on klondyke rd. he'll write but his nurse is rough, so make sure you play by the rules. he writes 180 of the 30's and 90 of the 15's. also zanax. ## I need a pain managment docter who prescribes roxicodone 30mg in Louisiana ## I nee... ...
Updated 2 days ago in Oxycodone.
Mon, Oct 16 '17, 5:47 PM
Can Neurontin, Zanaflex and Naprosyn cause a false positive
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Can Neurontin 600 mg. 5 times a day and Zanaflex 4 mg. 3 times a day and Naprosyn 250 mg. 2 times a day and over the counter ibu's cause you to have a false positive test result for thc? ## Yes, I hadn't had marijuana for over 6 months but I was on the Gabapentin and I came up positive for THC. ## This has happened to me also. I have seizures and chronic kidney stones and have been in the ER more times than I would like. I take gabapentin 1800 mg a day and I tested positive for thc. I am 50 years old and have only smoked once in my life when I was 18. I looked online at the hospital's patient portal and they now have in my chart that I am an illegal drug user. I don't have any idea what to do about this! Any opinions on this? ...
Updated 1 month ago in Neurontin.
Sun, Sep 17 '17, 8:19 AM
Pethdiine Injection And Diazepam Can You Buy It
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Can you get these any where by buying to uk delivery ## koupím tbl.Diazepam10mg,pro vlastní potřebu(několik balení!rozumná cena! děkuji za pomoc.)Jsem těžce postižený zdravotně.... ...
Updated 6 years ago in Diazepam.
Sun, Feb 06 '11, 5:04 AM
 NDC 42254-189
Zaleplon 5 mg Oral Capsule by Rebel Distributors Corp ## Markings: U;131 ## Shape: Capsule ## Color: Blue ## Package Codes: 42254-189-60
 NDC 52125-994
Tamsulosin Hydrochloride .4 mg Oral Capsule by Remedyrepack Inc. ## Markings: ZA;18;0;4mg ## Shape: Capsule ## Color: Green ## Package Codes: 52125-994-02 ## Active Ingredients: Tamsulosin Hydrochloride

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